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Indra vs. Armando Montezuma

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: ARMANDO MONTEZUMA standing in front of a Cuban flag that acts as the backdrop for this promo. MONTY is wearing a blue jogging outfit, with a powder blue hat that reads in white letters "The Grinder" with the words "I'm a machine" under it. He holds a broomstick in his hands.)

MONTY: Indra, I don't know who the hell you are, I wouldn't know you from Adam, or due to who our champion is...Eve...I honestly don't care about who you are, because this match is about me, not you...This match is about a man who's spent his whole life fighting challenges and overcoming them. About how I've fought every champion from every nation, defeated all comers and still keep going...

Now I do hope you have 2 legs and a pulse, I don't know what the standards are for EPW's talent recruitment...So maybe you are wrestling's first wheelchair bound superstar, I have no idea...But I'm hopeful that you at the very least do have a pulse. That way I can thrill this crowd...That way, I can make Joe Six-Pack and Jody Punch-Clock have at least 10 minutes of their miserable lives brought meaning to, when they get to watch an Armando Montezuma match...They get to see excellence in it's purest form...Me and this broomstick could put on a 45 minute clinic that would make the internet smarks write sonnets to praise it...So really Indra, I'm not asking for much, I'm really just asking that you show up, that you try to look as big and as bad as you can...And that you then when it comes time, accept defeat with grace and dignity...

Because you are facing Cuba's National Treasure...You are facing Mr. Sixth Snowflake...You are facing...The Grinder...

I'm a Machine...


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