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Survivor S.E. Asia Ep 2

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, CUTTO: A Green Flag with the words "Tribe Tap Out" above it, CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing MANSON, MALONE, JACOBS, CAITLYN, STARR and EDMUNDS. CUTTO: The words "18 players" CUTTO: A Red Flag with the words "Tribe Hardcore" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TACT, AMERICAN, DAVIS, EMILY, ICEKOLD, and MILES. CUTTO: The Words "38 days" CUTTO: A Yellow Flag with the words "Tribe High Spot" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TROY, RYAN, MELTON, RAYNE, CLOVERLEAF, and, VIPER. CUTTO: The words "1 Winner")

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out, Day 9, STARR and JACOBS talking. Starr is wearing long pants and a tank top, Jacobs is in a flannel shirt with Khaki shorts. )

STARR: "Look at this, geezus, it's gotta be what, like 10 feet deep? He musta gone nuts digging this."

JACOBS: "I woulda thought he was nuts before he did this"

(CUTTO: Jacobs in an aside.)

JACOBS: "Manson carved this giant Latrine into the ground, it had to have taken him all night to do that, he's spent the last two days gathering nuts and berries, digging that latrine, he's just really become everyone's best friend after the vote, I think he's stunned nobody tried to get rid of him, and it's his way of saying thanks."

(CUTTO: EDMUNDS hanging out on the beach with CAITLYN. EDMUNDS is wearing his "Saverob.net" T-shirt and a speedo)

EDMUNDS: "Well the vote went as it should have, and now we've gotta win a challenge or two"

CAITLYN: "Yeah, I'm sorry Malone had to go, but..."

EDMUNDS: "I think one of the best ways to improve team work is to get to know each other better."

(CUTTO: Edmunds in an aside.)

EDMUNDS: "I'm not gonna push this much more with Caitlyn, but well, she's here, no hubby around, she might like having somebody to hang out with, ya know? (Smiles)"

(CUTTO: Tribe High Spot, day 9)

(CUTTO: RYAN, TROY, and CLOVERLEAF, carving out coconuts into bowls. Troy's wearing a Green shell cut top and shorts. Ryan has grey shorts on. Cloverleaf a white wifebeater and blue shorts.)

TROY: "So if they ever allow us to make a trade, who would we ditch Cloverleaf for"

RYAN: "I say go with the colorman in Tap Out, or Icekold. Someone who can do something."

(CUTTO: Cloverleaf in an aside)

CLOVERLEAF: "Troy and her gang of friends do nothing but torment me ceaselessly.All that's keeping me going right now is that there will have to be a merge, and once that's happened, hopefully there will be enough people to form a voting block strong enough to at least counterbalance what they have going. So I just go with the flow, take their (BLEEP) and wait for that day."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore Day 9.)

(CUTTO: DAVIS wearing grey baggy gym pants, and a blue T-shirt, ICEKOLD, who is decked out in a CATWOMAN costume, and thusly even more odd the usual on this day, and AMERICAN, who wears a white dress shirt and black slacks.)

AMERICAN: "And that is why Capitalism will destroy humanity if it's not stopped, and soon."

ICEKOLD: "My 8 ball says "signs point to no" I guess that means capitalism rules."

AMERICAN: "That stupid toy you're playing with is just a tool of the system by which the rich enslave the poor, by making them waste their money on useless trash."


DAVIS: "Well, I'll be leaving now."

(CUTTO: Davis in an aside.)

DAVIS: "Everyone in this tribe is out of their mind, Miles has lost it, American more then likely never had one, and Icekold has decided that she's gonna be gonzo-nutzo, it's a mess, I'm shocked we can do anything together."

(CUTTO: Tribe High Spot, Day 10, Tree Mail.)

RAYNE: "You got 3 shots, do your best, if you do, you'll have a good rest, fail to score, and you could be out the door."

TROY: "They musta told Doc that the stupid sing songy clues in tree mail were a big part of the game, or something."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore Day 10, Tree Mail)

EMILY: "We're doing the Kennedy assassination challenge"

MILES: "What?"

EMILY: "Three Shots (Points on note where it says that)"

MILES: "I don't care if you're married to that nutjob, there will be NO JFK talk on the island."

ICEKOLD: "The 8 ball says it was the Freemasons, they got to Bobby and made him plan it."

MILES: "Oh great, now you got her started, and I already smoked both winstons Doc gave me, I'm gonna go into the jungle and kill animals with my bare hands so I don't end up charged with a double murder."

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out, day 10, tree mail.)

MANSON: "Three shots. Baseball mebbe?"

EDMUNDS: "I'm sure we'll be told the deal once we get there."

JACOBS: "Yeah, and let's win this, I'd like to get something out of this."

(CUTTO: The three Tribes walking towards a clearing on the island, DOC SILVER stands across from them.)

DOC: "OK, how ya doing hardcore?"

TACT: "Pretty good when we don't gotta hear about Miles' lighter"

DOC: "What happened with that?"

TACT: "got Stolen"

MANSON: "I'd give you my lighter if you throw this challenge"

(Miles remains silent.)

DOC: "that's not really cool Manson, but anyhow, today's challenge has a twist, first, it's a reward...Winners get something you all want, and that, is these (Doc walks over to a tarp and pulls it away, revealing air matresses. All three tribes cheer) Yes, 6 Air Mattresses, which would be 1 extra for Tap Out...Sturdy, soft, good night's rest for as long as you keep them in shape, which should be for the rest of your stay here, could be a huge advantage for the winning tribe. And don't forget, first and second get a key for their box of rice.

"Now to win that good stuff, we're gonna have a shoot out...Simply put, you'll all be given the proper ear and eye protection, and then you'll be given these standard rifles, and we're gonna do some skeet shooting. 30 blue clay disks, the size of hubcaps (Doc pulls one off an air mattress) Pretty big target, pretty easy to hit, each one of these you hit, goes towards winning the reward...Now...(Doc puts down the blue hubcap. He picks up a smaller red disk) these, are the red disks, there will be 15 of them, and they go toward both your reward count, AND your Immunity count (MANSON is seen nodding)...The two teams that hit the most red disks, get immunity...Team that gets the fewest, tribal counsel, somebody's leaving tonight. Remember, you only got 3 shots per gun, 45 targets, plenty to aim at. Hardcore, who's sitting out. (EMILY raises hand) High Spot (VIPER raises his hand) OK...Everyone gear up, and we'll get started."

(CUTTO: Tap Out, wearing shooters glasses and headsets over their ears.)

DOC: "Remember, the sky is gonna be just FULL of targets, take your time, and hit something. Tap Out ready...GO!"

(Camera pans to show a hail of blue and red disks in the air, shots of MANSON, and EDMUNDS firing, and red disks exploding, shot of CAITLYN firing and having to steady herself for her 2nd shot, many blue and red disks are seen being hit, some merely chipped, others blasted to shards. The shooting stops after a fast 20 seconds.)

DOC: "Tap Out, as from what the spotters and myself have seen, shot 22 disks, and of them, an impressive 10 were Red" (Tap Out members seem pleased with their effort, JACOBS and MANSON high-five.) "Up Next, High Spot, get up here guys.)

(CUTTO: HIGH SPOT ready for their turn at the skeets.)

DOC: "Ready...Remember you got 3 times the number of targets you got bullets, so if you see a bunch, shoot at it, maybe you'll hit something...Ready...and...GO!"

(CUTTO: RYAN firing, and a Red disk exploding, then TROY and RAYNE firing and hitting blue disks, the flurry of shots goes on, ending only as CLOVERLEAF drills a blue disk as it is falling from the sky.)

DOC: "Well High Spot, we've got good news, and we've got bad news, bad news is, you only hit 8 Red disks, so Tap Out, you've won immunity! (CAITLYN pumps her fists over her head, as the rest of TAP OUT know they are saved from having to vote somebody else out.) The good news for High Spot is, you managed to shoot 18 blue disks, giving you a total of 26, putting you in the lead for the reward. Hardcore, now you know what the stakes are, you know the totals you are looking at. Good luck...

(CUTTO: Tribe HARDCORE now getting ready at the shooting range.)

DOC: "OK, you need 8 red to tie for immunity, you need 26 to tie for the prize, anything more and you win...Good luck...Ready...And...GO!!"

(CUTTO: MILES firing and hitting a blue disk, followed by AMERICAN shooting and hitting a blue disk. The shots continue for a while before finally one last blue disk is struck from a shot by DAVIS.)

DOC: "OK...Hardcore...I got bad news, and worse news...Only 20 disks shot down, and of them, only 5 were Red..." (DAVIS, and TACT look disgusted, AMERICAN looks totally crushed, MILES merely smirks, and EMILY looks thoughtful, and ICEKOLD is just cheerfully looking at her 8 ball.) "We'll have a vote tonight, somebody's leaving."

(CUTTO: Day 10, Tribe High Spot)

(CUTTO: High Spot celebrating, holding their new air mattresses.)

RYAN: "We did it! Who the best Tribe on this damn island?!"


RYAN: "Damn right! Ya know, food's food, you can choke down rice, but you can't fool your body into thinking it's comfortable sleeping."

(CUTTO: TROY in an aside)

TROY: "I'm SO happy we won this, sleeping on sand or uneven wooden floors SUCKS so much, to be able to rest on something comfy like this...It's a godsend...Oh, and Craig? (Pulls out MILES' lighter.) "Need a light? (Laughs.)

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF in an aside)

CLOVERLEAF: "I know I won't get much credit for my 3 hits in the skeet, but well, at least I get to sleep easy tonight. It's funny, we're at each other's throats all the time, but when we needed it, we went out and did it."

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out, Day 10)

(CUTTO: STARR holding the 2nd key for the rice box, the rest of the tribe standing around cheering.)

JACOBS: "Next challenge in like what, 2-3 days, we got enough rice for 6, I say double the rations."

MANSON: "Let's not count our chickens before they are hatched, we gotta get that final key before we can stuff our faces."

JACOBS: "If we stuff our faces, we'll have more energy to win that last key, and then we'll have rice till the merger assuredly."

MANSON: "Well I'm gonna go food gathering while there's an hour or so of light left."

STARR: "I'll help out, I wanted to look through that book more with ya."

(CUTTO: STARR in an aside.)

STARR: "Manson's just been fantastic, we spent the last few days seeing what local plants there are, he's been showing me in the book which ones to gather up, we found little patch of these tiny green things, tasted awful, but they aren't toxic, and food's food, anything to keep us going."

(CUTTO: MANSON and STARR finding a plant with berries on it and taking them.)

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore, Day 10)

(CUTTO: EMILY talking to TACT)

EMILY: "The way I see it, everyone wants Miles out, he's got no clout, he's just doomed, so if we vote out Davis tonight, then well, this Tribe is ours."

TACT: "What makes you say that?"

EMILY: "American's a wild card, but really, if he votes anywhere it'll be against Miles, Miles will either vote against me, or it'll be random, and Davis will more then likely go against Miles, so it's 2 on Miles, one on me or somebody else, if me and you vote Davis, and I can get Icekold to agree to it, then we got 3, it'll be 3 for Davis, 2 for Miles, 1 for Me, and we'll get rid of him."

TACT: "Why is Miles voting against you?"

EMILY: "Issues with the hubby."

TACT: "What if he tries to get an alliance against you?"

EMILY: "Then talk to American, see if Miles is doing anything, but DON'T tell him about this plan, if things don't work out with this, then we just join the pack and vote Miles out."

TACT: "Should I tell American to vote Davis?"

EMILY: "If he warms to the idea, sure."

(CUTTO: Emily in an aside.)

EMILY: "I figured I could either fly under the radar or I could try to make a move and take a shot here, I'm on this damn island with a buncha rich bastards who couldn't care elss about another million dollars, well dammit, I need that money...So I'm gonna do my best...Like the 50 Cent album says, get rich or die trying."

(CUTTO: EMILY and ICEKOLD in the forest. EMILY wearing a pink tank top and pink shorts, ICEKOLD still in the Catwoman outfit.)

EMILY: "The plan tonight is to vote out Davis, are you good with that?"

ICEKOLD: (Shakes 8 ball) "It says vote out Davis...(Shakes 8 ball again) and then steal his socks."

EMILY: (Looking weirded out) "OK, Good"

(CUTTO: TACT and AMERICAN on the beach. AMERICAN is sitting on his sled.)

TACT: "So, American, what you thinking about tonight?"

AMERICAN: "That I've cost you all a chance at success, I failed you."

TACT: "Easy man, I'm sure you hit one or two--"

AMERICAN: (CUTTING HIM OFF) "I've tired sending telegrams to Doc, to bankers, to people who could reinstate our immunity, but nothings worked, I'm so sorry..."

(CUTTO: TACT in an aside.)

TACT: "American is really crushed by our losing, I dunno why he's taking it so hard, I didn't really ask him about the vote, I just hope Emily got to Icekold."

(CUTTO: DAVIS hanging out with EMILY in the shelter.)

DAVIS: "Hey hunny, what you doing here?"

EMILY: "Getting ready for the vote, what you doing?"

DAVIS: "Looking at a pretty lady, wondering if maybe we might be able to take care of something."

EMILY: "And what's that?"

DAVIS: "I think Tact needs to go, I think we could take care of that."

EMILY: "Oh really?"

DAVIS: "Yeah...And if we do...Well then after the vote, I could take care of you (Smiles devilishly)."

EMILY: "Oh...Really"

DAVIS: "Yeah, really" (Smiles again, leaves.)

(CUTTO: DAVIS in an aside)

DAVIS: "I can tell she's interested, I don't think there's a woman who isn't. We'll punk out Tact, then mebbe Miles, then if she gets boring, she goes."

(CUTTO: MILES standing in a tree top, howling, yelling.)

TACT: "Jesus...It's like the de-evolution of man or something. What is he doing?"

AMERICAN: "Crying out as all the oppressed do, when their crys go unheeded, their voices silenced by the machine."

(Tact rubs face in his hands.)

(CUTTO: HARDCORE taking the long walk with their torches. CUTTO: HARDCORE seated as DOC SILVER walks in.)

DOC: "Again, small talk bores me, you all know what you're going to do, now go, send somebody home."

(CUTTO: AMERICAN voting, he holds up his paper, which reads "American")

AMERICAN: "I failed them, they have not the knowledge nor the skills to earn immunity for themselves."

(CUTTO: TACT voting, he holds up his paper, which reads "Davis")

TACT: "Half this tribe is insane, I dunno if getting rid of one of the sane will help us as a tribe, but I know it helps me personally."

(CUTTO: DAVIS Voting, he holds up his paper, which reads, "Tact")

DAVIS: "Sorry buddy, no hard feelings.)

(CUTTO: EMILY voting, she holds up her paper, it reads "Davis")

EMILY: "You are smooth Davis, and if I wasn't married, I'd have bit...That makes you to much of a threat to keep on the island."

(CUTTO: MILES Voting, he holds up his paper, it reads "Emily")

MILES: "I've learned one thing, never trust ANYTHING from Boston."

(CUTTO: ICEKOLD voting, we don't see her vote, VOICE OVER: "I had to check with the 8 ball one last time to be sure...It didn't lead me wrong.")

(CUTTO: The tribe seated.)

DOC: "Now for the votes, loser leaves or they get mugged and thrown in the ocean. (Doc reaches in.) "First vote...Davis" (Davis doesn't react) Second vote (Reaches in) "American" (American, head down, keeps his head down) Third vote (Reaches in) "Emily"...Well, we got a real jumble here...(Mild laugh from MILES who has yet to get a vote cast against him, Emily shakes her head at the vote) Fourth vote (Reaches in) "Davis" 2 for Davis, 1 for American, 1 for Emily, fifth vote. (Reaches in) "Second Person Eliminated from Wrestling Survivor...Eric Davis (turns around paper, reading "Davis" DAVIS Nods, looks at EMILY who doesn't return his glance. Davis walks towards DOC who puts out his Torch and nods at Davis, who walks away.)

DOC: "Well that's that, the final vote goes unread...Return to your camp" (ICEKOLD smiles, as EMILY looks relieved, MILES smiles and shakes his head, while AMERICAN looks somber as he gets up and heads back to camp.)


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