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The Story So Far - 3/7/12

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
After winning the EPW World Title and unmasking as Dis, The First was rudely welcomed back to the ring when a returning “Triple X” Sean Stevens battled the champion to a 60 minute draw and announced to the world that he’d returned to EPW and was back to dominate. Meanwhile Cameron Cruise, along with Jared Wells, had made their case that Cruise was to be the next EPW World Champion, setting Cruise and The First on a collision course at Aggression 65.

While the World Title scene moved along, other forces were at work in EPW sowing mayhem and chaos. Rezin -- who had recently declared that his goal was to destroy EPW, had found a willing partner in his campaign in Anarky, who has now turned his back on EPW and seeks to bring it to its knees as a part of their vision for the downfall of the Empire.

Impulse continues his reign as IC Champion, seeking to defend the title against all comers, and has now found himself in conflict with the maniacal Stalker, who after earning his shot at the EPW World Title by defeating EPW owner Dan Ryan has returned to his manipulative mind-games. Will Stalker’s end game be revealed or will Impulse continue to defeat all challengers?

Rich Mahogany, fresh off of his TV Title win, was the man to steal the pinfall in the brutal 8 man tag match at Aggression 65. Mahogany has never been pinned in EPW, but his cowardly actions have earned him the ire of the locker room, with former champion Adrian Willard one among many who would like to knock the TV champion down a peg.

Meanwhile the Animezing Dragons regained their tag belts at Russian Roulette and held onto them at Aggression 65. Karl Brown and Otaku are more than willing to defend the belts against all challengers.

All of these events swirl around, while others such as Larry Tact, Layne Winters, the banished but not going quietly Team VIAGRA seek to find their places in the constantly evolving story that is Empire Pro Wrestling.

And that’s the story so far.

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