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Survivor S.E. Asia Season Finale

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, CUTTO: A Green Flag with the words "Tribe Tap Out" above it, CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing MANSON, MALONE, JACOBS, CAITLYN, STARR and EDMUNDS. CUTTO: The words "18 players" CUTTO: A Red Flag with the words "Tribe Hardcore" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TACT, AMERICAN, DAVIS, EMILY, ICEKOLD, and MILES. CUTTO: The Words "38 days" CUTTO: A Yellow Flag with the words "Tribe High Spot" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TROY, RYAN, MELTON, RAYNE, CLOVERLEAF, and, VIPER. CUTTO: The words "1 Winner")

(FADEIN: A still shot of the island.)

VOICE OVER DOC: "It's been 36 long days on the island, so much has happens, so much has yet to happen. It began with a simple offer by MALONE to CAITLYN and STARR to get rid of JACOBS...But instead, they sided with JACOBS, and so did everyone in the tribe but EDMUNDS, and in the end by a 4 to 2 vote...MALONE was sent from the island (CUTTO: MALONE's torch being put out.)

Next it was Tribe Hardcore's turn, and in it, EMILY decided to make her play for power, forming an alliance with TACT and ICEKOLD to get rid of DAVIS, who's attempts at seduction failed to keep him on the island, as he got 3 of the tribe's scattered 6 votes and was sent from the island. (CUTTO: DAVIS's torch being put out.)

Then we went back to Tap Out, where EDMUNDS decision not to vote along with the rest of the tribe earned him distrust, and in the end, a 4 to 1 dismissal from the island. (CUTTO: EMUNDS torch being put out.)

The day before the first merger then saw the first act of violence on the island as MILES lost his mind and ATTACKED TROY. The Brawl that resulted made MILES the first person on the island to be sent home for breaking the rules. (CUTTO: MILES being dragged off the island tied up.)

The first merger saw the cocky Tribe High Spot fall when STEEL VIPER betrayed his own tribe and cost them victory. The result sent RAYNE, TROY, and MELTON to Tap Out, and VIPER, CLOVERLEAF, and RYAN to Hardcore. At Hardcore, RYAN quickly formed an alliance with EMILY and TACT, and with CLOVERLEAF's vote, sent VIPER home in a 5 to 2 vote (CUTTO: VIPER's torch being put out)

Next Tribe Tap Out faced the vote, and the controversy over a broken fishing spear. In the end, STARR and CAITLYN sided with TROY, and with MELTON's backing, they sent MANSON off the island by a 4 to 3 vote. (CUTTO: MANSON's torch being put out)

EMILY, was shocked to see that MANSON had been defeated by TROY in the vote, and quickly explained to TACT the danger of the situation, they needed RYAN off the island now before the merger allowed him back with his former comrades in High Spot. Dispite TROY's pleads to CLOVERLEAF, in the end CLOVERLEAF sided with the TACT/EMILY alliance and they voted RYAN off 5 to 1. (CUTTO: RYAN's torch being out out)

Only a day before the final merger, RAYNE found herself out of favor with the new power base of her tribe, and then found herself off the island after a 5 to 1 vote...(CUTTO: RAYNE's torch being put out.)

The Merger saw Tribe Hardcore and Tribe Tap Out at 5 strong aside. The island was full of politicing as TACT tried to keep his fractured tribe together and EMILY tried to undermind the solidary of JACOBS. Meanwhile the girls of Tap Out did what they could to get ICEKOLD to vote out EMILY. In the end, it was JACOBS who broke Tribal lines and cast the death vote against MELTON in a hotly contested 6 to 4 vote (CUTTO: MELTON's torch being put out.)

Tap Out was now on the defensive and launched a sex offensive aimed at winning the vote of CLOVERLEAF, using STARR as the bait. CAITLYN won a clutch immunity challenge and with it the right to send somebody off the island for a night, she picked ICEKOLD, and that left the former tribes at 4 apeice, but Hardcore felt confident of victory and the removal of TROY, until two shocking twists changed everything, first CAITLYN gave immunity up to TROY, and then in the voting, CLOVERLEAF shifted sides and deadlocked the voting at 4 between TACT and CAITLYN. The voting deadlock refused to change, and resulted in an unlucky lottery, that in the end, cost AMERICAN his spot on the island (CUTTO: AMERICAN drawing the purple rock.)

ICEKOLD's return to the island led to the return of politics as the stakes grew higher with the number of people on the island growing smaller. EMILY made a pact with CLOVERLEAF to take him to the final 2 while the girls prayed on the ever slipping mind of ICEKOLD, hoping for a crack...In the end, TACT kept ICEKOLD in line, and CLOVERLEAF took up EMILY's offer, and TROY was sent home in a 5 to 3 vote (CUTTO: TROY's torch being put out.)

ICEKOLD then finally put her foot down, demanding TACT choose between her and EMILY...TACT made his decision and in a 6 to 1 vote, ICEKOLD and her 8 ball were sent off the island, but not before she ATTACKED EMILY in one last act of violence...(CUTTO: ICEKOLD's torch being put out)

Now STARR and CAITLYN's days were numbered, facing a solid four person alliance of EMILY, TACT, JACOBS and CLOVERLEAF. The two had a party after STARR won a reward challenge and toasted to their last night on the island, but it was not to be as TACT let his emotions get the best of him and he spit in the face of CLOVERLEAF. This action, in light of all the recent violence on the island, forced DOC to send TACT from the island (CUTTO: TACT getting on the boat, leaving the island.)

Then last week, CAITLYN made a plea to JACOBS to change his mind, but in the end, JACOBS stood his ground and kept his alliance with EMILY and CLOVERLEAF. CAITLYN in a 3 to 2 vote was sent home...(CUTTO: CAITLYN's torch being put out.)

Now we're down to 4, as CLOVERLEAF, EMILY, JACOBS, and STARR are the final 4. Today's show will find out who of them will be the SOLE SURVIVOR.

(FADEIN: Tribe ? Day 36.)

(FADEIN: DOC SILVER arriving in the camp with a box.)

JACOBS: "Hey Doc!"

EMILY: "Doc!"

DOC: "Yeah yeah yeah, I brought you a box full o' food, and this, (Hands it to JACOBS) It's a scrap book, with a camera, you take pictures, make a scrap book out of them, later we'll put the pictures on computer so they won't fade away." Why don't you all come in for a photo of the final 4?" (STARR and EMILY kneel as JACOBS stands behind STARR and CLOVERLEAF does the same behind EMILY. The camera flashes.) "there's your first picture, get ready later today, it's quiz time." (DOC walks off towards his boat.)

(CUTTO: Emily in an aside.)

EMILY: "It's final 4 time, it's really scary now, we got to beat Starr in this challenge and get rid of her, but I need a fall back plan if that fails us, so well, I've got that plan all set up."

(CUTTO: EMILY and CLOVERLEAF sitting on a log.)

EMILY: "So if Starr wins this immunity, here's the drill, you tell her to get rid of me, I'll tell Jacobs to get rid of you, and we'll both vote Jacobs, and he'll lose 2 votes to 1 for each of us, and we'll get to final 3, and then hopefully one of us can stop her there."

CLOVERLEAF: "Seems good to me."

(CUTTO: Cloverleaf in an aside.)

CLOVERLEAF: "Emily's been playing this game pretty well, so it's easy to just let her do the hard lifting...But well, really, ***** is being played...(Shakes head.)


JACOBS: "Emily's got to go if Starr wins this immunity."

CLOVERLEAF: "Sure thing."

JACOBS: "she's got weight with the jury, I'm just a backstabber like you, it's a choice between lesser of two evils at that point."

CLOVERLEAF: "I'm far less evil then you." (Smirks)

JACOBS: "Well the 7 of them decide that."

(CUTTO: The final 4 taking photos of them eating rice, swimming, and living camp life.)

(CUTTO: Starr in an aside.)

STARR: "I got a million bucks coming to me if I can get that belt for the next two days. These three bastards are just that, bastards, I'd wipe the floor with any of them in front of the jury. I got Troy, Caitlyn and Tact to vote for me for sure. If either of the wackos on the jury or somebody else vote for me, I win this thing. I know they know that to, it's why I'm gone the second I'm not immune. I got to keep my head in the game and tough this out. It's my game to win now. They might think I'm done, but this She-Devil still has some tricks up her sleeve."

(CUTTO: The final 4 walking towards a clearing where DOC SILVER is standing.)

DOC: "OK everyone, Ken, gimme that (CLOVERLEAF hands over the belt.) it's quiz time. Simple, not very telegenic, but well, I don't really care, you will each be given the same quiz, ten questions, with a bonus question for each one you get right. Get the first question right, you get two points, the bonus gives you 1 more...Max total you can get is 30...Good luck, I'll collect the tests in twenty minutes."

(CUTTO: Everyone writing down their answers on the test. Everyone looking nervous, STARR appears to be writing more often then the rest.)

(CUTTO: Doc taking the tests, and then quickly grading them.)

DOC: "With a score of 20 out of a possible 30 points...STARR...You win immunity."

STARR: "YESS!! WHOO!!" (Grabs the belt from DOC) All mine baby! WHOO!! (Pumps her fist repeatedly, the other three look defeated.)

DOC: "Congrats, you've made it to final 3, tonight well, it's a lot more interesting now."

(CUTTO: The final four back at camp.)

(CUTTO: STARR who's standing apart from the tribe, belt around her waist as the three non-immune players sit around talking nervously.)

STARR: "I don't know if Cloverleaf was really serious about his plan towards Emily, but really, he's not the brains of that outfit, so his word is nothing, where were Jacobs and Emily before this challenge, why didn't they try to make deals with me before I won immunity? Now their necks are on the block and they don't know where they stand (Laughs) God, Stupid People...STUPID PLAYERS...Let me say that again STUPID PLAYERS."

(CUTTO: Emily in an aside.)

EMILY: "Starr winning this immunity is just a nightmare, it's totally shifted power, I don't know where anyone stands right now, I hope Cloverleaf is still with me on this, but who knows...Any of the three of us could go..."

(CUTTO: The final 4 heading towards Tribal counsel.)

(CUTTO: The tribe arrives, DOC SILVER stands in front of the cookie jar, the jury of AMERICAN, ICEKOLD, TACT, TROY, and CAITLYN sit on the other side.)

DOC: "Well we're here at the final 4, not much I really have to ask of you, since well, I think it's clear what's going on, can't vote for STARR, and STARR, you're up."

(CUTTO: STARR voting.)

(CUTTO: JACOBS voting, he holds up his vote reading "Emily.")

JACOBS: "thanks, but now you gotta go."


(CUTTO: EMILY voting, she holds up her vote reading "Jacobs.")

EMILY: "You know why I got to keep Cloverleaf around, no hard feelings..."

(CUTTO: DOC with the cookie jar)

DOC: "Time to tally the votes...First vote...Emily...(EMILY shakes her head.)...Jacobs...(JACOBS doesn't react)...Emily...(EMILY leans back in total disgust.)...(Reaches in) 15th person voted off Wrestling survivor and our 6th jury member...Emily...(DOC reveals the final vote reading EMILY, she grabs her torch and has DOC put it out, and she leaves quickly.)

DOC: "Now we're down to three, return to camp..." (The remaining three head back to camp looking grim and determined.)

(CUTTO: Tribe ? Day 37.)

(CUTTO: STARR sitting by herself on the beach, the immunity belt laying in front of her.)

STARR: "This piece of metal and leather is all that stands between me and winning this thing. It's been so long, so tough. I've had Jacobs betray me, seen my friends sold out and voted off. I've cheapened myself to get Cloverleaf's vote. I've been through so much on this island, done so much, made a friend in Caitlyn...Just done so much, but I want to do more, just have to make final 2, got to bring this home."

(CUTTO: JACOBS resting on a hammock.)

JACOBS: "It's nice being where I am, Cloverleaf's more then likely capable of doing the heavy lifting later today against Starr and once that's done, it'll be me and him in the final two, and I don't think he knows exactly how many people he's hurt. I think I'm sitting pretty...Of course she could decide she really wants the mill and sleep with him, and I can't really match that...(Chuckles) I hope she has some morals."

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF getting ready to go spear fishing with the sling.)

CLOVERLEAF: "I've busted my butt for 37 days now, I started out letting Troy call the shots, then I let Emily do her thing, I went where the best chance of success was offered, and I don't apologize for it. This was a game and everyone was looking out for themselves...Starr was a loyal trooper to Troy, so I know she's a danger in the final 2. Jacobs has as much blood on his hands as I do on mine, so it's just a question of getting that belt off of her and reminding the jury that the play by play man isn't a saint by any stretch of the imagination."

(CUTTO: DOC SILVER walking onto the camp.)

DOC: "OK guys, bring it in...Here's your map, there's your boat, you will row to a spot marked on the map, get off the boat and then head onto the beach, where you'll find tribal warpaint and jewelery. Do what you will with it and then head into the path of the fallen where you'll see the torches of the 15 people you've defeated to make it this far, then finally at the end, you'll see me, and the final challenge that awaits you...Good luck."

(CUTTO: The three rowing the boat towards their destination. Then they get off and see a small tent, inside they find cans of war paint and a trunk of jewelery. JACOBS puts some green paint under his eyes and three stripes across each of his upper arms. STARR paints half of her face blue like Braveheart. CLOVERLEAF puts a big number 1 on his chest. All wear a necklace. STARR puts on clip on ear rings and an anklet.)

(CUTTO: Each of them walking past the torches of the fallen, MALONE, DAVIS, EDMUNDS, MILES, VIPER, MANSON, RYAN, RAYNE, MELTON, AMERICAN, TROY, ICEKOLD, TACT, CAITLYN, and EMILY. Each time stopping and looking at the torch for a moment.)

(CUTTO: Finally the three of them coming to where DOC SILVER stands in front of a small pool of water, with a large pool and an idol on top of a large pole. 6 smaller poles 3 taller ones closer to the pole the idol stands on, three shorter ones further back from the pole the idol stands on.)

DOC: "This final test, is a test of will, and endurance...It's simple, you will each put one foot on each pole and one hand on the idol. That hand can not leave the idol. Your feet can not leave the poles they are standing on. Your other hand can not touch the idol or the pole it's on. It's that simple, you got to stand there and tough it out, it's about 85 degrees out, it'll get hotter, it's going to be a nightmare out here. But it's all for this (Takes the belt from STARR) This belt, your ticket to a date with the jury, and a chance at 1 million dollars. Good luck everyone." (The three finalists take their positions.)

JACOBS: "I have a request for 69 bottles of beer, anyone else?" (Both STARR and CLOVERLEAF just ignore JACOBS sillyness.)

(CUTTO: "Time Passed 1 hour".)

DOC: "it's been an hour, updates." (all three remain silent.)

DOC: "You guys are making for riveting TV."

STARR: "This is a million bucks Doc, don't feel like talking much."

DOC: "OK, I'm backing off..."

(CUTTO: Time Passed an hour and 30 minutes.)

DOC: "It's up to 94...Can you feel that heat."

JACOBS: "It's the money I feel Doc...I got the title coming to me, I can tell already."

DOC: "Confident I see..."

JACOBS: "Gotta be at this point."

STARR: "We'll see about that."

(CUTTO: An hour and 42 minutes. JACOBS slips off the poles and hits the water. He punches the water in disgust.)


DOC: "Sorry JACOBS, you're out."

JACOBS: "Bah..." (JACOBS sits down.) "Come on Ken."

STARR: "I'll vote off JACOBS if you let me win."

CLOVERLEAF: "No thanks."

(CUTTO: Time passed Two Hours.)

DOC: "So JACOBS, what you thinking right now?"

JACOBS: "Well, I figure Ken knows I'm more beatable then Starr is in the final 2, I betrayed Starr's tribe, Tap Out, so he knows ge's got that going for him if he takes me to final 2. Starr also knows Cloverleaf is about as bad as me. So I guess it's a coin toss if she wins this."

STARR: "You're gone when I win this."

DOC: "Guess that answers your question."

JACOBS: "Guess so."

(CUTTO: Time passed Two hours and 30 minutes)

DOC: "It's been a long time in this hot sun, how you two holding up now?" (Silence from both.) "This belt, it means so much to each of you...Power, a say in who you take to final 2, the fact that you'll be going to final 2...This is what it's all about." (STARR bends her knees on the poles, trying to keep from cramping up, CLOVERLEAF follows her lead.)

(CUTTO: Time passed three hours)

DOC: "So after Malone you didn't have a vote cast against you till yesterday."

JACOBS: "Yeah basically...It's been a free ride this whole time."

DOC: "that's one way to play the game."

JACOBS: "Best way to play it, not having votes sent your way...Good times." (STARR begins breathing hard trying to relax herself on her poles, CLOVERLEAF is shifting his weight on his feet, trying to relieve the stress.)

(CUTTO: Three hours 12 minutes, STARR, bends her knees when her hand that's not touching the idol swings forward and lightly touches the pole the idol is on.)

DOC: "That's it STARR, sorry."

STARR: "WHAT? I...Oh...GOD...(Puts her hands on her face...) DAMMIT...

CLOVERLEAF: "YES!! GIVE IT HERE!" (DOC hands CLOVERLEAF the belt...STARR hops off the poles and sits on the sand dejected...JACOBS high-fives CLOVERLEAF as he straps the belt around his waist.)

(CUTTO: The tribe back at camp.)

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF eating rice.)

CLOVERLEAF: "Well, I've done it, final 2 here I come...This is amazing, just so amazing, I had no idea I could make it this far...And well, now here I am...Just a day away from a million bucks."

(CUTTO: JACOBS resting in some shade.)

JACOBS: "I think I'm going to final 2, I can't see him taking Starr over me. I think that's a situation I'd be a fan of. Emily had set this up a while back to get Cloverleaf with her to the final 2, so I just had to give her a little push out the door to take over the 'person next to Cloverleaf' position, now that I have it, I like it. I think I'm going home far richer then when I left here."

(CUTTO: STARR throwing rocks into the ocean.)

STARR: "I blew it...million bucks and I blew it...Just sucks...Totally sucks...I had him to, he was gonna go, I coulda stayed there all night if I had to...And then I blew it, just had my hand hit that pole...Just awful...Cloverleaf wouldn't stand a snowballs chance in hell against me in front of the jury, maybe he's got a shot with Jacobs...I doubt it...But what can ya do..."

(CUTTO: The three of them walking towards Tribal Counsel.)

(CUTTO: The Jury, now with EMILY added, sitting across from CLOVERLEAF, STARR, and JACOBS.)

DOC: "OK, this is simple, After allowing AMERICAN to vote for himself, I checked the rules, and well, can't do that...So Starr, has to vote for Jacobs...JACOBS,. you have to vote for STARR so your votes cancel out...So CLOVERLEAF, you alone will vote. So go make your vote and bring the jar back here."


(CUTTO: DOC taking the jar from CLOVERLEAF.)

DOC: "The final member of our jury...Is...(Reaches in.) STARR (Holds up the lone vote reading "Starr" She nods as she takes her torch over to DOC and has it put out, she leaves.)

DOC: "Well, jury, there you have it, JACOBS and CLOVERLEAF are our final 2, we'll meet back here tomorrow night and settle this."

(CUTTO: Tribe ? Day 38.)

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF and JACOBS hanging out at the shelter.)

JACOBS: "I bet you were worried about me when you signed on for this, oh no the play by play guy, there's a danger."

CLOVERLEAF: "Hell, I didn't know what I was getting into when I signed up, I didn't know who would be a danger anywhere. So well, I dunno. I guess well, I'd have to say that you're about as good as an opponent as I could get final 2."

JACOBS: "Feel the same way about you...I bet we're gonna get it tonight."

CLOVERLEAF: "Yeah, some people gonna be unhappy with us tonight."

JACOBS: "they sure are."

(CUTTO: The two men getting their gear ready and heading towards counsel. As they walk CUTTO: STARR.)

STARR: "I think both of these guys are pretty untrustworthy, I don't know if either deserve it, but one of them will get it, so we'll see how it goes tonight."

(The walk continues. CUTTO: EMILY.)

EMILY: "I think Jacobs was smarter, Cloverleaf just threw the game into chaos when he switched his vote and forces us to a rock. So play skill, I'd give it to Jacobs for just not being dense. But it's my vote, and who says logic has to play any role in it?"

(CUTTO: JACOBS stepping into a puddle as they walk onward. CUTTO: CAITLYN.)

CAITLYN: "It's a tale of two backstabbers, Jacobs sold out Melton, which undermined our tribe, and Cloverleaf finished it off with his actions with Troy. So well, I'm left to vote for the lesser of two evils, and it's not something I like doing."

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF ducking his head under some branches. CUTTO: TACT.)

TACT: "I was the glue of this island, I feel that in my bones. Cloverleaf's a punk, and Jacobs got lucky. It's hard to reward either of them for their actions. So I guess I'll just vote what's in my heart."

(CUTTO: JACOBS and CLOVERLEAF hopping over a fallen tree. CUTTO: ICEKOLD.)

ICEKOLD "The 8 ball keeps saying 'try again later' so well, it must really want to think this out before voting."

(CUTTO: JACOBS and CLOVERLEAF heading down a path. CUTTO: TROY.)

TROY: "Ugh, the battle of suck Vs blow, this sucks...I'm flipping a coin...Honestly, I can't decide to do this because siding with either one of them would make me lose my lunch."

(CUTTO: JACOBS and CLOVERLEAF now arriving at Tribal Counsel. CUTTO: AMERICAN)

AMERICAN: "Cloverleaf is a dumb name."

(CUTTO: The two men sitting down in front of the jury.)

DOC: "For the past 37 days, you have had the power, now you are powerless, now the jury decides your fate, the Jury decides who wins a million dollars. Opening remarks. Cloverleaf, you're up."

CLOVERLEAF: "Look, I'd like to say I didn't hurt anyone's feelings here, or offend anyone, but I know that happened, I know some people got upset at me, I know my votes didn't always make everryone happy, but I was playing this game and I played it as well as I could for myself. And well, Jacobs was the first person to betray anyone out of the two of us. He sold out Melton, and in doing so, led to the downfall of Tap Out, which is why all of you are up there deciding to vote between me and him. So I hope you remember that and respect how I played this game."

JACOBS: "Well, I think I say the same thing about playing the game, and honestly, I feel I played it better. I'm a play by play man, so I'm not going to go on an immunity run like Cloverleaf, I had to play politics, pick my spots and make solid alliances for as long as I could. I had to really play this game at a level he really didn't because in the end if his ass was ever really on the line odds are he'd just win immunity and save himself. He won it three times to my 1. So if this comes down to playing the game, and surviving the vote. I think I did that far better."

DOC: "Very well. Now it's time for the jury to speak."

(STARR gets up.)

STARR: "I don't have anything to say to these two, I just wanna let everyone know how dumb I feel after the mistake I made yesterday."

(She sits back down, CAITLYN stifles a laugh.)

(EMILY gets up.)

EMILY: "Look, I put kept Cloverleaf around so I could beat him in final 2, and I'm not there, so well, screw you Jacobs." (EMILY sits down.)

(CAITLYN gets up.)

CAITLYN: "I remember back to the first few days on this island, and well, I recall Matthew Malone asking me and Karla to get rid of you Jacobs...And we told you...We decided to keep you around. And how did you repay us? By turning your back on our tribe, by voting off Melton, by siding with Emily, voting off each of us one by one. What a mistake we made that day, I can't even believe we did that, how lucky you were not to have your true colors as a greedy selfish backstabber exposed then...I hope you're happy with yourself..." (CAITLYN sits down.)

(CUTTO: ICEKOLD gets up.)

ICEKOLD: "Well I'm happy Emily's not in final 2, but I'm sad Larry isn't either...So well, I'm gonna shake the 8 ball a few more times and see what it tells me to do...Good luck guys."

(CUTTO: TROY gets up.)

TROY: "Look, both of you were Emily's sheep and neither of you deserve this, I'd not write a name down on the paper if I was allowed to btt Doc would throw a fit, so well I'm flipping a coin (Troy pulls a coin from her pants.) Jacobs call it."

JACOBS: "Heads" (TROY catches the coin, looks at it. Smiles and sits down.)

(CUTTO: TACT stands up.)

TACT: "I can't help but laugh, look here, Cloverleaf the patsy played to the end, wish it was me sitting next to you." (Shakes head head.) (TACT sits down.)

(CUTTO: AMERICAN stands up.)

AMERICAN: "Cloverleaf, why is your name so dumb?"

CLOVERLEAF: "I don't think my name is dumb"

AMERICAN: "You are wrong" (AMERICAN sits down.)

DOC: "Closing thoughts."

JACOBS: "no, not really."

CLOVERLEAF: "Sorry for any and all feelings I hurt playing this game, not much I can do to change things..."

(CUTTO: TROY voting.)

(CUTTO: STARR voting.)

(CUTTO: ICEKOLD voting.)

(CUTTO: CAITLYN voting, she holds up her vote reading "CLOVERLEAF")

CAITLYN: "Can't believe you sold us out Brandon."

(CUTTO: AMERICAN voting, he holds up his vote reading "JACOBS")

AMERICAN: "You have a first name for a last name, so you get my vote."

(CUTTO: EMILY Voting, she shows her vote to the camera reading "CLOVERLEAF")

EMILY: "Hell if he wins this, it'll be a riot..."

(CUTTO: TACT voting, he shows his vote to the camera reading "JACOBS")

TACT: "Jacobs, right place right time my man."

(CUTTO: DOC with the cookie Jar.)

DOC: "Thanks for the votes...Now we'll wait for the live show to reveal it."

(CUTTO: DOC takin the cookie jar to a helicopter, and then flying with it.)

(CUTTO: A packed FLEETCENTER, where on the center stage all 18 SURVIVORS are sitting, on opposite sides of the stage are JACOBS and CLOVERLEAF. CUEUP: "Only Happy When It Rains" by Garbage as the crowd cheers! DOC SILVER makes his way from the an entrance with the cookie jar containing the million dollar vote. The crowd mobs him as security cuts a path for him to the stage where he finally stands with the jar.)

DOC: "YOU READY TO DO THIS?!" (Crowd cheers, JACOBS and CLOVERLEAF nod.) "OK, America...Here we go...What we've all waited for, 15 shows...18 contestants...ONE...Survivor."

DOC: "First to 4 wins...First vote...JACOBS...(Some clapping and cheering.)...(Doc reaches in) CLOVERLEAF...(DOC reaches in) JACOBS...(DOC reaches in) JACOBS (JACOBS pumps his fist, CLOVERLEAF is emotionless.) 3-1 for JACOBS...This next vote...Is this the one to make him the winner...(Doc reaches in.) And it's...NOT...CLOVERLEAF...3-2...Now...Is this the vote, or are we all even...(DOC reaches in.) IT IS! JACOBS! (DOC holds the winning vote aloft. JACOBS thrusts both fists into the air and lets out a shout...TACT gives him a high five, TROY gives him a hand shake, CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF, dejected, sitting away from the group of Survivors who are now swarming JACOBS.)

DOC: "BRANDON JACOBS offically by a vote of 5 to 2, has won the first ever Wrestling Survivor...We'll back after this!"

(OORP: Or not, I may not feel like writing the reunion Ep. But whatever.)

Special thanks to Garth for Icekold rocking. To Rocko and Cruise for putting up with endless IM's, to Tact for being a good sport about the loogie of doom, Lindsay for putting up with me constantly hashing out new plans, and to everyone who bothered to read this season. Seeya all for season 2, starting sometime in the near future.


Jan 1, 2000
LOL @ Jacobs's Richard Hatch-esque "Bottles of Beer on the Wall" and Starr's bitter Shii-Ann soliloquy.

Anyways, good job everyone. I had fun. And now I get to lord this over Dan Scifo for not having Cloverleaf take the million dollars Troy offered him to keep Ryan around.


PS: Mike, I'll help you write the reunion show if you want.


Jan 10, 2004
New York
I don't care who thought up the idea originally. Mike, you brought it to these boards, and I think it was a hit. Props for doing an excellent job with Season 1.

Many hilarious moments, and a great cast of characters. Congrats to Paul, and the handler of Cloverleaf for making it to final two.

Thanks to everyone who interacted with Tact, for the betterment or worsening of his fate, and made it a fun game!

Until Season 2.... :cool:


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