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BLACK DAWN 2012: TV Title Seven Way - Falls Count Anywhere, No Interference


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Jan 1, 2000
Time For A Change....

[Location: Atlanta, Georgia….July 12th, 2012]

[Scene: A local broadcast studio, where Lecompte has managed to muster some airtime for Kendall Codine. The camera focuses upon Codine, who sits on a stool under a single spotlight, set before an “EPW” backdrop. Codine’s long blonde hair is pulled back in a poney-tail, exposing his face to the world. He is wearing a white polo shirt, accompanied by a pair of black slacks and black dress shoes. Portraying a proper and well-groomed appearance, Codine turns his focus towards his opponent and begins to address them, taking full advantage of the camera time.]

Codine: Perhaps I am not clear in my words.

Am I too vague in the way in which I address you?

Lets take a closer look into comprehension, shall we?

Adrian Willard….I’ll begin with the most vocal critic of them all.

Did I not make myself clear when I stated that you run your mouth in what seems to be an endless repeat of the same notion over and over again?

Is that so difficult to understand?

No, it’s not….you simply don’t want to acknowledge the fact that you’re intimidated by the prospects of losing the opportunity of capturing the EPW Television title for a second time.

What you’re failing to understand is that if I manage to walk out of the ring without success, I will still have a long career ahead of me. Where as you are on the short end of a second chance. You were a failure in your first stint as the champion and here you are again, TRYING, ATTEMPTING, to get something you already had in your possession. So you ask, where is the jealousy?

The jealously is hidden in the fact that you realize I’m the future of this company, while you are the past and a lackluster one at that….

(Codine pauses for a moment to collect his thoughts and refocus his attention to another opponent.)

Codine: Perfection….is that the way I see EPW?

Anarky….is that the question you’re asking of my perception of this company?

Looking at this empire that Dan Ryan has built, I would have to say that he has come damn near close to perfection.

Analyzing an organization that has historic ties all the way back to GXW is not difficult.

Do you even appreciate the “founding fathers” that helped build this company?

Is paying homage to the likes of Dan Ryan, Rob Sampson, and Sean Stevens too much of a hit to your pride?

No man is bigger than the company itself. Perfection is achieved through the acknowledgement of flaws. For example, flaw number one is Adrian Willard thinking that he is worthy of walking out of Black Dawn with the EPW Television title, when he wasn’t even impressive enough to provide it with a proper title reign. Flaw number two is you, Anarky, believing that you will rebuild this “broken down palace” without repercussions along the way.

(Codine hesitates again, as he turns his attention back to Adrian Willard.)

Codine: Who are you to say that I am undeserving of a title shot this early in my career? I’m fairly certain that if we gave Rich Mahogany a call, he would say the same about you. You label me as a “mini-Cameron Cruise”….a multiple time CSWA champion and one of the more successful wrestlers in the business….I can deal with that assessment. Who would you compare yourself to Adrian? It would have to be someone that whines for attention and talks in circles, because that’s the Adrian Willard way.

For the man that has “gained everything on his own accord”, I have to ask….what exactly have you gained? An extremely short-lived television title reign? Matches with “nobodies” like me? I’m not too sure I see things that way you do because my views are based in reality, while yours are based in a land of desire.

One would think for a man that thinks so highly of himself, he would have accomplished more in this organization. As I see it Adrian, you have one unsuccessful title defense to your name and that’s about it. Don’t you find it quite ironic that you take shots at the inferiority of Anarky’s challengers, when the only challenger you ever faced in a title defense took away your title?

That’s why you’re jealous of me Adrian because in only three matches, I’m already at you level in EPW. You can remain in denial all you want, but the fact of the matter is that your fading star is about to be eclipsed by the beginnings of my juggernaut of a career.
Can you envision that my arrogant friend?

(Codine ponders in silence once again, as he shifts back towards addressing Anarky.)

Codine: I’m sensing that you’re boiling in frustration. My words are exposing your claims of a flawed empire and it unnerves you. Mix that with the verbal diarrhea that spews from Adrian Willard’s mouth, the coyness of Aaron Jones, the frighteningly unpredictable Teddy Alexander, and the unexpected silence of Larry Tact….it equals a sense of unreleased frustration for Anarky.

I’m growing tired of these false prophecies that you deliver in each address. I can respect your accolades in the EPW, but I can’t respect your degrading of this great organization. The same organization that provides you with a paycheck and allows you the opportunity to wear that title belt around your waist.

Your complaints of how you lost the EPW World Heavyweight Championship are beginning to fall upon deaf ears. You claim to have carved a “path of violence and destruction” through the EPW, but you’re apprehensive when it comes to reclaiming the title that was taken away from you in a disgraceful manner. No one is asking you to beg for it back….but rather be a man and take it back!!

That’s where my lack of respect for you comes in to play Anarky. You’re hell bent on bucking the system, yet you’re unwilling to take back a title that was wrongfully taken away from you. If you want to be the true anarchist, then man up and take back what is rightfully yours….

….or continue to listen to the droning of Adrian Willard and his claims of how you are and were an unworthy champion.

(Codine pauses one last time as he collects his thoughts for a final address.)

Codine: Ultimately, Aaron Jones has it right….I’ve warned each of you not to underestimate me from the start. I am disappointed by the silence of Larry Tact, while I approve of the do whatever it takes attitude of Teddy Alexander. I have respect for Anarky, but only to a certain extent due to his shortcoming. And I am no longer amused by Adrian Willard’s endless tirades of verbal nonsense that lack direction and seem as if they’ll never end.

I am humble, being afforded this opportunity by Dan Ryan. Whether it be because he feels I am deserving of a title or shot or simply out of spite towards Anarky….I feel blessed either way.

This is an opportunity that I feel my opponents are taking for granted, while Anarky is looking at it as a chance to adjust the internal functions of EPW.

As I see it, this is where I make Adrian Willard regret stepping in to the ring with me twice and take away the title that Anarky disgraces with his negative propaganda towards the organization.

The others will simply be collateral damage in the process.

Next time we meet, you’ll recognize the Codine legacy and realize who I am….

The EPW Television Champion….

[Fade Out.]

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
You Don't Have The Ability To Create Change


[Just an EPW Black Dawn logo on the screen and at the bottom “Voice of Adrian Willard”. No appearance, seems like a call in.]

“Oh sorry excuse me as I yawn. I just don’t see the point in what you are saying I mean I only have a Bachelor’s degree from Iowa State so logic makes no sense to me at all. Maybe it’s the whole me regretting getting in the ring with you. As far as I recall, I am your better.

I toppled you already, so yes, getting in the ring with you would be a regret having to put your snooze out again to drill it in your head. Even though people like when I produce the same results time and time again.

But I love how you talk about the “nobodies” I have wrestled, which I never called a person a nobody directly. Those I guess nobodies outside of EPW, must be everyone in the pier six brawl. other than being a final contender in the A1E’s Pier Six Brawl which First won, you know First the nobody World Champion?

Other than being one of few men to wrestle the legend known as Hornet.

Or Castor V. Strife

Other than beating that multi-time CSWA champion you so highly regard Cameron Cruise, not once, but twice who is now contending for the EPW Championship.

Damn these nobodies.

Yes..Codine, my career is just a full failure. It’s just so terrible that in my first match I wrestled the TV Champion non-title and beat him.

My title reign was such a fluff that I lost it to the man who prior to our match pinned Anarky who was world champion at the time.

And when I wrestled him I beat him…CONVINCINGLY. Then gave him another chance and lost due to an illegal pin.

But hey, you are right Codine, you’re going to walk out as the champ, I mean you are the Paladin. You are a vet here you have enough in ring time to show us why we are all wrong, excuse us If we don't just all lay down for you and let you win. Because in three matches you are already where I was, so let me just lay down for you and surrender.

In three matches you have beat the same caliber men I have.

No, wait a second, you aren’t were I was. The difference is Dan Ryan decided to toss the title shot to you in a frenzy, he doesn’t have RESPECT for you Codine, not enough respect to give you a one on one against ‘Nark. He threw you to the wolves.

Because he needed distractions, he needed you, Aaron Jones, Classy Mike C, in that ring to make the chances of Anarky walking out that much slimmer.

Not because you are some great human force, not because you are some A plus superstar. But because he is banking on Teddy, Tact or I to let you fools do our work and then clean the canvas with you.

Because we have this stuff called ring smarts.

I in my three matches in got the nod from Dan Ryan, a one on one against Cruise. I won the match, I came out as the better man.

You can think you are the better man here, you have yet to prove it…you have yet to do anything. You are a fly on the wall and I have the swatter.

But I had an extremely short lived TV title reign, just like Rich Mahgony had a short lived reign, and Larry Tact, Ice Tre, Mike Evers, Donovan Astros…

They must all be bums like me too. They must all be lower than you Kendall because you are just that damn good!

I might as well not even show up to the ring because you already have it in the bag!”

[A loud laugh]

“Of course you don’t get it…you are unable to because you think I am a fading star, that I have had five matches in and already I was a champion. Mark that, possibly two time champion.

I am a fading star that all the fans erupt for, a fading star that beat you like you were a training partner, a fading star that has wrestled with the best, Impulse, Nark, First, the list continues. But forget it, you are too naïve to do your homework.

That’s strike three why you are out of the title picture.


Fading stars, Codine, or as the scientific community calls them Gravitational Collapses, yeah, they may disappear but when they do they take in and destroy everything around them, they suck out all life and anything in the surrounding universe.

A fading star is more powerful in its exit of life.

And I plan to execute that example until you finally understand it.”


OOC: Yes, I know it’s past deadline by two days but for match writing and storyline purposes why not post...plus I am bored at work.
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Jan 1, 2000
Re: You Don't Have The Ability To Create Change

My apologies, I had mixed this RP deadline up with that of the Ultratitle. I had written that roleplay yesterday and posted it this morning. Regardless, it does help develop a storyline as well.

Good roleplay battle to all that were involved!!

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