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Cherry Blossom Chaos: Minion vs. Golem


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
This match is a Pills on a Pole Match.

Remember, all RP conducted for Cherry Blossom Chaos should be from various locations in the Washington, DC Area.

The RP/Angle deadline is Monday, March 8th 11:59PM PST. Send all angles to pmiller21@gmail.com
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Jan 1, 2000
Manufacturer's Warning

(Fade into Golem, standing in the back of what appears to be a local pharmacy in the DC area. He is wearing an over-sized trench coat, hiding his peculiar visage from those around him.)

Golem: There are many different kinds of pills in this world, Minion. There are those that bring you up and those that bring you down. What would you describe yours as?

(Golem picks up a bottle and reads the label to himself.)

Golem: Everyone is so ashamed of having wicked tendencies. Society tells us that we cannot exist in their world if we cannot play by their rules. That's fool talk, Minion, and I am sure you have started to figure that out by now. Fools dance to the whims of society, afraid to question, afraid to make their own rules. I am not afraid, Minion. Fear is a fool's emotion.

(Golem throws the bottle on the ground disgustedly.)

Golem: Are we dogs, Minion? Do we have to play by the master's rules or risk the night outside? If the dog bites the master's hand, then the dog should be punished. But I ask you again, Minion: are we dogs? Golem is a master. If the hand that feeds is not to Golem's liking, he shall have it removed. Society is a fluid creature...it changes to the will of the most forceful master. Golem has but to reach out his hand and seize that opportunity to make this whole world come crumbling to his will. Doesn't that intrigue you, Minion? The opportunity to lead men? The chance to change things? A world made for people like Golem. A world made for people like the Minion of old!

(Golem grunts and knocks over a large rack of pills to the dismay of the owner. He approaches Golem but backs off and slowly heads for the door when he gets a better look at him.)

Golem: NO. You want to conform! You are a living, breathing testament to what it truly means to be a minion! You’re a worthless scab, following the orders of great and even not-so-great men. I shudder to think that I once associated myself with you, you pill-popping shell of a man. When I ask 'are we dogs', perhaps it is not merely rhetorical with you. After all, you would fetch the master's shoes if he gave you a treat, wouldn't you? How long would you let that treat rest on your nose before you couldn't take it anymore? How weak willed are you anymore?

(Golem slowly meanders towards the door, aware that the fleeing clerk probably means eventual legal trouble if he stuck around. He walks down the fairly abandoned street, camera in tow. As he walks, he reaches into his trench coat and pulls out a container of pills.)

Golem: At Cherry Blossom Chaos, I get to snuff out whatever will you had left, Minion. I get to take these precious pills away from you for good. Part of you has to be very happy for that fact. Part of you probably wants to let me win, doesn't it, Minion? What do the voices say will happen if you get in Golem's way, if you stop him from his inevitable rise? Bad things, Minion. The voices are warning you of very bad things.

(Golem pours some pills out into his deformed hand.)

Golem: There are many types of pills in this world, Minion. And yours...they are just more downers. They drag you into the depths of mediocrity with the rest of the worthless masses. I can be your savior, Minion. Golem can be your upper. Golem can grasp you with his clawed hand and drag you to ecstasy. You see, a pills on a pole match is a match with no disqualifications. There are no submissions. There is no mercy. We are free to be everything we've been told not to be but everything we've always known we were. We’re animals, Minion. Monsters. Destroyers of worlds. And in the end, while I ascend the ropes and the pole to free you of your demons....you can finally have respite. You can finally stop conforming to society's will....and start conforming to mine.

(Golem puts the pills back into the trenchcoat pocket.)

Golem: The road to recovery....is always a bumpy ride...

(Fade to black.)
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Jun 19, 2009
It always begins with a woman

(screen fades in as we are in familiar territory, the Minion’s new apartment building in Manhattan. The camera winds its way up the stairs. Everything is perfect, everything is in order, everything is how one would expect a luxury apartment building to be. The camera finally comes to Minion’s floor and walks down the long hallway. Again everything is perfect and what one would expect from a luxury apartment building in Manhattan. The camera stops at Minion’s apartment and lets itself in. Everything is not how one would expect a luxury apartment to be. Books are thrown on the floor, furniture upturned, the TV is on but static is on, there appears to be a hole in the wall from where a foot or a fist has gone through. The camera pans around and we can see into the bedroom the mattress from the bed is thrown against the window, more drawers are thrown around, and we see Minion shaking back and forth on the ground with his back turned to us. The camera gets closer and Minion speaks.)

Minion: All I wanted…all I wanted was to take control….i was in control…wasn’t i? Sure the pills helped me, but for once I was the hero, for once I was loved…Tom never liked me…no one ever liked me, but they feared me…but that isn’t the same. The pills they helped…now the NGEN wants to take those away from me…now Golem wants to take those away from me…he knows not what he does and the folly of his ways.

(Minion stands up and walks toward the kitchen.)

Minion: A few days ago the NGEN officials came to this apartment, turned it upside down, and took all prescriptions for my meds away, but they didn’t take all the prescriptions away, I still have one (the camera pans down to Minion’s hand and we see a crumbled piece of paper from a doctors office for Minion’s medication). I will get this filled and I will level out…I must level out…I fear myself if I don’t level out.

(Minion begins to calm down now that he knows he will get his meds filled and makes his way to the living area of the apartment and flips over a chair and takes a seat and looks at the static on the television screen)

Minion: Golem it was all so simple when I first came back to wrestling…I was going to forget the past…I was going to be a new man…a new wrestler…a hero, but you wouldn’t let me. I tried to keep the medicine down, but you wouldn’t let me. I wanted redemption and to move on from the past and hope everyone would forgive me…You wanted the old Minion, the Minion that carved an H into Hellions skull, and the Minion who pushed a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs so that he would get into a title match. That Minion is locked away in a coffin and he is not coming back Golem.

(Minion turns off the television and the room becomes eerily silent until Minion speaks again)

Minion: Golem, if I lose you may get your wish. I am not fighting for myself in this match, I am fighting for the entire NGEN. If we let loose the old Minion there is no bounds to the pain, the suffering, the violence he will cause, and there will be no control. If I lose, may God have mercy on the NGEN for no one else will. If I lose Golem, can you control the Minion that you once knew? It is better for the NGEN if I win Golem. Somewhere in your mind I know you know you cannot control the old Minion you once knew, i know your end goal Golem, and that is to unleash a weapon that you have no plans to control and let that weapon carve a path of destruction in which you will reap the reward.

(Even though Minion has his back turned to the camera we can tell by the body language he is disturbed by this revelation)

Minion: Golem i want you to think about this one second, if for years the old Minion was forced to the deepest parts of my mind and held prisoner by chemicals, isn’t he going to be little pissed and more vicious…the voices tell me things…the voices tell me horrible things if we were to unshackle the real Minion…things Golem you do not want to know…things Golem that will be done to you in the ring…I wish none of these things on anyone and at Cherry Blossom Chaos I beg you Golem let me get my pills first and then we can fight. But I know this will fall on deaf ears…the voices in my head know this and the images of the voices are grinning like a cheshire cat with teeth like God’s shoe shine. Golem I have pity for you because I know not what I am capable of anymore especially in the state I will be in if I do not get this prescription filled.

(Minion begins to stand up and goes for his coat before speaking again)

Minion: Funny that you call us animals because the only animal I see is you Golem. It also makes me grin that you think I have conformed…oh hardly. I have changed, and sometimes Golem we all must change for the better of society and the betterment of ourselves. I look at you Golem and I do see an animal. You are the animal that has never been caged, but by me. Sure I was my old self then, but I can channel that old self and still be in control...i think. I can control my anger in that ring and even with all those toys at my disposal in a no DQ match I will be tempted, but temptation can be defeated just like you. You are a dog Golem always biting the masters hand and you know when you bite the master one to many times you take the dog out back…tie it up…and put a bullet in its brain. I will do the same to you, but instead of bullets I will knock some sense into you with a steel chair, steel pipe, and whatever is not locked down, but I will not resort back to my old self I will not give you the satisfaction and even if I lose and I do not turn back into my old self it will still burn you up inside Golem, it will burn you up inside that you failed in your mission to corrupt one more soul. Now if you will excuse me I am going to go get this prescription filled I’ll see you in the ring and I will get redemption and once and for all put the old self in its coffin forever.

(Minion throws his coat on and makes way to the door. As he opens the door we see a slim and very attractive red head woman in knee high boots, tight jeans, and a tight red corset. The woman smiles at Minion as if she has known him her entire life. She hands Minion a piece of paper, which Minion quickly reads and looks back in shock. Minion drops the piece of paper and for the first time the woman speaks.)

Mystery Woman: He has been watching you and wants to speak with you; are you ready to return to Babylon?



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Jun 19, 2009
Re: It always begins with a woman

(Screen fades and we now find ourselves in a car heading towards the less desirable area of the city. It is late at night and there are few cars on the street and the red lights seem to be afraid to come up as the car makes its’ way down the street. In the car we see Minion still in shock from what he read the last time we saw him, still clinching the piece of paper in one hand and the folded up prescription in the other hand. To his left is the woman who gave Minion the note. The deteriorating buildings do not faze her as the car moves further into the city. The camera pans to its right and we see the buildings getting steadily worse. After a few minutes the car comes to a stop. To the right we see a park, which looks very familiar, but the camera quickly pans to the right and we see a dilapidated building. There are some bums outside the building and they pay little attention to the car. The woman gets out and motions for Minion to come with her. Once Minion steps out of the car the bums quickly look up and the expression on their face is as if they have seen a ghost.)

Woman: Come on Minion, he is waiting for you up there and we know how he doesn’t like to wait.

(Without missing a beat the woman goes into the building unafraid, Minion follows behind her. After going up to the top floor the long hallway before us now is night and day different from what we saw in the last interview. Gone are the nice, clean, crisp doorframes and paint; which now have been replaced with no door frames, yellowish wall paper (which obviously was not the original wall paper), and scribbling on the wall. Minion looks at some of the scribbling and some of it is just one letter “M” some of it is phrases such as “Minion Lives”, “Through his errors we are lost, his return we will be found”, and “The man on TV is not the one, he will be found”. After a short walk down the hall we come to an apartment with the letter “M” scratched into the door. The woman opens the door and ushers Minion in. Minion looks around and all we see is a dingy couch, a couple of chairs, a television, and one chair, which we can barely see in the corner. Minion sits on the couch.)

Minion: Lilith why have you brought me to this place?

Lilith: You don’t remember do you, the pills were that effective. He will be most unpleased by this.

(From the chair an authoritative voice speaks and Lilith takes a seat by Minion)

Voice: Thank you Lilith. So Minion, you have finally returned to Babylon. Not much has changed, but the main thing that has changed is you. We are on the eve of your fight with Golem, the dog. Like a dog he needs to be put down, but you are weak Minion. You are spineless. You take pills to help you fight the urge, to fight that you are and what you truly can be. You deny yourself your destiny…so what that the stupid cows can cheer you? So you can be the f<fcc>king fans can think you are the hero in this story? Minion, remember when the fans cheered Tom Parker, then he got hurt and they forgot about him, then he died and they never mentioned him again. Do you want to end up like that? Do the pills, fans, the cheering, being the hero mean that much? Do you think you even stand a chance against….

(Before the voice can go any further Minion interrupts)

Minion: Who do you think you are, you get your b<fcc>h to drag me down to this s<fcc>t hole to what, mock me. The fans are my inspiration; they are everything to me now. The man you see before you is the Minion. The man who Golem wants, who you want is dead; you call me weak, spineless, and stop short of calling me pathetic just like Golem has called me, but that is fine. When the chips are down ill rise up. I am the under dog in this fight, you know, I know it, and that thing Golem knows it, but when you back the underdog into the corner he just gets hungrier and you know what I am pretty damn hungry.

(Minion stands up and approaches where the voice is coming from stopping short of ripping whomever it is out of the chair)

Voice: You say all of this, but deep down you know you need your old self. You know when Golem starts up he wont stop until you are down for the count and then he wont stop, but do you have it in you to get to that point to put Golem down. Golem is a dog that needs to be taken out back and shot. He has risen against the master. He has risen and bitten the master’s hand and now he is just a cur. He needs to be kicked in the gut, rammed with a chair in the head, thrown onto the cement, and then beat with everything not tied down. Can you do that Minion? No, you are pathetic. Tom Parker would be embarrassed of you; you put on this charade this alter ego like super man. See, Kal El is the real person and Clark Kent is the alter ego. The Minion I see before me is just an alter ego and the real Minion is the real person. Don’t deny it, you know I am right or else you would not be holding that prescription in your hand. You don’t trust your real self you know if it is unleashed it will be hell on the NGEN, you know that if Golem does what he wants that no one will be safe from the madness that is sure to come…give in to it Minion give into the animalistic ways of your past.

Minion: You are wrong. I am the real Minion, and if Tom saw me now he would know that and had he seen me prior to this he would have been embarrassed. Embarrassed that I almost killed a pregnant woman by pushing her down the stairs, embarrassed that I craved the thrill of breaking people’s bones and got off to the snapping of the, and he would be embarrassed that I am talking to who ever you are…no sir I think he would be embarrassed if I went back to my old ways. Golem will not make me go back to my old ways. Come Cherry Blossom Chaos I will show the world that I can defeat Golem. I will show the world one last time, that I can do the hardcore thing without unleashing my old self, that I don’t need chemicals to keep my old self down that I will keep both down. This is a unique match, see I have one physical opponent and I have one mental opponent and in many ways this is a handicap match and I am out numbered, but I my odds. Golem, at Cherry Blossom Chaos I will put you down and move on. All I wanted Golem was to be the hero in this story and if I have to defeat the big bad villain to prove then so be it; you might have started this war and one some battles along the way, but they were merely skirmishes compared to what is coming and the war will be one with a bang which so happen will be your head splitting open from a chair shot.

Voice: Even though you deny your old self, Minion, I give you a choice out of kindness, but do not mistake my one act of kindness as a weakness. You can walk out the door and never return to Babylon and go upon your white knight crusade or you can give in to your true nature and stop being the pathetic loser that you have become, but before you decide think carefully, think about the fun you had, think that you are living through popping pills and the self you are now is just an act, a watered down version of what you really are, no one respects you anymore because they don’t fear you anymore. Everyone knows as well as Golem knows that you are spineless and without your old self you are a walking dead man.

(Minion finally being pushed over the edge turns on a lamp near the chair. The corner illuminates to reveal no one is there. Confused, Minion looks over to Lilith who smiles her chershire cat grin.)

Lilith: Thank god that is over; conversations between you and your own self are so boring. Think they deliver Chinese food down here?

(Screen fades out as we hear a faint laughter, which now know is Minion’s evil self, Minion with a confused look on his face looks down at the empty chair obviously contemplating his two choices)

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