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The Legends Week 1 Results

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: PWC studios, home of The Circuit, where we see a chubby 20 something looking young man, short brown hair, grey suit jacket, white shirt, black tie, looking at the camera.)

SCHRADER: Reggie Schrader here with your update from week one of The Legends, the show opened with Michael Bastard and Jonathan Marx kicking things off in Week 1. The match started with Bastard and Marx exchanging hard strikes before Marx got an advantage after a back suplex and then worked for a series high impact moves but was unable to get a pin.

Bastard turned the momentum around when he caught a Marx with a back elbow as Marx was charging into the corner. Bastard then unloaded on Marx with a brutal strike based offense that had Marx reeling and appeared to be down and out.

Bastard elevated Marx for the Bastard Driver, but Marx managed to escape over the back of Bastard and hit an inverted DDT, leaving both men laying on the mat. Marx then went for Marxism but Bastard fought to get to the ropes before the hold could be completely secured.

Marx continued his attack but then had a whip to the corner reversed and when Marx staggered out of the corner he was nailed by a vicious running knee strike to the temple by Bastard, who knocked Marx silly with that shot, Bastard made the cover and scored the win and three big points in this round robin tournament.

WINNER MATCH ONE MICHAEL BASTARD (Running Knee Strike -> Pin) 12:33

Match number two featured quite the contrast in experience as Alex Austin was making one of his first appearances on TV and was facing a multi time World Champion in SJH. Austin showed no fear of facing the legend and opened the match with a mat wrestling clinic, scoring takedowns and holding down SJH repeatedly.

Hart responded to this the way most professional wrestlers do, with striking and the liberal bending of the rules, elbows, knees, and a thumb to the eye when the ref couldn’t catch it quickly turned the tide in favor of SJH.

Hart got a couple near falls and then started using Austin’s predictable takedown attempts against him, nearly pinning Austin with a small package when he caught the young wrestler trying to shoot for a takedown.

Hart landed a big side kick to the head, sending Austin toppling to the mat, but SJH didn’t move away from the downed Austin and got his leg grabbed by Austin who rolled through looking for a kneebar, Hart scrambled out of that hold and the two men got to their feet where Austin locked on a Guillotine Choke, falling back into full guard as he secured the hold.

Hart flailed in the choke, trying to find a way to escape, Austin wrenching away on his neck the whole time as Hart got his feet under him and attempted a front flip to break the hold or at least relieve some of the pressure, the flip only ended up putting Hart’s back on the canvas and most likely without him even noticing it, the ref counted SJH’s shoulders down in what was a shocking upset in Week 1.

WINNER OF MATCH TWO: ALEX AUSTIN (Guillotine Choke > Cradle Pin.) 13:10

With these results, the race to win The Legends in 2011 shapes up as follows
Alex Austin- 3 points
Michael Bastard- 3 points
Jonathan Marx 0 points
SJH- 0 points
El Cabron- 0 points

Of course El Cabron had week 1 off, and next week, Michael Bastard will be the one on the sidelines as SJH and Jonathan Marx face off in an attempt to get on the winning track and Alex Austin meets El Carbon as the newcomer looks to put some distance between himself and the rest of the field. From Greensboro, I’m Reggie Schrader saying see you next week!

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