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Survivor S.E. Asia Ep 8

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, CUTTO: A Green Flag with the words "Tribe Tap Out" above it, CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing MANSON, MALONE, JACOBS, CAITLYN, STARR and EDMUNDS. CUTTO: The words "18 players" CUTTO: A Red Flag with the words "Tribe Hardcore" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TACT, AMERICAN, DAVIS, EMILY, ICEKOLD, and MILES. CUTTO: The Words "38 days" CUTTO: A Yellow Flag with the words "Tribe High Spot" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TROY, RYAN, MELTON, RAYNE, CLOVERLEAF, and, VIPER. CUTTO: The words "1 Winner")

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore, Day 21)

(CUTTO: EMILY in her pink bikini top and pink shorts walking the beach with TACT, who's wearing black shorts.)

EMILY: "Finally some sleep, man, I feel better today."

TACT: "You owe me for dealing with that nut Icekold"

EMILY: "I know, look, we're in this together, I do whatever I can to help, I got Cloverleaf to vote with us, and he was almost under Troy's spell, so you just tipped a willing voter your way, I turned somebody to our side."

TACT: "You don't have to accept the fact that their may come a time where you have to phyiscally whore yourself out to some horrific thing for the sake of a vote."

EMILY: "Yeah, sorry all you guys on the island are so cute."

TACT: (Shakes his head) "You just don't understand how maddening she is..."

EMILY: "I know...Once we can get rid of her, we will, but right now we need her to stick around, we need to get into this merger 5 on 5, and we need to either change the dynamics of the tribes or turn someone on their tribe and break Tap Out."

TACT: "Wasn't even like we recruited her, she just came with the tribe...ugh..."

(CUTTO: Icekold in an aside)

ICEKOLD: "The 8 ball doesn't understand my love...WHY...Why when things are going so right with me and Larry must it speak such things...That another seeks his hand...Another wants his heart...WHY...WHO?! TELL ME...Why are you being so difficult...You've never been like this before 8-ball...(She begins shaking it violently) TELL ME!"

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out Day 21)

(CUTTO: TROY and MELTON sitting around.)

TROY: "Think Ryan survived?"

MELTON: "Dunno, you did, and I dunno if they got a Manson-a-be, over there to really pull the troops together, so it's possible."

TROY: "Emily nearly (BLEEP)ed herself when she saw our Manson free tribe, musta been a shock to her little heart to see his highness gone."

MELTON: "Ah well, lot she could do about it...American's busy leading people, Tact Ryan and Cloverleaf are trading tips on how to deal with back acne."


MELTON: "Hey, I'm being honest, he's a good guy, but well, mebbe he's not all natural is all."

TROY: "God...You're hopeless...Anyhow we gotta win this challenge, if we do, they'll be down to a 6 on 4 after the merger and we'll eat them for dinner, it'll be 7 on 3 if Ryan's still over there."

MELTON: "It would give them a second shot to vote him off"

TROY: "If he survived one vote, he's got them around his finger."

MELTON: "King and Queen of this island you two are, with your flunkie tribes."

TROY: "We dunno if our King is alive or not yet, so let's chill on that for now."

(CUTTO: Troy in an aside.)

TROY: "I'm worried about Ryan, if I had it my way I woulda gone after Tact, he seems like more of a player in Hardcore, but we'll just have to see how Cloverleaf did for me."

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out, Day 22, Tree Mail.)

TROY: "Buncha tomfoolery, winner gets food, whoo hoo, food!"

STARR: "Food never sucks."

JACOBS: "Damn right"

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore Day 22)

EMILY: "God we need this, I'm starving"

CLOVERLEAF: "Well we're not all strung out with lack of sleep, so we got this one."

(CUTTO: DOC SILVER standing at a clearing.)

DOC: "OK guys, come on in...First chance for Tap Out to see the new look Hardcore, Dan Ryan, voted out last vote (TROY shakes her head, the camera pans to show her ball her hand into a fist) simple 2 part challenge for the grub, because as you know, this is the last reward challenge before the merger, you will be competing for food, in this case, a rack of spare ribs, (Doc pulls a tarp off a table, showing what has to be about 10 pounds of meat) Sure to feed you guys for a day or 2...Now to get this grub, you have to as a team, scale a 12 foot wall, now after you do that, you'll be on a platform, there will be a rope, you must swing from that platform to the other platform, you fall, you hit the water and have to climb the ladder up to the other platform, First team to have all 5 players on the other platform wins, Tap Out, who's sitting out? (JACOBS raises his hand) OK...Let's go."

(CUTTO: The tribes standing at the foot of the wall.)

DOC: "For a giant wrack of ribs...GO!"

(HARDCORE boost up CLOVERLEAF, while TAP OUT does the same for TROY, CLOVERLEAF gets up to the top as TROY fights to the top.)

DOC: "CLOVERLEAF to the top of the platform. TROY getting up here now as TACT now being helped up by his team and CLOVERLEAF...TROY up...Now so is TACT...TROY and HARDCORE trying to get STARR up the wall now...While CLOVERLEAF and TACT lift up AMERICAN with help from EMILY and ICEKOLD, HARDCORE gets STARR up, and now working on RAYNE...While ICEKOLD now being pulled up by TACT and CLOVERLEAF. STARR now gets RAYNE up...EMILY yanked up the wall by AMERCAN and TACT...And all of HARDCORE is up top, while MELTON still being pulled up by TAP OUT...EMILY first on the rope and she swings over and lands cleanly! MELTON up the wall now while TACT now swings across and lands clean...TAP OUT now dragging CAITYLN up to the top, while now CLOVERLEAF takes the rope and HE'S OVER clean...CAITLYN up, come on TAP OUT, you're still in this...TROY across the platforms clean...ICEKOLD across the platforms clean...MELTON makes it over...AMERICAN...MAKES IT...HARDCORE WINS!" (HARDCORE celebrate while TROY looks disgusted, the members of TAP OUT jump into the pool and get off the platforms while HARDCORE continues to be happy.)

DOC: "Hardcore, once you get down from there, take your grub and enjoy it."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore Day 22)

(CUTTO: The whole tribe eating.)

EMILY: "I hate ribs...I hate barbecue sause, but right now, this is amazing..."

CLOVERLEAF: "Yeah, hunger will do that to you."

(CUTTO: The tribe eating.)

(CUTTO: Day 23, the two tribes gathering at a clearing while DOC SILVER waits for them to form up ranks.)

DOC: "OK folks, everyone's set, now then today's challenge is simple, it's lawn bowling...(smiles) each player will have 1 ball, you'll roll it about 20 feet down there to that bullseye, you can hit the other team's balls, you can hit your own team's balls, team with the closest ball at the end wins immunity. Who's sitting out for Tap Out? (TROY raises her hand.) OK."

DOC: "Let's start, we flipped a coin and HARDCORE won last roll, so Tap Out, pick a bowler."

(CAITLYN rolls her Green ball towards the target, stopping about a foot to the left and 4 feet short of the target.)

(CUTTO: EMILY rolling her red ball towards the target it ends up right behind the target by about two feet, she rolls her eyes in disgust.)

DOC: "EMILY's ball in prime position to be knocked out of the way."

(CUTTO: STARR rolling her ball, it glances off EMILY's and both end up about 3 feet from the target.)

DOC: "Hard to tell who's got the edge now, but we'll see after a few more throws."

(CLOVERLEAF throws his ball, he instantly reacts in disgust after throwing it, as it hits CAITLYN's ball and moves it closer, his settling right behind hers.)

DOC: "So far Hardcore having trouble here."

(CUTTO: MELTON rolling his ball, it settles about 2 feet to the right of the bullseye.)

(CUTTO: TACT rolling his ball, blasting into CLOVERLEAF's and CAITLYN's balls sending her ball past the target, pushing CLOVERLEAF's a little closer, making it a tough call between his and MELTON's for the lead.)

(CUTTO: JACOBS rolling his ball, it settles outside MELTON's to the right, JACOBS shakes his head.)

(CUTTO: AMERICAN rolling his ball, it hits MELTON's moving it out of the way, putting his and CLOVERLEAF's balls as the two closest to the target.)

DOC: "Can't tell who's closest, but either way, it's green...So now it comes down to RAYNE and her ball."

(RAYNE rolls her ball, it hits AMERICAN'S and then stops.)

DOC: "OK, let's measure now...(Doc pulls out a ruler.) And well...CLOVERLEAF's ball is closer by 2 inches...HARDCORE WINS IMMUNITY!" (HARDCORE begins to celebrate while TAP OUT look annoyed at losing for the 2nd time in two challenges.)

DOC: "Well Tap Out, tonight somebody's leaving."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore, Day 23)

(CUTTO: TROY and MELTON talking.)

TROY: "Dammit, I'm still so pissed they got rid of RYAN..."

MELTON: "Well between the 5 of them, one of them had to have a brain."

TROY: "More then likely Tact, or American, even if he seems odd, he likes having power."

MELTON: "Bah, Cloverleaf not getting it done sucks...So who's gone tonight?"

TROY: "Rayne or Jacobs...(Pauses) Rayne...She was more loyal to Manson, Jacobs just was with him because it was the thing to do, it's personal with her and Manson, so after the merger, she would be most likely to betray us..."

MELTON: "But I want to keep my women..."

TROY: "Sorry Joey."

MELTON: "Bah...You're awful."

(CUTTO: Troy in an aside.)

TROY: "RAYNE's got to go...I'll just tell Starr and Caitlyn and hopefully they agree to this, it's a vote, it sucks, those 2 are in it for themselves, and with 6 people, 2 votes is a damn lot."


TROY: "We're voting Rayne tonight"

STARR: "OK, she's been hanging with us, trying to save herself."

TROY: "Well, it's business, I think she could defect, we need to be solid after the merger."

STARR: "I hear that. I'll tell Caitlyn, what should I tell Rayne when she asks?"

TROY: "That we're voting Jacobs."


(CUTTO: The tribe sitting on benches for Tribal Counsel)

DOC: "OK, send somebody home"

(CUTTO: STARR voting)


(CUTTO: JACOBS voting)

(CUTTO: RAYNE voting)

(CUTTO: TROY voting, she holds up her vote, reading "RAYNE" to the camera.)

TROY: "Sorry, but Mansonism is like Communism, you gotta root out all of the problems."

(CUTTO: MELTON voting)

(CUTTO: Doc with the cookie Jar.)

DOC: "OK, time for the votes...(Opens Jar, pulls out a vote.) "Rayne" (Next vote) "Rayne" (RAYNE nods, and shakes her head.) (Doc gets the next vote) "Rayne" (Doc gets the next vote.) 8th person voted off Wrestling Survivor...Rayne" (Shows the final vote reading 'Rayne' on it, RAYNE gets up and heads over to Doc, who puts out her torch and she leaves.)

DOC: "Well, now the merger is coming...Good luck..."

(TAP OUT leaves, most look relaxed and thankful the vote is over)

(CUTTO: Credits.)

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