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Survivor S.E. Asia Ep 4

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, CUTTO: A Green Flag with the words "Tribe Tap Out" above it, CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing MANSON, MALONE, JACOBS, CAITLYN, STARR and EDMUNDS. CUTTO: The words "18 players" CUTTO: A Red Flag with the words "Tribe Hardcore" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TACT, AMERICAN, DAVIS, EMILY, ICEKOLD, and MILES. CUTTO: The Words "38 days" CUTTO: A Yellow Flag with the words "Tribe High Spot" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TROY, RYAN, MELTON, RAYNE, CLOVERLEAF, and, VIPER. CUTTO: The words "1 Winner")

(Tribe Tap Out, Day 14)

(CUTTO: MANSON, wearing the scuba mask with black shorts catching fish with the Sling. After a few quick cut scenes of various sized fish impaled on the sling Manson heads back to camp, handing the sling to STARR, wearing a two piece bathing suit with a black top and a black and red bottom, The Star tatto can be seen on her right hip. She hits the ocean. A few quick cut scenes show her catching a series of fish as well.)

(CUTTO: Manson in an aside)

MANSON: "We're down to 4, so that's a bit of a grind on us, but now with the sling and the rice we're assuredly the best fed of the tribes, we just need to get past this immunity challenge and then odds are we'll be at the first merger, and either we get broken up and added to bigger tribes or we add some people to our ranks. And I REALLY don't want to leave this camp, with the rice and the sling, we're doing well right now.)

(CUTTO: Tribe High Spot day 14.)

(CUTTO: TROY and RYAN sitting around. Troy wearing a red top and red shorts. Ryan wearing grey shorts.)

TROY: "If we could figure out where Tap out's camp is, we could bumrush them and take the Sling. I'm pretty sick of starving."

RYAN: "Yeah, me and Viper would take care of Manson, then the other 4 could destroy their remaining three, Starr would offer some resistance, Cat and Jacobs would run."

(Shouting can be heard from off camera as RAYNE, wearing a black tank top and black shorts brings two good sided fish and a large eel from the water.)

VIPER: "What the HELL? You been holding out on us?!"

RAYNE: "I got lucky, what can I say?"

(CUTTO: High Spot eating.)

(CUTTO: Rayne in an aside)

RAYNE: "I knew from day 1 that Troy, Joey, and Ryan were gonna be together, and I think they've turned Viper also. So basically it's me and Cloverleaf on the outside looking in. I figured I'd wait till it was needed most to show 'em that I knew how to spear fish. (smiles faintly) I've led an interesting life."

(CUTTO: Melton in an aside)

MELTON: "Dunno where the girl learned that, but I'm damn glad she can catch the fish."

(CUTTO: Viper in an aside)

VIPER: "She made me look silly, but thank goodness for it...I look at the people in this tribe, they start turning into food like the cartoons...This might cure of me of that for a bit."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore Day 14)

(CUTTO: TACT in camp building a hammock out of some tarp and string. ICEKOLD sits nearby.)

ICEKOLD: "So what you doing hunny?"

TACT: "Nothing, quit calling me hunny?"

ICEKOLD: "Why should I do that suger?"

TACT: "Because I'm not here on a date, I'm here for the game and the money really."

ICEKOLD: "The 8 ball says you'll love me one day."

TACT: "Go away, lemme finish this." (TACT glares at her, ICEKOLD finally leaves)

(CUTTO: Tact in an aside.)

TACT: "I can't hang out with Emily 24/7 or else even these nutjobs will figure out we're working together, but interacting with anyone else is about as fun as trying to finish a match with a concussion. American is in his own world and Miles and Icekold seem to have a contest on who can drive me insane It just sucks. I can't wait for the merger, either we'll get more people or I'll be free from this nut house."

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out, Day 15, Tree Mail)

MANSON: "Human bombs, stay on target, win food."

STARR: "Food, yay...I am a little tired of fish, but we can survive without Doc's hand outs for now."

(CUTTO: Tribe High Spot Day 15, Tree Mail)

TROY: "Human Bombs? Ugh, sounds lame as hell."

VIPER: "Then I guess me and Ryan get a day off, since you'll be needing us to bail your asses out for a REAL challenge."

TROY: "Hey I wanna eat! Rayne mighta won the lotto with that food she caught, but fact is, more food is better."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore, Day 15, Tree Mail.)

MILES: "Reward challenge?! SMOKES!! I can TASTE them...Oh man...I want EVERYONE to give it their all...Those who fail...Will be stoned to death!"

TACT: "Oh brother."

(CUTTO: The tribes walking onto a beach. DOC SILVER stands on the beach.)

DOC: "OK guys, here we go, winner, gets a chef come over and cook some food for you on the grill...HIS GRILL (Camera pans to a man in a chef's outfit, with a HUGE grill.) We got spare-ribs, prime cut steak, chicken, you name it...Hmmm...I should just call this off and take it for myself...Well, I'll be nice...You'll all start up there on that tower, There's a giant air mattress below you, in the middle of it, there's a target (CUTTO: The air mattress, with a giant bullseye drawn on it.) the ring you land on with the majority of your body is the ring you get scored for. Bullseye is 5 points, next ring is 4, so on and so forth.)

(CUTTO: EMILY grabbing the zip line.)

DOC: "OK, we've drawn straws, and Hardcore's up first, Emily, good luck."

(EMILY goes down the zip line, then lets go and falls into the 2nd ring.)

DOC: "Emily with 2 points for Hardcore."

(CUTTO: CAITLYN on the zip line, she lets go and hits for 3 points.)

DOC: "Caitlyn doing her one better for 3 points."

(CUTTO: RAYNE shooting down the zip line, she falls off, missing the target outright.)

DOC: "Rayne let go to early there." (RAYNE rolls off the mattress looking pissed.)

(CUTTO: AMERICAN on the zip line, he falls into the 3rd ring.)

DOC: "American making it a contest, up next is Troy."

(CUTTO: STARR on the zip line, she heads down and lets go, landing just outside a bullseye.)

DOC: "Starr with the first 4 pointer of the contest!"

(CUTTO: TROY heading down the zip line, she lets go and lands in the outter most ring.)

DOC: "Troy with a point for her team"

(CUTTO: ICEKOLD flying down the line, she falls off, hitting the 2nd closest ring.)

DOC: "Icekold with a big score for her team!"

(CUTTO: JACOBS on the line, he falls in, hitting the 3rd ring.)

DOC: "Jacobs with a 3 pointer! Tap Out up by 1 on Hardcore!"

(CUTTO: MELTON on the zip line, he falls, hitting the 2nd line, Melton gets up and reacts like he just won a World Title.)

DOC: "And a member of High Spot breaks plural! Stop the presses!" (MELTON glares at DOC in disgust geting off the air mattress.)

DOC: "OK, we stand now with Hardcore trailing Tap Out by 1 point, High Spot many miles behind both teams, Miles, you're last up for Hardcore."

(MILES takes gets to the zip line and falls...Hitting a bullseye!)

DOC: "Miles with a HUGE score for Hardcore! Now Manson has to get within the inner two rings or else Hardcore wins this challenge!"

(CUTTO: MANSON getting ready to use the zipline, his tribe cheering, dramatic music plays. MANSON heads down the Zip line...Lets go...And lands on the 3rd ring.)

DOC: "HARDCORE WINS! you guys get the food, AND the 2nd key to your rice box, now before you all leave, eat up, and we'll meet back here in 3 hours for the immunity challenge. (The tribes look surprised) Yeah, tonight somebody's leaving. Oh here ya go Miles (DOC throws MILES a pack of Winstons. MILES catches them and glares at DOC, he smiles menacingly and leaves. Hardcore departs with their chef and grill, the other two tribes leave dejected.)

(CUTTO: Tribe HARDCORE Day 15)

(CUTTO: The Tribe, eating huge helpings off the grill, MILES smoking like a chimney, jamming puffs in between mouthfuls.)

(CUTTO: Tact in an aside)

TACT: "God we needed this, our Rice supply was down to nearly nothing, and we still only got 2 keys for the rice box."

(CUTTO: Icekold in an aside.)

ICEKOLD: "This was THE BEST...I mean, we got those steaks before, but now, we're just STARVING, so we get this food...Oh...So good...I really can't talk, I'm busy drooling from just thinking about it."

(CUTTO: MILES looking distant and aloof.)

(CUTTO: The Tribes, a few hours later, heading back to the same area, getting ready for the immunity challenge.)

DOC: "Come on in Hardcore, High Spot, glad ya'll could make it, Tap Out...Looking a little thin in the ranks."

MANSON: "We're still hanging in there."

TROY: "With a colorman, a skeleton, and a housewife"

MANSON: "We have what we have."

MILES: "What's that in your pocket Troy?!"

TROY: "I got nothing in my pocket."

MILES: "I can SEE it...It's my LIGHTER, I KNEW IT!! (MILES starts storming towards TROY, while TACT tries to keep him from going after her, Miles pushes aside TACT and makes a bee line at TROY...He SPEARS her and begins punching her from the mount position, STEEL VIPER and DAN RYAN react and pull MILES off...AMERICAN, and ICEKOLD, follow into the fray, with TACT following behind somewhat reluctantly. DOC grabs CLOVERLEAF as he tries to get into the events.)

DOC: "EVERYONE ELSE BACK OFF!!! ANYONE ELSE INTO THE FIGHT IS GONE!! (MILES Thumbs VIPER in the eye and then slugs him in the gut, TACT gets thrown down by RYAN and quickly gives up fighting, while ICEKOLD leaps on VIPER'S back. VIPER fights to pry her off while TROY dives at MILES the two in a grapple as stage hands and camera men not filming the events rush the scene trying to pull apart the combatants. CUTTO: A shot of EMILY crying, looking horrified at what's happening, CUTTO: CAITLYN looking on in horror as the rest of TAP OUT look on, a grim smile on MANSON's face. CUTTO: MILES being pulled off TROY and dragged towards the beach where a small skimmer boat waits. MILES is taken by three men onto the boat.)


(Miles is put on board and the boat takes off...It gets about 25 yards away before MILES breaks free and dives into the water, swimming towards the beach again. MILES gets to shore and DECKS DOC to the ground before charging back towards HIGH SPOT, he plows through two staffers before a mob gang tackle him to the ground, MILES flails and thrashes fighting for all he's worth.)


(TROY back to her feet begins to charge towards MILES in the mass of humanity.)


TROY: "(BLEEP) YOU HE'S MINE!!" (VIPER, RYAN and MELTON grab TROY and restrain her, she continues to yell a stream of profanity that's bleeped out as she's held back by them.)

(MILES is finally tied up and seven men pull him to his feet, which are bound by a giant wrap of tape, his wrists behind his back in tape and rope.)

MILES: "You do not (BLEEP) with me (BLEEP) NO WAY...YOU'LL PAY!! (MILES is taken to the boat and put on it again, the boat takes off this time without incident. CUTTO: TROY, face red, she is shaking, the whole of HIGH SPOT checking on her to see if she's OK. HARDCORE look stunned, EMILY continues to cry, as TACT looks drained, AMERICAN and ICEKOLD look dazed, nobody's talking. While TAP OUT has CAITLYN and STARR talking and trying to make sense of it, JACOBS just shaking his head, while MANSON continues to watch the boat go off in the distance.)

DOC: "I'm so...So sorry about what just happened...Everyone return to your camps, I can't say or do anything to make things right...(Looks at a loss for words, a shock for Doc) Hopefully we can move on."

(CUTTO: The Tribes leaving the area, each of them appear stunned.)

(CUTTO Night 15, Tribe TAP OUT.)

(CUTTO: MANSON and STARR sitting in their shelter.)

MANSON: "Caitlyn OK?"

STARR: "She's a bit shaken up, but she'll be OK."

MANSON: "Good, we're shorthanded we can't have her not being in the game, the first merger is coming up now, we could be broken up if we come in last on the challenge, and that'll be the end of us...The other tribes will absorb us and vote us off."

STARR: "True, I'll try to keep her spirits up, Miles...My God, what was he thinking?"

MANSON: "I have no idea...But we can't let the actions of one idiot ruin our tribe, we'll stick together and tough this out."

STARR: "Yeah...Don't worry about her...I'll get her back into the swing of things."

(CUTTO: Tribe High Spot, Night 15.)

(CUTTO: TROY with ice packages on her face. VIPER and MELTON sitting on the beach near her.)

VIPER: "Nutjob...Damn nutjob, he's just lucky that runt jumped on my back, I'd have killed him."

MELTON: "We all would have, he's just lucky he got off light as he did."

TROY: "Screw him...We're in this to the end, he couldn't hack it so he snapped and ran off like a baby...We're all set now. Just forget it. Just forget him."

MELTON: "We're in this to the end Lindz, we're gonna find a way."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore, Night 15.)

(CUTTO: EMILY and TACT sitting at the camp site.)

EMILY: "Jeezus...That was the most...Screwed up thing I've ever seen."

TACT: "It sucks...I dunno what got into him...That stupid lighter."

EMILY: "What if he'd thought I had it...He woulda beat me Larry...(BLEEP)ing God, he'd have done that to me." (Starts crying, gets upset.)

TACT: "Woulda, coulda, he didn't...You didn't get beat did you? (EMILY shakes her head 'No') Just relax..."

EMILY: "I dunno, dunno if I should keep playing..."

TACT: "Look, Emily, you want that Million dollars right?"

EMILY: "Yeah"

TACT: "Wanna let ol' Rich retire in style, you two can be happy, right?"

EMILY: "Yeah"

TACT: "Then stick with it...Besides, without you, I'd have to deal with why Capitalism sucks and an 8 ball reading nutjob."

EMILY: (Blows her nose) "OK...I'll try...I'll try..."

TACT: "I need the vote...So try hard...(Smiles, EMILY smiles weakly.)

EMILY: "Why is this world such a damn mess?"

TACT: "If anyone knew the answer to that, we'd all be better off."

(EMILY rests her head on TACT's shoulder, trying to relax, TACT looks uncomfortable but allows it, he sighs.)

(CUTTO: Tact resting on the Hammock he made earlier, looking at the sky, a distant look in his eyes. FADEOUT)


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