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Survivor S.E. Asia Ep 14

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, CUTTO: A Green Flag with the words "Tribe Tap Out" above it, CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing MANSON, MALONE, JACOBS, CAITLYN, STARR and EDMUNDS. CUTTO: The words "18 players" CUTTO: A Red Flag with the words "Tribe Hardcore" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TACT, AMERICAN, DAVIS, EMILY, ICEKOLD, and MILES. CUTTO: The Words "38 days" CUTTO: A Yellow Flag with the words "Tribe High Spot" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TROY, RYAN, MELTON, RAYNE, CLOVERLEAF, and, VIPER. CUTTO: The words "1 Winner")

(FADEIN: Tribe ? Day 34.)

(CUTTO: STARR sitting on the beach, resting.)

STARR: "A kind of apathy has set in, you can tell everyone knows what everyone is doing. The plans are all in the open. Caitlyn's going next, it sucks, I feel like a solider on the losing side of the war."

(CUTTO: STARR and CAITLYN talking, STARR's voice over.)

STARR: "It sucks, on the one hand, Caitlyn is my best friend on this island, and I think even once we leave it, she would be a friend of mine, but in the next immunity challenge, I really have to beat her. If she wins, I go next. That's the problem."

(CUTTO: EMILY, JACOBS and CLOVERLEAF talking. STARR's voice over continues.)

STARR: "The three of them, they got a fall back plan if Caitlyn wins immunity, and that's me, but once we're at four, and I hope to be there then, if I get that belt, if I can win that damn thing. Then the tables are turned, then they got to eat one of their own. That's when the power can shift, it all hinges on me surviving till then."

(CUTTO: Back to STARR.)

STARR: "I mean before, I was here to meet people, try to make some new friends, but now the money is so close, and I've got such a clear path to it, the path goes through that belt, I need it, I might need it for tomorrow night, but I assuredly need it every other night after that."


EMILY: "So how's A1E treating you?"

CLOVERLEAF: "It's had it's ups and downs, you learn to accept this business you know, like Rich, I mean NFW put him through a ringer."

EMILY: "Yeah, they really did."

(CUTTO: Emily in an aside.)

EMILY: "Cloverleaf isn't the idiot people take him for. He seems reasonablity bright, he's a pretty nice guy, but well, I think he's universally hated by everyone on the jury. Troy, Melton, soon to be the two girls. Tact spit in his face...He's the perfect opponent to take with you to the final 2, and thankfully he's bigger and stronger then the rest of us so he may very well run immunity out to the end. I hope so, because well, with the bridges I've burned, I'd need a person like him sitting next to me. It was going to suck betraying Tact, he was going to go this vote, but he got himself tossed, so well, I'm lucky for that much at least. Now we just got to hope neither of the girls goes on an immunity tear and well, I'd make a million dollars I figure."

(CUTTO: JACOBS cleaning a fish at camp, STARR is cooking rice.)

JACOBS: "Rice ready yet?"

STARR: "No, the rain's made it hard to keep the fire going, but I'll get it running, there's got to be some wood around here that'll work."

JACOBS: "Well, I'm sure you'll get it going soon, Ken went out fishing a while ago, hopefully he gets something."

STARR: "He's about 50-50 on that, but I wouldn't mind a fish today, running out of mouths to feed, so even 1 fish would be a good meal."

(CUTTO: STARR in an aside.)

STARR: "Everyone has their part in the tribe, Tact was the fisherman but he's gone, Cloverleaf's been hit or miss in his attempts. I run the kitchen. Jacobs and Caitlyn tend to the shelter, Emily washes the clothes. It's funny, trying to be civil and working to keep the camp running while sitting right next to the guy who's trying his damnest to get a knife in your back. It's funny."

(CUTTO: CAITLYN in an aside.)

CAITLYN: "It's funny, fate's been on my side. Icekold flipping out, she's gone, Tact flips out, he's gone, I was supposed to be gone like, a week ago, yet I'm still around. It's so funny, knowing my neck's been on the block yet I keep getting away. Mebbe something crazy happens again, I don't know, but we'll see, maybe I can win immunity. Maybe Cloverleaf slugs Emily one and she can't continue and he's kicked off and me and Karla make top three (Chuckles) I don't know, it's like everything's been against me for so long, yet I'm still in this thing."

(CUTTO: EMILY and JACOBS talking.)

EMILY: "I've watched the show so many times, and every season when they get to 7 and then 5, it gets really tight, really paranoid, it's scary. They run around offering each other every deal in the book, trying to plan out these big schems and getting snippy. Here it's so cut and dry, it's me, you and Cloverleaf, and the other two know that, I haven't seen them take either of you to the woods and plead their case. They seem pretty defeated."

JACOBS: "They are hoping for immunity I think, it's all that can save them."

EMILY: "Hell, us three should throw the next immunity challenge and let them do it, it only matters for them."

JACOBS: "That's a bit cruel."

EMILY: "Yeah, might not play well with them once they are on the jury deciding which of us three makes the mill."

JACOBS: "They'll only be decising between two of us."

EMILY: "Yeah, but I'm just bowing out at 3, you want to screw me and take Cloverleaf, or he screws me and takes you, well, trust I won't vote for ya for doing it, but it's OK."

JACOBS: "You really think I'm beating Cloverleaf in any immunity challenge."

EMILY: "Hey you wore that belt for a few days there champ."

JACOBS: "I'm sure the final challenge isn't going to be a puzzle thing or something silly, it's going to be a tough thing, something physical."

EMILY: "Look, if you want to do Cloverleaf at 4 and take your chances with Starr at three, then well, we do that, but I don't think that's a good plan. The fact is, Cloverleaf just sucks...He's cancer in the final 2, Starr gets that belt, she'll beat you at the end, she'd beat me."

JACOBS: "Why, she's just a Troy follower, she's nothing great."

EMILY: "She's got Troy and Caitlyn's vote if she made final 2. Tact was getting a little starry eyed with her."

JACOBS: "You saw that too?"

EMILY: "Yeah, but he was loyal...He's a good man...that's 3 votes, and you got American and Icekold, two totally random votes, either one of them go her way, you lose..."

JACOBS: "It sucks, Cloverleaf's gonna win that final challenge on me."

EMILY: "Well work him over, have him stab me in the back." (Smiles.)

JACOBS: "Will do" (Shakes head.)

(CUTTO: CAITLYN and STARR at Tree Mail. They find a pair of car keys. in the mail box.)

STARR: "A car? Sweet deal!"

CAITLYN: "I hear that...Works for me."

(CUTTO: A maze. DOC SILVER stands at the front of the maze.)

DOC: "OK Survivors, real simple, we've made a maze, it's long and complex, inside it, are 4 key areas, each has a flag of a different color, once you collect all 4 flags, find the exit and you'll win a car...A new BMW, because we don't give away cheap-o cars on this show dammit. Good luck. And...GO!" (The Survivors rush into the maze.)

(CUTTO: STARR rushing towards the first check point and pulling a flag off the pole. CUTTO: EMILY and CLOVERLEAF apparently lost. CUTTO: JACOBS to a different check point getting a flag. CUTTO: CAITLYN going to the check point STARR already went to and getting her flag. CUTTO: STARR getting her 2nd flag CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF getting his first. CUTTO: EMILY getting her first CUTTO: STARR getting her 3rd. CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF and JACOBS both getting their 2nd flags. CUTTO: CAITLYN getting her 2nd. CUTTO: EMILY who's lost again.)

EMILY: "No car for me...(BLEEP) God I suck at these things."

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF getting his 3rd flag CUTTO: STARR running towards a check point and getting her 4th as CLOVERLEAF gets into the room a few steps behind. STARR rushes out and runs with CLOVERLEAF chasing, they head down a path that forces to either side, CLOVERLEAF passes STARR and goes right, STARR runs to the left...CLOVERLEAF rounds a corner and hits a dead end, while STARR's path leads to the EXIT and VICTORY!.)

(CUTTO: DOC standing in front of the new BMW. He shakes the hand of the totally spent STARR.)

DOC: "Good job Karla, enjoy your new ride once you get home."

STARR: "I will Doc...(breathing hard.)I'm sure I will."

(CAITLYN hugs STARR, the rest of the tribe support her victory more then in the past, STARR has a big smile on her face.)

DOC: "Now STARR, you can take one person from the tribe out for a night with food and a movie. Who'll that be?"

STARR: "Gotta take CAITLYN."

DOC: "OK you two, come with me."

(CUTTO: A table full of food, a grill with meat on it, and another BMW.)

DOC: "Oh did I mention the person you took on this trip got a car as well?" (CAITLYN looks shocked.) "Well she does...(Doc hands CAITLYN the keys to the car.)

CAITLYN: "Oh my God! YES!" (Hugs STARR) "This is so amazing..."

(CUTTO: The two of them eating burgers. CUTTO: Them watching "Lord of the Flies.")

CAITLYN: "Screw the rest of those people, this is the good life."

STARR: "Damn right it is. Reward challenges are the best...Free food, free cars..."

CAITLYN: "I'd still like that damn belt."

STARR: "We'll see about getting that thing tomorrow."

(CUTTO: Tribe ? Day 35)

(CUTTO: EMILY and STARR sitting on a bench eating rice.)

EMILY: "So gonna get us today?"

STARR: "Hope so, I think I got a shot."

EMILY: "Well you don't really need it."

STARR: "I know, but you jerks might change your mind, be done with me."

EMILY: "I doubt that...Honestly Karla, I think you've played a good game, your side just had Jacobs over there turn on you."

STARR: "Don't remind me...Gawd...My jaw just about hit the floor when Joey got ditched...Jeezus..."

EMILY: "I bet...Lord knows with American and Icekold, I don't know how the hell we survived that vote. I thought for sure one of them would hear voices and stray from the plan."

STARR: "You did good keeping them in line."

EMILY: "No, I worked Jacobs, Larry kept those two in line...Sucks he lost his mind like that...Gawd...He was a good guy."

STARR: "Yeah he is...He's not dead Emily. Was is a bit excessive."

EMILY: "I guess, but well, he's gone to me right now, gone till he decides if he's going to give me or somebody else a million."

STARR: "If it's me he'd be torn..."

EMILY: "Really now?"

STARR: "Yeah...He was getting all mushy around me, shy, he liked me I think."

EMILY: (Interested.) "Really now? God, aren't you the charmer? First Cloverleaf...Now--"

STARR: (Cutting her off) "No no, Ken was totally game related...Man's just not my type, once it wasn't gonna work that was it...I dunno about Larry, just seemed to be something with him, never went anywhere, not even a hug, felt like enemy soliders or something."

EMILY: "A forbidden love?"

STARR: (Chuckles) "I guess"

EMILY: "Well, get to se him at the jury tonight."

STARR: "Could be joining him on the jury tonight..."

EMILY: "If that's what you want, I can work that out for ya."

STARR: "Nah...I can wait a few more days for that."

EMILY: "Very well."

(CUTTO: The Tribe heading to a clearing where DOC SILVER is standing. Towers with buckets of water at the top and a chain hanging down.)

DOC: "Today's challenge is for immunity, which now that we're down to 5, is really vital, and all that's standing between you and immunity is quitting, well that and phyiscal pain. Simply put, each of you will get one arm chained to the bucket of water, your other arm can not touch or support that arm at all. If you bring your arm down, the water falls on you, you're out, everyone get on a stool, and we'll strap you in."

(CUTTO: The contestants on their stools, their arms over their heads chained to the buckets.)

DOC: "And we begin, you got about 2 inches of slack in those chains, so don't move around much."

(CUTTO: EMILY having her bucket fall on her, "Time Lasted: 12 minutes" flashes on the screen.)

EMILY: "Ugh."

(CUTTO: JACOBS having his bucket fall on him, Time Lasted: 33 minutes" flashes on the screen.)

DOC: "Down to three, CLOVERLEAF, STARR and CAITLYN."

(CUTTO: Time lasted: 1 Hour, all three still in the game.)

DOC: "Hour in, how's it going CLOVERLEAF?"

CLOVERLEAF: "It goes well"

DOC: "STARR, weakening at all?"

STARR:" "Nope..."

DOC: "Everyone with a strong poker face here, won't even bother with CAITLYN."

(CUTTO: Time Lasted: hour and a half. STARR's face looks flushed, CLOVERLEAF and CAITLYN look in good shape.)

STARR: "Why you bothering Ken, you know you're safe."

CLOVERLEAF: "Never truly safe till I got that belt."

STARR: "Bah"

(CUTTO: STARR's water falling on her, Time Lasted: hour and 44 minutes.)

DOC: "It's down to two, will CLOVERLEAF retain the belt, which he didn't even use last week, and CAITLYN who needs it."

(CUTTO: Time Lasted: Two Hours.)

CAITLYN: "Come on Ken, give it up."

CLOVERLEAF: "You give it up."

CAITLYN: "Can't, need it more then you."

CLOVERLEAF: "Then you outlast me."

(CUTTO: Time lasted, 2 and a half hours, both CLOVERLEAF and CAITLYN look worn out.)

DOC: "Getting to you now...Both of you look drained, how long can you go Ken?"

CLOVERLEAF: "I got another hour or so in me."

DOC: "Caitlyn?"

CAITLYN: "A minute longer then him."

(CUTTO: CAITLYN's bucket falling on her, she lets out a shout of disgust as the water nails her. CLOVERLEAF roars a loud "YES!" and empties his bucket on himself.)

DOC: "CLOVERLEAF...Retains immunity!"

CLOVERLEAF: "Gimme my belt...Whoo!" (DOC hands the belt back to CLOVERLEAF, who throws it over his shoulder. CAITLYN shakes her head in disgust and gets a hug from STARR as the tribe heads back to camp.)

(CUTTO: Tribe ? Day 35.)

(FADEIN: STARR and CAITLYN sitting on the beach, with some water and rice for each of them.)

STARR: "Well, it's been a good run to this point, final 5...We'll let Emily know how much we care tonight. You try anyone?"

CAITLYN: "No, I know I really should 'rage against the dying of the night' but well, I'm not really a player in this game. I just came out here, met you, Manson was a nice enough guy. I'm happy for the experiance mostly. Hey, maybe one of the guys decides it's time for Em to go, ya know?"

STARR: "I talked to Cloverleaf and Jacobs for a few minutes each, they seemed set in stone...Who knows."

CAITLYN: "Well then, here's to our last night on the island." (Smiles. They toast.)

(CUTTO: CAITLYN and JACOBS sitting on the beach.)

CAITLYN: "Can't get you to vote for Emily can I?"

JACOBS: "I don't think so."

CAITLYN: "We'll get rid of her, then Cloverleaf, I'll bow out of the final challenge and let you face off with Starr for final immunity. Look, this isn't even for me, I know I'm dead in front of the jury, I haven't done anything for the game, I want to keep Karla around for as long as I can, so I'm just trying to help her out."

JACOBS: "I'm sorry, I really don't see it"

CAITLYN: "God...What is with you? She's using you, you know she isn't going to let you get to final 2, she's going to let that dolt Cloverleaf take her to the jury and then give her a million bucks, and even if you get there with her, you're still screwed."

JACOBS: "Look, I've made my decision, I know what I'm doing."

CAITLYN: "Being unreasonable and stupid is all you're doing."

JACOBS: "It's my vote I'll do what I will with it."

CAITLYN: "Unreal...just unreal...Can't believe you..." (CAITLYN walks off disgusted.)

(CUTTO: Jacobs in an aside.)

JACOBS: "Well, the doomed tried to make their plea, but the deal I got from them was about the same as the one I got from Emily, so well. I'll just go vote her off and move on."

(CUTTO: Caitlyn in an aside.)

CAITLYN: "Cloverleaf and Jacobs...God, Tact before them was about as bad, she's used everyone this whole damn time, she's had dollar signs in her eyes since the moment she got here, I just am not like that, don't think I ever could be, it sucks that the most soulless person on this island is most likely to leave it with a million dollars, this game is screwed up."

(CUTTO: The tribe getting their gear ready for the march to Counsel.)

(CUTTO: The tribe arrives at counsel, DOC stands before them.)

DOC: "Now it's time for to bring in our Jury...Who will be watched like a hawk due to the actions of the past 2 weeks." (A couple beefy looking security guys lead AMERICAN, TROY, ICEKOLD, and TACT into the Jury area, where two more towering guards come in behind them."

DOC: "Well, this is day 35 of 38, it's been a long road to this point, EMILY, what has most surprised you on the island?"

EMILY: "The level of trust really...I thought going into this that as we were getting down to the nitty gritty that there would be a lot more fear, a lot more trickery, but people just seem to be taking each other at their word, I think of the people on the jury, that only Icekold didn't see it coming. I think this has been as far as I can tell, a shockingly honest game."

DOC: "JACOBS, you appear to be in a position of power, given what EMILY's said, do you feel safe tonight in the vote?"

JACOBS: "No, not really. I know what is coming, but I'm playing the game to win, not to come in second so I had to make the choices that I did."

DOC: "CLOVERLEAF, you and that belt have been together for a while. How does that feel?"

CLOVERLEAF: "Well, honestly, it's the best feeling in the world know you're sticking around for another vote at least, now that we're getting so close to the end, Immunity is so important. You could just be the most hated person in the camp, but 3 immunity wins would put you in front of the jury, and nothing anyone could do to stop it."

DOC: "CAITLYN, you feel your going tonight, why do you think people want to vote you off?"

CAITLYN: "I think it's mostly because Emily thinks I'm a menace since I gave immunity to Troy and she knows that doing that would carry a lot of weight with the jury. The rest just follow her lead, it's so sad, they are like sheep, I try to make deals, I try to do something yet they just sit there 'in Emily we trust' and she's using them, she's using them for a million dollars, it's going to be her and one of those two fools in front of the jury, unless Karla makes an immunity run. And she's just going to say 'look, I played the game the best, who you going to give the money to, some idiot who rode my coat tails or me?' and I think that'll carry some weight...and they don't see it...It's really disgusting."

DOC: "Well, that's a mouthful, EMILY any reaction."

EMILY: "No, not much I can say."

DOC: "STARR, your friend thinks she's gone, have you made any attempts to help her out here."

STARR: "We've tried like hell Doc, it sucks, like she said, but well, if she's to go next, then it's on me to carry the torch, it's up to me to get that belt and run with it to the jury."

DOC: "Very well, time to vote."

(CAITLYN votes, she holds up her vote reading "EMILY")

CAITLYN: "The sad thing is, as much as I resent how you've played this game, I resent Cloverleaf more and woulda voted for him if he didn't have that damn belt again."

(EMILY votes, she shows her vote to the camera reading "CAITLYN")

EMILY: "I'm sorry you feel how you feel Caitlyn, this isn't about friendships or any of that, I'm here for the game, and to play it as best I can, I have to vote you out."

(CUTTO: STARR voting, she holds up her vote reading "EMILY")

STARR: "Hope this counts for something..."

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF voting, he holds up his vote, reading "CAITLYN")

CLOVERLEAF: "Hey little lady, I didn't see you doing a whole lot when Troy was around calling the shots."

(CUTTO: JACOBS voting.)

DOC: "Time to count the votes."

(DOC gets the cookie jar)

DOC: "Here we go, first vote...(Reaches in) Emily...(Reaches In)...Caitlyn...(Reaches in) Emily...(Reaches in) Caitlyn...2 for Emily, 2 for Caitlyn...Last vote...14th person voted off Wrestling Survivor and 5th person on our Jury...CAITLYN (Reveals final vote, CAITLYN nods and takes her torch to DOC, who puts it out. CAITLYN leaves quickly. STARR shakes her head in disgust. as EMILY who looks relieved after getting the votes cast at her gets up. CLOVERLEAF and JACOBS just look emotionless as they stand.)

DOC: "One more show on TV, for you guys, 2 more days on this island, 3 more votes, and somebody wins a million dollars."

(The final 4 head off from Counsel.)

(CUTTO: Credits.)

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