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LVW The Battle Continues (12)

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Live From the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay

Main Event Non-Title Match

J1D<C> Vs The Captain

Grudge Match

Olvir Arsvinnar Vs Hans Nowak

The Lord's Rules Match

Born Again Vs The Spaniard

Elimination Series Match Round 1

Loser of the Fall Eliminated

Winner of the Series to get LVW Championship shot

At LVW Showdown On The Strip

Nate Dakota Vs "7-10" Hudgins Vs "Cowboy" Jimmy Donovan Vs Super Spade​

Rp and segments will be due at 11:59 PDT Sunday the 26th.

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
LVW Battle Continues

(FADEIN: A crowd shot of the House Of Blues in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, a loud "EL! V! DUB!" chant echoing as the fans are ready for another night of LVW Action! CUTTO: The ring where JEFF MAYES and VIC WATERS are standing. Mayes as always in a three piece suit, this time deep blue with a black shirt and blue/black tie. Waters is rather oddly dressed in cowboy boots, jeans, a plaid button up shirt with a brown vest, and a gray cowboy hat.)

MAYES: WELCOME TO (Crowd yells along) L! V! W! (Pop) And well I got to say Vic, what the hell is up with the outfit?

WATERS: Look I have no use for the Cowboy...But I've got myself a Cowgirl after the show tonight! (Crowd boos) Yeah, boo all you want while you're getting drunk and losing at the blackjack tables, while Vic Waters is back in the saddle again! ("She's a slut!" chant)

MAYES: That may be all well and good, but we have a lot of action tonight, The Elimination Series to get somebody a LVW Championship shot at Showdown on the Strip starts tonight...Olvir and Hans, the two biggest men in LVW history are going to go to war...Born Again will be having a "Lord's Rules" match...Whatever the hell that is...And J1D is up against The Captain in a non title match!

WATERS: I think you're missing the big story, that is that Born Again and his lawyer Ben Lerner are coming out here next to BLOW THE LID off the outrage that happened at the High Stakes Battle Royal...LVW is about to pay for it's sins!

MAYES: I don't know about that, but we are about to find out what Lerner and Born Again have to say for themselves...NEXT!

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
The shocking truth

(FADEIN: The ring, where BEN LERNER is standing, wearing black suit jacket, pants, white shirt, black tie, looking like a lawyer for the first time in ages...BORN AGAIN stands behind him and to his left, wearing his black warm up jacket, black pants and ring shoes with white crosses on them. Lerner has the mic.)

LERNER: Ladies and Gentlemen...And I use those terms loosely...LVW has committed a crime...It has robbed a man of his right to contend for the LVW Championship...It made a mistake...And mistakes happen...But they can't happen when the stakes are this high, when everrything a man has worked for can be flushed down the toilet by a blunder...

You didn't see what happened on TV...No...This two bit company was unable to get a camera to show the truth, I found this on youtube from some LVW fan's camera fan...Now play this on the screen!

(B-ROLL FOOTAGE: A poor quality camera phone feed showing BORN AGAIN being eliminated by OLVIR...The tape shows Born Again hits the floor back first, and one of his feet ends up landing on the bottom step...Born Again appears to be out cold.)

Now my client NEVER MOVED from that spot...He was brutally assaulted by that thug Olvir Arsvinnar, but since it happened in the ring...Well there's not much that can be legally done about it...But Born Again's foot NEVER hit the foot until AFTER the bell had rung...The bell rang with both my client and J1D STILL not eliminated from the contest...So now I have no choice but to demand LVW declare the LVW Championship vacant and to order a match between Born Again and J1D RIGHT NOW! (Crowd pops!)

(THE FLOOR, in a grey suit jacket and pants, blue shirt, no tie walks out to the ring and grabs a mic.)

FLOOR: Look Lerner, I'm not going to sit here and play games as you try to use some technicality to get what you want...But I am going to offer you a deal...At Showdown on the Strip...We're going to have an LVW Championship match...And I will give Born Again a place in that match...And I will go even further then that and make that match a "Lord's Rules" match...Now you can take that deal or you can waste whatever money this maniac has in your fruitless lawsuit.

(Lerner and Born Again start talking.)

(MUSIC UP: "Down" by 311 Crowd POPS as J1D stumbles out of the entranceway, mic in hand, LVW title draped over one shoulder...looking annoyed and confused.)

J1D: How's it hangin' Vegas? It was hangin' pretty gnarley for J1D back in the locker room, until this BOGUS CRAP came on my monitor! Now as you all may know, I was totally ready to retire this strap tonight in my final wrestling match ever in front of all you fine people. And for a second, brah, yeah YOU buttwipe! Born Again! I was thinking, 'OK, no big deal, give the belt up, go home, save the environment, and call it a day.' But DUDE...J1D's the people's champion, the guy who holds this belt in your best interests so toads like THIS GUY don't go around giving everybody a bad name. I've got a responsibility to the awesome crowd that puts money in my pocket and gnarley grindage in my mouth, so I TOTALLY ACCEPT a match with you, any time, any place, using whatever rulebook you jokers wanna use. 'Cause at the end of the day maharashi, who vouches for you? This lame ass nine-to-fiver in corporate ass-clown clothing and shoes made in Chinese sweatshops. But me...I'm just one dude who happens to be vouched for and endorsed by the coolest people on the planet, the crazy dudes and dudettes of LAS VEGAS! (CHEERS!) And from what I'm hearing, they don't want either of you turds in the ring trying to scam your way to this title! (Looks at the crowd) Brahs, I only won this thing with your help...this is YOUR TITLE! (CHEERS!) And I'll defend it in YOUR HONOR! Mr. Floor dude, you set the date and I'll be there...cause Showdown on the Strip is one wave I'm NOT GONNA MISS! (CHEERS!)

(Born Again looks outraged, Lerner tries to calm him down. Born Again grabs the mic from Lerner.)

BORN AGAIN: I want a match with this little heathen! I want a match with him right--

LERNER: (Cutting Born Again off, pulling the mic towards himself) Stop! Stop! As your lawyer...I must advise you to not let this doped out idiot to get to you...Floor...On behalf of Born Again, we accept your offer of a Lord's Rules match at Showdown on the Strip for the LVW Title...

J1D: HEY MAN! A lot of good people smoke up with me before matches...are you calling my fans a bunch of idiots? Huh? Cause brah, seriously...we don't have to wait 'til Showdown! (crowd pops!)

(J1D charges to the ring!)

MAYES: J1D ALL OVER BORN AGAIN! Born Again rocked by a series of right hands. Lerner tries to oull J1D off Born Again...J1D WITH A SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE FLOORS HIM! Born Again and Lerner roll to the floor! Lerner keeping Born Again from trying to get back into the ring...This crowd is going nuts!

WATERS: Ugh, I used to not hate this kid so much, but now I'm sick of him! C'mon Born Again!

(MUSIC UP: "Down" by 311, crowd pops as J1D stands in the ring, pointing at Born Again, who's being led to the back by Lerner, J1D holds the LVW Championship belt aloft as the crowd pops!)

MAYES: We got the big men, Hans, Olvir, NEXT!

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Olvir Vs Hans with Miss Ann

(FADEIN: The ring where HANS and OLVIR are trading big time right hands)

MAYES: During the break fans, Olvir and Hans came out here brawling, something had to have gone down in the back.

WATERS: Olvir clearly sneak attacked Hans like the coward he is!

MAYES: Hans rocked after a series of rights from Olvir...Olvir whips the big man into the ropes...BIG BOOT! Hans is rocked, he's staggering...Olvir parading around the ring...He says he's going to slam the big man!

WATERS: Madness! No way he can do this!

MAYES: Olvir goes for it...HE'S GOT HIM UP!!!! HE SLAMMED HIM!!!!

WATERS: You have to be kidding me...


(Bell rings, crowd pops big!)

HARWELL: The time of the fall 2 minutes and 39 seconds...The winner by pinfall...OLVIR!!!! ARSVINNAR!!!!

(Miss Ann gets into the ring and starts screaming at Olvir...After a few moments of this he grabs her and throws her over his shoulder! The crowd pops big as Olvir carries her to the back!)

MAYES: To the victors go the spoils! Miss Ann being taken away by Olvir!

WATERS: Yeah, the giant porn star viking kidnaps a woman and he's the good guy...Las Vegas is a really screwed up town and LVW is just further proof of how nuts everyone here is...I hate all of you...

MAYES: We'll be back with more cheerful commentary from Vic Waters and the Lord's Rules match next!

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Lord's Rules Match

(FADEIN: Ringside "Awesome God" playing over the PA system as Born again, having places his Holy Water, Collection Plate, and Bible in the corner is now walking around the ring, urging fans to repent. He is being boo'ed loudly by the crowd. Inside the ring THE SPANIARD stretches, getting ready.)

HARWELL: The following contest is set for one fall, and it will be contested under "The Lord's Rules"...In the ring fighting out of the BLUE corner...He hails from Madrid Spain...Weighing in at 220 pounds...THE SPANIARD! (Crowd gives a mild pop.)

And his opponent...Currently residing at the corner of True Happiness and Salvation, currently visiting the Sodom and Gomorrah of America, Las Vegas Nevada...Weighing in at 152 pounds...BORN...AGAIN!!! (Crowd booing loudly as Born Again smiles wickedly)

Your referee in charge for this contest is Brian Puter.

(Puter gives a little salute to the crowd.)

(Bell rings)

MAYES: Born Again grabs that collection plate...HE CHARGES ACROSS THE RING AND SMASHES IT INTO THE HEAD OF THE SPANIARD! What the hell is this?! Born Again stomping away...The ref is allowing this...

WATERS: It's The Lord's Rules Mayes! Whatever the Lord says goes!

MAYES: I must have missed that section of the bible that said cracking people in the head with a collection plate is OK.

WATERS: David hit Goliath in the head with a rock and was hailed as a hero! The Bible is all about using weapons to solve your problems!

MAYES: Born Again CRACKS The Spaniard in the skull again with that plate! The Spaniard is halfway out of it laying in the middle of the ring...Born Again now grabbing that "Holy Water" and he's pouring it into the face of The Spaniard who's screaming and flopping around the ring clutching at his eyes! The Spaniard getting to his feet as Born Again now has that Bible...(Crowd Groans!) BORN AGAIN CRUSHES THE SKULL OF THE SPANIARD WITH THAT BIBLE! IT'S GOT TO BE GIMMICKED SOME HOW!

WATERS: It's the word of the Lord, the good book strikes down sinners and those who would seek to defy God.

MAYES: The Spaniard is motionless...Born Again now SINKS IN THE IRON CLAW...THE LAYING OF HANDS...Born Again...SCREAMING IN TONGUES...The ref sees The Spaniard's shoulders are down...1....2....3!!!

(Bell rings MUSIC UP: "Awesome God" sung by a church choir, the crowd booing loud!)

HARWELL: The time of the fall, 3 minutes, 12 seconds...The winner of the match...BORN AGAIN!!!

(Born again raises his arms skyward thanking the Lord for his victory, as he steps through the ropes, he loses his grip on his Bible a little bit and half a brick falls out of the Bible and lands on the floor.)

MAYES: Word of God put him down huh?

WATERS: Hey, how do you know that isn't a Blessed Brick?!

MAYES: I keep doing this job I'll be the one with a drinking problem. The Elimination Series begins, next!

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Challenge Series Match 1

(FADEIN: The ring where "COWBOY" JIMMY DONOVAN, NATE DAKOTA, and 7-10 HUDGINS are currently waiting for their final opponent.)

MAYES: Super Spade should be making his way to the ring...Wait a second, what's going on in the back?!

(CUTTO: The back, SUPER SPADE is laid out as BILL BELLMOTH stands over him, and now heads towards the entrance.)

MAYES: What in the world?! What the hell has Bellmoth done now?! And why?

(Bellmoth walks through the entranceway)

BELLMOTH: This is a joke! It's a disgrace! I won the LVW Championship in the High Stakes Battle Royal, only to get screwed by a horrible ruling from The Floor..Just a hack who decided to take less pay then the refs to wear a suit...And now we're going to have a series of matches to get a shot at the LVW Championship without me?! No way in hell boys! I'm in this thing and nobody's stopping me! RING THE BELL!

(Bellmoth dives into the ring, the bell rings!)

MAYES: What in the hell?! When did Bellmoth start calling the shots around here? This is nuts! Bellmoth attacking Nate Dakota and hammering away on him...Hudgins and Donovan now over and all three men beating the hell out of Dakota!

WATERS: This is a good game plan! Only the guy who loses the fall gets eliminated, there's no reason not to go after a weak link!

MAYES: I don't know if it's very sporting but you are right about that...Bellmoth directing traffic in there...Donovan and 7-10 both sending Dakota into the corner...He hits hard and staggers INTO THE SPARE!

WATERS: Just picking up a single pin!

MAYES: Bellmoth talking to 7-10...Getting the maniac to stay off Dakota...Bellmoth calling on Donovan for the Oklahoma Stampede...Donovan looks annoyed at Bellmoth...But he's scooping up Dakota...AND HE PLANTS HIM WITH THE OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE...Bellmoth making sure 7-10 doesn't break up the pin...[Fans counting along] 1....2....3!!! and it's over!

[Bell rings]

HARTWELL: The time of fall, 2 minutes and 49 seconds...Eliminated from the Championship Challenge Series...Nate Dakota!!

MAYES: Look at Bellmoth, celebrating like he's done anything...What a goof!

WATERS: He did do something! He's advanced to the next round in the Challenge Series!

MAYES: You're hopeless...The main event is next!

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Main Event

(FADEIN: The entraceway, THE CAPTAIN, in a white uniform with black pinstripes and the "E" on the breast, walking towards the ring as "The Imperial March" plays...The crowd giving a solid pop as The Captain enters the ring.)

MAYES: The Captain getting ready for this match, which could clearly put him in like for an LVW Title shot with a good performance tonight!

WATERS: Oh come on Mayes, this is the Captain, he's the man, I can't see him as the dog in this one...J1D is a flash in the pan!

(MUSIC UP: "Down" by 311 as J1D makes comes through the curtain to a big pop! J1D in his standard white board shorts with blue trim, the LVW Championship belt hanging over his right shoulder...J1D high fives a bunch of fans before finally hoping on the apron, he holds the LVW Championship belt aloft as a bunch of cameras flash! J1D then hopes into the ring and gets ready for battle!)

HARWELL: The following contest is the MAIN EVENT of the evening and is a non-title match set for ONE FALL...Introducing first, fighting out of the RED corner...He hails from the Bronx New York, weighing in ar 235 pounds...Here is DAVID RICHTER...THHHEEEEEE CAPTAIN!!!!

(The Captain lifts an arm and the fans cheer!)

HARWELL: And his opponent...Fighting out of the BLUE corner...He hails from San Diego, California...weighing in...Weighing in at 233 pounds...The LVW Champion! J!!! 1!!! D!!!!

HARWELL: The referee in charge for this contest is Lamont Jackson

(Bell rings and the two men circle)

MAYES: And here we go...The main event...Collar and Elbow tie up...J1D gets an armbar...The Captain rolls through and now reverses it...J1D now pushes The Captain into the ropes...J1D sends The Captain to the other side...Shoulder block sends J1D down...Back off the ropes...J1D leapfrops The Captain and now catches him with a HIPTOSS J1D locks up the armbar now!

WATERS: Bah...I know this mooks like The Captain also, but he's still a favorite of mine, I hate seeing this punk kid getting a lucky break!

MAYES: The Captain works to his feet...J1D lets go of the armbar to DRIVE a knife edge chop into the chest of The Captain! (Woo's!)...And ANOTHER! (Woo's!)...The Captain backed into a corner and J1D whips him to the other side...FOLLOWS HIM IN WITH A CLOTHESLINE! J1D grabs him...RUNNING BULLDOG OUT OF THE CORNER! J1D with the cover!! 1....2....NO! ("TWO" shouts!) J1D grabs The Captain and tries to get him back to his feet...The Captain fires a hard uppercut rocking J1D...Big kick to the stomach staggers J1D backwards...J1D sent to the ropes...BACK BODY DROP BY THE CAPTAIN...J1D GOT BIG TIME AIR THERE!

WATERS: Surfer stoner dude just crashed and burned!

MAYES: The Captain now pulls J1D up...BACKBREAKER!! And now he's leaving J1D on his knee bendind J1D's back further, trying to get the champion to submit!

WATERS: Come on, it's non-title, just quit and get back to your stash of weed!

MAYES: I don't think J1D just wants to come out here and lose any match no matter if it's for the title or not. He's not just going to walk off and lose by countout...The Captain now dumping J1D to the mat and dropping a series of elbows to the back of the Champion...The Captain now hooking up a Camel Clutch!

WATERS: Yeah! Break him in half!

MAYES: J1D fighting this hold...He's trying to power his way up...He's on his knees...And now he's got The Captain on his back and CRUSHES HIM into the corner! Both men hit the mat hard!

WATERS: Bah! Come on Captain! Get up!

(The crowd starts booing loudly as BORN AGAIN makes his way to ringside)

MAYES: Oh you have to be kidding me, what is this idiot doing out here?!

WATERS: He's got a locked in spot at Showdown on the Strip, he's here to scout the champion!

MAYES: What scouting?! This man wouldn't know a wrestling hold if it bit him in the ass! What's he going to find out, if a Bible with a brick in it will knock J1D out?!

WATERS: Hey, that's important to know! What if it doesn't work, he'll need to find something heavier!

MAYES: You're a disgrace...J1D back up and hammering away with right hands to the head of The Captain...The Captain backed into a corner and now he's going to be whipped to the other side...NO THE CAPTAIN REVERSES...NO J1D REVERSES AGAIN...THE CAPTAIN CRASHES INTO THE REF!! OH DAMMIT AND BORN AGAIN IN THE RING ALREADY JUMPING ON THE BACK OF J1D WITH A SLEEPER!!

WATERS: Yes! Make him repent!

MAYES: Yeah, the guy who's about to screw some cowgirl is talking about morality...J1D tosses Born Again to the mat...Born Again now getting the boots put to him...J1D now over to the Captain...Who connects with a knee to the gut and now a SWINGING NECKBREAKER!

WATERS: Yeah! Take it to him! Double team time1

MAYES: The Captain now over with Born Again yelling at him to quit interfering in the match...Born Again pleading his case that he's got to punish this 'sinner'...WAIT J1D WITH A KNEE TO THE BACK OF THE CAPTAIN...HE CRASHES INTO BORN AGAIN SENDING HIM TO THE FLOOR...J1D WITH A ROLL UP!!! 1...2....NO! NO!!!! THE CAPTAIN JUST KICKED OUT!

WATERS: And J1D landed back on top of Lamont, I think he knocked him back out!

MAYES: You might be right...J1D leaning against the ropes trying to get his wits about him....DAMMIT!! NO!! BORN AGAIN JUST CRACKED J1D WITH THAT LOADED BIBLE!! J1D CRUMPLES LIKE HE'S BEEN SHOT...THE CAPTAIN THROWS AN ARM OVER HIM...THE REF IS THERE...1.....2...NOT THIS WAY...3...NO!! NO!!!! J1D KICKED OUT!!! (Crowd pops big!)


MAYES: Born Again throwing a fit on the floor...The Captain in the ring...I don't think he's even aware of what happened, he's pulling J1D up...J1D with a right hand, and another...A kick to the gut...HE HOOKS THE CAPTAIN AND HITS THE CHILL PILL OUT OF NOWHERE!!!! (Crowd pops huge!)



WATERS: He knew the risks when he put that striped shirt on!

(Bell rings!)

MAYES: This one has been thrown out thanks to the antics of this raving nutjob who thinks he has a right to interfere in this match.

WATERS: You know I have an anthology of the greatest run-ins in wrestling history.

MAYES: I don't want to hear about it.

(A voice yells "Stop it...STOP IT RIGHT NOW!")

MAYES: Apparently somebody doesn't want to hear it either!

(The Floor comes out with a mic in hand)

FLOOR: Born Again...I will NOT tolerate your actions...You are here-by SUSPENDED from the next LVW show! (Crowd pops, Born Again throws a fit!)

FLOOR: And beyond that, if you do interfere in ANY match from now till Showdown on the Strip...you will LOSE your spot in the main event of that show!

(Crowd pops again! Born Again is screaming at The Floor about the unfairness of it all)


(The camera shows the three men brawling as we FADEOUT)

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