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Purple Rock of Doom

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Due to events leading up to the vote, Icekold was sent off the island, and the vote came up 4 votes for Tact, 4 votes for Caitlyn Daymon...(Caitlyn gave Troy immunity, thusly earning the ire of those who planned to vote Troy, so they swung their vote to Caitlyn, this is for Tact who I haven't reached via AIM for a few days, if you got any wacky plans that throw all of this out the window, well then I'll abort and re-start the process)

Anyhow, with the tie, comes the dreaded "Purple Rock of Doom" situation. Which is, of the 7 people who do not have immunity, each will draw a rock, whoever gets the purple rock is gone...

If you wish to avoid leaving it to fate, please E-mail me at FWSurvivor@hotmail.com and tell me you've switched your vote, you can ONLY vote for Caitlyn or Tact.

If nobody E-mails me by monday night (Or an equal number of betrayals happen), the show will be written, and somebody will suffer the purple rock.

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