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Survivor S.E. Asia Ep 3

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, CUTTO: A Green Flag with the words "Tribe Tap Out" above it, CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing MANSON, MALONE, JACOBS, CAITLYN, STARR and EDMUNDS. CUTTO: The words "18 players" CUTTO: A Red Flag with the words "Tribe Hardcore" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TACT, AMERICAN, DAVIS, EMILY, ICEKOLD, and MILES. CUTTO: The Words "38 days" CUTTO: A Yellow Flag with the words "Tribe High Spot" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TROY, RYAN, MELTON, RAYNE, CLOVERLEAF, and, VIPER. CUTTO: The words "1 Winner")

(CUTTO: Tribe High Spot Day 12. We see TROY in a red top with black shorts, talking to VIPER wearing a grey wife beater and black knee long shorts.)

VIPER: "We gotta get that damn box open, between Rayne's seasonal fish catching, and Melton's seasonal fish catching."

TROY: "and your seasonal fish catching."

VIPER: "Yeah, I suck too...Whatever, fact is, we better get the rice and soon."

TROY: "Or the next challenge is for food and we win that."

VIPER: "Or we have Cloverleaf die in an 'accident' and go Donna Party on him"

TROY: "Eeeewww"

VIPER: "Better then rice all day, he'd last a week if we rationed him out."

TROY: "This conversation is over..." (Troy walks away, Viper just shrugs)

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out, Day 12)

(CUTTO: EDMUNDS and MANSON tying down leaves on a shelter. Edmunds wearing his "SAVEROB.net" Shirt and red shorts. Manson in a black T-Shirt and black shorts that go below the knee.)

EDMUNDS: "That secure yet?"

MANSON: "Yeah, it'll hold."

EDMUNDS: "Good."

(CUTTO: Edmunds in an aside.)

EDMUNDS: "Manson's challenging me for head of the tribe, which I really didn't expect. I figured he's hide in the shade all day, be anti-social and that if I needed to scapegoat after a loss, he'd go, but it's good to have another worker, only problem is, again, he's trying to be the leader here, and well that was my role."

(CUTTO: Manson in an aside)

MANSON: "I think Edmunds is worried about his place in the tribe, well he should be, I know he went against Jacobs, and so he went back on his word, that kinda action speaks a lot about a person. As for 'leader' well, I put in the work so the others like me, I don't see that being a big deal, unless he just wanted to get by on image alone."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore, Day 12.)

(CUTTO: EMILY and TACT sitting on the beach. Emily is wearing a pink tank top and white shorts. Tact is wearing grey shorts.)

EMILY: (in the middle of her conversation) "My vote came up so early...I just got all nervous, like, what if you had decided to get rid of me...Or Davis figured me out...I just...Oh geez, it just threw me, I thought I had braced myself for it--"

TACT: "Look, it was a meaningless spite vote from Miles, it meant nothing."

EMILY: "Then who the hell voted for American, Davis's vote was on you, but it didn't get read because they already reached a majority."

TACT: "American was upset about failing us, maybe he voted himself out."

EMILY: "Weirdo...Geezus...Ah well...So Miles is dead...Geezus, why can't he leave me alone."

(CUTTO: Tact in an aside.)

TACT: "Icekold's nuts, Miles is a pyscho, American's lost it, and the sanest person besides me has a snit fit about one meaningless vote cast against her and now has these delusions like she's the Queen of the Island or something and by her edict Miles will be sent packing. Well, she'll get that for sure, since Miles is useless and a scumbag, I figure I can use her vote for as long as it serves me, then she's gone."

(CUTTO: Emily in an aside.)

EMILY: "Miles, is so grating, god, if I wasn't so scared of these damn votes, I'd blow the event just to send him home. But mebbe that would get American to vote against me for 'failing to live up to talent level' or some (BLEEP)...I dunno, but I'm just glad I'm working with Tact, he seems reasonable enough, and I seem useless enough to keep around, I'm sure the knife will go in somebody's back, but for now with other's as threats and Miles as a target, we're set."

(CUTTO: Tribe High Spot, Day 13, tree mail)

RAYNE: "Three Way Volleyball, winners are kings of the sea."

TROY: "Three way Volleyball, the hell?"

RYAN: "Let's just win this and get another key for this damn box, I want to eat more then a mouthful for dinner."

TROY: "Even if we do get a key, it'll be a few days for the next one, so we'll just have to tough it out."

(CUTTO: Ryan in an aside.)

RYAN: "Food's getting low, and well, we need rice, the fishing careers we all thought about, well, that isn't happening, so it's down to rationing the rice, placing in a couple challenges to get the rice, and winning challenges that give us food."

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out, Day 12, tree mail)

MANSON: "Three way Volleyball, the hell?"

EDMUNDS: "That'll be funny, we just gotta get 2nd and we get all the rice in the world."

CAITLYN: "That's what counts, geez, I'd kill for that key at this point."

MANSON: "That's good, we need a fighting spirit."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore, Day 12, Tree Mail.)

ICEKOLD: "The 8-ball says this is a demons game, we should FEAR IT"

MILES: "All you gotta fear is if we lose this, I KNOW Doc has Smokes on him, hell last night I broke his neck and smoked the pack he had in his pocket over his dead body...Then I woke up, that really sucked."

ICEKOLD: "the 8 ball says--"

MILES: "The 8-ball ends up in the OCEAN if you don't SHUT UP ABOUT IT!"

(Icekold scampers away looking worried.)

(CUTTO: The Tribes marching towards a beach. DOC SILVER is standing on the beach, wearing a grey vest with the SURVIVOR logo on it.)

DOC: "Come in High Spot, Hardcore, Tap Out, Glad ya could make it...Now then, today's challenge is simple...Volleyball, as a three way dance...(CUTTO: A net that looks like a giant Y, with tape on the sand in the colors of the three teams.)

"Now the game is the same, three hits to get it over, ball hits the sand on your side, team that hit it there gets a point, first team to 11 wins, whoever the 2nd place team is gets a key for their rice box, which means Tap Out, tonight could be rice for you. (CUTTO: JACOBS smiling at that idea.) Now what are you playing for? (Doc walks over a few feet and pulls a tarp off a table) This is a Hawaiian Sling. It's the best fish catching device you'll see on this island. And, a rack of additional blades for the tip...You win this and it'll make ANYONE into an expert fisher. (Many in the tribes nod knowingly at what the Sling could mean to them.)

(CUTTO: MILES getting ready to serve)

DOC: "OK...For reward...BEGIN!" (MILES hits it towards HIGH SPOT's side, where RYAN hits it, and then VIPER drills it towards TAP OUT, and STARR pops it into the air, EDMUNDS then sets up MANSON, who spikes it into the ground on HIGH SPOT.)

(CUTTO: Later in the game, the screen reads "TAP OUT 9, HIGH SPOT 8 HARDCORE 7" We see CAITLYN getting ready to serve.)

DOC: "We've had a bit of a rally from Tap out, Caitlyn serves it over to EMILY, who hits it weakly, but AMERICAN keeps it alive. and TACT now gets it over the net to let Tap Out deal with it again as MANSON gets it, over to EDMUNDS and finally STARR with a spike, EMILY CAN'T MAKE THE PLAY...Tap Out now a point away from both the Sling AND Rice tonight." (Camera pans to Tap Out, who's members look fired up.)

DOC: "OK, Caitlyn serves again, this time to TROY, who sets up RYAN, and MELTON with a SPIKE at STARR that sends it flying, MANSON and EDMUNDS chasing...But the ball hits the ground! It's 10 for Tap Out, 9 for High Spot, and 7 for Hardcore...High Spot serving now...It's MELTON with the serve and he hits it at Hardcore, AMERICAN pops it up, and MILES swats it over towards Tap Out, where STARR hits it...MANSON sets EDMUNDS...WHO SPIKES IT HOME ON HARDCORE FOR THE WIN!" (MANSON pumps his fist, while EDMUNDS high fives JACOBS...CAITLYN and STARR hug, as HIGH SPOT members glare at MILES who looks disgusted.)

DOC: "Well everyone you're free to go, and Tap Out...(Points to the sling and the extra blades) You an take this back to camp." (MANSON takes the Sling, as JACOBS grabs the extra blades, they head back to camp with their prize. While DOC hands CAITLYN their final key to the rice box.)

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out Day 12.)

EDMUNDS: "Oh the fish are DEAD...DEAD...I'm gonna ****ing depopulate this whole damn ocean..."

STARR: "Sounds good to me, I want some damn food..."

EDMUNDS: (Bristling a bit at Starr) "You'll eat...Everyone's eating..."

(CUTTO: CAITLYN opening the rice box, The tribe cheers as they look at the giant bags of rice inside.)

(CUTTO: CAITYLN in an aside)

CAITLYN: "This was just the best day ever. We got the sling, and well, we're sending everyone out to get fish, and well now we got just TONS of rice...Oh, I never thought I'd be so happy to see that crummy stuff, but now...Oh MAN."

(CUTTO: Tap Out eating rice.)

(CUTTO: MANSON putting on the scuba mask and swimming around, he stabs various fish with the Sling and brings them back to camp.)

MANSON: "We got the Sling and everyone but Caitlyn went out, I got 10 fish, Edmunds got 10, we decided that it was enough since we didn't want them to spoil, but with this Sling, anyone in the tribe can go out and get our daily supply of food, as long as they want Fish to eat, we're set."

(CUTTO: Tribe High Spot, day 12)

(CUTTO: RYAN unlocking the 2nd lock on the rice box.)

RYAN: "That sucked, what the hell was Miles doing?!"

RAYNE: "Keeping us from the fish was about it."

TROY: "Geezus, everytime there's a three way event those two gimp tribes do something to cost us, I'm sick of it, I can't wait till we get to break one of them up, take their useless members and vote them all out."

RYAN: "I hear that."

(CUTTO: Troy in an aside.)

TROY: "Miles...I'm more glad then ever I took that stupid lighter from you, giving team freak and his followers that Sling...Bad idea...I hope that Manson keeps his toadies in line long enough for us to be able to break up Hardcore and send Miles packing, I throw the lighter in his face as he's voted out."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore, Day 12)

(CUTTO: AMERICAN and TACT on the beach.)

TACT: "What the hell was Miles doing?"

AMERICAN: "Who knows why anyone does what they do, what makes the Capitalism oppress his workers, what makes the common man become the tyrant just for money?"

TACT: "This is about volleyball, not the state of the world."

AMERICAN: "Everything can be defined in the terms of the struggle of the common against the elite."

(CUTTO: Tact in an aside)

TACT: "This tribe...Sucks...Emily's playing the game 24/7, the rest are nuts, I can't have a conversation about anything, unless it's with Emily about how we're gonna work out who we're gonna vote out once it gets to the final four, or whatever her last big discussion was about. It's just maddening, I gotta keep my head in the game till the merger and I get some new people, who might like, be HUMAN and can relate to each other."

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out, Day 13, Tree Mail.)

MANSON: "Brains can defeat Brawn, but only so much, if you lose this one you might be out of touch."

STARR: "Ugh, a High Spot challenge."

EDMUNDS: "They've been on the island nearly 2 weeks now, their water soaked muscles have got to be shrinking, we can hack this."

(CUTTO: Tribe High Spit, Day 13, Tree Mail.)

TROY: "Some kinda power test, good good. I think the big boys here can take care of business."

VIPER: "What, fighting against a color man? Yeah, this will be tough."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore Day 13, Tree Mail.)

MILES: "Looks like we got a challenge you could do Emily?"

EMILY: "What's that?"

MILES: "Watching me punk your husband again (Laughs) Nah...we're doomed with a little ***** like you on the team, might as well make it fun." (EMILY seethes.)

(CUTTO: The Tribes walking towards the area, DOC SILVER stands on the beach wearing a Teddy KGB styled red sweater and his normal sweats.)

DOC: "OK guys, get in here...Now today's challenge is simple...We'll have 4 members of each team holding weights, start at 150 for the women, 175 for the men, every 2 minutes the 5th member of your team, being the planner, will announce that somebody on your team gets an extra 10 pounds...If you fail to hold onto your weight, you're out...First team to have all it's weight holders lose their weight loses somebody tonight. High Spot, you're up a member on each of the other tribes, Rayne can not sit out again, who's sitting out?"

(High Spot have a conversation)

TROY: Melton sits, I'll lift, Rayne can figure out who's dying under the weight.

CLOVERLEAF: You sending me to do this challenge is some sort of sick joke, right?

TROY: Compared to what you MAY think Kenny, no. I'm perfectly serious and you can help win this for us. Unlike Joey, you're not over 40 and you can actually hold the weight.

MELTON: What the hell is that supposed to mean?!

TROY: Face it Melton, you're not as spry as you were in the 70s.

MELTON: You're a wicked, wicked woman.

(Back to Doc)

TROY: Melton sits. (MELTON shakes his head with an amused smirk on his face and heads to the side.)

(CUTTO: The tribes, with the weights in front of them, CAITLYN as the planner for her tribe, EMILY as the planner for her tribe, and RAYNE as the planner for her tribe.)

DOC: "For Immunity...Lifters...LIFT!" (The tribes all lift their weights, and hold them to their chests.) MILES looking a little worn under the weight...As does STARR...High Spot looking solid across the board...While ICEKOLD is fighting to keep her bar up...(CUTTO: The first 2 minute cycle) OK...10 seconds...Who's getting the first weight add on?"

CAITLYN: "Edmunds"

RAYNE: "Viper"

EMILY: "Icekold"

(Stage hands rush on and begin adding the weight to each of those players bars...ICEKOLD drops hers moments after the extra ten pounds is added.)

DOC: "ICEKOLD is out!"

EMILY: "I'm trying to save up the others! Sorry" (ICEKOLD doesn't react and walks to the bench.)

DOC: "VIPER looking a little tense under that extra weight. EDMUNDS fighting his bar with all he's got...STARR looking a little worn still...AMERICAN and MILES looking strong, holding the weight." (CUTTO: Next two minute period) OK We're at that time again, who gets the weight?"

EMILY: "American"

CAITLYN: "Manson"

RAYNE: "Viper"

(Stage hands quickly add the weights, VIPER shifts his feet and resets himself under the extra weight., MANSON and AMERICAN seem none the worse after getting their weight.)

DOC: "VIPER being asked to carry the load by RAYNE here...TROY looking solid (JACOBS drops his weight out of nowhere) And BRANDON JACOBS is out! (JACOBS looks disgusted at himself as he goes to sit down.) HIGH SPOT the only tribe so far without a player down, they are more able to spread the burden, unless Rayne keeps putting it on Viper...(CUTTO: Next two minute cycle) OK, it's that time again...Who gets it

RAYNE: "Viper"

CAITLYN: "Starr"

EMILY: "American"

(CUTTO: After the weight is added, VIPER now looking VERY beat, AMERICAN straining, STARR looking solid)

DOC: "VIPER being asked to do it all for High Spot...AND HE DROPS THE WEIGHT! (VIPER lets out a loud yell and begins shaking out his arms.) The rest of his team hasn't been asked to carry any extra weight, while other teams have had weights pile up on them, how will this effect the result? (MANSON loses his balance and drops his weight. MANSON gets to his feet and shakes his head.) MANSON is out...TAP OUT is down to EDMUNDS and STARR...While the other tribes each still have THREE members for them. Remember, first tribe to lose everyone will vote somebody off tonight." (CUTTO: Next weight period) "OK, who will it be this time?"

EMILY: "American"

RAYNE: "Troy"

CAITLYN: "Starr"

(AMERICAN winces under the strain, while TROY resets herself with little problem, STARR seems to be effected by the extra weight as well.)

DOC: "We're nearing ten minutes holding these bars, with immunity on the line, the sun beating down, (MILES drops his weight, EMILY throws her arms up in horror) MILES is OUT! This leaves Hardcore with only AMERICAN and TACT, and AMERICAN has already has TWENTY extra pounds on his bar. HIGHSPOT as a whole appears strong, Troy handling the weight with little apparent strain." (CUTTO: Next weight period.) "Who gets it now?"

EMILY: "Tact"

CAITLYN: "Starr"

RAYNE: "Troy"

(CUTTO: The weight added. STARR wobbles under the strain...And her weight FALLS!) TROY resets herself, now a bit more strained, while TACT seems to take his in stride.)

DOC: "STARR is out! We're down to EDMUNDS for Tap Out! AMERICAN and TACT holding out for Hardcore...(TROY drops her weight and begins stretching her back out) And RYAN and CLOVERLEAF left for High Spot...If EDMUNDS drops his weight it's over, Tribal Counsel for his tribe (CUTTO: A worried looking STARR and JACOBS CUTTO: EDMUNDS gritting his teeth under the strain.) "Can EDMUNDS hang on and outlast one of these two other tribes?" (CUTTO: Next weight period) "Who's it to be."

EMILY: "American"

RAYNE: "Cloverleaf."

DOC: "RAYNE keeping the big gun in reserve now (Camera cuts to RYAN who appears to have his weight under control, while EDMUNDS now has to shoulder the extra weight EVERY time now...(AMERICAN continues to hold onto his weight, CLOVERLEAF reacts little to his extra weight.) Now this is where is gets REALLY tense...Who can hold on, even if it's just for two more minutes just to buy their tribe mate more time, get 10 more pounds off their bar, while EDMUNDS has to carry his team on his back...(EDMUNDS gritting his teeth and fighting the weight, as is Cloverleaf.) (CUTTO: next weight period.)

EMILY: "American"

RAYNE: "Cloverleaf."

(CUTTO: EDMUNDS fighting the weight for all he can while AMERICAN is losing control of his weight, he fights to gain control while CLOVERLEAF is again holding up well under the weight.)

DOC: "AMERICAN appears to be losing it...AND HE'S OUT! (MILES shakes his head as AMERICAN drops to his knees and appears spent.) It's now on TACT'S shoulders for HARDCORE while EDMUNDS has TWO HUNDREAD AND FIVE POUNDS on his bar now, compaired to TACT'S 185...DAN RYAN still sitting pretty with a scant 175 on his bar."

RYAN: "Can't you just put the play-by-play in the editing room and SHUT UP?!"

DOC: "Nope, I get paid to annoy you guys while you suffer, this is a dream job"

TROY: "You're playing next time, and you're gonna be gone quick."

DOC: "In your dreams"

(EDMUNDS wincing under the strain of the weight as CLOVERLEAF and RYAN appear set, TACT fighting with his weight as well.) DOC: "Again, the weight"

RAYNE: "Cloverleaf"

(EDMUNDS fighting the weight, as is TACT, CLOVERLEAF showing signs of stress.)

DOC: The Battle of Wills continues between TACT and EDMUNDS, who's got that extra TWENTY POUNDS to deal with, while RYAN is kept fresh, or as fresh as he can...(EDMUNDS shouts in agony as his weight falls from his shoulders and lands on the ground, EDMUNDS falls to the sand as well and punches it a couple times, TACT drops his weight as EMILY hugs him in celebration, RYAN and CLOVERLEAF drop their weights as all of HIGH SPOT begin celebratring.)

DOC: "It's over! Tonight, Tap Out loses it's 2nd member. You can head back."

(TAP OUT, looking spend and demoralized head back to camp. The other tribes leave in high spirits having avoided a vote.)

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out Day 12.)

STARR: "It just sucks...We got so close...If Tact had just lost it...Or if Manson doesn't slip or if I coulda lasted two more minutes and...Well you can beat your self up about it all you want but we lost and that's it. Now we gotta vote somebody out. (Shrugs) that's the game

(CUTTO: MANSON and EDMUNDS, MANSON reading "The Prince" by Machiavelli)

EDMUNDS: "I think Starr needs to go."

MANSON: "Really now?"

EDMUNDS: "Yeah, she's got Caitlyn around her finger, they are a voting block that could be swayed in a merger, we need to cover ourselves."

MANSON: "Reasonable, I'll go tell Jacobs."

EDMUNDS: "OK, I'll tell the girls we're voting Jacobs, so it'll work out 2 on him, 3 on Starr and she's gone"

MANSON: "Seems like a plan to me, see you at counsel"

EDMUNDS: "Good good"

(CUTTO: MANSON and JACOBS talking in the trees. )

MANSON: "We got to get rid of Edmunds, he voted you off last time, he can't be trusted"

JACOBS: "It was him that was the 2nd vote?"

MANSON: "The women were offended by Malone's vote grabbing right after the event, they were in your corner as was I, Edmunds tried to backstab you, it's clear he's untrustworthy. Tell the women he's planning to vote Starr out tonight."

(CUTTO: Jacobs in an aside.)

JACOBS: "I don't know if I can trust Manson, how do I know he wasn't the 2nd vote against me? But at the same time, Edmunds is trying to play both sides of the fence. Well, at the very least maybe I can do something with the women for myself. (Smiles)"


EDMUNDS: "We're sending Jacobs home tonight."

STARR: "OK...That's three votes, where's Manson voting?"

EDMUNDS: "He's on board with voting Jacobs also, we've told Jacobs we're voting you out tonight, so it'll go 4-1 Jacobs."

STARR: "Why me?"

EDMUNDS: "You were one of the only two people not in the room, nothing we could do about it."


(CUTTO: EDMUNDS in an aside)

EDMUNDS: "Everything looks as it should, well, Starr goes home tonight, with Jacobs getting a little scare. It all works out."


(CUTTO: The trbal counsel set-up, we see TAP OUT sitting on the benches.)

DOC: "Send somebody home"

(CUTTO: EDMUNDS voting he holds up a paper that reads "STARR"

EDMUNDS: "Sorry, we gotta keep the strong around, and you're not strong"

(CUTTO: STARR voting)


(CUTTO: MANSON voting)

(CUTTO: JACOBS Voting, he holds up his vote, reading, "EDMUNDS")

JACOBS: "I gotta side with those who I think I can believe in...You're not it."

DOC: OK, it's vote time...only 5 people, little bit of nerves huh? (Smiles) Here we go (reaches in)...First vote..."Triple S" Edmunds (Edmunds looks unfazed) Second vote(Reaches in)..."Starr" (STARR looks nervous) 1 vote Edmunds, 1 vote Starr...Next vote...(Reaches in) "Edmunds" (Edmunds smirks, thinking he's been betrayed) 4th vote (Reaches in) 3rd person voted off Wrestling Survivor...Sean Edmunds (Doc reveals the deciding "Edmunds Vote, Edmunds shakes his head and walks to Doc who puts out his Torch, Edmunds leaves quickly)

DOC: "You can head back" (MANSON Smiles, while CAITLYN and STARR hold hands and JACOBS looks drained from the vote)

(CUTTO: Credits)
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