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That Terrible Day

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: Footage of President John F. Kennedy's motorcade as it makes it's way throught Dallas, mobs of cheering supports fill the sidewalks as the President, his wife, and the Connallys are riding past.)

(CUTTO: Bloodhunt, wearing a Black "Headshot" T-Shirt, and desert camo pants.)

BLOODHUNT: "Another day of paradise, another day of cheering fans. worshipful Americans, and happiness...

Of course Kennedy was told not to go to Dallas, it was to nasty a place, they had spat on his UN rep mere months before, it was a right wingers land, the morning paper had published a 'wanted for treason' ad against Kennedy. All of this seemed to be water under the bridge as Kennedy made his way through the town, the masses cheering him every step of the way...

(CUTTO: The Limo turns onto Elm Street, into the Infamous Dealey Plaza)

BLOODHUNT: "Then that turn, that damn to wide, illegal by Secret Service protection standards turn...The windows open in the Texas School Book Depository, also illegal, by protocal, the limo's speed itself, registered at a massive 11.5 miles an hour, 1/4th the required speed, was this merely lax security, or the actions of an agency knowing full well what was moments from happening and doing it's part?

(The limo rolls down the street, the President is blocked from view by a street sign for a moment, before reappearing, his arms akimbo, his hands at his throat.)

BLOODHUNT: "He wanted this you know, talked about getting killed all the time, he was in awful shape, couldn't tie his left shoe, couldn't pick his kids up, his back was in terrible shape, he himself was some sort of zombie, kept alive by pills and force of will. The very eve of his death he remarked that the motorcade he'd just been in woulda been a great time to die, how somebody with a rifle in a building could shoot at him and nobody could stop them."

(Now John Connally reacts his mouth puffs wide open, he topples onto his wife.)

BLOODHUNT: "The Magic Bullet, what a fun idea...Those who think this tape is faked are insane, such a faking, if it was to have been done, would have been made to be far more supportive of the government's case then this tape was."

(Kennedy, hunched over, Jackie looking at him confused and concerned when the President's head is engulfed in a cloud of blood. He inches forward for a frame before violently snapping backwards and then falling onto his wife. Jackie begins climbing the back of the limo, as Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, about the only person in the group apparently awake, reacts, racing to the back of the car, Jackie slides back into her seat as Hill continues to mount the car.)

BLOODHUNT: "Frame 313, once you saw it...You knew it was over...You knew what a terrible thing had happened to our nation, our President, Jackie, after taking her seat in the car said "My God, I'm holding his brains in my hands." The car raced to Parkland hospital, where a mob rushed to the car, Jackie then said "They murdered my husband, they murdered by husband." as Connally and JFK were put on stretchers and taken into the ER, Kennedy was 'alive' under the loosest of definitions, that being a faint back pulse was detected, but his eyes were fixed, dilated, his breathing erratic, America might have been better off had the doctors not touched him, just agreed with Jackie's verdict of her husband's connection, then there would have been no need for the trachiotomy that was made over the throat wound, denying us knowledge forever if it was one of exit or entrance. But after some futile work on JFK, the doctors gave up, it was over. John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, was dead.

As the days and months and years have past, everyone, from Israel to the Secret Service themselves have had the finger of blame pointed squarely at them in various and sundry books. The truth muddied in a series of endless lies...We will never know what happened that day, we will always be a nation who's loss has been compounded by cover-up and questions that went unanswered."

"I know a great many of you are wondering what the hell does any of this have to do with the goings on in the ring, what am I babbling for, you didn't pay attention in high school history and you damn sure don't care to now."

"I'll tell you...It's ME..."

"Cloaked in shadow...I AM the conspiracy, and I'm a deadly one at that..."

"You will never know who I work for, why I'm doing what I did, unless I want you too, unless my benefactor decides to let you know."

"I am the lone gunman, I'm the 'lone nut' you can never see coming, the event nobody can plan for..."

"I am the tranquil motorcade, that becomes your funeral procession...(smiles) I am the Headshot...That can take you, anyplace, anytime, anywhere...And nothing, can stop me...From the curtain jerkers to the Main Event, everytime you get into that ring, don't worry yourself about me, worry about your match, your opponent, worry about winning..."

"Because I'm going to get you either way, if you are my target, you WILL fall...There's no reason to get bent out of shape over something you can't prevent...Just know that it will be quick and painless...At least I'm a nice enough guy about it that way...(Smiles)

(CUTTO: Jackie Kennedy lighting the eternal flame at JFK's grave...Taps plays in the background as a 21 gun salute is given...FADEOUT)

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