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Tribe Merger

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Episode 5 will feature the first merge of the tribes as in a shocking turn of events, High Spot is broken up. After talking with Mike (Rp man for Manson and de facto head of Tap Out.) here are new look tribes

(Caps denote former High Spot members)

Tribe Hardcore
Larry Tact
Emily Garfield
The American

Tribe Tap Out
Michael Manson
Brandon Jacobs
Karla Starr
Caitlyn Daymon

Also, for those of you on Hardcore, I need your plans for this episode's vote. Send them to FWSurvivor@hotmail.com because the losing team has to go to the boardroom, and somebody's gonna be fired...Wait, I'm mixing my reality TV...Sorry, well somebody's out, and I need gameplans to find out who that is.

P.S.- I've heard nothing from Cloverleaf's Rp man, so if you're him, or you know him and can get in touch with him, please do, I'm not going to spite vote him off the island this show due to his not being existant, but Ken might leave due to 'medical emergancy' in the near future if I don't get a heads up.

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