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Immunity results

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Everyone had to make a fire in a bucket that was on one end of a see-saw, on the other end was a bucket with a hole in it that has to be filled with water quick enough so that the bucket with fire would be lifted up and trigger a fuse and light a wok, first person to light their wok won immunity, everyone was given 25 matches and no more.

Diva ran out of matches and was eliminated.

Olivia and Cynthia both got their fires going but they were not high enough to light the fuse by the time their fire bucket was raised.

Jason got a good fire going and got his fire bucket lifted, lighting the wok and winning immunity.

Jason wins immunity. The other 4 of ya will have to worry about not making the final show.

Show up next week sometime...Good luck...

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