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NWL Combat: Rumble In The Jungle

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Jan 3, 2004
New York
Alright folks, all participants in this match please put all RPs in this folder. You are RPing against everyone in this match, so have fun and good luck.

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL

[Fade in slowly on a metal door. A buzz is heard as a metal lock on the door rises. Two guards in white shirts and pants bring in John Doe and sits him down at a table. The room echoes as himself and a doctor on the opposite side sit at a table in the center of the room. the two guards take post on each side of John Doe. John coughs lightly as the doctor opens his notepad.]

Doctor: Hello John, how are you today? As you know Mr. Medina
requested you to stay here in back at Black Water Asylum.

[Doe lays his head against the table singing Slipknot Iowa to himself.]

Doe: It’s going to be mine...

Doctor: What’s going to be your’s John?

Doe: The title, it’s going to be mine and they won’t, they can’t stop me.

Doctor: Who can’t stop you John? The wrestlers?

Doe: They are going to try to stop me, try to hold me back, but they are no match for me. I will break everyone of them. One by one they will fall, and I will win that title. You don’t understand what I can do when I am mad.

Doctor: John, we all know what you do, or did when you got mad. You killed a man John, you have to control your anger, do you want to see one of these men get hurt, they are your friends.

Doe: All friendships break in that ring. Once it starts, I can’t be
stopped, and they won’t be able to control me. Ever since I set my
eyes on the T.V Title in Mr. Medina’s office I couldn’t take them off of it. They will get hurt and I will make sure of that.

[The Doctor looks at the two guards as one steps back from Doe. Doe slowly slides his hand across the table grabbing hold of a pen, neither the doctor nor the guards notice.]

Doctor: Ever thought of the possibility that you might lose?

[Does eyes lift towards the doctor, his face expression turning to

Doe: What did you say? You...you are trying to take it away from me aren’t you?

Doctor: Take what away from you John? What are you talking about?

[Does head begins to shake violently as he looks at the doctor]

Doe: YOU CAN’T TAKE IT FROM ME! You...are like the others that I will see in the ring at combat, but like the rest you don’t understand what I am capable of...

Doctor: John clam down, now I am not trying to take anything away from you...

Doe: SHUT UP!Your trying to stop me from getting the title but you
won’t be able to...you will suffer like the rest.

Doctor: John please settle down.

Doe: NO! You can’t stop me!

[The doctor reaches over the table to take the pen from John Doe. Doe jumps at the doctor slamming the pen into his arm. The doctor yells out a high pitch scream as the guards grab Doe and hold him down on the table. Doe struggles to get free.]


Doctor: Sedate him immediately!

[Another guard comes in and gives Doe a shot knocking him out. The Doctor walks over to the one-sided glass in the room and knocks on it. Andrew Medina walks into the room.]

Doctor: Mr. Medina, with full respect this man is not mentally fit to
wrestle any match.

Medina: Fans are coming to see this man wrestle and they will see him wrestle, that’s final.

Doctor: Did you see him!?! He is insane! Ok, he is going to hurt
anything that tries to stop him from getting that T.V Title or whatever you call it!

Medina: Good, it’ll make it a better match, now take Mr. Doe to the cell or where ever you put him. I must attend to other business.

[Medina walks out of the room answering his cell phone as he walks away]

Doctor: MR. MEDINA! They have no clue what’s going to happen. This is going to be bad, guards escort Mr. Doe back to his room please. AND AMKE SURE HE'S STRAPPED DOWN TIGHT THIS TIME!! Don't want another guard taken out by this guy.

[Close up to John Doe laughing with his eyes closed, fade out to black]


Revolutionizing America.....

{Fade in slowly… On top of the white house, alarms are heard throughout the video, Yelling is heard through the background. Police sirens are ringing outside the building. What was costing all this commotion? A man was shown… The man who was about to debut in NWL Combat, Ryan Cruz, in other words “ The American Eagle”…}

Ryan: Look at them, running around, searching for me. Don’t they know that they could never bring me down? This is a warning for all of you guys in the match, either you forfeit or I’ll bring you down, no one would ever be able to beat me, because I revolutionized this business before and I’m not afraid to do it again, the title is just a proof to show that I’m the most superior in this division….

{Ryan walks around the rooftop, Finally a police climbs up the rooftop, he tries to catch Ryan, but was caught in a German suplex, knocking out the foolish man…}

Ryan: I will never allow myself to be captured, by either the cops or losing…. I know the laws in this country and I’ve broken all of them… Everyone out there who is thinking that I am an ignorant fool, you’re d**n right! The only different is, that I have the power to go with it. The eagle flies up on the sky being the king of the air. Well, just like it, I will be the holder of that gold and I will be the champion.

{More Cops climbs the roof and one by one Ryan starts to beat them up…}

Ryan: Will you be able to survive? Will you follow the law? Will you understand the power of America? These entire questions will be answered at my match, as I shall provide the excitement it needs. Everyone in this company thrives for the belt not just that Psycho John Doe; he doesn’t even know his own name, humph, our freedom and our life is a gift not a toy to play with... all the confusion, all the war this helps our freedom lessen time shall pass by and there won’t be anymore…

{Now, not only were the cops up there but the army was too, finally being able to handcuff Ryan…}

Ryan: I promise everyone that even with this on my hand, I shall become the victor; I will win that match….

{Ryan gets punched in the head, blood spills...}

Cop: Don’t be too sure about that, because you might not even have enough money to get bailed out of jail…

{Ryan is shown inside a jailhouse…}

Cop: My, oh my, you are so lucky, you just got bailed out, he says you’re part of his family.

Ryan: Family? My family doesn’t even know I’m in jail…

{Ryan sees Medina}

Medina: Welcome, home…

{Ryan smirks}

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
American Chicken....

[John Doe is seen being escorted to the Black Water Asylum gates. The guards untie Doe’s straightjacket and open a gate to a main street. Doe walks out to the street and turns back to the guards.]

Guard: Under the others of Mr. Medina you have been released out of our custody. You will be reinstated to the asylum next week for you appointment with Dr. Travis.

Doe: Wow, thanks guys for letting me go. It feels really good to be out of that straight jacket. So, do you guys enjoy giving me those shots? You do know they hurt. How would you like a needle in your ass? Exactly you wouldn’t!

Guard: It was doctors orders John; I had to give you that shot. Why are you still here? Your released go, get out of here!

Doe: Oh doctors order huh, that’s some bullsh*t right there! I never saw him give you no orders to pop my ass with medicine! Hey, how about I go over there and kick your ass for popping my ass with a shot. Wanna wrestle me?

[Doe punches one of the guards in the face, the guard’s nose begins to bleed. Another guard pushes John out of the way and into the street.]

Guard: Close the gate! Get out of here John, and get ready for your match.

Doe: Yeah whatever. Wait till I whoop all your asses! I’ll be back.

[Doe starts walking as cameras fade out. Cameras fade back as Doe is seen in a room. Korn “Falling Away From Me” plays in the background as Doe jumps onto a pull up bar. Doe starts doing pull ups while taking to himself.]

Doe: T.V Title, It’s mine. It’ll be mine, why they live in their little fantasylands, I am living in reality. Some may ask, what I am doing, why I train so hard, well to be the best, and I will prove I am the best at Rumble in the Jungle.

[Doe hopes off the pull up bar and faces the T.V set, Doe begins to do push ups. The American Eagle appears on the T.V talking about Rumble in the Jungle. Doe grunts and begins to do push ups faster.]

Doe: Calling me a Psycho huh? Eagle You haven’t seen anything yet. The American Eagle, what kind of name is that? More like the American Chicken. Ha, he thinks he’s tough, whatever man. When that bell rings it begins, your time starts to tick. Enjoy it while it last buddy. What you don’t understand is what I will do to you and anyone who gets in my way. It’s plain and it’s a simple concept, I will break you, I will hurt you, I am going to make you bleed and when it’s all said and done I will rule supreme.

[Doe stands up as sweat drips from his face. Doe smiles a weak smile as he leans against a punching bag. Doe hits the bag once then twice; he continues to hit the bag as a commercial of Rumble in the jungle plays on the T.V set.]

Doe: I can’t be stopped, nor can any of these fools stop me, I am the destructive force in this match. I will destroy each and every one of them. All I saw to them is don’t get in my way, just give up know my friends, because come Combat, come our match well all friendship ties end and my wrath will fall upon you. When it does, when my wrath hits you, well you will be leaving the arena in ambulances and I will leave the arena the T.V Champion.

[Doe slams his fist into the bag once more snapping the chain that was holing it to the ceiling. Doe stands up and packs his gym back walking. Doe walks towards the door and takes a final look at the TV as all the contestants for Rumble in the Jungle are shown.]

Doe: Sleep well guys. Hold your pillows tight, because come our match, the only place you will be sleeping is in a hospital bed.

[Doe laughs as he walks out of the room. Cameras follow Doe down the hall with zooming effect. Doe turns the corner as the camera stays in the main hall. The camera turns down looking at the floor as the camera picks up a line of foam.]

[~^~Fade to Black~^~]


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Jan 1, 2000
New Jersey
Rumble chances

Camera fades to what looks to be a nice look suite. The camera happens to make it into the bedroom where it is dark. An alarm goes off and a hand is seen from underneath the cover to shut it off. A head pops up from under the sheet and you see Hacker, you then hear a voice.

Data- What time is it?

Hacker- 8:30.

Data- Can't we sleep in for just once.

Hacker- I usually would say yes but I have a match and already heard from two of my opponents.

Data- *head pops out from under the cover* I still can't believe that you proposed to me.

Hacker- I surprised you didn't I?

Data- Yeah you did. So who have you heard from?

Hacker- Some guy that is a nutcase by the name of John Doe and a man that is making his debut in NWL. His name is Ryan Cruz.

Data- Do you think you have a chance?

Hacker- I guess, Doe is going to be interesting. He just got out of an asylum. Cruz looks promising as well.

Data- You got something they don't though?

Hacker- Yeah I got you. *kisses Data*

Data- Well then you got two things they don't then and the other one is determation to succeed.

Hacker- I better. This is going to be an interesting rumble.

Data- So I guess this mean it is time to go to the gym?

Hacker- You got it.

Data- I don't know how you can work out with the exercise I gave you last night.

Hacker- *laughs* Yeah I know, but hey it goes with the job.

Data- Do you want me to go with you?

Hacker- I would love to say yes but you are one hell of a distraction and I might just want to tackle you.

Data- *laughs* We can do that in the ring. I might even let you win.

Hacker- Oh really? *grins* Ok how about this...let me go and work out for two hours and then I will meet you and we can go one on one in the ring?

Data- Deal.

Hacker- Great, I will see you in a few.

Hacker kisses Data and then gets out of bed where you see him in a pair of boxers. He grabs a pair of workout shorts and puts them on along with a t-shirt and leaves the room. He grabs his workout bag and is on his way to the gym. Outside the hotel, a cameracrew is waiting for him along with a reporter.

Reporter- Hacker, Amish Phatal from Wrestlezone.com, I was wondering if we could get a quick interview for our website?

Hacker- Sure, but what is with the camera?

Reporter Phatal- Oh it is a special web show.

Hacker- Oh I see, well if you don't mind walking and talking then it is cool with me.

Reporter Phatal- Thanks, ok first thing congrats on your engagement of the beautiful Data.

Hacker- Thanks man, we have been together for a while now.

Reporter Phatal- You have a match coming up for the TV Title, a battle royal and two of your opponents have made comments. What are you first thoughts on John Doe?

Hacker- Interesting guy isn't he? I am not exactly sure why he was in the insane asylum and I suppose it is none of my business, but one thing for sure, I don't fear anyone. So if he wants to fight me then I will be ready for him. The man may be unstable at the moment but that won't stop me in throwing him out if need be.

Reporter Phatal- And what about Ryan Cruz, the so called American Eagle?

Hacker- Sounds like a Bush supporter? *grins* Just joking man, if he thinks he can bring the fight then let's go. I am an equal opportunity butt kicker. I don't discriminate on who I beat the hell out of. If either Doe or Cruz, want the belt then they are going to have to get through me to prove it.

Reporter Phatal- Thanks for your time Hacker and good luck in your match.

Hacker- Thanks man, I will see ya around.

Hacker walks off towards the gym as the camera fades out


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Jan 1, 2000
Enter the Beast

(The chains threaded through the shoulders of his leather jacket lowly rattle together as he walks in front of a NWL backdrop. Jarod Poe plays with the metal labret pierced through his lower lip. His eyes close slowly as behind him the interviews from his competitors play at once. Their voices almost merge together as he takes them all in. He pays no attnetion to the image just an open ear on their words. After all their actions are meaningless...only his matter. After a few moments the chatter dies down. The monitors go to static and the sound of white noise fills the room. Jarod leans his back to the wall, snaps his fingers and room grows quite)

Poe: Victims...victims aren't we all? I must admit my time here in the NWl hasn't been a very fond experience. Hart turned out to be a coward and Jim. Well Jim turned to be a cheater and then a coward. I ask myself where are all the true warriors. Where are the men who'll put their bodies on the line and not need any help. Where are my WORTHY victims for sacrifice. {{laughs}} After all the beast does not call forth lesser souls. Ah, but now...now I have a hold slew of potentials. My chalice is full...I must now only decide whose blood is the richest

(Jarod laughs to himself. He points a remote control towards one of the monitors and the promo from John Doe lays back. It plays for a few moments and he mutes the sound)

Poe: Killed a man? Have you now?

(Jarod leans forward and smirks)

Poe: Is that supposed to scare me?

(He leans back)

Poe: You got mad...and you killed a man. Tell me...how did that make you feel? Were you sad? Were you glad? or was the rage inside you so great that all emotion had left? For me...I felt nothing. I just pointed and shot...just as I was trained. Telling me you killed a man isn't going to scare me Doe. See I've been there...I've done that. As for the rest of your threats...doesn't phase me.

(Jarod sits up upon the heels of his boots)

Poe: You see for some of us obession can lead to madness. For you perhaps it already has. The problem is that twisted mind isn't goig to give you an advantage. Not when it counts. Because pain...the ever evening level...well you'll have to overcome it. I don't think in the end you'll be able to stop me once I start. For I...unlike the rest of you. I truly know what it's like to hurt a man. In return...I've felt a pain like none of you can imagine. A pain so great it left me numb. Now all I seek and all I look for is just trying to feel something again. I haven't found a man who can hurt me. {{laughs to himself}} No more thne I've done to myself

(Jarod pushed the button and the picture of John Doe fades to black. The points his hand opposite and another monitor comes on. The black screen turns to American Eagle standing tall and looking proud. As he mouth begins to open Jarod hits the mute button)

Poe: So what are you? Are you hero? Are you villian? Where's you power as your hands grip cold steel bars and men much more harden then you eye your backside? See it's a funny thing about the Eagle. You claim he's the great predator up above. {{Jarod snicker}} Well that's where you wrong. All that open sky just leaves him an exposed target. That is why thier protected. Are country is much the same.

(Jarod holds the palm of his hand flat up in a stopping motion)

Poe: Spare me the lectures on war. Don't preech about freedom. I've spent my time {{points to the camera}} making sure you had just what you speak about...freedom. {{shrugs}} In the end it's just a cog in the wheel. After all we don't do it right. We never fight for the one simple reason. The simple reason we step intot he ring. We never fight for the sake of just winning. If we did...well the world would be a much safer place. The only problem is...we'd be extinct from thier fear. You see politics...games...feelings...thye all get in the way. It's what countries must abide too. That's why there are so many lawyers. Me..I don't have that problem. I just have the bell to ring...pain to cause and victory to grab. I play to win. You wanna be some kind of patriot? Maybe some kind of villian? It doesn't matter you can rot in jail ust as well as you will in my ring. That's providing you new husband let's you come to the dance.

(Jarod chuckles slightly as he pushes the button and American Eagle fades away. A quick change in hand angle, click of the button and Hacker and Data appear on the screen)

Poe: {{smiles}} Are you happy Hacker? do you have love in your heart? Is it all a flutter when you wake in the morning and see her face? I almost remember how that used to feel. The alarm would ring...you'd open your eyes and there she is looking back just as the first scne tof her perfume hits your nose. {{nods his head}} I remmeber that.

(With two hands Jarod tears open his t-shirt and a tattoo of a women's face stares back above his heart. Below two smiling children look toward thier mother)

Poe: {{rubs his chest}} Imagine if it was all gone? Imagine it all brutally ripped away. That great world of happiness...liteally cut down.
Whatkind of man would you become? What feeling would be in your heart then? For you see all that I have left is an inked picture that will also fade away someday. Think about the pain...the anger...the near unfeeling care you'd have towards the world. well that's what you'll get when we meet in the ring. Cold, black, pain...you'd almost seek pain, because then...then you might just feel again. Well that's me Hacker. That's who I am. I'm the road you NEVER want to travel down. When you wake tomorrow morning I'm the worst nightmare you could ever have. For you see you'd have to lose everything SHE means to you...in order to even begin you understand the way my mind works.

(Jarod pushes the button on the remote and Hacker's screen goes black)

Poe: See all of you are victims. Sacrifices to my altar of pain. I don't care how crazy...how heroic...or even how good you THINK you are. Here's a simple fact I'm only going to tell you once. You WILL ALL be my victim. One...by one...by one...I will take you down. Like victims in a terrible movie you will watch the other fall. Till finally...alone at last...it will be just you an I. You'll have watched the others fail...and then...and only then you'll realize what they have learned.

(Jarod slowly stands and points at the camera)

Poe: I wil sacrifice you ALL to the beast...I WILL make you ALL my victims. You'll SUFFER...just as I have. And you will learn what ALL will soon know.

(He smiles slightly)


(Jarod steps forward and whispers)

Poe: and fear...fear what you can't conquer

(Jarod points the remote towards the camera and pushes a button)


John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
My Time

[Fade slowly showing John Doe and a couple guys sitting at a
table with a “Rumble in the Jungle backdrop behind them. Zoom
back showing tons of press personal]

[Zoom in on John Doe sitting behind a desk with some of his
friends laughing.]

[Reporters starting yelling questions out and taking pictures]

[John nods over to a reporter]

Doe: What’s your question?

Reporter (MTV News): John, how does it feel to have to chance to
wrestle for the T.V Title?

Doe: Well, it’s feels good actually, I have no fears, the
opponents are going to be tough but nothing to be scared of. I
mean this is one step closer to the World Heavyweight
Championship. If I win this match , well it just makes me better.

[Press room begins to shout out more questions]

Doe: Whoa, one at a time, one at a time.

[Doe looks around and points to a reporter.]

Doe: Go ahead, ask away.

[The Reporter stand up]

Reporter (NBC): John, most people are wondering on your thoughts on Jarod Poe?

Doe: Jarod Poe is a talented wrestler, but like the rest doesn’t
have a chance in the ring against me. Sure he can talk all the
smack he wants, he just has to put his money where is mouth is.
I’m your victim Poe? Well I say bring it. I say that if Jarod Poe
wants to show how bad he’s going to beat me around, or how he’s going to make me a victim, take your best shot at me. Practically I think that he’s just a big wuss, pathetic man with no skills that he can manage. So if he is so focused on putting pain and being the self-proclaimed torture king, then go ahead and try.
I’ll be waiting for your attempt, which it will only be, an
attempt to torture me.

Reporter (ABC Sports): Now we all heard from reporters of Hackers thoughts on you, he said quote “ Interesting guy isn't he? I am not exactly sure why he was in the insane asylum and I suppose it is none of my business, but one thing for sure, I don't fear anyone. So if he wants to fight me then I will be ready for him. The man may be unstable at the moment but that won't stop me in throwing him out if need be”, what do you think on his thoughts on ‘Throwing you out”?

Doe: What makes him think that he can throw me out? First of, I’d
like to congratulate Data and Hacker on their engagement. But,
Hacker can think his thought on “Throwing me out”, but to get
right down to the point, he will be the one thrown out, let him
try to throw me out, his ass will be eliminated if he does so.
Frankly, I have no problem’s with Hacker, so if he does eliminate
me, best of luck to you, but even more luck trying to throw me
out of the match.

[Room fills once again with reporters asking questions]

Reporter (New York Times): John, we have also heard from Ryan
“The American Eagle” Cruz, what do you think on him?

Doe: Oh, you mean the “American Chicken”?[Press laughs] What’s
his whole thing on Revolutionizing the business? Personally I’ve
never seen the man wrestle, which brings up a problem in fact.
Don’t know what he does in the ring and how he performs, but I’m sure he will be a good challenge and one worth beating. But this isn’t going to be one little Chicken Fight for Ryan Cruz. I’m out
to win, and win I will, so he’s just another wrestler getting in
my way of the T.V Title. He calls me a psycho, well Cruz you
haven’t seen anything. Let me break it down for you, when a man
has his eye set on a goal, he will do anything to achieve that
goal, when he has a will, nothing can stop him. He has that
drive, that adrenaline rush in and out of the ring, you can see
it in his eyes when he wants to win. I see it in my eyes, every
time I look in the mirror, I feel that rush of adrenaline in and
out of the ring, and none of these guys that are going to face me
can stop it, none of them.

Reporter (Chicago Tribune): John, one final question befroe you go, what happens if you lose? Or what will happen if you win?

Doe: Well, if I do lose by some odd chance, well then I have to wrok my way back up that ladder for a rematch, or I will wrok my way to get a shot at the World HeavyWieght Championship. But, if I do win, which I will. Then I say I give an open challenge to one person to face me, but that all matters to what the management says and all. But I say good luck to all the wreslters and have fun trying to beat me, ladies and gentelmen I present your first T.V Champion.....Me.

[John Doe stands up and walks out of the press room. Fade out on Doe walking out of the door]

~{Fade to Black}~
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Jan 1, 2000
After the Vultures have flown

(Wrappers and coffee cups litter the floor of the empty interview room. Where once dozens of reporters plied their trade it now lies empty. The silience it sits in is broken by heavy boots as Jaord Poe slowly inters the room. He sits at the head table and look upon the sea of empty ones with a slight smile upon his face. As he sits down he begins tapping his fingers opon the tabletop. As he does the metallic talon piercing the webbing of his hand tap at a dull rythmatic pace. The camera slowly moves in closer and he nods knowingly towards it)

Poe: Attention...I guess some of us crave it more. {{shrugs}} Me...I guess it just not me. Ah, but it's not you is it Doe? I found it funny as you sat in front of all those reporters...what happened to the man that put a smile on my face? Where's the maniac that needed to be sedated. What I saw at first on the screen was an out of control monster. Now as you sit back....all the attention upon you...what do we get? We get to what all outer appearence is a very sane man. What happened...where's the monster? Where's my smile? A better question would be...was it all an act?

(Jarod leans forward, arms upon the table and peers deeper into the camera)

Poe: Are you just trying to fool me? or are you just being a fool? {{shrugs}} What I saw was not the concern I had before, but amusement. Amusement at the sight of someone how tried badly to twist my words and make childish remarks. A man who actually showed some respect towards his opponents. A man who seemed quite civil...a man who I think I could easily break apart. What man are you?

(Jarod sits back and pauses as if expecting an answer)

Poe: You know...come to think of it...NEVERMIND!!!!!!!!!

(Jarod stands up from behind the desk)

Poe: Because I'm the real thing. What you see...is what you get. All that crap Ryan Cruz spoke about?

(Jarod spits on the floor)

Poe: That's what I think. Congratulating Hacker on his engagement?

(Jarod spits on the floor)

Poe: Even so much as calling me a talented wrestler

(Spits on the floor)

Poe: Screw all of that. You know why? Because I don't have even the slighest respect for ANY OF YOU!!!!

(Jarod points at the camera)

Poe: And you Doe? You?...Well I've got even less respect for showing what little you did. The hell with all that. See Doe I don't flip flop. I don't play nice. I called ALL of you VICTIMS....and that's just how I see you. I see you as nothing more then limbs to twist, bones to break and spirits to crush

(Jarod steps out from behind the desk)

Poe: You...you Doe?...you show me weakness. You show me a man that maybe doesn't have the edge I thought he did. That when it comes right down to it...maybe your not up for my challenge

(Jarod digs his ear with a finger)

Poe: After all did you not hear my verbal challenge? Did you not understand the disrespect I had for you? did you not feel the contempt in my voice? Maybe you didn't...maybe your too stupid to understand. Or maybe...just maybe...your already afraid? I don't know...I DON"T CARE!!!! All you really need to know is this.

(He steps forward and leers into the camera)

Poe: All I intend towards any of you is suffering. I don't have respect...I don't have admiration...I don't have pity. YOUR PREY!!!! My prey...MY VICTIMS!!!!!!!! I was not asking you DOE!!! I WAS TELLING!!!!!!! Maybe you don't know who your dealing with {{shrugs}} Hey doesn't matter to me. You'll find out. I'm damn sure not dumb enough nor will I waste the time and telling you. What I will do is this

(Jarod's slight smile returns to his face)

Poe: One...by...one...by one...YOU WILL BE ELIMINATED!!! I'll take down one after another...till only one is left. Then...then my fun will begin. He'll be my victim. The rest of you...the rest will have proven to not have been worthy. I hope it's you Doe. I really hope it's you. For it will be quite nice to take that once raving madman and teach him one true fact when it comes to Jarod Poe

(The smile fades away and his voice grows cold)

Poe: I am "THE TORTURE KING" and when all is said and done...you'll understand what I mean when you hear me say..."FEAR WHAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND AND...

(His voice lowers)

Poe: ...hate what you can't conquer

(Jarod narrows his eyes, the smile returns and he laughs loudly)



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Jan 1, 2000
OORP: Posted with permission of Andrew

(Fade into the Jobber's Whitelandia compound. Cut to the living room, a site not so familiar for NWL viewers, but familiar to many the wold over. The Jobber sits on his couch, a look of jovial purpose on his face.)

The Jobber: I never thought I'd see myself here, talking to such peons. But when I noticed that an old friend of mine was going to be competing in this match I thought I would put in a call and set the wheels in motion to say hello.

Jared Poe, hello old friend. I see you are still stuck in the same old ruts. Still stuck trying to come in second place? You always spent so much time trying to be a second stringer, wishing you were the news on Page 6.

But here you are, still trying to be a secondary champion, still acting like it was an accomplishment, and still having the same negative downer attitude. I guess that attitude might be the result of only striving to be #2, and only sometimes achieving that goal. I know I'd be depressed if it took three tries to become not the best, but almost the best.

Of course, maybe that downer attitude is what caused you to have such low expectations for your career in the first place. It's hard to figure out which is the cause of the other though, it's one of those chicken and the egg things, except in this case the chicken is a whiney angsty goth monster, and the egg is... a container of your utter despair, or whatever you Nine Inch Nails listening tatooed dudes would call it.

Poe my friend, I feel bad for you. Burdened with such a moniker as Poe, you were cursed to a lifetime of goth monsterdom. Cursed to a lifetime of being a promotional tool, to be a magnet for failed expectations. Look how many chances you've been given to become #2, only to drop the ball? It's not like the second place ball is very heavy either.

But what we have in Jared Poe is a serial ball dropper. A man who cannot achieve goals unless he gets many chances. I guess for you Jared the NWL will have to provide you three mulligans in case you get pinned a few times in route to you being jammed down everyone's throat long enough that you finally win the title. That is usually how it works with you right? Maybe this time you won't need three chances, maybe you can get it done on your second try.

Looking at your competition I'd be shocked if you couldn't get it done in less than three tries. What barrel did the NWL scrape the bottom of to find a group of scrubs to throw at you to make you seem like a some sort of a threat?

It's sad just looking down the line up of this Rumble in the Jungle.

A hacker with a valet named Data? That's just too easy to mock, so I'll skip it.

A guy named John Doe? NWL can't even spend the money to come up for a name for Poe's victim? It'd be amusing if Jared Poe choked fighting what was supposed to be a nameless victim and lost.

Oh and of course "The American Eagle" Ryan Cruz. So for the intense feud when Poe chokes and loses to him, will the angsty hatred filled Jared Poe become an Iraqi Turncoat and join up with Saddam Hussein to oppose Mr. Cruz? Oh wait... too late I guess. Well anyyway Mr. Cruz, 9-11 NEVER FORGET, nothing is better than some dork getting the crap beaten out of him to show how a goth monster will always destroy a gimmick created by some uncreative moron to make money off of an American tragedy. Good job Mr. Cruz, manipulating people's emotions in this trying time to try and sell some extra t-shirts.

I actually hope Jared Poe doesn't choke when you get into the ring.

(Fade out)

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Midnight Mayhem

[Fade into a room with John Doe laying in a bed. John begins
to turn and toss in his sleep as the camera’s zoom to his
face. Sweat drips slowly down his fore head. John’s eyes
open wide as he sits up quickly his eyes in terror. John turns
on his T.V as ESPN turns on. John leans against the
headboard of the bed as he watches ESPN.]

Guy: Hey welcome to this special edition of ESPN Wrestling
Ring Review, with me Travis Sherlock and my co-host Bob

Rezulak: Tonight we are going to talk about a match that is
one of the biggest talks going around in the wrestling

Sherlock: That is NWL Combats Rumble in the Jungle match,
six men will compete for the T.V. Title, and one will emerge

Rezulak: Most people right now are putting their money on...

[John shuts off the T.V and stands up out of bed. John looks
at his clock. 12:00 blinks over and over. John shakes his
head and walks out of the room stretching making his way
the kitchen. John hears a creaking sound as he peaks over
in the living room. A man sits in one John seats. John grabs
a knife and walks over to the living room]

Doe: HEY! Who the f*ck are you, and what are you doing in
my house!?! I don’t know you never seen you before. How
did you get in here? I’m going to give you a minute to get
yourself out of my seat and out of my house!

[The mans voice exits his lips, the voice fuzzy and echoing]

Man: Nice to see you again John......

Doe: You...your back......

Man: Forgot about me did you, come on John you use to talk
to me all the time in that little padded cell they kept you in.
You can’t forget..friends, now can we?

Doe: No..your not here you in my head. Go away [John
Closes his eyes them opens them] Your still here! I said to
leave, your just in my mind your not really there.

Man: Oh, please. John, John, John when will you learn? Now,
I told you this while you were in that cell the had you locked
in. Oh, man, oh man, they had you locked away like a dog. At
the bottom of the institute. They didn’t like you.

Doe: The doctors didn’t like me, it’s because I wouldn’t tell
them my name. And I don’t know it nether! So, you don’t ask
me it because I don’t know it! Plus, I don’t even know who I
am. you know how that feels, not to know who you are. All I
Know is my name is John Doe, whatever that means.

Man: Well “John Doe”. Your wrestling now, wow made
yourself a big shot, and you forgot about me! All that time I
spent with you in that cell and talked to you. You know
what’s going to happen on Combat don’t you?

Doe: No! Shut up, I know what your doing and I don’t like it.
Leave before you get me mad. You use to do this all the
time, I know your not real, your just a part of my

Man: Your, going to lose John...admit it, your scared your
scared of them! chicken...ha ha ha!

Doe: Stop it! Stop it!!

[Camera’s hiding in John’s house show John yelling at the
empty chair. John holds his head]

Man: Do it John, I see inside you, I can see what’s in your
head, your thoughts. Just give up, you have no chance John.
Drop out of the race.

Doe: Never...You are not here. And I’m going to win, and I
will win, so you can just leave. I am the best, I will prove it
at Rumble in the Jungle. When I do, you will no longer be
here! So ha! I will beat all of them Pulsar, Cruz, Hacker, Poe.
One by one they will fall to my wrath, the will feel the
Amnesia Attack, and I will come out of the match victorious,
I will reign supreme to all of them. The will look at me with
envy, their eyes will gaze upon the T.V Title, their souls will
fall with shame, and I will rise to my celebration, my time.
And you...well it’s time for you to go!

[John spins the knife in his hand as he walks towards the
empty chair]

Man: John....John what are you doing! Don’t put me away
again...please I’ve been in there for to long John! That stupid
mind! Don’t put me away..I can help you John...I’m your
friend remember? John, no...No! YOU CAN’T GET RID OF ME!

[John lunges at the empty chair and begins stabbing it as
the man disappears in front of John’s eyes. The camera’s
still zoom in at John Doe.]

Doe: Where did you go!?! You can’t hide [John looks in the
mirror] That’s right stay up there, because you know I’m
right. Come Combat, I will prove it to you and everyone
watching. I will become the first T.V Champion in NWL
history and you won’t be able to stop me, none will. Watch
closely my old friend because what you will see at Rumble in
the Jungle is a John Doe that you have never seen before.

[Camera’s fade out slowly on John Doe looking in the mirror]

~~<Fade to Black>~~


Hell with this c***

[Fade in inside an condominium, a guy wearing a tanktop and shorts is shown watching his plasma TV, he was drinking coffee and the sun was rising in the background. The camera goes closer and it's seen that it was Ryan Cruz, The American Eagle...]

[The TV shows The Jobber talking about Ryan making money with an american Tragedy, about 9-11 and all those other c*** he said...]

Ryan: Jobber, whp in blue hell, do you think you are, huh? You talk trash about me, you talk trash about what i believe in, you talk trash about our american family?

[Ryan stands up and walks infront of his glass door, and looks at the sun rising...]

Ryan: Do you see the sun, well, without our country's defense we wouldn't be able to look at it, everyone one of you makes fun about my name, the american eagle, while all of you have the least catchy name, in this business you need two things to get recognized, Talent and a catchy name, so all of you, JObber, John Doe, Jarred Poe and Hacker, All of you, start looking at the mirror first before making fun of me...

[ Ryan walks back to his couch and turns on the TV again. It shows a promo about the rumble in the jungle...]

Ryan: Everyone in that match is a respected wrestler, except for me, but i will earn all of your respect, i don't promise to win but i promise to everyone that i'll try to win this, for my family, both real and my American one...

[ Ryan's puppy,Halo comes and sits on Ryan's lap...]

Ryan: I would like everyone to meet Halo, he is my manager and my pet, and i will prove to everyone that even if your small and a rookie doesn't mean that you don't have a fight.

[ Ryan then goes outside to his patio... He raises both his hand seperately forming somethign like a cross...]

Ryan: America, I will succeed, not for me but for you, and for those who thinks of me as a joke, shall pay and everyone who believes in me shall gain immortality...]

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Make fun of the Eagle

[John sits on his computer as he looks at a picture of Ryan Cruz on the NWL website. John smirks as he looks at the picture. John sits and leans back in his chair as his spits
at the screen]

Doe: I remeber my first match Cruz like it was yesterday, in fact it was last week. Man that scared the **** out of me.all those people watching. Everyone waiting watching for your mistakes to show. “American Eagle”, why choose such a name? What makes you think that this country is so great? Why don’t you ask Mr. Smart-Ass Jarod Poe.

[John laughs to him self as he looks at the computer screen as OVW videos of Ryan Cruz play.]

Doe: Well Cruz, seems as if you wrestled in the minors for a bit huh. SO you think you can beat me, you don’t have the guts. Cruz, when you step in that ring at COmbat, your life will spin, as I slam at Amnesia Attack on you, and elimating you. it’s not liek i have anything against you Cruz, your just getting in my way. I don’t liek things in my way, makes me..mad. Cruz, boy you need to learn to wrestle, maybe stepping in the ring with some real wrestlers will help.

[John outs his feet up on a desk yawning. John watches the video in boredom and looks in the mirror]

Doe: Oh, you told me to look in the mirror, well I see a Champion, well but when i look at you I see nothing. [John mocks Ryan Cruz] “America, I will succeed, not for me but for you, and for those who thinks of me as a joke, shall pay and everyone who believes in me shall gain immortality” What crap is that? I don’t thik of you as a joke Ryan Cruz, i think of ypu as a fool
for steping in the ring with me! Poor dog of yours, has to deal with your stupity all day. [John laughs to himself]. Man i crack my self up, whoop sneed to take my meds, see you at Rumble in the Jungle, “American Chicken Sh*t”.

[Fade out on Doe poping some medication]


A Message from the Hands-on Favourite

Back in the good old Irish pub...

we find Pat McGee, formerly known as Pat Gordon, and his new protege, the six foot-six, nearly three hundred pound gentle giant, Shamrock Finnegan. The two Irish hooligans are sharing a pint of Guinness with some good, hard-working Irish-Americans.

Everyone is gathered around the old television set, watching the tape of Shamrock's first match as a professional against Lars Magellan.

On TV:

Gonzago: "It was certainly a hard fought match, as Lars Magellan moves on to the second round. But let's not discredit Shamrock Finnegan. In his first professional match, he almost defeated a veteran. This kid has major potential and I wouldn't be surprised if he was the odds on favorite to win the NWL Television title."

Kincaid: "I would actually agree with you on that one Emanuel."

Finnegan: (Watching the television) Ay O!

P. McGee: Haha! Did you see that, Shammy? They said you're the odds on favourite to win that Television Title at the Rumble in the Jungle match!

Finnegan: (Throwing his mentor a menacing look) DONNAE CALL ME SHAMMY! I cannae believe I lost that match. I nearly had him, TWICE!

P. McGee: Don't worry about it, Finnegan. You put up a good fight, and you're bound to win the TV Title. You'll get your shot at Lars again; I'll see to that. Just focus on what's ahead of you.

Finnegan: Aye, 'tis true. So, have ye done the scouting yet, McGee?

P. McGee: Indeed, I have, Finnegan. Not too much to worry about, except Jarod Poe and Hacker. Maybe this Frost character. He has a reputation in Florida, but if his next NWL showing is anything like his last, I wouldn't worry.

This John Doe kid thinks he sees a champion when he looks in the mirror, but unless he's putting a poster of you over his mirror, I'm not seeing what he's seeing. He's just some pretend mental-case. It seems none of them are even thinking about being in the ring with you, Champ.

Finnegan: Aye, John Doe, donnae be so arrogant, for ye see, ye are nae stepping between those ropes with just anyone. Ye are stepping in between those ropes with me, and I will make it me own personal mission to see to't that ye donnae win the Television Title. To you, John Doe, just another arrogant Tory, the Television Title is nothing more that a piece of leather with some gold on't. For me, however, 'tis a stepping stone to revenge.

I'm nae a man to be overlooked, mates. Ryan Cruz, John Doe, Edy Feria, Cameron Love, Luster, Frost, and even Hacker and Jarod Poe from GLCW, to me ye are all just bodies to be thrown over the top rope; ye just form a small barrier between me and my goals. I will have my rematch with Lars Magellan, and I know that winning the Television Title is a great way to go aboot doing it.

Ye see, Gonzago called me the odds on favourite for a reason. That reason, simply put, is that I'm bigger than you, I'm smarter than you, and I'm more talented than you. I was trained by the best, ye know. Shamrock pats McGee on the back. All of those things aside, I have the drive, and I have the dedication to beat each and every one of ye. Ye sit around in insane asylums or on beaches, sipping yer herbal tea or thorizine IVs, and what do ye talk aboot? Nae what's goinae happen when Shamrock Finnegan is in the ring, but I donnae blame ye one bit. I would nae wannae worry aboot that, meself, if I was you.

(Shamrock takes a big swig of his Guinness, then slams the glass on the bar)

Ryan Cruz, ye donnae seem much more t'me than some brat kid, rebelling against everything just for the sake o' rebelling, and John Doe, well yer name suits ye, because that's what they're goinae call ye down at the morgue after this Rumble in the Jungle Match.

P. McGee: Welcome to the Jungle, ladies. Just for the record, everyone, I was the one who eliminated the most people in CPW's battle royale, and I'm the one who trained Shamrock Finnegan. Makes you wonder what he'll do to all of you, doesn't it? Hahaha.

Finnegan: I'll tell ye all what I'm goinnae do. I'm goinnae show ye all why 26+6=1.

Everyone in the pub: Ay O, ay O, ay O! AY O!

(McGee and Finnegan down their Guinness)

P. McGee: Come on, Finnegan, we've got some training to do.

The two hooligans leave the pub, shaking hands with all of the patrons on their way out...

The End.


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Jan 1, 2000
In a darkned room

(Darkness is broken as Jarod Poe pulls the sting inside the once pitch black room. He sits in a metal foldng chair staring forward at the camera. The camera pans around the small rom. Numerous work-out equipment scatters to the four walls. Jarod nods his head upwards to bring focus back on himself. He slowly removes the talon piercings from his hand webbings and places them in his pocket. He cracks the knuckles on both of his hands and smiles)

Poe: I supposed I missed them..the roaches. I'm sure they were here. yet I bet...as soon as the light was turned on they made a run for it. Scurried for cover under into the nearest dark place. You know people are alot like that. {{grins}} Shine the light upon them {{snaps his fingers}} and they run away. I'm not sure if it's a sign of weakness or just self presavation. All I know is I see more then just one roach when I watch the tube lately

(Jarod stands up, walks behind the chair and turns facing the camera)

Poe: Take for instance...The Jobbor. Welcome to the NWL. You know I'd almost take your words seriously...maybe even to heart...well if the whole story were told. After all you only did what you could to put yourself in the best light. {{chuckles}} That's a suprising move for a roach. After all honesty is always best...is it not Jobbor? Does it not set ourselves free to tell the truth. Well were you didn't...I will.

(Jarod turns the chair around,sits down will his legs stradle the back and looks forward)

Poe: For while I'll admit...I do not win the GLCW Title. Not that it reallt matters now. I was the TV Champion and I ahve you to thank for that. After all we meet a couple of times for that title. {{smiles}} Didn't we? Yes...we did. That lowly belt that meant so little. Tell us Jobbor...how did that go for you?

(Jarod pauses only a second)

Poe: Wait...we want the truth this time. Truth is it didn't go very well. I'm not sure what meeting it was, first second, third. All I remmebr is you gettign that DQ. Hitting me wuith that chair to save that belt. That belt that meant so little. I believe in the end all you got for your trouble was left laying cold after I hooked on "The Fading Light". that and you got your belt draped of your prone body while you laid thier out cold. I think our other meeting went slightly better for you...I mena on that occasion you only got your shoulders pinned. ah, but that was the GLCW, that was then ths is now Jobbor. I don't look back at the past. I look towards the future. Your opinion means very little to me Jobbor...after all it sounds alot more like the rantins of a man who just hated getting beat.

(Jarod stands again kicking the chair to the side)

Poe: I mean after all why did you go so far out of the way...it wasn't just to say HI. Or is it that you want another shot at me? You want some revenge...you've been sitting till it was cold enough and now it's serving time? Is that it Jobbor? Or are you just being the same pain in the ass you always are? {{shrugs}} Hey makes no difference to me. You come on down...take you best shot, because your words...they are a lost cause. Step in the ring one more time...come take another run at me. {{grins}} after all if I'm so stuck in second place...well I'd be happy to knock you down to third...one more time.

(Jarod slowly walks over to the small benchpress in the room. He stares at it for a moment and then looks back at the camera)

Poe: I don't hear a thing? Do you Doe? Does my furniture talk to you? or is that chair special? Does it scare you? Did you really need a knife? or was the act back on? Look Doe...you tried...you really tried, but I've lost the respect {{frowns}} My smile is gone. I see you for what you are. Not a ranting maniac to fear in the ring. No your more a scared boy. you hide behind pills and playground names. After all you really put Ryan Cruz in his place. I want you to do me a favor Doe. I want you to sit down and collect. Collect youself...collect your thoughts...get your bearings. After all you don't make for a very pretty picture. Look at yourself sitting at that computer. Your mind scrambled from too much porn...all yuo could do was lash out. Lash out in incohearent shots. {{shakes his head}} Maybe it was the pills, maybe you'll be better. Or...

(Jarod leans in closer and whispers)

Poe: Maybe the man is the chair was right

(He laughs and his voice returns to normal)

Poe: You are going to lose. You don't have what it takes. that's why I ask...sit down...take a deep breath...collect yourself Doe. then...when that little mind of yours is ready...LET ME HAVE IT!!! Both barrels Doe...tell me something profound. something more then just a Smart Ass...come on...your better then that. You'd better be in the ring Doe. After all if your afraid of a verbal assault...just wait till we meet. Because then...the man in the chair will be right Doe. You will have lost by then.

(Jarod nods his head and smiles faintly)

Poe: yet there is still you Cruz...and our newcomer...The Irishmen.

(Jarod shakes his head)

Poe: For you Cruz...I'm not sure what to say. In fact...ah...never mind. At least I can respect Finnegan. What is better then sitting in a pub, having a couple of thick brew's and telling lies. Telling lies, about women you've sleep with, deeds you've done and stuff your going to do. ah and you done brought old Pat Gordon to help you along.

(Jarod gives a round of mock applause)

Poe: Good for the two of you. Just remember lads...things are alot different when that bell rings and the liquid courage isn't on tap on longer. No the only thing that might be one tap in that ring is your very own blood. something I have no problem what so ever of spilling. See I don't care how big you are. I don't care how many men you've thrown over the top rope. Anyone can get drunk and spout tales. What you need to do is focus...and prepare.

(Jarod steps back slightly)

Poe: For that's why I'm in this hell hole of a room. It's not much...not much at all. yet it's all I'm going to need to get my body and mind on the task. I don't care how many of you there are...I don't care about any threats you ahve to make. I'm going to be there as one after another you are gone. Until I'm the only man left standing...then then when I've got that belt. Well I'll defend it against whoever steps forward. Hey Jobbor...maybe you can come and get your pay back then

(Jarod let's loose a low laugh, turns his back and walks away)



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Jan 1, 2000
(Cue up "East Side Beat" by the Toasters.)

(Fade into the Jobber's Whitelandia compound. Cut to the living room once again, where the Jobber, dressed down as always sits, ready to speak.)

The Jobber: Never in a million years did I think I would sit down again to speak to the audience of the NWL. I assumed I'd sit down and make fun of Jared poe, I'd confuse his one track mind and send him off on some tangent where the angst magnet goth monster had to defend his macho honor. I'd sit here laughing for awhile, awaiting the inevitable response. Then when the response came I'd laugh some more.

But never would I think that it would be THE AMERICAN EAGLE who'd draw me back in.

American Eagle, you crack me up. If I were to take you at face value I'd think you were serious. That just makes it all the more funnier. Funnier still if you really are serious and meant all that you said... But I think I will assume that your persona is just an elaborate prank, and that THE AMERICAN EAGLE is a comedic genius.

What were you saying, something about everyone involved in the rumble in hte jungle is a respected wrestler? That cracks me up man, you crack me up. We should be best e-buddies.

Anyone being serious would be able to tell what a rag tag band of misfits, never wases, and Jared Poes is competing in this match. None of them are to be taken seriously, even by a man with the name of THE AMERICAN EAGLE. God, I really want to make a joke about them being an endangered species right now, but it's just too easy.

Come on, John Doe a respected grappler? The kind of a gap in logic that it would take to believe this boggles my mind. It boggles the minds of the greatest thinkers of the western, eastern, northern, and southern worlds. It even boggles the minds of those who think there is actually a northern and southern world.

But Jared Poe, my good man I sure ruffled your feathers. As much as these other ruffians are amusing to mock, you my friend are the only substance I have seen in this organization. Very little substance, but there is still somehting there.

What's the matter, the straight story isn't to your liking? Can't stand how many tries it took you to take from me something that was utterly meaningless? Or does it bother you how I could get in my car, show up at the arena, flex one muscle and take this television title away from you just as I took the last one? That'd probably make you a whinier goth monster... more angst. It'd be awful of me to burden the world with an angstier more angry and intense Jared Poe. It really would.

But Jared, it's not like you can deny that I am capable of walking through that door and with the most minor amount of effort capture what would take you so much strain, that would require so much of your blood. Something that is totally out of reach for everyone else in this little organization.

You can claim how much pain you can withstand, how you could care more, or less about anything I say, how... whatever it is you always do to show what a tough dude you are.

But the fact of the matter is, I'm not here for revenge. Why would I care to get my revenge on you? You who I was absolutely sick of fighting, and who many thought only was able to defeat me because in doing so you would never be booked against me again. I won't hide behind such a statement, but I can't say the idea never crossed my mind. I'm as sick of you now as I was then Jared. But that doesn't mean I'd be rude and not say hello to you. I have my manners. Revenge on someone of your caliber... pffft.

Seeking revenge on Jared Poe would take me down a peg, because it would mean I needed to seek it on someone such as yourself. There simply is no need, no reason, not even an inkling inside of me to try to get an iota of revenge from you.

So don't worry Jared, I'm not here for revenge. Right now I'm here because this place seems pretty funny, and I'm sure you are aware you aren't a very funny person... so I couldn't be here because if you, right?

(Fade out.)

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
T.V Title Talk

[Fade in slow to the Hammerstein Arena cut to the back parking lot as John Doe walks around aimlessly to the inside of the arena. John walks to different area’s of the building, John stops as he looks at the partially open door to Andrew Medina’s office. John takes a look inside as no one is in there. John walks in as he looks up at the wall, John’s eyes gazing with disbelief as he sets his eyes upon the T.V Title. John falls down into a chair]

Doe: Wow, so your what I am wrestling for huh? Quite a beauty if you ask me. I had no one to talk to so, I guess I’ll talk to you, man the irony in that, talking to a piece of gold on a leather strap, people must think I’m nuts. Well, this combat I’m wrestling, no fighting to make myself the T.V Champion, to win you. I have to face a couple guys in Rumble in the Jungle. Ha, that’s pretty funny actually because were not evenin a jungle sort to speak.

Doe: I honestly, didn’t expect for any of this to happen so quick, on week I wrestle “The Hardcore Legend” Derek Graham, now I’m
wrestling to make history in NWL, I’m wrestling for the T.V
Championship. Jarod Poe says I amuse him? Well I’ll see what’s so amusing when I kick his stupid, smart mouthing face in. He thinks I’m a joke, so does that Jobber guy or whatever the heck his name is. Well I’ll show everyone of them. God I’m starting to sound like that whining Ryan Cruz. Whatever...see I might not know my past, but I can predict the future, in a small sense. I can’t tell you what it is, but you can feel it. You know what I’m saying?

Doe: It’s like when you know something good or bad is going to
happen. Well for Jarod Poe something really bad is going to happen, one because I don’t like him, and two because he pissed me off. He thinks he’s better than all of us, that he can run his mouth off until he turns blue in the face. I swear I’m gonna knock his teeth out of him, and if it wasn’t illegal probably cut out his tongue. Technically, I can give two sh*ts on what that guy has to say, because frankly I don’t care. He talks as if he is the best that ever lived, as if he is the Jesus Christ of wrestling, whoopty fricken do you wrestled before, let’s not get in Mr. Poe’s way he use to wrestle, oh no let’s not make him mad, oh no no, he’s the “Torture King"!!

Doe: Let’s hate what we can’t conquer everyone! Come on let’s all hate Jarod Poe, because in his mind we hate him because we can’t so call conquer him. Well, I’m not going to conquer you Poe, nah, I’ll pass that opportunity. What I will do is whoop your ass, oh yes an old fashion ass kicking compliments of me. Jarod Poe, when you step in that ring beware of me, you underestimate my abilities in the ring, DON’T EVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR OPPONENTS! [John looks back at the title] Sorry about that, just rambling on about stupid things, but what about this Jobber?

Doe: Mr. Jobber. Yes, title, tats who I’m going to talk about now.
Where in christsake did he come from? Honestly, honestly, I really
don’t know him that well but I’m going to talk smack about him
anyways. See, Jobber goes and runs off about Ryan Cruz, and what not, which I have no problem about, talk about THE AMERICAN EAGLE all your little heart desires, but when you talk crap about me, that just makes me mad. What did he say, he said a respected grappler. As if I am not a good wrestler, WELL SORRY MR. I’M SO DAMN GOOD I KNOW EVERYTHING, I didn’t know that you were the king of the ring, the royal highness of the ropes, you and Poe can both join up and kiss my ass together, both at the same time, because you all make me sick. Sick to the stomach with your stupid antics and think you have everyone figured out mind set. Well I’m going to kick it of them at Rumble in the Jungle, the both of them.

Doe: And Finnegan, oh man calling me arrogant! Are you kidding me? That stupid drinking punk? He doesn’t have a clue on what is going on does he? Yeah guys lets all go to the pub and have a round, [John talks in a mocking Irish accent]. Yea now we all know what’s going to happen to me on the show? Aye, my friend of a mother, we know, your going to get beat around like a St. Patrick’s piggy. Nae, I won’t get beating, Eagle can try to lock me up but can’t take away my freedom. And Poe, Torture king? Nae he is more like the Whimp king of stupid island. [John laughs to himself cutting out the accent] Man I make my self laugh, oh, well. I’m heading out. Hey, come Combat I’m going to win you, by any means necessary. No one is going to get in my way. No one......

[John walks out of the room as cameras turn back to the T.V Title and fade out on it]

~<Fade to Black>~
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Release your emotion, free your imagination...

[Fade in… Inside the very same cell house where Ryan was on his first promo, but now you could see blood all over the place, you could see the bars bent and you could see a picture of the NWL combat log all torn up. Ryan’s voice is heard as the camera shows more gruesome stuff from the cell, the mast unusual thing was, that when Ryan was here for the first time there wasn’t any Guns inside the cell and everyone could see that it was fully loaded…]

Ryan: Why is it that when you think about all the actions done on the pass few weeks all you can see is when everyone has something to say abour the name the American eagle, All the time I kept seeing all of those who are in the rumble saying something about how being an American eagle is BS and how it’s extinct, all this foolishness will cover up everyone’s mind from what you’re hiding from them. Poe, Hacker, Doe, Finnegan, and all those who haven’t promoed yet, all of these affects our decision, it affects the outcome of the match, and it affects our life. I can see that everyone here has a grudge and I can see that everyone here is a man with a goal on his mind, but can anyone see the goal on the army’s mind?

[Ryan walks to view and motioned to the cell. He walked inside and went to the guns that were loaded, it was signed by George Martin…]

Ryan: All this guns are a proof that everyone who is fighting at war is very special, all of this blood proves that everyone in war might get hurt this blood came from those who tried to free us from destruction, all you guys who disrespects the name America are just fools who cant find anything else to do. In your hearts you know I’m right and you know that at the rumble it’s going to be a slobber knocker, and for me it’s just a way to prove, that America succeeds.Time is growing near and life is growing short when would all of you pathetic little souls reveal your true opinion, since everyone knows that you believe in America!

[Halo comes barking to the cell as a shadow follows him, the man was not visible but thye voice was familiar…]

“So this is how you spend your free time before an important match? All this yapping, why don’t you go out to the training center and prepare for your match, You are fighting many guys in that rumble and almost all of them has different styles. I should know I’m the one who signed them…”

[Medina is shown as he smiles to Ryan, Ryan gives a little shrug and motions for halo to follow him to the training center. Ryan looks back to the camera and says…]

Ryan: This is how it will end, some one is going to turn their backs to others and for once do the right thing. The crowd is chanting our name and you know who you are…

[Fade out… to the rumble in the jungle logo…]


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Jan 1, 2000
Time is fleeting

(There's a flash of light from overhead as the darkened arena grows bright. as the picture come sinto focus we see Jarod Poe shielding his eyes as they take a moment to adjust. He slowly walks out of the shadows to the heart of Hammerstein Arena. It's only a few days to the Rumble in the Jungle. He takes a good look around the empty arena and pictures whe multitude of fans that will fill the seats. the unforgiving concrete walls vibrating with cheers and a defeaning sound of displeasure at more the a few men. For now the arena is empty and his footsteps echo heavy though out the large open room. There center stage, where the world will watch lies the ring. He slowly makes his way to ringside, rolls under the bottom rope and stands tall. He pounds his fist hard upon the top-turnbuckle and shakes the rope to test tension. He nods to himself and slowly walks to the farthest corner. The camera moves in closer and a slight smile creases his lips)

Poe: Ah...now here is where I feel comfortable. Here I am free. Away from the ignorance of fellow wrestlers. Away from the childish name calling. Away from all of the hype. Here it's just all about combat. It's about hold and counter-hold, stamina, skill and above all drive. ah, but drive can be a funny thing. After all we're all driven for different reasons. Some are much more obvious then others. Me {{shrugs}} I'm here to tear down whomever stands in my way. {{smiles}} That's what I enjoy. that is one of the few things that still gives me pleasure in this life. Others...well who knows what drives them. Yet I don't care. I came here to be the last man standing {{grins}} and I'll do what it takes to be that man. Yet that's a few days from now...the hype goes on. It's not my game, but I'll play it.

(Jarod sits upon the turnbuckles and removes his leather jacket. he shifts his weight fro comfort and laughs to himself)

Poe: Well...well Jobbor...I knew you couldn't just say HELLO. No...your way above that. Look I guess I too could really care less why you here either. I don't see you as much of a threat in the ring. You can give me a song and a dance about how easy it would be for you to take what's mine. Truth is when words turn to action...well you tend to come up a little short on your own terms. So go ahead...I hope your amused. I hope you get a good ole chuckle from me. For when we're standing face to face in the ring...the outcome will be no different then the last. I see no change in you. Your still the same ignorant fool as you have always been. You belittle what you couldn't attain...that way the loss doesn't seem so great. {{shrugs}} Hey we're all out here trying to put ourselves in the best light. {{smiles}] Others just shine a little brighter then others don't they?

(He slowly slides off and lands upon his feet. He leans his weight against the rope)

Poe: Just please save the excuses for your failure. Save them for the next time you go down in defeat. {{shakes his head}} See I won't want to hear them then and I sure don't want to hear about the past. It comes off as hollow...foolish. Nothing more then a poor excuse. I'm perfectly capable of excepting myself. Yeah...so I didn't win the GLCW Title. What's your point? I barely had my rookie year to try. So you beat me once for the TV title? I corrected that mistake. I'm sure you've never lost a match? {{snaps his fingers}} Oops...tjhat would be wrong. Now you here in the NWL and as much as you say your only here because you find this all amusing. {{snaps his fingers}} You'll pardon me if I take that with a grain of salt. After all you've always had your own agenda Jobbor...even if it wasn't too grand...well at least in anyone else's eyes. So go ahead...let me have it. rinse and repeat. I've heard you say the same thing about me over and over. {{shakes his head}} It had no effect and even less success. Nothing is going to change this time around

(He paces down the ring his hand sliding atop the rope. He reaches the next turnbuckle and turns back to the camera)

Poe: Yet as much as Jobbor's words tend to ring hollow...he almost has a point when it comes to you Doe. did you not hear what I asked? Have you once again missed the verbal challenge being fear faced of a physical one? I simply asked you to collect. Collect your thoughts...your mind...your spirt. To pour over them and let's the waters flow wise. {{sighs}} and after doing to...with all reflection...with all gusto...I asked you to hit me with both barrels and what did I get in return for my effort?

(Jarod sighs and shakes his head)

Poe: I'm going to kick you ass. I'm going to knock your teeth in. Is that it? Is that the two sentences I should fear? No reason why I should. No facts as to why anything you say should be feared. Beyond boasting about being the ring with {{grins}} Derek Graham...you offer me nothing. Even less when it comes to name-dropping. Have I pissed you off? Have I put some rage in your mind?...some hatred in your heart? Well good. Then my time has not been for nothing. For my words have maybe aspired something in you that none of your own actions have. Give me a reason to fear you Doe? Show us all why we should take you serious for even the slightest second. I could tell you reasons why I can get things done in the ring, but I'd again have to cover up you own ignorance.

(Jarod points at the camera in almost a scolding manner)

Poe: You've shown me all there is to know about you. I don't undersetimate you. I don't take any man lightly who would get in the ring and put his body on the line against me. Yet I can look a man in the eye. I can judge his character and study his actions. You show me your figting for nothing more then a shiny gold belt. That's your drive...that's your conquest. For me...the belt is a bonus from my own path of hatred and destruction. Your just another victim standing in line. I asked you to give me a reason...to think why I should consider you sometihng to fear. In return you offered me nothing. {{opens his palm}} what more is there?

(Jarod walks across the ring towards the camera. he props both forearms upon the top rope and now looks down into the camera below him)

Poe: Then there's you Ryan Cruz. Tell me American...are you a soldier? Have you fought for your county? I have. I'm not like Doe? I don't hurl flase threats about using a knife. {{shakes his head}} No...I've slide it between the ribs, way up to the handle...I've felt the blood flow and seen the light fade. Have you done this for your country? For if you want me...me to take you serious...then you better have. Otherwise i see you as nothing more then the fools the others do. Your all talk and very little action. A man should not lecture and what he doesn't truly know. In that ring...your right...we do have our own agendas. What you'd better do is stick to what you know. {{shrugs}} Otherwise you will be mocked...you will be laughed at. More then anything else...you'll feel no mercy from me.

(Jarod slides under the ropes, walks around the ring and grabs his jacket)

Poe: And niether will any of the rest of you. I WON'T STOP!!!. I WON'T QUIT!!!. One after another you'll ALL get eliminated. In the end what I said will be true. You MUST...HATE WHAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!...

(He smiles sadisticly and laughs)

Poe: and hate...hate what you can't conquer

(Jarod throws his jacket over his left shoulder, turns his back and walks away)



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Jan 1, 2000
(Fade into the Jobber's Whitelandia compound. Cut to the living room where the Jobber looks very ANGRY and INTENSE. Almost as ANGRY and INTENSE as Jared Poe.)

The Jobber: THE AMERICAN EAGLE, insulting the troops of the United States of America WILL NOT STAND with me, or all of the other proud Americans in this country who have oh so many little flag stickers proudly displayed on our SUVs.

HOW DARE you call our troops "special", as if they are "Special Ed" students. Our troops are not RETARDED Mr. Cruz. You communist Baath sympathizers are all alike. Insult the American troops while you secretly support Saddam Hussein as he evades capture, and his body double sits in some US POW camp getting lice picked out of his beard.

The American soldier doesn't need such insults through their way by a person who uses American patriotism to make a cheap buck and then turns around and uses that money to fund the activities of the hostile nations, such as all those countries that end in Atvia.

How could a person such as you ever expect respect from a crowd of god fearing, patriotic Americans? Why would they ever respect a man as despicable as you Mr. Cruz? They are more likely to respect a whiney tart like Jared Poe before they respect you. They are more likely to respect a no talent hack like John Doe. And speaking of hacks they are more likely to respect some nerd like the Hacker before they respect you.

That's the facts of the case man. If you don't like it you can take it the hell out of this country where you belong. In fact I'd rather you did, you freedom hating bastard.

I was not planning to stick around the NWL much longer than it took to make fun of Jared Poe, but THE AMERICAN EAGLE, you have caused me to realize I cannot turn my back on such horrible acts.

I will be here to take the Television title away from you, from Jared Poe, from Hacker, from John Doe, from every single person who thinks they deserve to sweat and bleed for that belt when I am ENTITLED to it. When I shall simply snap my fingers, and you all will fall before me, knowing that I am the better man, knowing you can NEVER match my ability, never match my strength, never match any part of me, let alone the entire package.

You and all enemies of the United States are on notice, The Jobber will not stand idly by and let you get away with your evil.

You know what... I'm sick of this old "Jobber" nick name. It's always been funny and ironic, but from now on I want to defend this country I love from freedom hating lunatics like you, THE AMERICAN EAGLE, Jared Poe, and many others I have witness partaking in disgusting acts of betrayal against our great nation.

From now on... I will be known as not the Jobber, but THE AMERICAN.

(Fade out.)
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Jan 1, 2000
New Jersey
Injury won't hold me back

Camera fades into ambulance everywhere outside one of the many gyms in the city. A local reporter, Lu Anne Caun is standing outside as an ambulance just drove away to the hospital.

Caun- I am on the scene of a horrific accident. I've been told by numorous fans that a light fixture in this gym fell without warning. One man has been taken to the hospital and that man's name is Devon Kilgore, better known to NWL wrestling fans as Hacker. Let's see if we can find out what happened?

Caun looks around and fines someone who was in the gym when this incident accured.

Caun- Channel 10 news, what exactly happened?

Fan- I was lifting weights and this light fixture just fell.

Caun- The wrestler known as Hacker was also here and was hurt? Can you tell us what exactly you saw?

Fan- Well he was just getting up from the bench press when it fell and it hit him in the arm. There was blood everywhere.

Caun- Thanks for your time..let's go to Steve Leavy who is standing by at the hospital.

Leavy- Thanks Lu Anne, just minutes ago, Hacker was brought here and from what we have been told, it looks like he might have either a shattered or broken wrist. He is also getting staples do to the fact that the light fixture hit him and glass went into his upper part of his body. That is it from this area, once we get more information we will bring it to you live. This is Steve Leavy from Channel 10 news.

It goes back to the news cast when NWL camera go into the hospital along with some other reporters including Leavy. They manage to find Data whose white t-shirt is covered with splotches of Hacker's blood. Channel 10 goes back live to the hospital as Data addresses the reporters.

Leavy- Miss Data, is there any condition on Hacker?

Data- Hacker has a sprained wrist along with cuts that we first thought needed staples but only needs a few stiches.

Reporter- Will this effect him in his upcoming match at Combat?

Hacker- I will answer that.

Hacker walks out with 2 or 3 bandages on his chest and one on his arm. He also has his sprained wrist currently in a sling as he stands next to Data and puts her arm around her.

Hacker- First off this was a freak accident that could happen to anyone. I don't blame anyone at all for this. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. As far as my match coming up, I have decided to go against doctor's orders and participate anyway. This is one match that will seal my fate along with other NWL wrestlers who want the TV Title. Wrestlers from John Doe, Poe, The Jobber, and Ryan Cruz..to just name a few. I am not giving up without a fight and I might be injuried and some might consider me a dam well fool for doing this but we only live once and I want to go in there fighting and hopeful leave the TV Title despite this accident. That is all I will say at this time and thanks for coming.

Data along with Hacker walk out of the room with reporters trying to get more info out of both of them as the camera fades out.

OOC: Sorry guys for the lack of rpies, I started a new job this week and now I am sick. Uh...the joys of working with children.
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