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Survivor S.E. Asia Ep 10

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, CUTTO: A Green Flag with the words "Tribe Tap Out" above it, CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing MANSON, MALONE, JACOBS, CAITLYN, STARR and EDMUNDS. CUTTO: The words "18 players" CUTTO: A Red Flag with the words "Tribe Hardcore" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TACT, AMERICAN, DAVIS, EMILY, ICEKOLD, and MILES. CUTTO: The Words "38 days" CUTTO: A Yellow Flag with the words "Tribe High Spot" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TROY, RYAN, MELTON, RAYNE, CLOVERLEAF, and, VIPER. CUTTO: The words "1 Winner")

(CUTTO: Tribe ? Day 27.)

(FADEIN: TROY and STARR sitting on the beach.)

TROY: "Damn Jacobs."

STARR: "I know, it's unreal."

TROY: "I know Joey's not dead or anything, but he's...Gone, and it sucks...Can't believe this happened...Bah...Well we gotta do something or we're sunk...I guess we start by hitting on Cloverleaf, I think he's possible to switch."

(CUTTO: Troy in an aside.)

TROY: "I know if I don't bust my ass at the next immunity challenge and win it, then I'm more than likely toast. Emily's got her claws into Tact and Icekold seems to think that Tact wants her and she can be manipulated to swing his way. God, that 8-ball is so awful. American hates having to vote so I guess there's no way to really tell how he'll vote one day over another. Jacobs is so dead when the time is right, and I know that Kenny can be swayed given the right motivation. If it's not money, and it's not power, then it's sex and I know Emily's not going to cheat on Rich and put out for him."

(CUTTO: TROY and AMERICAN near the shelter. ICEKOLD is sitting around looking at her 8 ball.)

TROY: "American, after that last vote, well, I figured that maybe I'm not doing things on this island the right way, or living my life the right way, what do you think I can do to improve myself."

AMERICAN: "I think you should please your man first and foremost."

TROY: "OK...Thanks." (She nods to American and leaves.)

(CUTTO: TROY in an aside.)

TROY: "American's a wildcard, I've got to do all I can to get him out of Tact and Emily's clutches and to at the very least, vote whatever random way he sees fit. If I could ever turn him to my side, that would be just amazing."

(CUTTO: JACOBS walking on the beach with TACT, who's got a sling and is ready to go fishing.)

TACT: "Thanks for helping us out today man, that was a big vote."

JACOBS: "No problem, I really wasn't a huge fan of theirs anyhow, and I didn't think I was in really for the long haul with them, now maybe I got a chance."

TACT: "I'm sure you do, this game's far from over...Seeya around" (TACT wonders into the ocean to get fish.)

(CUTTO: Jacobs in an aside.)

JACOBS: "I woke up with a fishhead in my bed...God Troy, grow up...I'd heard that there was possible friction in my camp, Troy's power was clear-cut, and I thought that from Caitlyn and Starr there might be some worry about that, Melton was just a sheep, I just didn't know if I should be in favor of keeping her around, with the potental that everything gets smoothed out, or I don't keep her around and everything goes south. It just was a bad scene, fgured my odds were better over here with Emily and Tact, this gives me more time to see what my options are and lets me play the game a bit longer. I was 5th over there, here, I dunno where I stand, but hell, if I get voted out tonight it's the same as finishing 5th, might as well see if I can move up in the standings this way."

(CUTTO: EMILY and CLOVERLEAF sitting in the shelter.)

EMILY: "Man, every time you get a vote cast against you, feels like a punch in the gut, it sucks."

CLOVERLEAF: "I bet...Glad I haven't dealt with that yet."

EMILY: "Well hopefully you won't have to, hopefully things will go smoothly in a few days and Troy will be gone."


(CUTTO: Cloverleaf in an aside.)

CLOVERLEAF: "The vote went down as we expected, Emily's looking kinda, I dunno, high and mighty, it's cool I guess, she turned Jacobs, it's her victory, but man, she's got some power now, I dunno exactly where I rate in the new queen's pecking order, but I guess for now I should just let the other tribe get picked off then figure out what to do."

(CUTTO: Day 28, The tribe heads towards a clearing where DOC SILVER is standing in front of a plate with a steak dinner, he also has a pouch. To the side is a giant obstical course.)

DOC: "Welcome everyone. Today's challenge is a morale booster, letters from home, everyone's been sent one...Your loved ones do care about you, they've been thinking about you, and I have their words right here (DOC holds up the pouch) now then, today's challenge is simple, you'll climb the rope ladder, you'll then go across a rope-bridge, down a ramp, across a balance beam, and then finally go under the belly crawl...Once you've done that it's a short sprint to the finish, the winner gets this steak dinner and their letter, they also get to give three other people on this island their letters from home. OK, Survivors, take your positions...Wait for my go."

(CUTTO: The 9 contestants standing at the starting line.)

DOC: "GO!" (CLOVERLEAF, TACT, and TROY hit the ladder and quickly begin scaling it, AMERICAN, CAITLYN and STARR a pace behind with JACOBS, EMILY and ICEKOLD lagging a bit.)

DOC: "TACT first to the rope bridge...CLOVERLEAF behind him...TROY and AMERICAN now working across the bridge...EMILY and JACOBS now there...TACT is over and down the ramp, he's to the balance beam, as is CLOVERLEAF...TACT falls off...He's gotta go back...CLOVERLEAF beats TROY across the beam by a moment...AMERICAN across...AMERICAN, CLOVERLEAF and TROY on the belly crawl fighting now for the lead...CLOVERLEAF first throught...Running to the finish...CLOVERLEAF WINS! (CLOVERLEAF raises his fists in the air) OK Ken...First off...Congrats, you get to take this big steak, potatos, and all that good stuff back to camp with you...Secondly, here you go, a letter from mom...(CLOVERLEAF smiles as he's handed his letter.) And now we're at the decision point, who else gets letters?"

CLOVERLEAF: "Hmmm...Tact, Emily...And Troy" (TROY looks surprised to hear her named called.)

DOC: "OK, (Doc hands out the letters. All seem overjoyed to get word of home.) You can head back to camp now."

(CUTTO: Tribe ? Day 28)

(CUTTO: EMILY on rocks overlooking the ocean.)

EMILY: "You know what I think about plotting and scheming, there are fathead idiots in our government who killed a president and got away with it. If those morons can dupe American, I'm pretty sure you can fool a few idiot wrestlers into giving you a million bucks. I miss you so much, but I know you're having fun, I can't wait to see you again, I hope you're eating as well as you can, I'll see you soon. Love Rich...P.S. if you put out for anyone and don't come back with the million, I'm changing the locks." (EMILY laughs, her eyes watering.) "Ah screw it, pricks want to see me cry on TV, ya got me...I miss you too Rich...(EMILY looks into the sky.) "It'll be over soon, and we'll be able to retire off my money (Smiles to herself.)

(CUTTO: TACT reading his letter, he smiles and nods at it.)

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF reading his letter, he also is smiling, his eyes water a bit.)

(CUTTO: TROY reading her letter.)

"Lindz I give you all the credit in the world for making it out there as long as you have. I don't think I would have lasted an hour. No matter how well you do or how far you go, I'm already proud of you. Always have been. You've always been the one who could get through anything, no matter what obstacles might have been placed before you or who stood in your way of getting your goal. I'm so proud that you're my sister, Lindz. Take care of yourself and the light at the end of the tunnel will get brighter and closer every day. Love you! -Alaina. PS: Dan sends you his best, and Melton just got back. God is he pissy. Hurry up and win the damn thing so you can get back here and keep him in check (you know he doesn't listen to me...)"

(TROY laughs)

"Ah Joey, can't even be away from you for a week without hearing that you're causing trouble..."

(CUTTO: STARR and CLOVERLEAF sitting on the beach.)

STARR: "So what your letter say?"

CLOVERLEAF: "Oh, just the folks back home, happy for me...You now, the normal stuff."

STARR: "So who is your family, how are they?"

CLOVERLEAF: "Why you ask?"

STARR: "Why's a girl not allowed to ask questions?" (Plays with her hair, looks at him with interest.)

CLOVERLEAF: "Just wondering, never seemed to care about anyone outside your group before."

STARR: "Well, I care now, so let's talk."

(CUTTO: Cloverleaf in an aside.)

CLOVERLEAF: "I can understand why Starr would want some Vitamin C in her life...(smiles) as for Troy, I figured she would like to know what's going on at home before I send her there once we get to the immunity challenge."

(CUTTO: Tribe ? Day 29)

(CUTTO: The tribe walking towards what appears to be a putting green. DOC SILVER stands in front of the green. CUTTO: A helicopter waiting near-by.)

DOC: "Welcome everyone...OK first thing's first...Troy, Tact...Give it up (DOC takes the belts from TROY and TACT, who had been wearing them over their shoulders.) Now then...(DOC throws one belt to the ground) one belt is out of the game...We're down to solo immunity, however, what we do have today, is that today's winner, will win the right to send one person off the island on that helicopter to a nice hotel, they'll be given a night of the royal treatment, that person can not vote, and you can not vote them off...Could be offensive, could be defensive...Now then, today's challenge is simple, you'll take turns putting a golf ball from 20 feet away, there's some break to it, now if you can read a green or not, I don't know or care, closest to the hole wins, if anyone makes this putt, they win right away, so we'll draw straws, and winner can pick where they go, further back you are, more putts you can see, more knowledge you get from the green, however if someone makes the shot ahead of you, you don't ever get a chance to putt. OK, let's go."

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF first to try.)

DOC: "OK Ken, remember, this belt, and you're sure to last another day, I say that because I so hate when Jeff says 'a 1 in 6 shot' when it's clear someone would have to win out immunitys to win the thing, and it's clearly not 1 in 6 for them...So, well anyhow, less venting by me, more putting by you."

(CLOVERLEAF hits the ball, it rolls way right after a few feet, "Dammit" CLOVERLEAF says under his breath as his ball stops 3 feet from the hole to the right.)

DOC: "Not so good...JACOBS, you're next...

(JACOBS hits his shot, the ball breaks towards the hole, but is short and a little left, about 8 inches from the cup.)

DOC: "Jacobs with a good try."

(CUTTO: TROY hitting her shot, the ball rolls towards the cup, then just misses the right lip and rolls past, ending up beyond JACOBS shot, TROY winces in disgust as she sees the shot miss.)

DOC: "Jacobs mark still the best." (TROY walks over to STARR dejected, "I needed that." she says in a deflated tone.)

(CUTTO: AMERICAN taking his shot, the ball rolls way past the hole.)

DOC: "Jacobs still holding on"

(CUTTO: EMILY taking her shot, it rolls way right of the hole. She shakes her head.)

DOC: "Jacobs is the man to this point."

(CUTTO: CAITLYN taking her shot, the ball rolls towards the hole, "GO!" she yells as the ball slowly rolls towards the hole, catching the right lip and falling in! CAITLYN shouts in joy as she jumps in the air. STARR quickly over to give her a hug as she celebrates.)

DOC: "CAITLYN WINS IMMUNITY! (Doc walks over with the belt and hands it to her, she lets out another yell and throws her hands into the air, the belt hanging from her right hand.) Now then, Caitlyn, it's on you, decide who you're sending to that nice hotel for the night and keeping both from voting, and from being voted off."

CAITLYN: "Ummm...I dunno...I didn't think about this really...Icekold...She can go."

DOC: "Icekold, you heard the lady" (ICEKOLD looks worried at TACT who assures her it'll be OK as she walks off towards the helicopter, it takes off a few moments later.)

DOC: "OK folks, Caitlyn is safe from the vote tonight, can't say the same for anyone else...Somebody is going home tonight." (CUTTO: Looks of disgust from EMILY and TACT, a bit of worry on TROY's face, while STARR and CAITLYN appear overjoyed at CAITLYN's victory.)

(CUTTO: Tribe ? Day 28)

(CUTTO: STARR and CLOVERLEAF sitting on the beach.)

STARR: "Look, Kenny, this is really what it comes down to, we got a shot here to maybe hurt Emily and Tact's little empire, they got all the power...Troy's told you before, they are in this together, and she's right..."

CLOVERLEAF: "And I shouldn't vote Troy out why?"

STARR: "Well, mebbe because well...(She whispers to him, he smiles.) That could be a reason...there are...Other reasons." (She smiles wickedly at him and walks away.)

(CUTTO: TACT and EMILY together in the woods.)

EMILY: "I'll get American this time...Then I'll check in on Cloverleaf, he should be all set, but just gotta keep the troops morale up, ya know."

TACT: "Yeah...I understand, I'll talk to Jacobs a little, not that he can do anything being a man without a country and all."

EMILY: "Good good, Troy goes tonight and no more worrying..."

TACT: "Agreed, it'll be a good night."

(CUTTO: EMILY and AMERICAN on a beach.)

EMILY: "So what would I have to do for you to vote out Troy tonight?"

AMERICAN: "I dunno...Have sex with me. (EMILY does a double take) say the pledge of alligance, your choice."

EMILY: "I'll do the pledge"

AMERICAN: "Bah...Ah well."

EMILY: (Puts right hand over her heart) "I pledge alligance to the flag, of the united states of America, and to the Republic for which it Stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all."

AMERICAN: "Very good, very good."

EMILY: "Thank you...And thanks for the vote" (EMILY leaves, AMERICA smiles.)

(CUTTO: EMILY and CLOVERLEAF on the beach, CLOVERLEAF bringing in some fish he just caught.)

EMILY: "So we're set for tonight right?"

CLOVERLEAF: "Yeah, Troy's done."

EMILY: "Look, I know Starr's spending time with you, but this is all a set-up, they have nothing, they can't do anything if we stick together, we get rid of Troy, and that problem is solved, Caitlyn and Starr will lose their leader, we'll be in the clear."

CLOVERLEAF: "I know, don't worry, they can't do anything to me."

EMILY: "Great, see you at the vote."

(CUTTO: The tribe heading towards Tribal Counsel.)

(CUTTO: The 8 contestants sitting on the benches, Doc stands in front of the cookie jar.)

DOC: "OK folks, well, tonight, we will have our first member of the jury, we'll decide who wins this game decided, and we'll be down to 8 people, who over the next 10 days, will vote their way down to 2...There will be lots of plotting, lots of planning, and well, only one winner, I'm not really here to stir things up, that'll be for the next show. Tonight well, it's vote time. Before we vote, I gotta ask, Caitlyn, you want to give up immunity?"

CAITLYN: "I thought about this all day...and, yes, I do..."(CAITLYN takes the belt off her shoulder and hands to it TROY) "You need this more then me." (EMILY winces, she then looks at TACT and points to CAITLYN, who nods, she does the same with CLOVERLEAF and AMERICAN, and JACOBS who also meet her glance.)

DOC: "Well, that seemed to shake things up a bit...So now, let's vote..."

(CUTTO: JACOBS voting)

(CUTTO: STARR voting.)

(CUTTO: CAITLYN voting, she holds up her vote, reading "TACT")

CAITLYN: "Larry, you're the key to this whole thing. So well...(Loss for words) bye."

(CUTTO: EMILY voting)


(CUTTO: TACT voting, he holds up his vote, reading "CAITLYN")

TACT: "Caitlyn, I don't know why you tried to save Troy here tonight, but well, now you're taking the bullet."


(CUTTO: TROY voting.)

(CUTTO: Doc with the votes)

DOC: "OK, time to count the votes." (Doc opens the cookie jar) First vote...Tact...(TACT nods.) second vote...Caitlyn...(CAITLYN looks a bit surprised.) 1 to 1...Next vote...(reaches around for it.) Tact...Two votes Tact...One Caitlyn...Next vote...(reaches in)...Tact (TACT rocks back in his chair.) Three votes Tact, one vote Caitlyn...Next vote...Caitlyn...Next vote...(Reaches in) Caitlyn...3 votes each...(CAITLYN nods, looking concerned now.) next vote...Tact (TACT exhales big, EMILY looks stunned. CAITLYN and STARR are holding hands) Final vote, if this vote is for anyone but Caitlyn, Tact will be the 10th person votes off, otherwise we will have both of them give a minute speech and then we will have a re-vote...Final vote...(Reaches in, pulls out last vote...) Caitlyn...We're tied at 4...Now then, Caitlyn and Tact, you each will have a minute to convince people here to change their votes. Caitlyn you go first."

CAITLYN: "I don't know what I did to offend so many of you, but I've been out here on this island for almost a month making friends, learning about a people and trying to understand people..(EMILY points at the belt. TROY rolls her eyes in disgust.) What? Look this is all a BUSINESS to some of you, well that's not how I am...I'm LOYAL (Glares at JACOBS.) I've stood by my friends, and well, that's how I lived life here, and I have nothing to be ashamed of."

DOC: "OK, now, Tact, your chance."

TACT: "I think I do a lot for this tribe as a whole, I fish, I bring in food, I work hard on the shelter, I'm playing the game yes, but I'm making life easier for everyone of you who have voted with me, and against me, and that should count for something, not do dismiss Caitlyn, but she really can't do all the work I can do, and that's just a fact."

DOC: "OK, now well will take a re-vote, before this re-vote, let me lay down some ground rules, first of all, you can ONLY vote for Caitlyn, or Tact, second, if the vote is a tie again, (Doc reaches into his vest pocket and pulls out a purple rock) we will go to the Purple Rock of Doom. Everyone but Troy, who has immunity will pull a rock from a bag, and whoever pulls the purple one, is out of the game, so if you can not make up your minds, then fate will decide it."


(CUTTO: STARR voting...She gets into the booth and pulls out the pen, she then looks at the paper...)

STARR: "Dammit...(Winces.) The idea of this going to the rock...But, it's that, or betray Caitlyn...I can't do that...But, losing to a rock...God...This sucks...It just sucks..." (CUTTO: her putting her vote in the jar."

DOC: "I will read the re-vote...(Doc reaches in) "First vote...Caitlyn...Second vote...(Reaches in) Tact...Third vote...(Reaches in) Caitlyn...Fourth Vote...Tact...Fifth Vote (Reaches in) Tact...6th vote...Caitlyn...7th Vote...(Reaches in) Tact...Again, 4-3 Tact...Final vote...(Reaches in.) Again...Caitlyn...It's 4-4 again, since you can not decide...Now the rock must come into play (Doc goes off set and comes back with a bag.) There are 7 rocks in here...6 are white...1 is purple, we will set an order, and you will each come up and draw, you'll bring your torch, and if you pick the purple rock, your torch will be put out and you'll leave the area, you'll also become the first member of the jury."

(CUTTO: The group, they are lined up in order as EMILY, JACOBS, TACT, CAITLYN, AMERICAN, CLOVERLEAF, and STARR)

DOC: "OK, let's start, Emily....Pick a rock...(DOC holds the back over his head...EMILY reaches in, and pulls out...A white rock, she looks relieved) OK...Next...(JACOBS reaches in...He pulls out...A white rock.) Now up next Larry Tact...The man who was a vote away from going home, now a 1 in 5 chance of picking the rock that will still send him there...(TACT reaches in, and pulls out...A white rock) Now only 4 rocks left...Caitlyn Daymon...You who made the decision to give Troy immunity...Now has a 25% chance of being sent home due to it...(CAITLYN reaches in, and pulls out...A white rock. She gives a deep breath as she walks away.) American...Now a 1 in 3 chance you'll be sent home...(AMERICAN reaches in...and pulls out...a PURPLE rock...He remains unemotional in the face of his fate, as Doc puts out his torch and heads away.)

DOC: "American the 10th person sent off the island and first member of our jury...You can return to your camp."

(Everyone looks a bit on edge and concerned as they head off to camp, CAITLYN manages a brief smile to STARR as they head off.)

(CUTTO: Credits)

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