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P* Classic Round 2 Results

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: Reggie Schrader sitting at a desk somewhere on the upper levels of the United Center.)

SCHRADER: fans tonight got 4 blockbuster matches that put the final four of the Prodigy Classic into focus.

The night opened with Michael Manson fighting Alex Austin, the match was a study in contrasts as Austin looked for submissions and holds on the ground while Manson used striking and power moves when he had control of the match. In the end Manson and Austin were in a clinch and Manson managed to spin his body to put Austin in positon for a Sweet Dreams and laid out the grappler with the move to get the pin and advance to the Semis.

WINNER: Michael Manson at 13:42 (Sweet Dreams -> Pin)

The second half of that bracket featured a heated battle between Cameron Cruise and Hornet as the two men traded offense back and forth with some serious brutality. Cruise had Hornet on the ropes, hitting move after move, but could not find the combination to keep the CSWA legend down. Hornet then rallied and started scoring near falls of his own, as Cruise kept kicking out, practically willing himself to stay in the match.

Hornet then hit the Hornet Splash and got a Scorpion Death Lock on Cruise, who fought to the ropes. A second attempted Scorpion Death Lock led to Cruise getting a small package that led to an apparent pin, but Hornet grabbed the bottom rope before the three count and the ref waved off the pin right away. Cruise popped to his feet thinking he’d won the match and when he was told the pin was waved off he screamed at the ref, giving Hornet a chance to land a knee to Cruise’s back sending him crashing into the corner and then Cruise stumbled into an inverted DDT and Hornet scored the pin.

WINNER: Hornet at 19:03 (Inverted DDT -> Pin)

Then the other semi-finals opened up with Joey Melton fighting Anarky. Anarky beat the hell out of Melton early on and but during his offense Anarky landed a shot that was low and sent Melton to the ground and the ref gave Anarky a warning and chastised him for the move. Melton then rallied for a couple of near falls but Anarky once against got control and started beating Melton down with a series of slams and strikes, Melton rallied but Anarky got control again and seemed to have the match won when he landed a kick to the midsection that Melton crumpled to the ground like he was shot and the ref went by Melton’s reaction and DQ’ed Anarky’s for his second low blow of the match. The crowd was outraged as was Anarky as Melton laid on the ground milking his ‘injury’ Anarky gave the ref a Chaos Breaker for his troubles and stormed from the ring while Melton still waited for training staff to help him to the back with his supposed injury.

WINNER: Joey Melton at 10:50 (Low blow -> Disqualification)

The show ended with Impulse and Lane Cash fighting for the final spot in the final four, and Impulse put on a clinic, dominating Cash from the jump and controlling the flow of the match. Cash bailed from the ring and stalled for time, but each time he did so, he found himself again being assaulted by Impulse, who finally managed to keep Cash in the ring long enough to hit a Sudden Impact and advance to the semis.

WINNER: Impulse at 7:21 (Sudden Impact -> Pin)

And with that the final four was set up with a battle of legends in one bracket, as Michael Manson and Hornet will meet with a ticket to the finals hanging in the balance and newcomer Impulse will face off against Joey Melton for the right to face that winner for the championship in the Prodigy Classic. From Chicago this is Reggie Schrader saying good night!

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