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Greenie has a pipe

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: Greenie, standing in a sportsbook somewhere in Vegas.)

GREENIE: Magic at 4 point favorites at home. They are hungry and need a win, this thing is a pipe! It's gonna be a blow-out! Mark my words, this one is a no doubt lock of the decade...Betting on the Magic is like printing money!

Magic -4, and go to bed sleeping sound that you've made a big score...

(Greenie reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small wad of 100's, he counts through them)

GREENIE: 18..19...20...21..22...Man, gawd damn my wife...Honestly, 2200 to win 2000, this isn't even a real bet...Bah...Friggin' Doc won't answer my calls...Oh well, guess I'll only make 2 grand on this thing...(Shakes his head) can't believe I can't get any more cash for this play...Unreal...

(Greenie heads to the ticket window to make his bet...FADEOUT)

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