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Survivor New Zealand Ep 9

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, with the graphic showing wildlife and the words "New Zealand" in it. CUTTO: The word "Shak-No" written in black on a yellowed piece of parchment. CUTTO: A scene of MARK swimming in the water. CUTTO: MARK smiling in a photo, CUTTO: RUTH walking the beach. CUTTO: RUTH in a photo glaring at the camera. CUTTO: NED eating at camp. CUTTO: A Picture of NED smiling nervously. CUTTO: CHRIS cutting down a tree with a knife. CUTTO: CHRIS smiling big in a photo. CUTTO: CYNTHIA chopping food up. CUTTO: CYNTHIA smiling warmly in a photo. CUTTO: MARY praying on the beach. CUTTO: MARY smiling in a photo. CUTTO: BLAINE climbing a tree. CUTTO: A photo of BLAINE with a big toothy grin. CUTTO: OLIVIA carrying wood. CUTTO: OLIVIA looking grim in a photo. CUTTO: The blue flag of Shak-No.

CUTTO: The word "Wallen" in black on yellowed parchment. CUTTO: EMILIA washing her face in the ocean. CUTTO: EMILIA smiling in a photo. CUTTO: VINCENT carrying a big knife CUTTO: VINCENT smiling in a photo. CUTTO: KARLA sitting on the beach CUTTO: KARLA grinning broadly in a photo. CUTTO: KEVIN, face covered in mud, shaking his head at the camera. CUTTO: KEVIN with a weak smile in a photo. CUTTO: TIFFANY dancing in a bathing suit CUTTO: TIFFANY smiling in a photo. CUTTO: STEVE sunning himself on the beach. CUTTO: STEVE with a wide grin in a photo. CUTTO: MARGARET making a necklack out of strings CUTTO: MARGARET with a tight lipped grin in a photo. CUTTO: JASON walking through the forest CUTTO: JASON smiling in a photo. CUTTO: The orange flag of Wallen

CUTTO: The graphic "39 days" CUTTO: The outline if a person standing on a cliff, lit torch over their head CUTTO: The graphic reading "1 Survivor")

(FADEIN: night 24, U-Gong)

(FADEIN: Everyone walking back to camp looking tired and warn out...STEVE and EMILIA looking generally pissed...CYNTHIA and OLIVIA wonder off on the beach.)

(CUTTO: Vincent in an aside.)

VINCENT: "Well the vote was tense...Kevin's gone, we got back to camp and you could tell Emilia and Steve were livid, just steaming...Olivia and Cynthia went down the beach for their post vote cuddle or whatever it is they do over there...Diva looked like she was about ready to throw a fit....And then she did."

DIVA: "WHAT THE HELL?! Ya'll be HATERS!!! HATERS!!! (DIVA is tearing up.) I just try to go along to get along, when I was Shak-No, Baby, that was in my BLOOD, I fought for ALL Ya'll, and what does the Diva get for that, ya KNIFE ME IN THE (BLEEP) BACK...I got NO USE FOR NOBODY! The Diva's out for the Diva, just that simple! And don't be talkin' no (BLEEP) about me needing people, ya'll just use me, I know it...(BLEEP) all ya'll...I'm straight wit dis!"

(CUTTO: Jason in an aside.)

JASON: "I just had to let Diva blow off some steam and cool off...The dynamics of this game clearly shifted tonight, they've shifted a lot in the last two votes, the question really is now if the game will be stable for a while or if alliances will continue to shift or not."

(CUTTO: U-Gong Day 25)

(CUTTO: The Tribe on floating platforms at sea. DOC SILVER stands with them.)

DOC: "OK, today's challenge is simple, everyone will go under water trying to collect pots to bring them to the surface, we'll start with 7 pots, so two people will be knocked out, and then 5, and then 3, the final 3 people will then swim, to the bottom of the ocean, and grab a chest, they must bring that chest to shore and across a finish line, reward. Will be a night at a spa, pampering, a bed to sleep on, showers, life will be good for the winner!"

(Long Story Short, the final 3 are Emilia, Steve and Blaine...STEVE wins Reward!)

DOC: "Steve...You get to pick two people to go with you on the reward."

STEVE: "I'll take Cynthia and Olivia"

DOC: "OK kids, enjoy!"

(The three of them head onto a boat that speeds them away.)

(CBS regrets to inform it's viewers that the spa footage can not be aired on it's networks, it does however think that the 'unrated' DVD set of Survivor New Zealand may in fact be the highest grossing DVD's in history. That's right Matrix, we're comin' for your ass!)

(CUTTO: U-Gong, Day 27)

(CUTTO: The tribe heading towards a clearing, there are water buckets on top of giant wood constructs. DOC SILVER stands waiting for the tribe to form up ranks.)

DOC: "OK everyone, it's simple...First...Jason...(DOC takes the Immunity Necklace from JASON) immunity, on the line...Today's challenge is simple...You'll stand on a stool, your arm will be locked in place to a chain connected to the bucket of water over your head...Move your arm at all, it'll pull the bucket down, and you'll be knocked out of the contest, last person standing wins immunity."

(CUTTO: Everyone in place...The Challenge begins...CYNTHIA and OLIVIA falter in short order...Followed by JASON, and then DIVA. BLAINE goes next...Making it between STEVE and EMILIA for immunity.)

(CUTTO: Two hours in, the two of them still standing.)

STEVE: "Emilia, you are one tough woman..."

EMILIA: "Dude...I'm gonna win."

(CUTTO: STEVE's arm twitches and he gets soaked...EMILIA celebrates as she gets soaked.)

(CUTTO: DOC putting the immunity necklace on EMILIA.)

(CUTTO: OLIVIA sitting with CYNTHIA back at camp.)

OLIVIA: "Blaine's going now...I'm sick of him...I've hated him for so long, thank God he didn't win immunity. Like that woulda been the worst thing ever, now he's out of the game for sure..."

(CUTTO: EMILIA and OLIVIA eating some kind of berries.)

OLIVIA: "Man, these are pretty good, I mean, I got colors and stuff, but geez, I need some good (BLEEP) any anyhow, BLAINE'S DEAD! That's it...Just (BLEEP) him...Ever since I got on the island with him I've hated that guy...He's gone!"

(CUTTO: Vincent in an aside.)

VINCENT: "I didn't have anyone talk to me about the vote, I thought I might be going so I went to Olivia and she just chewed out Blaine a bunch...Glad it's not me."

(CUTTO: BLAINE and OLIVIA in the camp, JASON and CYNTHIA are near-by)

BLAINE: "What's this about you voting me out? I thought you said you didn't have a problem with me!"

OLIVIA: "I don't remember saying that."

BLAINE: "But I voted out Kevin last week!"

OLIVIA: "Whatever...Like, sure you did..."

BLAINE: "I did, why are you doing this?"

OLIVIA: "Talk to the hand"

(BLAINE looks on as OLIVIA walks away)

(CUTTO: BLAINE meditating.)

(CUTTO: Blaine in an aside.)

BLAINE: "I had to meditate and clear my mind...And now I have to come up with something or I'm going home tonight."

(CUTTO: The tribe arriving at council.)

(CUTTO: DOC standing in front of everyone as they file in.)

DOC: "I will now bring in the first member of the jury, Kevin, who will just sit here and watch what happens."

(CUTTO: Kevin, in normal non-ratty clothes and shaved, walking in.)

DOC: "After the last vote, it was clear there were two alliances battling for control. Jason, where do you think you stand now after that vote?"

JASON: "With my friends"

DOC: "And is that a good place to be?"

JASON: "Better than the alternative." (KEVIN rolls his eyes.)

DOC: "Vincent, last week it seemed like you were the center of attention, this week, you couldn't have sold ice in the sahara, what do you make of the politics of the tribe?"

VINCENT: "That's just because I was a swing vote, obviously people want to find out how I'm voting, and this week? I guess I didn't piss anyone off, so as long as I'm not being killed, I don't mind."

DOC: "Emilia, how big was this immunity win for you...Did you feel pressure on you going into the challenge, and what bonus if any does coming here with immunity give you?"

EMILIA: "here's a great deal of comfort being immune to the vote and I did feel a lot of pressure going into the challenge this week. Being immune gave me the power, but I didn't feel it was necessary to use the power to bully anyone into doing something that they didn't want to do."

DOC: "but it would be perfectly OK to attempt to bribe somebody with goods or services to get them to vote your way."

EMILIA: "Some things are readily available at any time to any one. Immunity isn't."

DOC: "Olivia, you've had a pretty eventful stay on the island, tonight what are you basing your vote on?"

OLIVIA: "ummmmm....I donno. Just like, y'know. Stuff? Like, stuff that happened? Like, before? Y'know. Like you can't just let people give you ****, y'know? If you've got the power to do something, then you should prolly like...do...something....Sorry, if my head wasn't in that. I'm still kinda berried over." (DOC glances at EMILIA.)

DOC: "Cynthia...We're getting down to the end, do you worry about how the jury might see you, and how you would fare in front of them?"

CYNTHIA: "I'll worry about the jury the day I'm last on the island with somebody else, until then, I really couldn't care about it, it's to far away."

DOC: "Diva, you got a bunch of votes cast against you last week, how you feeling going into this vote?"

DIVA: "I'm just about sick really...I'm scared...I thought everyone was with the Diva, but now I know they be hatin' on me, they be lying to me.. It hurts, but the Diva fights hard...She's not going nowhere."

DOC: "Blaine, it seems like there's pressure on you this vote, how do you feel going into this vote?"

BLAINE: "Like I always do, I'll vote for who I'm most comfortable with voting out and let things work themselves out."

DOC: "Then it's time to vote, Jason you're up"

(JASON votes, we don't see it.)

(CYNTHIA votes, we don't see it.)

(BLAINE votes, he holds up his vote reading "OLIVIA")

BLAINE: "I hope you find piece my child...So much conflict in you is bad for the soul"

(DIVA votes, we don't see it.)

(EMILIA votes, we don't see it)

(OLIVIA votes, she holds up her vote reading "BLAINE" and dances around a bit before putting it in the jar.)

(STEVE votes, we don't see it)

(VINCENT votes, we don't see it)

DOC: "I will now tally the votes."

(CUTTO: DOC holding the cookie jar of doom.)

DOC: "First vote...Blaine." (BLAINE doesn't react.)

DOC: "Second vote...Olivia." (OLIVIA doesn't react.)

DOC: "Next vote...Blaine" (BLAINE doesn't react.)

DOC: "Next vote...Blaine" (BLAINE looks calm.)

DOC: "Next vote...Blaine"

DOC: "Next vote...8th person voted out of New Zealand and 2nd member of the Jury...Blaine" (DOC reveals the final vote. BLAINE grabs his torch and walks over.)

DOC: "Blaine...Tribe has spoken" (DOC puts out BLAINE's torch and he walks off into the night.)

DOC: "It seemed like a tribe unified tonight, but with the nature of this game, such things can not last, get your torches, head back to camp."

(The tribe, having conducted the business of offing BLAINE grab their torches and gear and head back to camp.)

(CUTTO: Voice over: "Next time on Survivor)

DOC: "Family make a visit, and immunity will go to one player who has brains and brawn."

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