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NWL Combat: Rumble In The Jungle

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Jan 1, 2000
Ticking Away

(The hand is almost at midnight as the clock reads. The large Grandfather clocks ticks of the seconds loudly as the camera pulls back. Smiling back Jarod Poe sits in a carved wooden chair and smiles. He looks up at the tall clock and back towards the camera. He slowly removes his leather jacket and lies it upon his lap. His sits back in the chair and relaxes. He extends an index finger upward and motions the camera to move forward. He holds the finger to his lips)

Poe: SSSSHHHH!!!!! Listen...can you hear that?

(He pauses for a moment and all that can be heard is the clock ticking)

Poe: Did you hear that? That's time ticking away. That's our lives wasting away. The the hours, minutes and seconds till our time comes. Only for all who have spoken recently...well we have a different destination. Soon it won't be this clock bell ringing...it will be a ring bell. It won't signal the end of time or even the moment of our death. It will however put an end to ALL the hype and FINALLY let our actions speak

(Jarod stands and places his jacket over his shoulder. He lays his palm flat on the clock and leans into it)

Poe: {{glances up}} There it goes...can't stop it. Can't deny it...now matter how hard we try. Yet even as our hour grows near...many thing are still left up on the air. Take for instance you Jobbor. Or should I say...THE AMERICON!!!

(Poe slides his hand down, folds his arms and laughs)

Poe: Always the joker...usually the joke. It's almost hard to tell when your being serious. {{shrugs}} But, hey I'll play along. I'll amuse myself. It seems to futile attempts to get under my skin have left you to chase a new target. {{laughs}} I guess Cruz does make himself a great big target though. ((shakes his finger}} Yet your not innocent yourself. After all I'm more familiar with you then all of the others.

(Jarod lowers his arms)

Poe: Look I'm not sure what kick your on now Jobbor. Nor do I really care...you can change your name, wrap the package in any colored bow you wan, it won't change the fact the bag is full of crap. so go ahead Jobbor...snap your fingers...flex that great big arm of yours. So us the true power of your might.

(Jarod pauses and shrugs his shoulders)

Poe: After all I've ben in the ring with you. I know where I stand. I've pinned your shoulders to the mat. Hell I've even rolled those eys of yours right into the back of your head

(Jarod chuckles for a moment)

Poe: Sorry, but that was particularly enjoyable for me. I mena it not very often I get to nail someone with "The Fading Light" just for the hell of it. Yet...for you...I'll make that exception any time. However don't think my focus is soley on you. Hell there's plenty of energy to be saved for you Doe? Are yuo still with us? Has my constent challenge made you mute? Has questioning every thing you stand for left you silient? Or have you sat back and thought of some more clever way to threaten me in the ring. You know beyond "my dad can beat up your dad" It would be more original then the terrible future of getting my ass kicked

(Jarod holds his palm flat)

Poe: See not shaking a bit. Not the slighest tremble. I imigine good ole Hacker can't say the same. After all the thought of a flurecent tube falling on my head during a work-out would certainly leave my nerves shot
I do hope your feeling better though. No...I really do. After all it would be a damn shame for all your pain and suffering to occour out of the ring. So I say bandage yourself up. Get Data to drag you too ringside and join in on the fun. after all that weight room isn't going to be the only wrong place at the wrong time for you this week.

(Jarod up at the clock and smiles)

Poe: In fact it's coming closer by the minute. ah, but it's not just you. There's Finnegan, Cruz and who knows who else might show up.

(Jarod lowers and shakes his head)

Poe: won't mater though. See I'm going to be there...be there to the very end. Then it will be just me and whomever is my unlucky victim. That's when the fun begins. after all I'm not one for battle royals, but one-on-one. well I'm game. That's why I can't wait. I really can't. It's got to be one of you. I'm really not choosey, but if it was just down to you and me Jobbor?

(Jarod smiles and laughs)

Poe: Well that wouldn't be terrible.

(Jarod looks up at the clock and it strikes midnight loudly. He pauses as the bells chimeand taps his hand on the clock)

Poe: Time is ticking boys and it's running out on all of us

(Jarod turns his back and walks away. The camera closes in on the ticking clock)



I'm Ready...

[Fade in… to Ryan’s locker room; you can see him putting tape on both hands before putting his gloves on. He wore his popular blue baggy pants and hanged a face towel from it. He put his elbow pads on, and put on his fit T-shirt, He wore his Bandana and was ready to go.]

Ryan: This is it, I’m ready, and The Jungle is about to be Rumble. All these years after training all those years at OVW, this is where it all begins again, The night shall not pass by, because anyone who’s in that match will be affected by it, winner or losers. The time is ticking away as the match is coming near, who’ll win and who’ll lose. The fight is on, all of us will try hard, but only one shall succeed and for the very first time, I’m not sure who will.

[A crew knocks on Ryan’s door” It’s time”, Ryan grins and walk to the door, he went backstage and went behind the entrance ramp.]

Ryan: Are you sure you’re brave enough to go fight, are you sure you’re ready enough to lose your wife, all of this shall be answered tonight, as the time has come, it is here and I will come for the gold. Get ready as I shall do my best…to INJURE Jobbsa!

Darius Jones: Introducing first…Ryan “ The American Eagle “ Cruz!!!

[OOC: Sorry for the short role-play, but just wanted to get this in before the deadline.]

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Collecting Thoughts.....

[Cameras fade in on John Doe pacing back and forth in his locker room, John takes a seat one of his chairs. His eyes wonder around the room as he takes a deep breath. John runs a hand through his hair as he sighs.]

Doe: Ok, clear my mind and let my thoughts flow that’s what Poe said. This isn’t working, what’s the point of this again? to let my mind flow? this is stupid. God I can concentrate, Ok, let me try this again. Ok, so here we go again, collect my thoughts, I have not thoughts to collect! Grrr! Ok, Collecting thoughts, all right, got ‘em.

Doe: Poe, In a few short minutes or hours or whatever time is left we will face off with others that are all trying to achieve the same goal, that goal being the T.V Champion. Yet we all have the same goal only one will emerge Champion. I and yourself have been going at it back and forth in these promos, well in this one I will explain everything. You told me to collect my thoughts and I have and here is what I think.

Doe: We all come from different backgrounds, we all have different thought patterns, ideas, etc. But if there is one thing that put us all together is that we are wrestlers. Therefore, there is that slight sign of respect we show towards each other, we may deny it but its there...somewhere. It hides, it doesn’t show all the time. you told me to collect my thoughts here they are, they are pouring like that river, hit you with both barrels? Well I am, see Poe in this Rumble, wee will face off, go toe to toe. Jarod Poe and myself, and I feel that as if we will be the last two to face off, that yourself and I will meet as the final two to go at it for the title. Therefore, we face each other, we will try to destroy the other to gain our goal, which is the same. I see this and I smile, you have become my rival Poe, my enemy. I wish to face you, urn to meet you in the ring, see what skills you posses. This is my learning experience, when I wrestle you I will learn, learn your moves, habits and skills.

[John turns to another camera as he leans back in the chair and yawns a bit. John takes a small glass of water and drinks from it as he regains his thoughts]

Doe: When that bell rings, it is the sound of a beginning, a beginning for one man to become the T.V Champion, and I wan that, I will fight and wrestle until my body gives out and brakes for that opportunity. I know you will two, see that’s what I see in you Poe, I see a man that will do anything , so will I, guess we have something in common in that strange sort of way. Poe, like you said the clock is ticking, and it’s almost time to go to that ring, that ring is were we face off, were some peoples spirits will be broken, and one’s will rise. Not rise in that sense of death, but in a sense of victory. Poe you asked my to let my thoughts flow and they have, I have said them as you can see. There is one thing I wish more to say to you Poe, good luck tonight....

[John turns towards a different camera and looks at it. John adjusts in the chair as he yawns yet again.]

Doe: All this talking is making me tired. Now to Ryan Cruz who talks of being ready. Are you ready? This is a major step for both of us. See we both are just beginners and I see myself ready, I know I am ready I can feel it. We all can feel it, that energy that I have talked about, you feel Ryan? I hope you do, because you will need that energy, you aren’t facing just me, now you are facing others, more than one, and that energy needs to come out of you, control it, don’t let it control you. I expect to face off with you also as I do with Poe. Thus, when I do go at you I ask for the best, give me all you have, because I will do the same for you. Cruz, you go out to the ring ready, but in depth, are you? I ask for you to think about that.

Doe: Now, back to Poe. Poe, tonight you are my target. You are my main point were I will but everything at you. I will make sure that I give you everything to bring you down. I know that you are going to do the same, you will face me I will face you, and I have a problem with you. You told me to fear what I can’t conquer. Well, I don’t fear you. No, I don’t, I have no fear but losing my match tonight, but I don’t feel a personal fear towards you. So I ask you Poe, what do you fear? Do you fear the ring? Do you Fear the Opponents, or do you fear yourself? Yourself as in you fear you can not predict your match, that you are not 100 percent positive of the outcome tonight, Poe that’s what I fear, is what to come tonight. What will happen and what I will do to get my hands on the title. Once again Poe, good luck, you and I both are going to need it.

[Fade out on John standing up and adjusting his red and black bondage pants. John walks out of the room as the cameras fade out]

~<Fade to Black>~


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Last Rites

(Nothing is special is par for the course as the video comes live from Jarod Poe's dressing room. Nothing fancy just four concrete walls, locker, shower, mirror, chair and a wooden bench. There he sits looking at the duffel-bag on the floor below him. He checks his watch to see that the time is almost near. He reaches down and the echo of the zipper can be heard. Slowly he reaches in, removes some atletic tape and begins to tape the fingers of his left hand)

Poe: Now is the shadow our of our death. For we fight till no foe is left standing. Only one can emerge victorious today. To the victor goes the spoils.

(Jarod smiles and looks up)

Poe: Morbid, but true none the less. sure nobody will die tonight. Yet some will bleed, all will feel pain, one will enjoy it and if were lucky perhaps a bone or two will be broken. For that is the price we pay. It's the sacrifice we make to our chosen perfession. Victims aren't we all. {{He smiles}} I like victims. Yet I'm not going to be one tonight. {{shakes his head}} No...tonight I seek them. The NWL has offered my a horn o'plenty of humanity to torture and I would be ungrateful to do anything less. Yet as a bonus the TV Title is up for grabs.
Yet It's no my goal

(Jarod pauses and he rips the tape clear. He takes a moment to remove the talon piercing from his right hand and then begins to tape it as well)

Poe: No my goal is simply to face a challenge and win. To take whatever any one person might offer and conquer him. to break down his body, shatter his mind and watch for that special look in his eye. {{smiles}} That look...that moment of realization that nothing he can do will help him. that defeat is coming...that the pain is JUST too much...the submitting is your only option. It's not a sign of weakness...no It's just human preservation. It's our body controlling our mind. It's giving it. That in the end will be what puts one man on top of all the others. Yet some would feel different

(Again Jarod rips the tape. and places back in the bag. He removes his t-shirt to reveal his heavily tattooed upper body and now look back up)

Poe: Jobbor, or Americon...whichever. He seems to think he can snap his fingers and take ahold of the whole world. {{spits}} well not mine. No I've shown him in the past that I will not fall at his whim. That he is the one who is just three seconds away. See Jobbor you can try and convince ALL the others that they should be afraid of you

(Jarod smiles)

Poe: But, I just know better. I know you better then that. Likewise you know me. You know just what I'm capable of doing. that's why I'm a much different man. I' not the same man as in the GLCW. I'm not the person I was back then. Sure just as skilled, just as determined, but I'm a little more ruthless. Breaking the rules aren't a problem for me. I just don't need all the short cuts that you do. Then..then we have you Doe.

(Jarod taps his index finger on his head and points to the camera)

Poe: Have I made you think? Have you already fallen to my whim? I'm glad you took a moment to collect. To get your thoughts together. Yet...I really don't care. If you think that somewhere...deep down I have any respect for you or anyone else in the ring tonight. {{Jarod chuckles}} well you just keep on thinking that. Also if you think we all have the same goals...well you'd be wrong again. See I haven't become your enemy...I always was. You just never treated me like one. That's a weakness. Just one of many I see you...all of you as VICTIMS!!! A sacrifice to my ability and future success. That's what separate the two of us. That's what's gives a man an edge. You...you don't even know your own name. Now I see you don't know yourself well enough and you damn sure don't know a thing about me.

(Again he spits on the ground))

Poe: Wish me luck? Sorry. Look at you Doe? you went from a raving madmen who almost put a smile on my face. Now...at heed of my own words you've nearly become a Hallmark card. Good Luck...I don't need it. I don't need yours. I just want your suffering and soon...sooner then you think...YOU"LL WANT YOURS TO END!!!

(Jarod stands up and stares into he camera)

Poe: That's the feeling I have for ALL of you. tonight I don't wish anybody good luck. I wish you hell...I wish you pain...I wish you suffering. After all...I'm "THE TORTURE KING" don't make a mistake...don't give me an opening...don't show me a weakness. Why? well that's real simple. see...I won't miss my chance. If I see it I'll take it. I'll make you know what others have felt in the past. Somebody tonight will...HATE WHAT THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!...

(Jarod voices lowers to a whispers)

Poe: and fear what they can't conquer

(Jarod walks forward and pushes the cameraman out the door)

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