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Survivor S.E. Asia Ep 11

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, CUTTO: A Green Flag with the words "Tribe Tap Out" above it, CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing MANSON, MALONE, JACOBS, CAITLYN, STARR and EDMUNDS. CUTTO: The words "18 players" CUTTO: A Red Flag with the words "Tribe Hardcore" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TACT, AMERICAN, DAVIS, EMILY, ICEKOLD, and MILES. CUTTO: The Words "38 days" CUTTO: A Yellow Flag with the words "Tribe High Spot" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TROY, RYAN, MELTON, RAYNE, CLOVERLEAF, and, VIPER. CUTTO: The words "1 Winner")

(FADEIN: Tribe ? Day 29)

(FADEIN: STARR walking on the beach towards CLOVERLEAF as he's coming back from fishing with a sack half full of fish.)

STARR: "Hey there cutie."

CLOVERLEAF: "Yeah...What's up hunny?"

STARR: "Not much, just wanted to say hi, thank you for bringing in the food today." (Gives Cloverleaf a quick kiss.)

CLOVERLEAF: "Well then I guess you just did."

STARR: "Yeah, I can do more then that (Smiles wickedly) you know, we need to get rid of Emily right? She's a problem."

CLOVERLEAF: "Yeah, I understand that, and I like the attention...(Cloverleaf smiles, pats his abs) I can see why you want some Vitamin C in your life, but how do I know all this attention isn't just to get my vote?"

STARR: "Well, it's not, it's about us."

CLOVERLEAF: "Oh...Well then...(Cloverleaf lays down on the beach.) Why don't you just show me that then?" (Smiles devilishly.)

STARR: "Hey I'm not that fast a girl...But I can also tell you, you've never had anyone as good as me. (STARR walks away with a confident walk. CLOVERLEAF looks at her smiling wryly.)

(CUTTO: Starr in an aside.)

STARR: "Kenny's a cute guy, but really, I don't think it would be much of anything, but after that rock incident last night, we need his vote again, we got to get to him."

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF in an aside.)

CLOVERLEAF: "Starr's nothing bad to look at, and I bet she's a tiger in bed, and well, I knew I wasn't going anywhere with Tact and Emily, so no reason not to switch sides, and besides...Better benefits on this side..."(Smirks.)

(CUTTO: EMILY and TACT sitting in the woods getting coconuts.)

TACT: "So who the hell turned on us?"

EMILY: "I doubt it was Icekold, it wasn't me or you, so it's Jacobs or Cloverleaf, Jacobs wouldn't go back to them, so it's Cloverleaf...I'll have a talk with him, get him back in the fold."

TACT: "Well you better"

EMILY: "Hey, you think I wanna be picking rocks tonight?"

TACT: "I know you don't, but I got my hands full with Icekold, why do you think we had to go out at seperate times to this damn tree? People keep telling her I'm sleeping with you."

EMILY: "Troy and her minions."

TACT: "Yes...So I gotta keep her happy, we do Troy if she doesn't win immunity, Caitlyn if she does..."

EMILY: "agreed, keep the missus happy now...I'll get Cloverleaf."

TACT: "With Jacobs we got 5, this better work."

(CUTTO: DOC SILVER walking onto the camp grounds. He has a basket. He first runs into CAITLYN)

CAITLYN: "Hey Doc, what you doing here?"

DOC: "I come bearing gifts, Hey, everyone, come on in...Gather around (Slowly the whole tribe form up."

DOC: "Just wanted to say hi to the final 8, and well, I got here for you, (DOC opens the basket.) some fresh fruit here for you, everyone get yourself two pieces. (Everyone digs in) Now before you head back out to your chores...I'd like you all to gather around, (DOC pulls out a digital camera.) and I'm going to take a photo of you." (CAITLYN, EMILY, STARR and ICEKOLD, knee while TROY, CLOVERLEAF, JACOBS and TACT stand behind them, DOC snaps off the picture.) OK, thanks guys, I'll see you later today for the reward challenge."

EMILY: "Bye, Doc."

DOC: "Seeya."

(CUTTO: The Tribe eating their fruit and being generally happy about this turn of events.)

(CUTTO: The tribe heading out and meeting DOC at a beach.)

DOC: "OK guys, come on it...Now then today's challenge is for a reward...That reward is food, we've got 8 people left, and you'll all be given meals by the winner, the best meal being an open bar and a steak dinner with lobster and all the fixings...Now the way today's challenge will go is simple. You'll each get a board, on it, there are 10 words on it, those words are the names of the ten people voted off, the circle them, once you do, the remaining letters will be unscrambled to form a final word, once you have that, you win, and you will decide who gets to eat what tonight."

(CUTTO: Everyone standing at a station.)

DOC: "OK...GO!"

(The 8 people begin slashing out names...STARR takes the lead with 3 words, TACT and JACOBS with 2. TROY finds her 2nd word...EMILY finds her 2nd as STARR finds her 4th.)

DOC: "STARR in the lead with 4 words...JACOBS finds his 3rd...ICEKOLD with her 3rd, STARR with 5...EMILY with 3...JACOBS with 4...CAITLYN with 3...STARR now with 5...AND 6...ICEKOLD with 4...TACT with 4...It's still STARR with the lead...She's got 7...JACOBS with 6...EMILY with 5...STARR with 8...JACOBS with 7...It's almost a two horse race with those two...TACT with 6...EMILY with 6...STARR with 8...JACOBS finds his 8th...TACT with 7...STARR with 9...TACT with 8...JACOBS with 9...STARR has 10, looking for the secret word...TACT with 9, he's almost past JACOBS...JACOBS with 10 working on the final word...STARR spells "Immunity!" that's the word...STARR WINS REWARD!" (STARR shouts "YES!" and throws her chalk into the air. CAITLYN runs over and hugs her, TROY gives her a high five...CLOVERLEAF gets a hug from her, while the rest of the tribe appears dejected.)

DOC: "OK folks, tonight, nice night out, and for a few of you, good food."

(CUTTO: The Tribe heading back to camp.)

(CUTTO: EMILY walking over to TROY)

EMILY: "So what you offer Cloverleaf anyhow?"

TROY: "Something you can't."

EMILY: "Yeah right..."

TROY: "Look, I'm, not the one shacking up with him...But I'll let ya watch, I've been charging a fish a show." (EMILY sighs in disgust. Walks away.)

(CUTTO: Troy in an aside.)

TROY: "God, watching Emily squirm is so much fun, she's so into this, because well, she really needs the mill...me, (Laughs) well it would be nice, but whatever. So if she's making any big bets here, she has to know she's the one who can't pay 'em off if she loses."

(CUTTO: CAITLYN and ICEKOLD sitting on the beach.)

CAITLYN: "Look hunny, I know what you're trying to do, but it's not gonna happen for you with Emily around."

ICEKOLD: "Really? Troy was saying stuff like that before, the 8 ball has been telling me that I have to see the truth."

CAITLYN: "Well the truth is that I've seen them together, and she's trying to seduce him, you need to get rid of her or she's gonna find her way into his bed."

ICEKOLD: (Worried) "REALLY?! Why would she do this to me?! Can't see she Larry's my soulmate?!"

CAITLYN: "I think it's just because she's an awful person."

ICEKOLD: "I have to say she is!" (ICEKOLD leaves looking angry.)

(CUTTO: The Tribe at a table.)

DOC: "OK, Starr...It's your decision as to who gets what, we have 8 meals here, first is the surf and turf, with potatoes and corn on the side, and an open bar, next we have a cheeseburger, some fries and a 2 liter of coke, next 2 hotdogs and 2 cans of coke, then 1 hotdog and 1 can of coke. Then we have a sandwich and chilled water, after that we have a bowl of potatoes and water with ice in it, then we have some fruit with warm water, and finally a bowl of rice and water from camp."

STARR: "I'll be taking the surf and turf."


STARR: "Troy can have the cheeseburger...Caitlyn can have the 2 hot dogs...Cloverleaf can have 1, Tact can have the sandwich, Jacobs the potatos, Emily the fruit and Icekold the rice."

(Everyone digs in, while STARR orders drinks for herself and feasts on her steak.)

(CUTTO: TROY in an aside.)

TROY: "It was funny, I expected those who got less would be complaining, but everyone kept their mouths shut and just ate and pretended all was well. So it was a good night, thankfully Starr didn't get drunk and start doing stupid stuff with Cloverleaf."

(CUTTO: Tribe ? Day 30)

(FADEIN: EMILY and CLOVERLEAF in the forest.)

EMILY: "Look, I don't know what deal Troy's got with you, but the fact is, it's a bad deal. You stick with me, I'm taking you to the final 3 with me, it's going to be you, me, and Jacobs."

CLOVERLEAF: "Why him?"

EMILY: "He's alone he's got nobody to count on but me, he betrayed the other camp. This is the plan, we do Troy tonight if she doesn't win immunity, then we get rid of her followers, then it will be down to you, me, Tact, Icekold and Jacobs, we then vote Icekold and Tact off and it's us, and I won't even try in the final challenge, you want to knife me in the back, that's fine, but I'm offering you a shot at the final 2 here, you just got to beat Jacobs and immunity, and your choice of who you sit with in front of the jury is set."

CLOVERLEAF: "Troy's said she'll bow out of the game at final 4, it'll be me against Starr and Caitlyn, I'd win that as easy as I would beating Jacobs."

EMILY: "You honestly think she'll quit the game that close to winning? and if she did, then what? Say you beat them and take Starr with you to the finals, what happens then, Caitlyn and Troy vote for her, then Tact and I vote for her because you betrayed our alliance and cost us the game, that's 4 votes, you lose right there. You take Troy's offer, you're best chance is 2nd."

CLOVERLEAF: "And what if I take you with me?"

EMILY: "Hell, the three girls hate me, Tact might be mad at me for doublecrossing him, Icekold and American are insane, who knows how they'll vote. If you take me, you've got a far less likeable person facing you, you could win."

CLOVERLEAF: "Could win doesn't mean will win."

EMILY: "Well you WON'T win sitting next to Starr or Caitlyn, that's for sure."

CLOVERLEAF: "Could be, could be."

EMILY: "We got a deal."

CLOVERLEAF: "hmmm...I guess so...(Looks EMILY in the eyes) Remember, you cross me. I promise you Ken Cloverleaf will do all he can to make sure you don't win that million dollars."

EMILY: "I'm down three votes just dealing with the three women, if I backstab you, that's the 4th vote, I can't betray you."

CLOVERLEAF: "OK then..."

(CUTTO: The tribe lining up on a clearing as DOC SILVER stands in front of them.)

DOC: "OK everyone, come on in...Now then, first thing...Troy (DOC takes the belt from TROY) Immunity, back on the line, today there's no 2nd belt, no gimmicks, just merely one belt, and one person going back to came assured they'll be staying here a day or two longer. Now then, the photo I took of the final 8 before, well, Here's a blow up of it (Doc takes a 8 by 12 blow up of the picture and shows it to the contestants.) Now you'll each get one of these pictures, and you'll get a box, in that box, a puzzle, 50 pieces, first person to finish the puzzle wins immunity. Everyone ready, let's get to our stations."

(CUTTO: All the contestants at their stations.)

DOC: "For Immunity...Survivors...GO!"

(Everyone rips open their boxes and searches for pieces, TROY is seen getting a side of the puzzle together quickly while EMILY and CAITLYN are both getting stuff together as well. JACOBS has a side complete.)

DOC: "Lot at stake here, this belt meaning so much at this stage with only 8 days left, and only 8 people left on this island. ICEKOLD seems to be struggling."

ICEKOLD: "The 8 ball isn't talking, WHY WON'T YOU HELP ME?!"

DOC: "OK...CLOVERLEAF appears to be close to getting a side done...Meanwhile TROY is still going well...STARR's puzzle appears to be coming together nicely...JACOBS is also doing good..."

(CUTTO: TROY's puzzle coming together as is JACOBS. CUTTO: STARR nearly finishing her puzzle.)

DOC: "Looks like STARR has almost got it...JACOBS working on his, TROY trying to catch up...STARR's almost done...(CUTTO: STARR putting the 2nd to last piece in, then looking around and noticing she's missing a piece...She drops to the ground looking for the piece, moving sand around.)

STARR: "DAMMIT! Come on...where is it?!" (CUTTO: JACOBS putting his final pieces into place as STARR finds the piece in the sand and leaps back up with it in hand.)


DOC: "JACOBS WINS IMMUNITY!" (STARR Jams the last piece in a second to late and looks outraged at this twist of fate. JACOBS pumps his fist as DOC hands him the belt. JACOBS takes it and slides it over his shoulder.)

DOC: "Brandon Jacobs keeps himself in the game a little longer. For the rest of you, well, can't say the same."

(CUTTO: The tribe leaving the clearing, JACOBS trying to look calm but having a big grin with the belt over his shoulder.)

(CUTTO: Tribe ? day 30)

(CUTTO: EMILY and STARR on a beach.)

EMILY: "Hey, Karla, can I talk to you for a second?"

STARR: "Sure, what is it?"

EMILY: "Look, if it's a tie tonight, if you vote against Troy on the re-vote, I'll take you to final 3 with me and Jacobs..."

STARR: "Thanks but no thanks, I'm gonna stick with what I got."

EMILY: "Rather pick rocks then top 3."

STARR: "You do what you got to do, I'll do what I'm doing, OK?"


(CUTTO: EMILY in an aside.)

EMILY: "It sucks being in the game like this, being one of the movers and shakers, one of the planners, because every vote, your head is on the block, I mean, there's only three people that can go tonight, me, (CUTTO: a shot of Troy) Troy, (CUTTO: a shot of Tact) and Tact. Unless the rock gets brought into settle things again, Starr's got no worries, Icekold's got no worries, I doubt either of them have ever had a vote cast against them, same with Jacobs, same with Caitlyn till she gave up immunity last week. Cloverleaf's been on the gravy train...I mean, I don't think it's my nature to be a follower, but it just sucks knowing I could go home tonight."

(CUTTO: ICEKOLD and TACT in the forest.)

ICEKOLD: "Larry, you need to talk to me, right now, you have to tell me the truth."

TACT: "What is it hunny?"

ICEKOLD: "What's going on with you and Emily? Everyone's telling me she's trying to take you from me, why Larry? Haven't I been loyal, haven't I done everything you asked of me, yet you hang around her, you let her be with you."

TACT: "She's married, me and her have done nothing...Look, hunny, she's just helping me get votes to stay on this island, to stay with you, to keep us together."

ICEKOLD: "Why can't we just get rid of her? I just want to be with you, and know you're all mine...I don't know if I'll ever feel that way with her here."

TACT: "Look, hunny (Gives ICEKOLD a hug, she trys to pull away at first but gives into the hug after a couple seconds.) If we get rid of her, Troy's just going to get rid of me next, she and whoever else is telling you these lies are doing it so they can get rid of me, they tried is at the last vote when you were not here."

ICEKOLD: "Really?!"

TACT: "Yes, really, they knew when you were gone that I'd lost the one person on this island who I could count on, that I could trust, and they plotted against me, and it was tied, 4 to 4."

ICEKOLD: "4 people tried to get rid of you? Why Larry, you're the greatest, why would they want to get rid of you?!"

TACT: "Because they know what I mean to you, what I mean to this game, I'm a threat, and that's why they try to get you to get rid of Emily, without her vote, I'm next to go, I need to keep her here at least until Troy's gone, until I know I'm safe from her and those people who vote against me."

ICEKOLD: "Will you get rid of Emily after we get rid of Troy...Please Larry, please tell me you will."

TACT: "Hunny, the moment it's safe to get rid of her, she's gone, I promise. (Kisses her forehead, ICEKOLD is in tears.) Tonight we have to vote Troy, then I'll look around, talk to people, see if we can maybe take care of Emily afterwards OK hunny?"

ICEKOLD: "I want her gone Larry, I just wanna be with you."

TACT: "Soon hunny, just a couple more days." (TACT gives her a soft kiss, ICEKOLD returns it and hugs him tight.)

ICEKOLD: "I'm just so scared of losing you."

TACT: "You won't hunny...You won't."

(CUTTO: The tribe grabbing their torches and heading towards Tribal Counsel.)

(CUTTO: The tribe sitting down at tribal counsel. DOC SILVER walks in.)

DOC: "I will now bring in the first member of the Jury, The AMERICAN (AMERICAN wearing a white dress shirt, black suit jacket and black pants walks in. He sits on a bench opposite the others.)

DOC: "you are not to talk to American, and he's not to talk to you, he is here merely to observe tonight's vote, and to listen to me as I pepper you with questions and make you sweat it out a little more. CAITLYN, last vote, you gave immunity to TROY, and you nearly were removed from the game as a result, why did you do that."

CAITLYN: "I felt she needed it more then me, and well, that she would make better decisions on behalf of our group, so it was the right thing to do, it was scary picking a rock, and it sucks it came to that, but if I was faced with the same decision, well, I'd make it again the same way."

DOC: "OK, TROY, tonight it's not likely you'll be having immunity, you know that you've been targetted through your friends, you lost MELTON two votes ago, you almost lost CAITLYN last vote, nervous tonight."

TROY: "I don't think I could go into this not being nervous, I know I don't have the belt, and the man who sent Joey home does have it, so I'm not expecting any favors from him. So if tonight's my night, so be it, but I'd hope it's not."

DOC: "Speaking of that vote, JACOBS, it was your decision to betray the former Tap Out that led to the 6-4 vote against MELTON, why did you decide that was the way to go? Why leave the good graces of Tap Out, for Hardcore when you hardly knew anyone there?"

JACOBS: "I just saw the dynamics of Tap Out being that I was odd man out, I didn't think there was much there for me, so well, I decided to make a move, and well, I'm still standing, and be it rock picking or a straight vote, I don't have much to worry about (Smiles rubs headplate of the belt over his shoulder."

DOC: "This is right, you are immune from the vote tonight, while LARRY TACT is not...TACT, last vote, you were the other one with CAITLYN that nearly was sent home by the vote, what happened that night, and what were your thoughts."

TACT: "Well, mostly I was upset ICEKOLD was gone...She's the one person I can trust totally on this island...And also that we still should have had 5 votes, but the alliances that were made, they apparently were not strong enough, so well, it came to the rock, and it sucked, but thankfully I'm still here, hopefully I'll be staying here after tonight, but you never know in this game."

DOC: "The other person who's had their name come up in a vote was EMILY, you too are without immunity. How worried are you about tonight's vote?"

EMILY: "Scared to death, always am, first vote I was in, I think MILES threw a spite vote at it and it was one of the first votes read, and well, it felt like a dagger in my stomach, I don't think I'll ever get over that feeling when my name is read on one of those votes...I don't think I could ever walk into one of these votes calm and cool, unless I had that belt, but it keeps avoiding me."

DOC: "Well then, JACOBS, I'll ask you even if I think I know the answer, feel like giving up immunity?"

JACOBS: "Nope."

DOC: "OK, you can not vote for JACOBS, everyone else is fair game. Time to vote."

(CUTTO: STARR Voting.)


(CUTTO: EMILY Voting, she holds up her vote to the camera reading "Lindsay")

EMILY: "Only room on this island for one queen bee, you have to go."

(CUTTO: TACT voting.)

(CUTTO: CAITLYN voting.)

(CUTTO: TROY voting, she holds up her vote to the camera, it reads "Emily")

TROY: "Sorry kiddo, but well, you know how it is."

(CUTTO: JACOBS voting.)

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF voting. He puts his vote into the jar without it being seen.)

CLOVERLEAF VOICE OVER: "You both want to take me to the end, I just hope I picked the right one."

DOC: "I'll tally the votes."

(CUTTO: Doc with the cookie Jar.)

DOC: First vote...(Reaches in.) EMILY...(EMILY nods.) second vote...TROY...(TROY doesn't react.) third vote...TROY...Two votes Troy, one vote Emily...4th vote (Reaches in) TROY...(TROY remains emotionless, CAITLYN looks nervous) 5th vote...EMILY...(EMILY nods and sighs.) 3 votes Troy, two votes Emily...6th Vote...TROY (TROY still doesn't react, STARR bows her head.) 4 votes Troy 2 votes Emily...7th vote...(Reaches in.) The 11th person votes out of Wrestling Survivor and 2nd member of the Jury...LINDSAY TROY...(Doc reveals the last vote, reading "Troy") (TROY walks over, CAITLYN puts a hand on her shoulder as she walks past...TROY nods to her and smiles...TROY walks over to DOC who puts out her torch and she leaves quickly. EMILY bows her head. TACT smiles as does CLOVERLEAF...ICEKOLD appears upset over the result. STARR and CAITLYN are sullen.)

DOC: "Well, we're down to 7, it's 7 more days, get some rest."

(The tribe leaves the voting area.)

(CUTTO: Credits.)
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