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  • Vert,

    Man i did not see this until today. That is exactly what i would like to. I want Golem to be the person who is going to turn Minion.

    Here is the plan as i see it and we can work with it and see where we want to go. Minion is trying to save himself and redeem himself for his past evil ways. He supresses the urges with his pills and is trying to change. Golem is going to stop him from changing and leading up to the PPV Golem will temp Minion and do whatever, and Minion will show signs of cracking not only at the events but also in the RP. Leading up to the PPV where Minion before the match will throw away the pills and knows that he isn't strong enough as a face to beat Golem or even stand a chance that the old Minion has to return and that will be the return of heel Minion.

    After the PPV i was thinking or hoping we could team up and start a stable or something. Let me know what you think. My AIM address is Toad482 hit me up there and lets talk.

    I see your doing the face or at least pseudo-face bit, and I was wondering if you wanted to work an angle with Golem where he comes out and steals your pills away from you to try to convince you to turn evil again. Sort of a "good vs. evil" bit.

    Using stuff like history as teammates and opponents to convince you to go back to maiming people.

    Interested? Either starting this card or in a few cards, whatever.
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