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LVW The Return (9)

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
LVW Returns to the House of Blues

Scheduled to appear

The Empire


Olvir Arsvinnar

"Broadway" Johnny Doll

Main Event

"Cowboy" Jimmy Donovan Vs Bill Bellmoth

Notes: This show is a complete squash fest designed to get the above noted people some airtime and air promos/segs from anyone else...Send in promos/Bios/Segs so I can get Bellmoth pinned and the ball rolling towards our first legit Rp'ed event.

Show will most likely be up Tuesday no matter what, Wednesday at absolute latest...

EDIT: That got messed up, any promos/segs should be mailed to mikethedealer@hotmail.com
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The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
LVW The Return Intro, and a boring match

(FADEIN: The LVW Logo. MUSIC UP: "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" by Dean Martin, as a does an fly over of the Las Vegas strip, starting at Encore and The Wynn, then swooping down the strip towards Belliago and the Monte Carlo, before flying towards the intersection where New York, New York, Tropicana, MGM Grand, and Escalibur are all beside one another, then to the Luxor, and finally stopping at Mandalay Bay.)

(CUTTO: Jimmy Donovan hitting the Oklahoma Stampede on Hans Nowak.)
(CUTTO: A slot machine coming up three 7's)
(CUTTO: Gary Goldale holding the LVW Title as trash pelts the ring.)
(CUTTO: A shooter throwing the dice at a craps table.)
(CUTTO: Olvir Arsvinnar carrrying a woman off.)
(CUTTO: A Jack laying on the felt of a table, and then a dealer throwing over an Ace of spades on top, giving the lucky player blackjack)
(CUTTO: "Broadway" Johnny Doll, in his sequin jacket and bow tie, smiling big at the crowd)
(CUTTO: A roulette wheel spinning.)


V/O: "Welcome to Las Vegas...And welcome...TO EL! VEE! DOUBLE-U!"

(CUTTO: JEFF MAYES and VIC WATERS standing in a ring at the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. MAYES is wearing a black suit jacket, pants, blue shirt and blue tie, Waters is in a grey blazer, white T-shirt, and grey pants. The crowd is rabidly chanting "EL-VEE-DUB! EL-VEE-DUB!")

MAYES: "WE...ARE...BACK!!!!!!!" <"EL-VEE-DUB!! EL-VEE-DUB!"> "WELCOME...TO ELLL...VEEEE...DOUBLE-UUUUU!!!!" <LOUD Pop from the crowd!>

WATERS: "Oh quit humoring the mutants, the only good thing in this company is behind bars right now, it's a crime!"

MAYES: "The crime is that they didn't throw away the key on that piece of crap!" <"F*CK YOU GARY!" "F*CK YOU GARY!" Chant> "Enough about him, what matters is that tonight, LVW returns, a lot of the old school talent of LVW is back...And they will be here TONIGHT!"

WATERS: "LVW Has-Beens?! Oh lord, I can see why these retards are so excited, who wouldn't want to see that?"

MAYES: "With our big time main event of the first ever LVW Champion "Cowboy" Jimmy Donovan facing off against 11 time Wrestling World Champion Bill Bellmoth!"

WATERS: "Wow, I can't believe Bellmoth would be caught dead here."

MAYES: "But first, here's some action from earlier tonight."

<CUTTO: Two generic looking guys, in shorts, one has a side headlock on the other>

MAYES: "And another headlock by Jim Smith...Or is it Bob Brown? I really can't tell these two apart."

WATERS: "You're still awake? You gotta be kidding me, the only thing stopping me from downing this bottle of scotch is that we got the live intro to cut still."

MAYES: "Ref Lamont Jackson getting on these two to do anything but exchange rest holds. But they don't see to interested..." <"Get the f*ck out!" chants pick back up> "Wait a second...Lamont just left the ring...He's over by the time keeper's table...He's got a phone and the mic..."

JACKSON: "Excuse me...What's the extention for hotel security?!" 1248?! Thank you!" <"TWELVE FOURTY-EIGHT!" chant from the crowd as Lamont uses the phone>

MAYES: "I think ref Lamont Jackson is calling security to throw these two bums out of the ring. AND HERE HE COMES!"

<Crowd chanting "TWELVE-FOURTY-EIGHT! TWELVE-FOURTY-EIGHT!" as a large man, about 6'5" or so, wearing a blue shirt that reads 'Security' with a black vest over it and black jeans hits the ring>


WATERS: "I know I'm supposed to be the heel and all, but thank god for 1248! I mean you know me, once I start drinking it's over..."

MAYES: "Yeah we really escaped a bullet this time...Up next is the debut of the new look Empire."

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
The Empire debuts

WATERS: "Hey, the Captain is still the Captain, but I'm not sold on this new guy...I wish it was like the old times when they had Scotty and Paulie."

(CUTTO: Two more non-descript guys being beaten up by two men wearing long grey tights with grey baseball jersey tops that are unbuttoned. The jerseys read "Empire" across the chest in black. One guy has "2" on his back, the other guy has "13" on his back.)

MAYES: The Captain with a slam on Tony Green and A-Rod now clotheslines...I think this guy's name is Bruce...Or something"

WATERS: "He was complaining about pocket queens losing to pocket sixes or something..."

MAYES: "Man, when that happens it's bullsh*t...But more to the point, A-Rod now has Green up top, the Captain now waiting up top on a different corner...SUPERPLEX BY A-ROD...FROG SPLASH BY THE CAPTAIN! THE RISE AND FALL CONNECTS!"

<Fans count along to the 1-2-3 of the pin!>

HARWELL: "The time of the fall 4 minutes and 8 seconds...Here are your winners...THE EMPIRE!!!"

<Crowd cheers for a little bit, but then the Captain hops out of the ring as A-Rod continues to soak in the crowd's cheers, which quickly turn into a "You still suck!" chant>

MAYES: "These fans, solidly behind the Empire brand and The Captain, but this new guy, he's having a hard go of it."

WATERS: "Hey, I know some people don't count LVW history between the last time we were in the House of Blues and since we've come back, but the Captain is a 4 time LVW Champion, and A-Rod, he hasn't done anything yet, he's not "True Empire" as it were."

<CUTTO: Mayes at the broadcast table, which is near the entraceway>

MAYES: "And up next our final pre-taped match of the evening. The debut of Jay-One-Dee!"

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
J1D debut

<CUTTO: The debut of J1D, who's currently standing on the top rope, J1D is rocking white board shorts with blue stripes on the sides, he is, oddly enough, barefoot.>

MAYES: "J1D with a series of crazy high flying moves and he has his opponent...Is that Living Dead from our first stay at the House of Blues?!"

WATERS: "Nah, I think it's some homeless guy, they smell about the same."

MAYES: "Well whoever he is, he better get out of the way...SENTON BOMB BY J1D!!!" <"JAY...ONE...DEE! JAY...ONE...DEE!" chant>

WATERS: "Why is this idiot barefoot, and why are these freaks cheering him?!"

MAYES: "He says he won't support the sweatshops in China, and the fans are cheering cause he's been flying all over the ring!"

WATERS: "Do they make wrestling boots in sweatshops?"

MAYES: "I have no idea...But what I do know is J1D has hooked up his opponent...DOUBLE ARM DDT!! HE CALLS IT THE CHILL PILL!!! J1D with the cover!"

<Crowd counts along to the 1-2-3! Bell rings! MUSIC UP: "Down" by 311>

HARWELL: "The time of the fall 2 minutes...38 seconds...Here is your winner...JAY...ONE...DEEEE!!!!"

<J1D hops out of the ring and starts high fiving anyone he can, he can be heard shouting "This is awesome brah!" to various members of the crowd>

WATERS: "J1D looking good in his debut...And up next, return of 3 LVW Superstars...Up First, "Broadway" Johnny Doll...He'll be taking on disgraced LVW Lawyer Ben Lerner next!"

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Doll Vs Lerner

(CUTTO: The ring where Ben Lerner, looking tired, hair uncombed, shirt missing a couple buttons, paces back and forth in the ring.)

MAYES: "Ben Lerner had been having a pretty good go of it in his career at LVW up until his failed defense of Gary Goldale."

WATERS: "Even the best of us can't work miracles...I mean it was on COPS for crying out loud, no jury in Vegas was gonna let him off the hook, they had to take the plea deal!"

(MUSIC UP: "Smooth Operator" by Sade. The crowd pops as "Broadway" Johnny Doll makes his return to LVW. Doll is wearing a blue sequined jacket with long tails down to the knee and a blue bow tie. His ring wear is black trunks with "Broadway" on the seat in white and white boots with "Doll" airbrushed in black. He enters the ring and gets a solid "Welcome back!" chant from the LVW faithful! )

(Bell rings)

HARWELL: "The following contest is set for ONE FALL...Introducing first, fighting out of the red corner...Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighing in at 220 pounds...The "HARD HITTER" BEN...LERNER!!!"

(Lerner hardly reacts to the boos from the crowd.)

HARWELL: "And his opponent...Fighting out of the blue corner...He weighs in at 232 pounds...From NEW YORK, NEW YORK...Here is..."BROADWAY" JOHNNY...DOLL!!!!"

(Crowd pops, then goes back into a chorus of "Welcome back!" chants)

HARWELL: "The referee in charge of this contest is Brian Puter"

(Harwell exits the ring, Puter calls for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins.)

MAYES: "The two men lock up and Doll gets the advantage with a side headlock...Lerner sends him to the ropes and eats a shoulder block on the way back from Doll...Doll off the ropes again...Hiptoss by Lerner! NO! Doll counters into a backslide! One...Two...NO! Lerner escapes."

WATERS: "Doll might be taking Lerner lightly, but make no mistake, this guy is here to fight."

MAYES: "Lerner with a right to the jaw of Doll and another shot...Lerner backs Doll into the corner...He whips Doll to the other side...Doll comes out...BACKDROP BY LERNER! NO DOLL WITH A SUNSET FLIP!...One...Two...NO! Two and a half!"

WATERS: "Lerner's gotta get moving here or Doll's gonna catch him with one of these flash pin attempts."

MAYES: "Lerner giving an angry look at Brian Puter about the speed of that count, and by being distracted by the ref he left himself open for right hand frop Doll...And another...and another! Lerner rocked...Doll DROPS him with a right...Lerner up...INTO A DROPKICK! back up ANOTHER DROPKICK! Lerner up again...THREE DROPKICKS IN A ROW!"

WATERS: "Lerner looking as out of it as his clients normally do!"

MAYES: "Doll now stalking Lerner who's getting up to his feet...SHORTARM NECKBREAKER...THE CHORUS LINE!! HE HIT IT PERFECT!!!! ONE...TWO...THREE!!! IT'S OVER!!"

(Crowd pops! Doll throws his arms in the air in victory. MUSIC UP: "Smooth Operator" by Sade)

HARWELL: "The time of the fall 2 minutes 46 seconds...The winner of the match..."BROADWAY" JOHNNY...DOLLLLLL!!!"

(Crowd chants "Doll! Doll! Doll!" as Doll points to the crowd in appreciation.)

MAYES: "Broadway" is back in LVW baby, and he clearly has to be one of the favorites going into the High Stakes Battle Royal upcoming to crown the new LVW Champion."

WATERS: "Well see about that Mayes, a lot of freaks will be crawling out of the woodwork for that title once word hits the streets we're offering a big 500 bucks to compete, in this economy people would kill for that kind of a bounty!"

MAYES: "Maybe, maybe not, but up next the man who is assuredly the most successful LVW alumnus...Olvir Arsvinnar is back in LVW baby!"

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Olvir Vs Silver

(CUTTO: The empty ring, which then pans to the announcers table.)

WATERS: "What is going on? Why isn't the stiff that's supposed to get crushed by Olvir isn't in the ring yet?"

MAYES: "I've been told that Olvir's opponent is in fact a really big name...Am I hearing this right?! Silver?! Really?!"

(Waters' eyes light up like dinner plates.)


(MUSIC UP: "Only Happy When It Rains" by Garbage, the crowd starts buzzing in confusion, only to have their hopes crushed as some younger 20 something looking guy, wearing a orange "Garbage" T-Shirt and sweat pants with the word "Dentist" on one leg walks towards the ring, he's holding a toothbrush in one hand and a container of floss in the other. The crowd turns against him brutally. A loud "YOU F*CKING SUCK!" chant breaks out.)

MAYES: "Of all the low, cheap, moronic stunts..."

WATERS: "You know Mayes, I'm supposed to be the heel color guy here, but this prick got me thinking I could see my old running buddy again, I want Olvir to destroy him."

MAYES: "You mean the guy you got water for."

WATERS: "Hey...You see it your way, I see it mine."

(The poser Silver hops around the ring, continuing to bask in his horrific X-Pac heat. The music gets cut off and now a loud "OLVIR'S GONNA KILL YOU!" chant breaks out. MUSIC UP: “I Am A Viking” by Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force. The crowd pops HUGE as Olvir Arvinnar walks out wearing a purple porn star robe and a large wolf skin loincloth over black trunks, with fur covered knee high boots. Olvir hits the ring and tries to get at his opponent right away, being barely held in check by referee Lamont Jackson.)

(Bell rings)

HARWELL: "The following contest is set for one fall...Introducing first...Fighting out of the red corner...He hails from Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighing in at 190 pounds...Here is...DENTIST...SILVER..."

(The crowd once again goes back to the "YOU F*CKING SUCK!" chants as Dentist Silver tries to rile them up further)


HARWELL: "The referee in charge of this contest is Lamont Jackson."

(Harwell leaves the ring, Jackson calls for the bell and the match is underway.)

MAYES: "Olvir wastes NO time as he charges at Silver and kicks him in the gut...A big right hand from the massive viking sends Silver crashing to the ground..."

WATERS: "Gawd dammit, do we have this idiot's legit name? I feel sick everytime you call him Silver."

MAYES: "Well calling him Dentist is kinda stupid...My God a wrestling Dentist clearly that'll get over...Olvir throws Silver into the corner and CRUSHES him with repeated STIFF shoulder blocks to the stomach..."

WATERS: "Does Olvir really do anything not stiff? I mean his main income is porn."

MAYES: "I'm not going there...Olvir now grabs Silver and throws him into the corner, Silver staggers out...INTO A HUGE BOOT! Lamont Jackson keeping Olvir away from Silver, who may be busted open..."

(Silver, fumbles with putting a razor back into his sweatpants before he notices he's cut himself really badly, and when he puts his hand to his forehead it's covered in blood. He looks horrified at his blood soaked hand as he's leaning over the second rope. The deeply caring LVW crowd begin a "YOU F*CKED UP!" chant.)

WATERS: "Oh Jesus...It's a good thing Olvir wasn't anywhere near this idiot, I mean I know we have a bus system and all in Vegas but we really don't need any MASS TRANSIT around here."

MAYES: "Vic Waters for all your insider snark ladies and gentleman."

(Silver panics and tries to get out of the ring, but Olvir throws him down to the mat and then STIFFS THE HELL OUT OF HIM with a stomp to the gut, bugging Silver's eyes out. The crowd groans.)

MAYES: "Ohhhhh...That's gonna leave a mark...You pay the price when you upset the angry Viking warrior...And now Silver's gonna pay even more as Olvir's got him up...He hooks him...BERZERKER BOMB!! OLVIR WITH THE ONE FOOT COVER!!! ONE...TWO...THREE!!!"

(MUSIC UP: "“I Am A Viking” by Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force as the crowd pops HUGE for Olvir who stomps around the ring like a maniac while Silver is quickly ushered to the back by some EMTs.)

HARWELL: "The time of the fall, 2 minutes 22 seconds...Your winner...OLVIR...ARSVINNAR!!!!"

MAYES: "What a dominating win by the Viking Porn Star, and with a man of this size, it's going to be hard to toss him in the High Stakes Battle Royal."

WATERS: "That can work against you Mayes, people fear the big man and they gang up to get rid of him, I'd almost rather be a Johnny Doll type that can slip through the cracks then a big goof like Olvir who enters the ring with a big bullseye on his chest."

(As Olvir is leaving the ring, he sees a rather pretty woman in the crowd cheering for him, he reaches over the security railing and grabs her...The woman throws up her arms to the crowd before hugging Olvir)

MAYES: "And it appears to the victor's go the spoils...And that may be even more true next week, up next, the return of Leisure Time, and our guest is The Floor who's got a big announcement in store for us!"

(We fade to commercials with the woman now over Olvir's shoulder being carried to the back, the ever classy LVW crowd chanting "OLVIR'S GONNA F*CK YOU!")

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Leisure time and a big announcement

(FADEIN: The ring, where the Gentleman of Leisure is laying on his couch as normal. Today he's rocking black sweater and sweat pants combo. The Floor is standing in front of him, he is wearing an unbuttoned beige suit jacket and matching pants, with a light green shirt. In front of him is a table with two large punch balls that are filled with pool ball sized black opaque balls.)

GOL: "Welcome...To Leisure Time...I am...The Gentleman...Of Leisure...My guest at this time says that he's got a shocking statement about next week's show to make, so I turn the floor over to...The Floor!"

(The crowd barely reacts as The Floor takes the mic)

THE FLOOR: "Next week, we're going to have 4 big matches on the card, who's in them, I don't know, frankly, everyone's been knocking on the door to join LVW since we got back here at the House of Blues (Mild pop)...And I ain't just blowing smoke up all your as*es either...I mean it...But we only got an hour of TV time a week and I ain't going to have a friggin' clip show right before The High Stakes Battle Royal that will CROWN A NEW LVW CHAMPION! (Bigger pop) So anyhow, first 8 guys that get their named on contracts, they'll be on the show...But what will they be getting themselves into...That's the question...

(The Floor motions to the two bowls on the table)

THE FLOOR: "Here, we have the bowl of failure...This is the bowl of losers, the bowl of shame...Everyone who loses a match next week is going to pick one of these balls. (Grabs a ball out of the bowl) and has to open it up...Inside these balls...Is bad news...Cause in this bowl are the numbers 1 to 15...You're looking at the middle of the pack AT BEST..."

(The Floor drops the ball back into that bowl, and now reaches into the other bowl)

THE FLOOR: "And here, is the bowl of success...The bowl off glory! Inside these balls, are the numbers 16 to 30, and the four winners of next week's matches will have the shot to pick from them...The worst you can do is be better then half the field...And the best you can do is claim that prized #30 and be the last man in the HIGH STAKES BATTLE ROYAL!" (Crowd pops a bit)

(The Floor drops that ball back into it's bowl)

THE FLOOR: "And it will all happen next week on LVW...BIG RISK...BIG REWARD." (Crowd pops a bit more as The Floor leaves the ring)

MAYES: "What big stakes for next week's matches! Don't go away fans, the main event is next!"

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Main Event Donovan Vs Bellmoth

(FADEIN: The entrance ramp "Jesus Christ Superstar" playing over the PA, as Bill Bellmoth stands in the entrance, black interlocking "B's" hat, and Oakleys covering his face...Bellmoth's all black outfit continues with a black "Ultimate Raise" windbreaker jacket, black windbreaker pants and sneakers. Bellmoth walks towards the ring with the crowd jeering him loudly)

MAYES: "Oh lord, I can't believe this clown is back."

WATERS: "Silence! This man is greatness incarnate!"

MAYES: "Bill Bellmoth hitting the ring, this crowd giving him hell...Honestly, one of the most bumbling, moronic fools in the history of this industry...Even by LVW's already horrible standards Bellmoth is a joke!"

WATERS: "I'm going to tell him you said that. He's got friends in high places, you're gonna pay!"

MAYES: "Oh I'm scared to death."

(As Bellmoth paces the ring his music ends, MUSIC UP: "Bat Country" by Avenged Sevenfold as the crowd pops HUGE as "Cowboy" Jimmy Donovan walks through the curtain and stands in the entraceway. A massive "Welcome back!" chant erupts from the crowd as Donovan nods to the fans. Donovan wearing black trunks with "Cowboy" on the seat in platinum. His ring boots are black with "JD" etched on them in platinum as well. Donovan high fives just about anyone he can as he makes his way to the ring, then gets inside the ring, standing on the second rope soaking in the cheers from the LVW faithful. A black bra lands on his shoulder, leading to a loud pop from the crowd!)


WATERS: "How...How can these fools be so wrapped up in this idiot when they dismiss Bellmoth like chopped liver...I just can't understand it."

(Bell rings)

HARWELL: "The following contest is the MAIN EVENT of the evening, scheduled for 1 fall! Introducing first...Fighting out of the RED corner, he weighs in tonight at 214 pounds...Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada...The 11 Time World Champion...BILL...BELL! MOTH!"

(Crowd boos loudly as Bellmoth smiles BIG, giving a wave to the crowd.)

HARWELL: "And his opponent...Fighting out of the BLUE corner...He weighs in tonight at 245 pounds, hailing from Enid, Oklahoma...The Former LVW CHAMPION!!! "COWBOY!!!!" JIMMY!!!!!! DON! O! VAN!!"

(Donovan throws his hands in the air and the crowd pops big again!)

HARWELL: "The referee for this contest is Tim Hathcock"

(Harwell exits the ring, Hathcock orders both men to back away from each other, then calls for the bell!)

(Bell rings!)

MAYES: "And the main event is underway...Donovan and Bellmoth lock up, Donovan powers Bellmoth into the corner...Ref looking for a clean break and he gets one..."

WATERS: "Donovan is a sucker! Bellmoth would never let him off the hook like that if he had the advantage."

MAYES: "Donovan is clearly a more honorable man then Bellmoth...They lock up again...Donovan with a hiptoss gets Bellmoth to the mat, Donovan now working an armbar...Bellmoth trying to fight it...Rolls over to his knees and back to his feet...He pushes Donovan back into the ropes...He sends Donovan to the other side...DONOVAN BLASTS HIM WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK! Bellmoth sent to the floor!"

BELLMOTH: "My God...How can he come at me that fast? I mean honestly...He knows it's early in the match, he knows I sent him into the ropes, he has to know I'm expecting something, he has to be wary I got a trap waiting for him, yet he just charges in like a maniac...OK buddy, you keep doing that you're gonna get --"

MAYES: "Bellmoth's tirade cut off by a BASEBALL SLIDE by Donovan! And how the hell is Bellmoth mic'ed up?!"

WATERS: "We're getting insights as to how an 11 time World Champion thinks in the ring, this is PRICELESS information and here you are bad mouthing it!"

MAYES: "Worthless if you ask me, Donovan throws Bellmoth back into the ring...Bellmoth staggering and gets ROCKED with a BIG KNEE from the Cowboy! Bellmoth sent into a corner where Donovan peppers him with a series of jabs and now sends him to the other corner...Bellmoth hits hard and staggers out...INTO A BULLDOG! THE COVER!! ONE...TWO!!!...NO! ("TWO!!!" Shouts!) Bellmoth rolls the right shoulder off the mat in time!"

WATERS: "Look at the guts, the heart of a champion!"

MAYES: "You and Bellmoth are jokes, sad jokes at that...Donovan now grabs Bellmoth and hooks him...BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! A COVER!! ONE!!!....TWO!!!...THR--NO! NO! (Some groans, more "TWO!!" Shouts!) Bellmoth just gets the shoulder up again!"

WATERS: "You can't beat him Cowboy! He's got alligator blood!"

MAYES: "Donovan now whips Bellmoth into the ropes...BACKDROP! NO! SUNSET FLIP BY BELLMOTH! ONE!!!....TWO!!!!....THR-NO! NO! (Crowd pops!) DONOVAN JUST ESCAPES! AND BELLMOTH IS IN A FRENZY!"

BELLMOTH: "What?! WHAT WAS THAT?! I have him set up the whole damn match for that sunset flip, I've scouted his limited offense...I bait him it this...And the friggin' ref can't count to three...(Getting in Hathcock's face) Look buddy, I'll have your job for this, I've seen worse refs at the World Series of Wrestling and that's saying something!" (Hathcock can be heard over the mic saying "It was a 2 count! It was close but it was a two!")

MAYES: "Head referee Tim Hathcock and Bill Bellmoth nose to nose here" ("F*CK HIM UP TIM! F*CK HIM UP!" Chants!) Donovan spins Bellmoth around, BIG RIGHT! And ANOTHER Bellmoth rocked into the ropes and now sent for the ride...HUGE CLOTHESLINE! Bellmoth back to his feet but he's on rubber legs...DONOVAN SCOOPS HIM UP OVER HIS SHOULDER...OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE!!! HE PLANTED HIM!!!! HE HOOKS THE LEGS! (Fans counting along!) ONE!!!!....TWO!!!!....THREE!!!!"

(Bell rings...MUSIC UP: "Bat Country" by Avenged Sevenfold as the crowd is cheering loud!)

HARWELL: "Time of the fall 5 minutes 56 seconds...The winner of the match..."COWBOY!!!" JIMMY!!! DON!!! OOOOO! VANNNN!!!"

MAYES: "Bellmoth slinking to the back while Donovan is basking in the cheers from this crowd. ('Don-o-Van!" chants, a room key and a couple bras hit the ring) The Cowboy, who never lost the LVW Title in the ring is riding tall."

WATERS: "Hey look, just because we had that period of time where nobody got paid for 6 months doesn't mean he should have gone out and gotten a job or tried to a wrestling league that pays people, if he really loved LVW he should have sucked it up."

MAYES: "And what would you do if you didn't get paid for tonight."

WATERS: "I'd be out the door faster then you could blink, that's why I get half my pay up front in cash before the show"

MAYES: "I thought so..."The Cowboy" Jimmy Donovan is back and still as dominating as ever, we know for a fact he'll be one of the 30 men fighting for the LVW Title in two weeks at the High Stakes Battle Royal, but will he be one of the 8 men to take the HUGE Risk next week to try to get a good number for that Battle Royal."

WATERS: I'd love to see him try, and crash and burn and get #1!"

MAYES: "Tune next week fans...For LVW BIG RISK! BIG REWARD!"

(The camera stays on Donovan who continues to soak in the cheers from the crowd, after he paces around the ring for a little while he makes 'the belt' motion across his waist drawing another pop from the crowd, as we FADEOUT.)

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