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Mexican Piss

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: Carlos Canyeta standing in an alley, he has on a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and a black and gold affliction T-Shirt. In the background we can see Arcangel IV playing C-Lo with a group of other Latinos.)

CANYETA: You know I was really proud of the Phoenix Suns for putting Spanish for "The" on their jerseys...Maybe if they wanna be serious you coulda called yourself Los Soles, which is honest to goodness Spanish, not some gibberish spanglish for the white public...But that isn't here or there.

See I was looking around on-line and I saw this video of a guy beaten stomped by the cops. And what does one of the cops tell him? He says "I'm gonna beat the f*cking Mexican piss out of you!" yeah, and this happened in Seattle, supposed to be a nice place, not like Arizona or some racist backwater...Hell Washington even voted for Obama, they gotta be already, don't they?

Well they don't, because ya'll hate the Mexicans, this country is full of white people all scared that they won't be the majority anymore real soon, yeah folks of a dusky hue gonna be the ones calling the shots soon enough. Now the white folk gotta beat up people. Insult them, degrade them.

Hell I dealt with it all my life, blacklisted from wrestling by the white establishment, I give myself to this business and it don't want me, because I'm a Mexican...Well guess what, things going to turn around real quick I'm done being nice, people going to start bleeding, skulls going to start getting cracked, maybe I gotta punk some white boys, beat some f*cking AMERICAN piss out of people. Then we'll how you like it...

RA won't sign me? Well he don't make the rules in this alley, you wanna shut me up? Get in here and do it...

(Canyeta waves his hands at the camera in a "Come and get it" motion, FADEOUT.)

(Video of police incident here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkrHk99jkbc)

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