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The Legends Playoff Results

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: Reggie Schrader sitting in the PWC studios, ready to give us the latest news from The Circuit.)

SCHRADER: The battle for the White Jacket and the honor of winning the first ever tournament held on the circuit came down to a legend of the Wrestling World in SJH and a newcomer who had stunned the PWC crowds with his success, and Alex Austin would not go down quietly.

The two men went back and forth for nearly 25 minutes, with many near falls and submission attempts by both men that had the crowd on the edge of their seat, both men seemed poised for victory, but couldn't manage to secure the three count or the tap out when the moment of truth arrived.

SJH hit a Hart Attack and appeared to have the match won, but Austin got his foot on the ropes right before the three count. SJH began to celebrate and was quickly caught in a guillotine choke, but before Austin could drop to the mat, SJH countered with a Northern Lights Suplex and managed to hold the rookie down for the pin to win The Legends.

WINNER OF THE LEGENDS: SJH (Northern Lights Suplex -> Pin) 26:03

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