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ONSLAUGHT VI: Bloodhunt vs. Lane Stone

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: Bloodhunt sitting in a dark room, his back turned to the camera, in front of him is the Zapruder Film, in a constant loop from frame 280 to frame 312.)

BLOODHUNT: "Lane, buddy, friend...Honestly I've been meaning to cut a promo for a while on you, but honestly, I got on this website and the guy has this really intense research about a shot being fired at frame 285, which, if true, proves Oswald didn't act alone...And the stuff he shows...Well, it's really powerful stuff...I'll get into it more in a bit, don't you worry, but right now I gotta go back and do my own research..Cause man he TOTALLY get's Kennedy's actions in the early part of the film wrong, I mean honestly, 'shielding his face' and getting pelted by pavement from a missed shot? Please...Jackie said her husband's face looked perfectly normal after the attack, which it clearly wouldn't have had he been cut up by gravel chunks...So while I'm liking this idea of his so far...I'm going to have to go over it myself...

About our match...Well, good luck with that, I'll most likely just beat the hell out of you, hit you with the headshot and pin you...That's how these things go...But anyhow, I gotta run...Take care."

(Bloodhunt turns back to the film...He seems to be scribbling down notes as he does so, FADEOUT)

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