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BLACK DAWN 2012: TV Title Seven Way - Falls Count Anywhere, No Interference


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Seven-way Dance for the EPW TV Title.


Falls Count Anywhere

No Interference Allowed

Post all RP here.

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
It's Mine To Take

Fade In...

[San Francisico Golden Gate Bridge, a light fog from the early morning below as we are on the pedestrain walk way. The camera turns from looking at the foggy waters below to the left as Adrian Willard stands there in a hooded sweatshirt. huffing a bit and slightly sweating from his jog. Gum in his mouth chewing gently on it as he begins to talk]

“I don’t call myself a poster boy or the man who will do anything to appease the company. I am not a mouthpiece nor the whipping boy. But there is one thing I have noticed time and time again, almost everyone on this roster or formally on this roster has the same exact agenda."

[Adrain pulls the hood down from the sweatshirt.]

“Destroy and rebuild Empire Pro Wrestling.

Sebastian Dodd, to Anarky, to Boogie Smallz, to every griping half assed wrestler wants to tear down the establishment because either they really do have a legitimate beef or they have nothing else left in the tank so why not just bash the company.

And it grows tiring, I have been watching this company since two thousand and six and lord I cannot count how many times it is brought up. But let us take the most recent and more known rejectors of Dan Ryan’s philosophy.”

[He puts up one finger leaning his left side of his boddy against the rail turning towards the camera]

“WHICH, if you didn’t know is work hard, bust your ass and you get what you are entitled to. Smart mouth, make waves, and sit idle well then get out.

Regardless, let's just get to the real reason we are here, Anaraky and his [he does quoting bunny ears] lack of challenges. Really ‘Nark? Wait, before I even get started, yes I know, I don’t know you and before you start with an array of questions, such as but no limited to “Can you beat me? “Will you do it?” “What if I don’t let you?”

The typical redundant splurge you spit, I haven’t wrestled you and like you can really give a damn about it.”

[Adrian turns now completely away from the water leaning fully against the rail turning back and forth from looking at the camera to passing traffic]

“But being that you have two former Television Champs coming at you, Larry Tact and myself, let’s just be frank here, this first title defense will out do your entire EPW Heavy Championship reign. However, this whole I am pissed at the world so you need to provide me a challenge is by far the single most ludcris spin I have ever heard.

And yes, I do listen to what Cameron Cruise has to say on occasion so for me to make that statement is profound!

Anarky, you are the former EPW Worlds Heavyweight Champion, you had the biggest baddest belt in the entire company. Not only did you squander the opportunity, you gave it over to First, who at this point is doing a much better job at champion than yourself. The climb before the indefinite fall.”

[He spits out his gum over the railing as the camera attempts to follow it over the railing as far as it can before it disappears.]

“Let's just break it down, you could have faced the greatest and best this company had to offer at anytime. Impulse, Stalker, Rezin, or even Dan Ryan himself if you really were that upset with your title reign. But now as the Television Champion you suddenly had an epiphany of a true title run, full of "real" challenges.

No offense to Teddy Alexander, Classy Mike C, Aaron Jones, or Kendall Codine, but the only two challenges you face at Black Dawn are Larry Tact and myself. And when it really comes around the majority of those other guys haven't even made an impact career wise.

Teddy Alexander is only notable for trying to decapitate Larry Tact and pretty much handing you your belt. Classy Mike C gaining a win over a crumbling Aaron Jones. None of these men have been around the block...have faced deep Empire talent.”

[Adrian bounces off the railing and begins walking back down the bridge, camera facing him walking backwords.]

“So after this match, if you come out with the title...IF you do Anarky, which let's face it the odds are stacked against you, then what? You going to pick up the scraps, build them up as some great matchup?”

[Adrian smirks and shakes his head]

“Give me a break.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying I am guaranteed to walk out of this match with that belt, a seven way dance is no joke, it's a literal dice roll. That doesn't discourage me, hell, the fans will love it.

One, because that ring will be full of decent and great talent.

Two, who doesn't love a train wreck.

Three, we may, yet again, have another new Television Champion.”

[Adrian looks over to the east as the sun starts to make a full break, continuing his walk]

“I suppose the best part about it is that it's single elimination and I plan to be one of the final two. I want my belt back, I want to show Dan Ryan, the roster, the world, that not only am I a top competitor among these six, but also a man that can challenge the First and become a superstar and the EPW Champion.

Something you were unable to do, Anarky.

I want to be the top champion, not the champion you became, Anarky. Because as we all saw your rise we also saw your quick decline. At least this time around, at the lower peg, you actually are defending your title. Not just walking about not looking for challenges.

I know, I know, you don't make the bookings, yada yada yada. Whatever. Seemed like you did a good job this time around pressing for a challenge.

Regardless, Dan Ryan has giving me another oppurtunity and unlike you Anarky I am not going to waste my chances. I am going to fight for the title, I am going to stand there toe to toe with all six of you and destroy all that are in my path.”

[Adrian points at himself briefly]

“For myself, for that belt, for greater glory.

Because when I look in the mirror I see the best, I see that no obstacle will hold me down.

Not even a washed up former EPW champion.

Not even Larry Tact who is declining.

Or a man I have defeated

Some second rank manager.

A fool running about with a neck brace.

All are a form of competition for a man who wants to stand for all that it means to be champion all he needs to do is overcome them and if you couldn't do it as the EPW Champion 'Nark I have little faith you can do it now.

It's mine to take.

It's been envisioned.

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The REAL Funk U. T-shirt
Aug 26, 2008
don't dream for a war to be over before it can begin

(FADE-IN: on a busy street. TEDDY ALEXANDER stands tall amongst the people rushing back and forth around.)

“The world rushes from one place to da next. It’s constant. Never stoppin’. Just keeps movin’. It don’t stop for nothin’ or no one.”

(The people begin to speed up as they walk around him, but TEDDY seems to remain in real-time standing there eyeballing the camera. A sadistic grin begins to spread across his face.)

“It don’t stop for nothin’ ‘til somethin’ stands out and make ‘em all take notice of ‘em.

“Sad thing is... dis world don’t pay attention to nothin’ unless it’s spillin’ blood.”

(FLASH CUT-TO: TEDDY kicking a kneeling LARRY TACT square in the face with the Angerbash.)

(FLASH CUT-TO: TEDDY now standing inside a wrestling ring. There is darkness all around him. A solo spotlight shines down from directly above him, illuminating the sadistic smile on his face. The camera slowly circles around him.)

“Every now and again, somethin’ stands out.

“Every now and then, da actions DO speak louder than words.”

(FLASH CUT-TO: TACT lying out cold staring up at the ceiling with ALEXANDER standing over him, slowly bending down to wrap the neck brace around TACT’s neck.)

(FLASH CUT-TO: another darkly lit room. Another singular spotlight shining downward. TEDDY bouncing his neck from side-to-side and raping the camera lens with his eyes.)

“In da history books, they tell you wars was won by good men. By heroes. Men who lived and died by da sword, honourin’ their wives and bein’ pillars of their community.”

(FLASH CUT-TO: TEDDY ALEXANDER tossing EDDIE BURNS over his head with the Ragekill Driver.)

(FLASH CUT-TO: a graveyard filled with white tombstones and American flags.)

“Wars ain’t won by heroes. Wars ain’t won by good men.”

(FLASH CUT-TO: TEDDY covering EDDIE BURNS, the referee dropping to the canvas and slapping the canvas once as TEDDY pulls EDDIE up off the canvas.)

(FLASH CUT-TO: the corner of the ring, with TEDDY stepping up onto the second turnbuckle holding EDDIE BURNS in a package before destroying him with the second Ragekill Driver, this time from the second turnbuckle.)

(FLASH CUT-TO: TEDDY ALEXANDER standing before a Black Dawn banner. He’s wearing a LARRY TACT “Starbreaker” shirt with the sleeves crudely removed. He wears denim jeans and fawn Timberlands. That neck brace is wrapped around his neck.)

“Wars are won by da man willin’ to step over da line and do what it TAKES. Not what is right. You show me a man who said he did it da right way, who did it by da book...

“I’ll show you a liar.

“At Black Dawn, I go to war with six other men to walk away with da EPW Television Championship. A Championship I FORCED to change hands at Aggression 67.

“A title ANARKY claims to have one by his own hand but he knows full well WHY dat belt is wrapped ‘round his waist.

“He wears dat belt coz I jumped dat guard rail. I jumped dat guard rail and kicked Larry Tact’s face off. I smashed his face to smithereens wit’ da Angerbash and DAT’S why you wear dat belt, Anarky.

“You wear dat belt coz of me. You’re da TV champ coz of me.

“DAT’S why you’re da Champ, ‘Nark.

“You prop yaself up as da Anti-Champion, Anarky, yet all ya gonna get is an anti-climax.

“You rant and rave about tearin’ down dis company. Burnin’ it to da ground and be da phoenix risin’ from da ashes.”

(TEDDY spits on the ground in spite.)

“Like dat’s what da company needs.

“Da company definitely needs a man who couldn’t bear da weight of da World Championship on his shoulders to save da company from itself.

“Da Empire surely needs the new dawn to set its sun over da horizon to be a sun dat’s NEVER shone.

(pointing down the barrel of the camera) “You stand there like a prize peacock, preenin’ over ya championship, but you forget one thing... As easily as I GAVE you dat belt, Anarky, I will take it away.

“First he giveth.

(ALEXANDER cockily smirks at the camera.) “Then he taketh away.”

(TEDDY bounces his head from side-to-side, like he was loosening up for a fight.)

“I promised Larry Tact I wouldn’t forget. I promised Larry Tact dat I would have my day in the sun. I warned Larry to watch his back and pay attention to me and he failed to take note.

(snarling) “He failed to heed my warnin’.

“I delivered on exactly what I said I would do. And I MADE Larry Tact pay attention.

(pointing off into the distance) “He’s probably lyin’ down lickin’ his wounds in some retirement home wonderin’ if anybody took da plates of da truck dat hit him. He’s wonderin’ why nobody recognises him.

“Dat’s coz I helped him out with some size fifteen rhinoplasty courtesy of an Angerbash and rearranged his stupid face across his stupid head.

“And I’ll do it all over again.

“At Black Dawn.”

(TEDDY shrugs at the camera, as if to say It is what it is to the camera.)

“Larry, I paid you my dues. I paid you my respect. But you brushed me aside as some wet behind da ears rookie dat knew nothin’. Then we hit da ring and your experience got da better of me. You beat me fair and square and I warned you I would have my comeuppance, Larry.

“I WARNED you, Larry, and YOU ignored me.

“It’s hard for you to ignore me now, right?” (he laughs crazily) “It’s hard for you to ignore my boot imprint on ya face. It’s hard for you to ignore da fact that I took ya belt away from you. NOT Anarky. Anarky couldn’t do it.

“Not without me.

“At Aggression 67 I TOOK your belt away from you. ME! Nobody else. Not Anarky. Not your stupidity.

“IT... WAS... ME!”

(TEDDY is breathing maniacally, smiling like a mad man as he stares down the barrel of the camera. Pointing at himself.)

“Larry – I fully expect you come wit’ da gloves off at Black Dawn. I fully expect you to come at me with everythin’ ya got and then some more. I expect you to dig down deep and take full advantage of those stipulations.

“I fully expect you to bring me everythin’ you’ve got left in your reserve and come bayin’ for my blood.

“I WANT you to.

“But you SEE, Larry. Ya ain’t gonna get it, Larry. You can’t get it.

“You now KNOW just how dangerous I am. You now KNOW just what I am capable of and now dat da Empire has removed da boundaries of da wrestlin’ ring and granted me da ability to toss you all around da arena.

‘Then I’m goin’ to make a POINT of draggin’ you out in front of all those fans dat chant your name and smash you to pieces wit’ da Ragekill Driver RIGHT at their feet. They’ll look down at da shattered remains of their hero, lyin’ there is a puddle of his own filth and they’ll pity you, Larry.

“At Black Dawn da bodies are gonna hit da floor. Your body. Willard’s body. Codine. Mike C. Aaron Jones. The TV Champ – Anarky.” (pointing off into the future like he could pin-point Black Dawn) “They ALL will fall. They ALL will feel da pain.

“Some people write me off as some fool in a neck brace. They don’t pay me my dues. They don’t give me da respect I deserve.

“No – Da respect I DEMAND!”

(He stands up straighter, broadens his shoulders and resets his stance to look down the barrel of the camera.)

“Dis seven way dance is EXACTLY what I want. It is da platform to take my career to da next level.

“I want you all to bring da fight. I want you all to bring da pain. I want you all to be get yaselves ready for a war dat can’t be won.

(holding up five fingers) “I’ve been in dis company for five damn minutes and I’ve ALREADY changed da course of dis company’s history. I’ve triggered a butterfly effect with my mere presence and DAT continues at Black Dawn.

“It continues when I walk away with dat belt.

“When Teddy Alexander is da TV Champ.”

(TEDDY runs a hand across his waist.)

“Coz when da bodies hit da floor...

(grinning sadistically) “You’ll dream for da war to be over.”


John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
You Don't Understand War


[Adrian Willard is sitting on a bench in Golden Gate Park, wearing a Saxxon t-shirt and a pair of camo shorts. He looks at the camera sunglasses over his eyes. We start back and move in to a closer shot]

“Teddy Alexander, I don’t know if I should thank you or give a direct facepalm to what you have seriously caused. Either it was for the better or you created a sh-t storm.

I can somehow see your position, you demand respect, Larry failed to give you what you so desperately demanded so you wanted to show him why he must respect you.

There is certain elements that people learn throughout their careers and trust me it took me a while to understand this basic principle.

Respect isn’t commanded or even demanded, it is earned. By your skills, your demeanor, your talents. It isn’t given by a blind side attack, a coward’s move. It’s earned by facing your opponent eye to eye and out wrestling him.

That’s how you earn respect that is how you become a beacon in a time of desperation. That’s how men grow in their careers it’s an element maybe you will get the chance to experience one day.

One day isn’t at Black Dawn.

One day isn’t anytime soon.”

[ Adrian puts two hands up in a defensive notion ]

“But I will agree with you Teddy, you did give Anarky his belt, you gave him the chance to pin Larry Tact, it was a belt he did not earn on his own accord. It wasn’t something he achieved, so in essence yes you put him back on the map.

And with that it makes Anarky weak, it makes him look weak. But he is still not a man to underestimate, not by any means.

Just like Kendall Codine shouldn’t be underestimated, nor Classy Mike C, or myself.

Now, if you and Larry want to have a brawl while ignoring the other five men in this match up by all means take your gloves off, go for it. But as you two fight each other I will be fighting for my belt back, I will be fighting to become a champion.”

[ Adrian nods lightly hands moving to his hips as his head turns back to the camera]

“That’s the point I am out to prove. That I earned that belt back, and it’s not just Larry that will bring his all, it’s everyone in this match.

To have your focus on just Larry Tact is not enough to secure a win, to gain that gold, to get that respect you are demanding.

You showed at Aggression Sixty-Seven that yes you are a dangerous man, that in fact you can put someone’s lights out from the blind side. That’s an advantage in a match of this type, everyone’s back is turned.

But it’s not the same. It’s you verses us six and us six verses each other, there is no blind side, there is only one more man to take your chances right from under you.”

[ He clinches his hand into a fist ]

“Yet you fail to grasp that, you fail to understand that to us, the fans, the Empire it’s self you are just a lone wolf that thinks he has any idea of this world, any idea whatsoever.”

[ Adrian looks right at the camera a frustration and anger brewing in his tone and eyes ]

“You are so naïve and ignorant you disrespect the very men and women that serve this great nation, that fight for the principles you only wish you could attain, honor, respect, dignity.

Teddy you don’t know war, you know nothing of the sort. You haven’t been on the front lines, you haven’t fought a battle, you barely can fight in a ring without being a coward and attacking from behind yet you say that is stepping over the line and that’s how men win wars.

That it’s not won by good men, by heroes. You sir are entitled to your opinion, but it doesn’t mean it’s right or that I have to f-cking agree with it

Patton was a hero, Dwight Eisenhower was a hero, Steve Bennett, and the list is endless of men and women who died valuing their beliefs and fighting hard for it. To maintain it, to secure it for generations to come.”

[ Pointing at the camera he makes a cut symbol with his right hand as though saying enough]]

“But you wouldn’t understand that, you think war is some game. Where men do things to the extreme, yes you are right to a point, some men do step over the line. And when they have they were shut down by the forces of good, who understood oppression will not stand in a world where there needs to be justice.

So don’t stand there on the graves of our troops, don’t stand there on soil of people who have fought in wars that you cower in fear over and state that no hero can win a war, that they are liars.

They wouldn’t value what you fight for; I don’t value what you fight for. Because you are nothing more than a little child who thinks they deserve the world and everything in it.

Because all I see is a man-child that is about to be introduced to the rudest awakening in the history of Empire Pro.”

[Adrian puts his hands to his hips shaking his head in disgust]

“A man that has now gotten my direct attention.

A man that is going to watch a title be won by a different man, a weak pathetic wrestler that has not only disrespected this company but this country as well.

Consider this a welcoming party that you wish you never got an invite for.

It’s been envisioned.”

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League Member
Jan 1, 2000
War, What Is It Good For....

[Location: Atlanta, Georgia….July 2nd, 2012]

[Scene: Local Crossfit gym found in mid-town Atlanta. An early morning workout has just come to a close, as the camera sets down upon Kendall Codine Jr. He is wearing regular workout attire, as the sweat drips from his long blonde hair, hitting the ground drop by drop. A mixture of disappointment and determination can be seen upon his face. After experiencing his first loss in professional wrestling, Codine has been overwhelmed with determination to come back stronger in his next opportunity. The next opportunity….a shot at the EPW Television Championship. In only his third professional contest, Codine will be stepping into the ring with six other competitors, including the reigning EPW Television Champion, Anarky. Realizing that such an opportunity doesn’t come often, especially fresh after a defeat, Codine understands that he must focus and take full advantage of this chance at a championship.]

Codine: (breathing heavily, after the workout) I’m not quite sure how to take this match….a punishment for Anarky or a reward in terms of receiving such a privilege. I’m sure most don’t view it as the latter, which was evident based upon Adrian Willard’s recent addressing of this upcoming match.

(Codine pauses, to use a towel to wipe the sweat from his brow.)

Codine: Adrian, you taught me several things in our recent meeting….the importance of endurance, that lack of experience can prove to be one’s demise, and most importantly….humility.

Nevertheless, your recent words have wiped away any form of respect that I once held for you as a wrestler. Verbally degrading the likes of myself, Teddy Alexander, Classy Mike C, and Aaron Jones. After all, you just defeated me barely a week removed, so duplicating such a feat should be simple right?

Think again!!

(Codine begins stretching as he prepares to complete the next tier of his workout.)

Codine: My father has taught me a lot about this business, just through observation alone. In his career, I watched only one person defeat him, that he didn’t come back stronger and return the favor. I have to admit that you have provided me with the desire to continue the trend that the eldest Codine started. Look at the list Adrian….

Teddy Alexander

Classy Mike C

Aaron Jones

Larry Tact

Each and every one of them enters the squared circle at Black Dawn with their own credentials, desires, and aspirations. Who are you to condemn me or them simply because you don’t think they measure up to your standard? If the standard you’ve set is capturing the title and surrendering it just as quickly, then I think it’s safe to say we all have a good shot at dethroning Anarky.

(Codine pauses, as he picks up a sledge hammer and begins to pound on a tire for a timed drill. Upon completing the drill, Codine continues on, despite breathing heavily due to the workout.)

Codine: I have to say that it is an honor to have Mr. Ryan provide me with this opportunity. This is a match that could easily lose focus and become chaotic with the blink of an eye. Regardless of what Adrian claims, each of us have something to prove in this match. Myself, Aaron Jones, Classy Mike C, and Teddy Alexander will be attempting to prove that we belong amongst the ranks when it comes to title discussion. While Larry Tact and Adrian Willard will be fighting to reclaim what was once theirs….and of course, there is Anarky.

(Codine takes a drink of water in an attempt to rehydrate before moving on.)

Codine: Anarky….the odds are stacked against you, but I’m sure you already know that, since it was all a result of your own request. As I already mentioned, I’ve learned a lot from my father and one thing that he stressed to me was to never make Mr. Ryan angry. Now I can see why that’s the case.

Nonetheless, this is a match that caters to your strengths, regardless of being outnumbered.

No disqualification….

No interference….

Falls count anywhere….

Essentially, the only way to walk out of that ring at Black Dawn is by eliminating your opposition one by one. Are you up for such a task Anarky?
Are you?

(Codine gets in line with his fellow trainees as they begin to run short distance sprints. After a few minutes pass, the athletes take another quick break. Codine uses this time to offer one final address.)

Codine: It’s really quite simple Anarky, you have nothing to gain in this match, while each and every one of your opponents is walking into that arena hungry for that title you wrap around your waist. As I see it, if I am eliminated….no harm, no foul….I simply return to the bottom of the barrel fighting to keep my head above water. Whereas if you lose, then you deal with the failure of joining the list of short lived EPW Television Champions and putting a big smile across Mr. Ryan’s face.

I’m coming into this match hungry Anarky and I won’t be the only one….

However, I will be the only one that emerges from that arena victorious in San Francisco and so will begin the story of a continued legacy….

The Codine legacy….

You can’t stop it, you can simply only be fortunate enough to be part of it….

(Codine returns to the sprints, as the camera slowly fades.)

[Fade Out]


The REAL Funk U. T-shirt
Aug 26, 2008
The Right to the Hypocratic Oath

“Oh shit! I must be in trouble now coz I got your DIRECT attention!”

(FADE-IN: on TEDDY ALEXANDER sitting in front of his laptop. A Motel 6 backdrop makes the scene as he smirks to himself.)

“Seein’ as I got your DIRECT attention now, Adrian, perhaps I oughta give you mine, huh?

“Perhaps I ought to address all da crap dat ran down your chin. Wow, Adrian. Just... WOW! It must get awful lonely up there on your high horse. You swagger in talkin’ about how you’re comin’ back to take back ya belt.

“A belt you couldn’t even defend... just... once!

“I’m sure Anarky’s quakin’. I’m sure your legitimacy keeps him awake at night. I’m sure Anarky is curled up in da corner of his bedroom... which happens to be a Westinghouse box dat has a door scrawled on da front... fearin’ da day you come back to get your title.

“Hell, I know I’M scared, Adrian.”

(TEDDY shakes his head in disbelief.)

“But it’s okay to be frightened, right? It’s okay to be a little scared. I mean we ARE goin’ to war. We ARE headin’ into battle to fight dis out and walk away with da belt.

“I like how you play on words, Adrian. I like how to take my words and twist them and contort them into what you want them to be. I like he you try to manipulate and misconstrue everythin’ I was sayin’ but if you want to burrow down in semantics, Adrian, let’s dig a little deeper.

“You stand there on your pedestal preachin’ about how you deserve to be respected. Talk about how you should not be underestimated. How NOBODY goin’ into dis match should be overlooked yet just ONE day ago you told Anarky dis little dance is between you, him, and Tact.

“Oh, dat makes sense to me, Adrian. It’s your HYPOCRATIC oath to tell me one thin’ and do another. Dat makes it okay then.

“Da same way I make it OH-KAY when I spread your dumb face across da canvas. If there weren’t so many other spastics panderin’ about in dat ring at Black Dawn I’d lock you in da Warsnare and choke you da Hell out.

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

“I don’t cripple people. You do dat yourself by bein’ stupid enough to step into da ring with me.

“You think you’re gonna prove a point and walk away with da TV belt. You think you prove dat you EARNED dat belt back but you did nothin’ with da damn thing to begin with. You got rolled up by a little toe-rag, Adrian, and lost your belt to Rich Mahogany. You didn’t earn dat belt in da first place.

“You couldn’t even defend it JUST... ONCE!”

(Folding his arms across his chest, TEDDY smirks proudly.)

“Ya see, Adrian, despite your opinion I ain’t stupid. I know fully well there’s five other guys aside from me and Larry in dat ring. I hope I didn’t upset you. Did I? Did it hurt your feelings when I didn’t talk about how I was gonna kick YOUR ass all over da arena?

“I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, Adrian. I’m sorry I didn’t mention how I was goin’ to fold you up like a concertina and drive your self-righteousness into oblivion beneath my boot heel.

“I’m sorry I didn’t describe to you da feelin’ you’ll get when each one of your vertebrae shatter inside your spine to tiny little bone fragments.

“But I promise... I’ll just SHOW you instead at Black Dawn. Would dat make you feel a little better? Hmmm?

“I mean, you’re a good man, Adrian. A good man tryin’ to make himself out to be a hero. A hero with a cause now. I’ve got your DIRECT attention, right? I’m your cause. Your cause is to shut me up. Your cause is to prove to all of those people who support these wars for fillin’ up gas tanks dat you can shut someone up won’t wave dat flag with you.

“It’s okay to kill a man. Good people do bad things, right? They can cancel each other out and you can forgive yourself. Takin’ another man’s life don’t mean a thing as long as it’s for your country, right? As long as it’s for your country dat makes you a good person.

“It’s just. It’s righteous. It’s okay to kill Mohammed and leave his five wives widowed and seven children without a father coz my country told me to do it.

“Just as long as we’re doin’ it for our beliefs dat’s enough justification for me, Adrian.

“As long as you’re manipulatin’ my words you might as well tell everybody about how I burnt da flag and then pissed on it, right?

“You forgot to tell everyone how I’m an extremist, too, Adrian. I’m an extremist in da way dat I don’t believe in what YOU believe in. Therefore dat makes me different. Different makin’ ME bad. Therefore dat makes me a problem to you.

“I AM a problem to you, Adrian.

“I’m your WORST fuckin’ nightmare. Da Spinal Smash Monger is goin’ to leave you in a wheelchair for da rest of your life and you’ll be GLAD to have dat opinion of yours coz dat’s ALL you’ll have left.

“Kendal Codine gets it. He got it in one. I’m here to PROVE to da Empire I deserve to be in da ranks. I’m here to PROVE to da Empire dat I demand respect.

“Codine is doin’ da same thing I’M doin’. Forgin’ his legacy. Writin’ da history books. Consolidatin’ da story his father told and writin’ a new chapter. I dig dat. I respect dat. I can get behind dat.

“We’re part of a NEW generation comin’ to take over da Empire. We’re tomorrow. We’re da future. Some of thus are ingrained through blood. Others will write their legacy IN blood. It don’t matter but we are tomorrow’s Empire.

“And tomorrow starts at Black Dawn.

“Adrian... If you don’t want to respect me? Dat’s fine.

FEAR me.”

(TEDDY reaches forward and snaps the laptop shut.)


John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
You Are Unprepared


[San Francisco Golden Gate Park still, Adrian same attire looking at his iPhone smirking to himself and also chuckling slightly.]

“Maybe your brain is still a little rattled from last week Kendall, maybe I wasn’t clear enough for you or just maybe you are running a bit slow in comprehension. First off I am glad you learned something called humility, you need that in this business, knowing when you been beaten and defeated.

The fact you can be a man stand before a camera and admit you were not only inexperienced and not conditioned but also outwrestled is a big step.

Sadly, a new lesson for you is that things don’t change overnight.

Nonetheless, I am not Teddy Alexander, I am not here to demand respect from you Codine. So the fact you say I lost any respect I have gained is a grain of sand on the beach to me.”

[Adrian pauses briefly lighting a cigarette, he takes in a few drags before continuing.]

“Simply unimportant.

As far as me verbally assaulting Teddy Alexander, yeah, the bum deserves it, but again I don’t expect you to understand that a man standing in a graveyard filled with American flags of fallen heroes and calling them unheroic would be grounds for such actions.

Young and dumb.

Aaron Jones, nothing needs to be said, his record, his actions, his entire career can be summed up in two words, non-existent.”

[He puts up a finger in a hold on a minute fashion]

“As far as Classy Mike C, what have I said so very degrading about the man? That he beat a crumbling Aaron Jones? That you can’t count him out? Yes, so degrading Kendall. Sue me for slander that I said don’t count him out from being a true competitor in this match.

Listen, when you come out on the camera and you decide to spit out words make sure those words are relevant and not some imagination you have invented.

But I will agree, beating you singularly this week won’t be that easy, seeing that there are six other men I have to keep tabs on I don’t expect to focus just on you for a pin. To do such would be grounds for me to get overwhelmed.

Teddy Alexander, after his last comments, he has cross hairs on his back from me. You come out here and tell me that you were taught everything from your father through observation and expect me or the wrestling world to consider you a real competitor?”

[Adrian laughs out loud smoke pouring from his nostrils and mouth]

“That’s like me saying I can play professional football by sheer observation. That I learned the entire game and can do it to perfection because I sat there and watched the Patriots.

But hey, I am the bad one for condemning Teddy Alexander for blind siding Larry Tact and being a coward.

I am the bad guy for telling Anarky that he suddenly wants a challenge after he held the most prestigious belt in this company.

I even wonder if you know what you are talking about, I wonder if you have any clue how this business works or if you really know the expectations. Because at this moment, as I think about you the statements you have made I can say, with a smile.”

[Nice sized smile just for the camera]

“You don’t know sh-t.

This Codine Legacy you have driven in your mind is clouding your judgment; it has you in this spiral that you won’t get out of. You aren’t here to build your father’s name you are here to build yours, you make something of yourself.

Yet, you fail to even see that, you fail to notice that I am here to do one thing.


Not make friends, not to shake your hand afterwards and say great match better luck next time.

I am in it for gold, for glory, to give the fans what they paid for and to convince Dan Ryan to increase my salary.

I am in it for me.

That’s what makes me a step ahead of people like you, Kendall.

That’s what makes you lower rank.

[Adrian stands up camera looking upwards at him]

“And speaking man to man, it what makes you unworthy of that belt.

It’s been envisioned. “



Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
Re: You Are Unprepared

(FADEIN to a large backyard area which is noticeably empty except for one man, standing next to the grill, which has smoke billowing out from it. Anarky stands there, an apron on which says “Kill the Chef,” his skull facepaint actually on, and the EPW Television Title around his waist, and he’s drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon. He’s smiling as he turns to the camera.)

ANARKY: “Gosh, you take a few days off to enjoy the sun and the next thing you know, Teddy Alexander and Adrian Willard are about to tear each other’s throats out. All over the EPW Television Anti-Championship. The most prestigious title in all the Empire.

“All thanks to our illustrious leader, Dan Ryan. Where the was once a dream, Dan has now made it a reality. A big ol’ clusterf*ck of reality.

“Thanks, Dan. It’s more than I could’ve ever asked for.”

(He raises his beer and beams.)

ANARKY: “Gentlemen.

“Listen. I am going to explain this to you really slowly because I know quite a few of you don’t get it. You are doubters. Non-believers. Infidels.

“You think that I am a false messiah, like those who have come before me. Well... okay, you’re right, it’s true. I am a false messiah.

“After all, I cannot truly destroy the Empire. There’s probably lawyers and stuff. Corporate board members. Who knows. I’m just a guy who punches people in the face.

“No... men... when I talk about rebuilding the Empire... I’m not talking about the league itself.

“I’m talking about creating something greater. Something worth more.

“Adrian, you talk about the EPW World Heavyweight Title as if were the Holy Grail. But part of its value lies in its scarcity. One cannot simply hand out World Title Shots as if they were candy.

“Look at First. He wanted a challenge, but did he ask Adrian Willard or Larry Tact? Hell no. He asked his old buddy Layne Winters, who doesn’t even wrestle here anymore. This is a guy who would gladly don a mask and trick a ref and use his wife as bait to win.

“This is a coward who walked away when the cards were against him. Not like me. Not like me, the guy who went out there, week after week, and represented the Empire, not as a self-glorified egomaniac like First, but as a f*cking fighter. As a f*cking GLADIATOR.

“You wanna talk about what it means to prove yourself in the ring and act like First is doin’ some bang-up job? Please. Cameron f*cking Cruise? This is the big title reign we’re all supposed to be impressed by?

“Nah, Adrian... this isn’t really about my title reign. This is just about you thinkin’ you can do my job better than I can. You’re a real trick-shot armchair quarterback, Adrian.

“Of course, if you’re so f*cking good at my job, I don’t know why you don’t just do it yourself. Maybe the ol’ Dan Ryan Doctrine isn’t workin’ out so well for you?

“But hey, worst case, we can always blame Teddy Alexander, cause the man is more than happy to give himself credit whether it’s due or not.

“I mean... hey, if you’re biggest accomplishment has basically been blindsiding a tired wrestler and claiming victory by proxy, well... I guess you’re gonna go ahead and do that.

“So hey, thanks, Teddy. I really appreciate it. I’m glad that you were able to peer into the future and know that there is no conceivable way I could fight a man of Larry Tact’s caliber myself, and thus, would need your interference on my behalf.

“Do I owe you something? Money? Beer? Prostitutes?

“Hey, since you’re the one pullin’ all the strings, Teddy, maybe you could let me be one of the last few guys? Adrian thinks this is pretty much a three-way contest because, much like my World Title Reign, Adrian is a heck of an in-ring analyst, so we’d best respect his highly nuanced and analytical opinions.

“So hey, we’re all agreed that the only reason I’m even the TV Anti-Champion is because Teddy decided it for us, so this should be pretty easy.

“Even Kendall Codine agrees I have nothing to gain from this madness. All I’ve managed to do now is piss off Dan Ryan and enter an insane ocean of violence and chaos whereby the mettle of each man will be decided not by the measure of his hard-hitting analysis, but by his ability to back the f*cking checks up that his mouth has been writin’.

“Y’all don’t get it.

“I am an artist. And the canvas is my... canvas.”

(He stops and chuckles at this before he takes another sip of his beer and flips some meat on the grill.)

ANARKY: “It doesn’t matter if I have the EPW World Heavyweight Title. I don’t need it. I’m already twice the wrestler FirDist is. I’ve proven that. I proved it the moment he cowardly walked away from the ring because he was to chickensh*t to fight me again. And I proved it again when he was such a chickensh*t he couldn’t just come back and fight me like a man.

“You wanna worship at this as if it’s the pinnacle of the sport? Go right ahead. Get in line and get on your knees and worship.

“But I can create something better. Something more magnificent.

“And it begins at Black Dawn and it will be born of violence. The EPW Television Anti-Title may have been created in Teddy Alexander’s decision to hammer Larry Tact out of bitter jealousy, but its true face will be seen at Black Dawn.

“Only then will we know who is fit. Who can survive.

“Who can back up the talk.

“Because it’s easy to talk. It’s easy to pretend like you know me. Like you understand me. Like you understand my art.

“You do not.

“I am the only honest man left in this sport. I’m surrounded by people who worship FirDist because they can’t think for themselves. Because they cannot see past the lies he spreads.

“They are incapable of critical thought.

“And so you deserve to be punished. You deserve to know what First knew. What everybody knows but is afraid to say. Afraid to admit to themselves.

“I am the only truth left. I am the true King of the Empire. I was the King when they crowned me in the Cage. I was the King when I dethroned First. I was the King for a year.

“And I was still the King after First proved he wasn’t man enough to stop me himself.

“And now... now I am still the King. But I have changed my colors. Because I am not defined by the title around my waist.

“It is defined by me.

“The EPW Television Anti-Champion. Come to spread his gospel lies to the heretics and unwashed.

“You are saved.”


John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
You Will Pay For Your Lack Of Vision


[Adrian Willard sitting on a blue metal folding chair in front of a Black Dawn backdrop. No sunglasses and his hair tied in a ponytail. He wears a Black Label Society t-shirt and a pair of blue stone washed jeans.]

“Before I came into the business, before I was asked by Dan Ryan and the talent scouts to sign over with Empire Pro, before the tournaments and facing off with Hornet, before I had the first injury to my rotator cuff that left me sidelined, I was a prestigious collegiate wrestler.

There are personal growths that come with pushing yourself nonstop on that mat, going the distance and it translates directly over to this sport as well. The only difference is sometimes this business can become the Wild West.”

[Adrian lowers his head slightly, his hands locking together.]

“The reason I bring this up is because those goals and growths allowed me to win my first title belt in Empire Pro, beating Cameron Cruise twice and reaching that next plateau in my career. I told the fans that as long as I had the belt I would defend it honorably.

And I did.

I faced Rich Mahogany twice in one night.

Beating him the first time around cleanly I successfully DEFENDED my title.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves now, two title defenses is nothing to gloat about but for the point of argument Teddy Alexander needed a history lesson why not just throw it in since he has no idea what dribble he talks anyways.”

[He raises one hand and waves it off as though saying it doesn’t matter]

“That night however things went sour when Rich was yelling from the floor up to me demanding another shot.

And as a man of my word, as I had promised to the fans, I gave him that shot. Unfortunately as fate would play it he defeated me. Not by skill, not by outwrestling me, not by knocking my block off and pinning me.

But by cheating, by using an illegal pin that allowed him an advantage.

It’s no excuse and it’s my own fault for being put in that position.

The bottom line is, I learned a lesson, grew from it and can come out and say yes I deserve my belt back and I will fight to the brink of exhaustion to have my belt back.”

[Adrian looks back up at the camera breathing calmly]

“Contrary to what Teddy Alexander thinks, I don’t expect Anarky to fear me, he has no reason to…he has yet to wrestle me. Just like I don’t fear you, Teddy. You don’t give me a reason to fear you, just like I don’t fear anyone in this business other than my attorney and the corporate board.

I am not here to strike fear, where ever you got that idea, that perception who the heck knows, I am sure you are just sitting there making up as much jargon as you can. Trying to find something, anything, to make you out to be something you simply aren’t, Teddy.”

[Adrian shrugs slightly his face turning into a well why not go down that road sort of face]

“Then again, we can always just go down the line. You say that I stated ‘I deserve to be respected’. I really don’t recall saying to respect me.

[He taps his finger on his chin]

“Oh wait! I did say it’s something you gain over time, I never said I earned it yet, I just know what it takes to get there. But again, just like every other wrestler in this business you don’t listen.

Because you are too damn stupid, too damn up your own ass to understand that this business doesn’t revolve around you.

Let’s just be straight forward, I did tell Anarky the real challenge for him are Larry and I. Two former champions in this match are coming for him, hungry for that belt back. That you others haven’t made an impact yet. Now if I really have to talk down to you like a third grader I will Teddy, I will break that statement down for you and feed you it.

It means I haven’t seen enough from you guys where you’ve created enough impact that I know for certain that you’re legit challenges. Which I followed up by staying you can’t count anyone out.”

[He tosses both hands up in the air]

“Again! You hear what you want and don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

But let’s crucify me for it! Oh no! Adrian the hypocrite, nail him to the cross!

Except maybe if you opened your God damn ears and listened you wouldn’t look like such a moronic tool.”

[Puts one hand up in a defensive notion, but slightly cynical about it]

“I’m just sayin’.”

[He leans back in the chair so only the back legs are grounded]

“Yet, you have a solution don’t you Teddy? You are going to spread my face on the canvass, you are going to cripple me and break my spine, you are my worst nightmare, you are going to kick my ass all over the arena and leave me in a wheelchair the rest of my life!

Teddy, the only extremist part about you is the bullsh-t you’re talkin’.

I can count on ONE HAND how many professional wrestlers, not indy, in this business that I know of who have been left in wheel chairs the rest of their lives. But you sir, you’re gonna do it! You are that bad ass and awesome that you are gonna break through the mold and put me in a wheelchair! I am sure you will make up a list of a bunch of people none of us have heard about to prove that statement wrong. I can feel it. But the point is you talk results you can’t produce.”

[Adrian shakes his head mouth a little open, thinking what a joke]

“You know how many men in Empire Pro have left their opponent wheel chair bound for life? As far as I can recall, and I may be wrong.


And trust me you aren’t gonna be the first to do it, so get that idea out of your head.

Do you know how many men have splattered my face on the canvass, or beaten me to a pulp, Teddy?


And again, you aren’t gonna be the first.

So please, before you come out trying to sound like the big bad wolf, at least have some air in those lungs to blow things down.”

[He lets the chair slam down on all fours and gets a more serious look on his face]

“If this is the new generation, the one forging their legacy, writing the history books, the future. Then Dan Ryan, sir, I regret to inform you that your stock is going to take a dive.

We might as well just sell the company now and get what we can before you imbeciles bankrupt it with piss poor wrestling and idiotic statements.

The fact is, I don’t need to sit here and tell you how extreme, yet ridiculous, of a beating I will give you. I don’t need to sound like a clown; I don’t need to say things that everyone and their damn mother knows won’t happen!

It sounds good, yeah I will give you that Teddy, it sounded great and I bet if you wrote it down on paper it will look damn good too. Try to implement it, see how far you get.

I can tell you already, you will get NOWHERE.”

[Adrian rubs his hands together a little like he is getting pumped up.]

“I don’t need to make things up in my mind, nor say that I watched my daddy wrestle so I know the business or say that I am going to give you the biggest UNREALISTIC beating of your life.

All I need to say is this - I was once the Television Champion, I WILL outwrestle you, I WILL put the pressure on you, I SHALL impose my will upon you. I have no fears; I have nothing but hunger for gold. I want my title back, my name plate to shine and I will stop at nothing to get it!

I am ‘The Prophecy’, the greater vision that was foreseen at the forging of this company and like every vision it starts small then grows with time until it is unstoppable.

That Teddy,

That has been envisioned.

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Jan 1, 2000
<i>(We fade in on the exterior of a woefully nondescript gym. It’s dark out, and the place has little in the way of windows or lighting; we can’t even see the name of it. Aaron Jones is in front of the camera, and he slowly backs away from it, hands out in front of him so he can catch the camera if it falls off whatever he’s set it on. After a couple of seconds to make sure the camera isn’t about to fall over, Jones looks into it and speaks)</i>

<b>Aaron Jones:</b> Preparing for my first real match, against a couple of guys I knew practically nothing about, was a hell of a thing.

It didn’t help that one of those guys ended up pulling an audible and having his son wrestle the match instead, and the other one walked out halfway through, pretty much rendering all my preparation useless.

I figured the preparation for my second match – with a single opponent who, odds were, wasn’t about to pull a switcheroo or take a powder – would be easier.

I guess it was, technically – though the end result wasn’t any more impressive on my end.

I’m still learning all the things you have to do to prepare for a match, and I guess my point is that while my win-loss record isn’t looking spectacular these days, I’m catching up as quickly as I can under the circumstances.

So having to get ready for an every-man-for-himself affair with six other guys in the ring is a little bit of a setback, to say the least.

I mean, this is tough to wrap my head around even before I consider my opponents.

Should I try to hang back from the action while my opponents fight it out, and hope they don’t notice me? Or do I need the momentum from some sustained offense if I’m to have any hope of scoring an elimination in this thing?

Should I go somewhere in the middle, and focus my energy on picking my spots? And if so, how do I decide which spots are worth picking?

And what’s the best way to deal with a double-team situation – or, if it comes to it, a triple-, quadruple-, quintuple- or even the dreaded sextuple-team situation?

Considering how much time he spent as one man opposed by many, you might think Copycat would have given me some pointers on that one, but you’d be wrong. And considering he’s got 100 pounds on me, I’m not sure how useful his strategies would have been.

These are questions my opponents know the answers to, or at least claim they know the answers to. Maybe they’re just smart enough not to think out loud.

At any rate, it’s clear that general survival strategies aren’t going to be much help to me in this one.

So as long as I’m still dumb enough to do my thinking out loud, I might as well look at what my opponents for Black Dawn bring to the table.

Adrian Willard is dead-set on getting back the title he lost. He’s determined to be the difference-maker in this match.

Teddy Alexander aims to show the world how dangerous he is. He’s determined to be the difference-maker in this match.

Kendall Codine is looking to show everyone the power of persistence and hard work. He’s determined to be the difference-maker in this match.

Anarky wants to destroy EPW and claims he doesn’t even want the world title he lost. Wouldn’t you know it, he’s determined to be the difference-maker in this match.

I’ve been in the ring with Classy Mike C and have gotten a chance to experience what he’s capable of.

And then there’s Larry Tact, who’s demonstrated his abilities in this business over the course of years and years.

In the coming days, I bet we’ll hear both of them say they’re determined to be difference-maker in this match.

I’m not the one with the experience here, so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I’m thinking it’s a mighty tough task to be the difference-maker in a rules-out-the-window seven-man free-for-all. More than likely, we’ll see a lot of difference made by a lot of participants.

Me? I have no such illusions. This match isn’t going to revolve around me. The oddsmakers are taking bets on how long I survive, not whether I win.

You can count on one thing from me in this match, though – I’m going to go out there and show what I’m capable of.

I admit, on paper, what I’ve been capable of these last few weeks hasn’t been especially impressive.

But as inconspicuous as it might seem, I am making progress. You can look at my matches to see what I’m capable of, but you stop by my base of operations here…

<i>(Jones motions to the gym in the background)</i>

<b>Jones:</b> … and you’ll see a whole lot more.

At Black Dawn, you’re not going to see me fending off all comers. You won’t see me moving from opponent to opponent, taking them down one at a time. You won’t see Aaron Jones as <i>the</i> difference-maker.

But for all my opponents’ talk about it, in a match like this, you don’t need to be <i>the</i> difference-maker. You just need to be <i>a</i> difference-maker.

And if I can make the right difference at the right time … well, who knows.

Maybe my opponents will find themselves with a much clearer picture of just what I’m capable of.

<i>(Jones reaches over and switches off the camera, cutting things quickly to black)</i>


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Jan 1, 2000
I Can See Clearly Now....

[Location: Atlanta, Georgia….July 6th, 2012]

[Scene: We find ourselves on the inside of the Codine’s downtown apartment. The eldest Codine has not been home in quite some time, as he continues his pursuit of the Ultratitle Championship. His son on the other hand, is back in their hometown, training for his first title shot in professional wrestling. Codine is facing the first crossroads in his young career, as he is coming off a fresh defeat at the hands of a man who now stands in his way towards obtaining EPW gold. Nonetheless, dedication and a strong work ethic has been instilled upon him from an early age and now it is being modeled for him by his father in arguably the most challenging tournament in professional wrestling. Adversity strikes everyone at some point in their life, how they handle it is what defines them as a person.]

[Fade In: Codine has just walked through the door after his morning run, as he approaches the refrigerator for a bottle of water. A typical humid morning in Atlanta has caused perspiration to encompass Codine’s body from head to toe. Sporting a soaked tank top and a pair of shorts, Codine shows off the physique that makes him a physical specimen much reminiscent of his father during his prime. Codine continues to press on in his training, yet he is now becoming more aware of his upcoming opponents and their strong ability to verbally lash those that stand before them. Codine is definitely green to the business, but he benefits where most don’t in that he has a personal mentor that has seen it all. The tandem have communicated frequently over the past few weeks and along the way, Codine has taken each bit of advice offered. Will it show? Time will only tell.]

Codine: (making the gesture with his hand) Talk, talk, talk, talk….that’s all we see Adrian Willard do as of late. The man who is out there to give the fans a show, yet he’s in it for himself. We get the point, you’re the rogue, you’re in it for the gold and glory, you’re in it for your own personal benefit. We get it Adrian, but I have to say, your spiel sounds quite familiar. As if I’ve heard it before….

(Codine pauses for a moment and stares off in the distant as to be deep in thought. Suddenly, he snaps out of it as if he has experienced an epiphany.)

Codine: We have….right out of Anarky’s mouth!!

(Codine smirks as he continues on.)

Codine: (sarcastically) We all get it….you guys are the saviors, the king of kings, the son of man. Adrian, you are the best five day EPW Television Champion this company has ever seen!! You are the man….

(Codine pauses once gain to take a drink of water from the bottle.)

Codine: All of this talk of me, myself, and I….taking down “the man” and rebuilding from the ground up….dethroning Dan Ryan and implementing a new regime….it all makes me sick.

We all came to the EPW for the same reason and as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it….I think that applies to this company.

So let’s move past the inferiority complex of being the last honest man in this business Anarky….

And let’s move past your aura of jealousy Adrian Willard….

Let’s focus on the fact that Mr. Ryan has presented us with the opportunity of a lifetime. Allow us to pay close attention to the fact that this match has the makings of stealing the spotlight for the entire pay-per-view. Can we move past the verbal spewing of senseless words and pay attention to the one thing we’ve all been hired to do?


(Codine takes another drink of water as he continues to rehydrate.)

Codine: Since my first day in this company, I have spoken of the legacy that accompanies my namesake. It is evident that this legacy is noteworthy, as both Adrian Willard and Teddy Alexander chose to address it. There was a drastic difference in their points –of-view, but it was addressed nonetheless.

Teddy Alexander has a great respect for the legacy that I am attempting to continue. While my father’s story is gradually coming to an end, mine is just beginning. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Mr. Ryan for providing me the opportunity here in EPW to continue the path that my father started. Teddy seems to be on a similar path and I can say that I can respect him for taking on such a task. Our methods of forging that path vary in approach, but there is always a means to the end and that’s why I can respect Teddy Alexander.

Adrian Willard on the other hand, was quite outspoken on his opinions about the legacy that I am continuing. And just like the majority of Adrian’s opinions, this one has fallen upon deaf ears. I made it quite clear that I am building from the ground up. My name is something that I cannot easily shed and with it comes a great deal of pressure to succeed. You may see it as living in the shadow, where as I see it as taking advantage of the opportunities that you have been afforded.

In other words, it is up to me to continue the Codine legacy and it is also up to me to choose the path in which I would like to take it….

(With that, Codine is interrupted by a knock at the door. Not expecting any visitors, Codine looks a bit confused. Nonetheless, he approaches the door and opens it with curiosity. Standing on the other side of the door is a jet-lagged Lecompte. The former owner of TCW has chosen to re-enter the world of wrestling and has most recently been linked to Kendall Codine in Ultratitle Tournament. The younger Codine is familiar with Lecompte, but only based upon the stories his father has shared.)

Lecompte: How’s it going kid? So where’s my room?

(Lecompte pushes his way past Codine, tossing a package on a nearby table and dragging his suitcase in to the living room area of the apartment. Codine still appears to be confused by the situation, as he begins to ask questions.)

Codine: Is there something I can help you with?

Lecompte: (with a sly smile upon his face) I’m here to help you kid. Take you to the top. I’m here to make you a star, just like I did with youngsters like Alex Strider, Sean Stevens, and Mr. Everything in TCW!! Now show me where I’m setting up shop!!

Codine: I’m not too sure I need your help….

(Before he can finish his sentence, Lecompte interrupts Codine by picking the package up off of the nearby table and thrusting it in to Codine’s face.)

Lecompte: Just open the present I brought you!!

(With a look of reluctance upon his face, Codine gradually opens the package to reveal a pair of red and white wrestling tights. In an attempt to preview them, Codine lifts the tights up high to reveal the word “PALADIN” written across the rear. As Codine attempts to take it all in, Lecompte begins to talk again.)

Lecompte: As I said kid, I’m here to make you a superstar and this is where it starts!!

(The look of reluctance upon Codine’s face is replaced by a gradually growing smile and a nod of approval.)

Codine: So I think you’re saying….

(Codine is quickly interrupted by Lecompte again.)

Lecompte: Continue the legacy kid, but now it’s time to write YOUR chapter!!

[Fade Out.]

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Re: I Can See Clearly Now....

Lecompte: (with a sly smile upon his face) I’m here to help you kid. Take you to the top. I’m here to make you a star, just like I did with youngsters like Alex Strider, Sean Stevens, and Mr. Everything in TCW!! Now show me where I’m setting up shop!!

Never trust a Halloran...

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Praise The Heavens, We Have Anarky!


[A nice secluded part of a beach, Adrian Willard is laid out in a pair of swimming trunks and some shades on. Beach towel out and a cooler next to him he is watching the waves come in admiring the view.]

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, that’s the typical saying. It takes time and effort to build something from the ground up. You want to build a legacy you need to push for it, be motivated, and cunning. As empires grow the inevitable fall comes around.

But Anarky, you have the answers to such an issue, you are the key to all the doors here in Empire Pro, you are the anti-champion. Our white knight and savior!”

[He puts both hands in the air and looks upwards]

“A-f-cking-men, Brother! Speak the truth!

Our hero! Our gladiator here to prove to us all that he will build a championship from the ground up! That he is the man we shall follow and lead us to the promise land!

Because he never had that chance before, he was never a prestigious champion or held the biggest title in wrestling today.

He never, not once had it all!”

[Adrian pauses and shakes his hand in front of the camera looking to the side his other hand rubbing his chin]

Hold on…you had that opportunity…and you failed to capitalize on it. As I recall you did have the holy grail of belts. It was in your very hands, you had the world, the trustees, and the entire company at your very whim. You WERE the king, the one and only, king of kings.

And just like that.

[He snaps his fingers in front of the camera]


Yet you are twice the wrestler First is. Hell you are three times the wrestler he is ‘Nark! That’s why you lost the belt to him, because you are THAT much better.

Just like you said, it’s easy to talk. I will acknowledge my new found anti-champion on that. It’s easy to talk, all the mouth jacking you did to First you really proved that point to a tee.

Just like all the mouth jacking you’re doing now, building something greater. Please Anarky. The only thing you are building up is the tally count in the loss section.

But hey I just work here. I am just a guy who doesn’t think, but KNOWS, he can do a better job than you, hell, a better job than the majority of the men in this company.”

[Adrian lets a smile cross his lips letting it all sink in for a good few seconds]

“I guess what I am getting at is, you call First a coward and to my ears you’re whining about him. You sound like a bunny boiling ex-girlfriend that can’t get over the one that got away…if you really were going to show us all what a piece of sh-t he is, you could always invoke your re-match clause and send him crying back to Salem.

Why don’t you Anarky? Why are you all bark no bite?

At least you can find comfort cooking burgers and knowing that you went down on the ladder to only attempt to flip the entire ladder upside down.

While you are at it why don’t you grill me a burger too because the way your career is going you best get use to flipping them.

So, if this, your downfall is your art form, then yes I don’t understand it, you caught me red handed.

I don’t understand a damn thing you are doing. In fact if this is your new found art then I would suggest finding a new passion, ‘cause this ain’t working out to well for ya, bud.”

[He nods slightly folding his hands cupping behind his head as he lays back into the sand looking straight at the sky]

“Your canvas, which is the canvas, is betraying you. You won the title by proxy, you lost the biggest most sought after belt to a man that you are not one but TWO times better than and now you are the anti-champion who seeks to build up his new kingdom.

It’s like being the President of America to being a leader of rebellion group in Nigeria. DOES NOT COMPARE.

And I am not saying that the TV title is low key or that it’s unworthy. It’s an honorable title to hold and to have held it and be competing again for it gives me much pleasure. But how can you sit here and tell us that you only know after holding the holy of holies that you want to build some legacy.

In other words, I don’t understand what the f-ck you are talking about! It’s ass backwards!”

[Adrian sits up and begins to stand walking towards the water]

“So to save the company, fans, and others I will kindly be dethroning you.

This is The EMPIRE.

And every Empire needs its Emperor.

I plan to step up to that position.

It’s been envisioned.

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Jan 1, 2000
Re: Praise The Heavens, We Have Anarky!

(FADEIN to the imposing island fortress of Alcatraz, long since abandoned for prison use. The camera pans around the island, showing it imposed against the city of San Francisco.

CUTTO: Inside the prison, which is currently empty of tourists. The camera pans around one of the cells and finds Anarky in it, sitting on the floor with his back up against the wall. Light filters in through the barred window. The EPW Television Title lies by his side.

ANARKY: “Can you imagine... ? The hopelessness... the fear... the knowledge that any moment could be your last.

“For the inmates of Alcatraz... survival... was the only thing. Survival from the guards. From the other inmates. From your own isolation and madness.

“What could you give up to survive intact? Your dignity?

“We... we are children compared to the humans who learned what kind of men they truly were in here. Playing a child’s game with a child’s toy.

“And you want me to believe I have failed... ? Because I have failed your expectations? Because you want me to be something I’m not?”

(He smirks and lights up a cigarette, taking a long, slow drag, letting the smoke drift up to and out the window.)

ANARKY: “Simply because you do not want to understand me does not mean I am going to apologize for it.

“Adrian Willard. Simply because you have the ability to speak for hours at a time, droning on and on about your critique of my career, does not mean you have anything to contribute. While I appreciate your expertise in having once held the TV Title for several consecutive minutes, you’re going to have to excuse me for not giving a f*ck.

“You say I had the biggest and baddest belt in the company. Why? What makes it so bad? Because you can only defend it once a month? Because Sean Stevens held it once? Because people talk about it all the time?

“People talk about the Kardashians, too, Adrian. Doesn’t make them worth anything to me.

“Except, of course, that unlike you, the Kardiashians ocassionally say something I haven’t heard before. You? I mean, Jesus f*cking Christ. You may as well just repeat everything FirDist and Impulse have said. Except they said it more eloquently. And, you know, they were at least thinking original thoughts. You’re just repeating what others have said.

“Get in line, buddy. You think I’m a big failure. Got it. And what does it say about this horrible failure that he has the title you want and you don’t? That this terrible failure isn’t even worried about the World Title?

“If I wanted a shot at it, I’d take it. It’s in my contract. I’m allowed.

“But I’m not. The EPW World Heavyweight Title will be mine if and when I want it and there isn’t a motherf*cking thing you or anybody else can do about it. But right here, right now, I am worried about one thing and one thing only.

“The EPW Television Anti-Title.

“Because only the EPW Television Anti-Title can be defended against six people at once in a huge clusterf*ck of chaos and violence. And no Cameron Cruises allowed, obviously.

“But no. You worry about my loss column, as if such a thing existed. Tell you what, Adrian. Why don’t you go back over the last two years and figure out the last time someone actually got into that ring and out-fought me and won a match?

“Not dressing up their manager and tricking a ref. Not pinning Rezin because he’s so stoned he can’t figure out where he is. No. You go ahead.

“I’m waiting, Adrian.

“And I’m gonna be waiting for a long f*cking time.

“Because like everybody else, you don’t get it. The EPW Television Anti-Title is the single greatest title in EPW because I f*cking own it. Because I am the baddest motherf*cker in this league, whether I have a belt or not. Whether or not anybody admits it.

“You see this... “ (Holds up the Television Title) “... and you think it’s a consolation prize. Because you have a small mind. You are incapable of dreaming big.

“I am wasting my time with you, Adrian. You cannot understand my art. My vision. The thing I am creating.

“I have penetrated the truth. That the title is the measure of the man... not the other way around. No amount of successful title defenses against Cameron Cruise or Layne Winters is going to make FirDist a great wrestler. And no amount of trickery is going to make me anything less than the baddest motherf*cker in the Empire.

“Y’all are going to learn all about it.

“Kendall. You want to carry on a legacy. You want to show you can wrestle with the big boys. You scott at my vision, too.

“You wanna wrestle? You came to the wrong match, friend. This isn’t wrestling anymore. This is the tendrils of entropy being released in front of millions of fans. This is survival of the fittest. Darwin would be proud.

“Can you adapt and survive? Or will you falter? Or will you be too busy stroking Dan Ryan’s ego to bother to notice who’s behind you? Does it even matter?

“Or Aaron Jones. The man nobody expects to win. You think you can ignore him. Turn your back on him.

“But you never turn your back on a dangerous man, no matter how small. Not one who has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Someone trying to redefine themselves after it’s far too late.

“Underestimate him and falter, men.

“Or Teddy Alexander. The man who would gladly hit someone with a cinder block if it meant getting ahead. You think he won’t do it? You think because you were a TV Champion once, Adrian, that it protects you? You think your legacy protects you, Kendall? Or your fear, Aaron?

“Or the silent ones. Larry Tact. A man who has built a career out of being underestimated and counted out. A man who can put a spinning toe hold on in the middle of a melee.

“Or Classy Mike C. Okay, I admit I don’t know much about this guy, but he’s apparently pretty classy, and who wants to f*ck with a guy in a monocle and a top hat besides, y’know... everybody?”

(He stops and puts out his cigarette on the ground, exhaling one last time. He seems in the moment, exhausted.)

ANARKY: “I do not want to destroy the Empire, gentlemen. This is Rezin’s goal, and he is not my mother or my boss.

“But I want to destroy what the Empire has stood for for entirely too long. For the hypocrisy and the cowardice. For the bullsh*t fakery.

“How can we respect a World Title when the man who holds it hasn’t earned it? And is proud of this distinction? When he’s so delusional that he thinks we’re all on his side?

“And then everybody acts he’s the best even though they know he isn’t. Do we respect an article of clothing this much? Is it worth so much that you’d fall over yourself calling me a failure just because I don’t do what you think I should?

“I am trying to build something real. A new dynasty. A new story.

“I am going to make the Anti-Title something. I am going to make it everything. We are going to spill our blood for it and we are going to show the world that the greatest wrestler in the Empire isn’t between Cameron Cruise and FirDist... it is the man who walks out of this madness and survives.

“The man who kept going. Who kept pushing. Who kept fighting long after it stopped making sense.

“You wanna be that man, gentlemen? You are free to prove it.

“But you’re going to have to go through me first. And it won’t matter if I’m the World Heavyweight Champion or what my win-loss record says or what you’ve heard about me.

“Only one thing matters.

“When the sh*t hits the fan and you’ve got nothing left and you look into my blood-soaked facepaint and you know that I will never, ever relent...

“... what kind of men are you then?

“Time will tell. It always does.”



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Jan 1, 2000
Who Am I? I'll Tell You Who I Am....

[Location: Atlanta, Georgia….July 9th, 2012]

[Scene: We find ourselves on the inside of the Codine’s downtown apartment once again. It is a late evening, as we see Kendall Codine Jr. and Lecompte watching archived videos of various wrestlers. The stars of those videos are none other than Codine’s opponents in the upcoming pay-per-view. Transitioning from match to match, the likes of Anarky, Adrian Williard, Larry Tact, Aaron Jones, and Classy Mike C flash across the screen. As the time for their meeting in the ring draws closer, Codine continues to mentally prepare for the biggest opportunity of his young career. It seems at this point that he has embraced the guidance that is being offered by Lecompte, per request from his father. Lecompte pauses the video at key moments in order to offer helpful tips on methods of attack for each respective opponent. The camera slowly pans in, as the audio from their dialogue can now be heard.]

Lecompte: Kid, this is no small task you’ve got coming up. I’ve seen better during my time, but some of these guys are definitely top notch opponents.

Codine: I realized that in my most recent meeting with Adrian Willard. Defeat is never the first choice, but how one learns from it is the most important lesson of all.

Lecompte: Willard is like a broken record. He’s been on air nearly ten times in the past week, but never has anything new to say. (gesturing with his hand) Blah, blah, blah….at this point, he sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me. I tuned him out a while back.

Codine: (snickering) While his repeated words have grown annoying, I still must respect the fact that he provided me with the first setback in my career.

Lecompte: Well you know what they say kid….you always remember you’re first. I certainly do and it involved a wad of ones, a lot of liquor, and a seedy motel….

(Codine quickly cuts Lecompte off, as the discussion starts to go off topic. At this point, montages of Anarky’s matches have graced the screen.)

Codine: Anarky is the one that intrigues me the most, but not only for obvious reasons. I continue to marvel at the fact that the self-proclaimed “anti-champion” is determined to change the direction of EPW. I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Ryan and all that he has accomplish, both in and out of the ring. He has built arguably one of the greatest professional wrestling organizations in the world from the ground up, yet Anarky seems hell bent on destroying it at the foundation.

Lecompte: There’s always at least one kid. In the days I ran TCW, there was Alex Strider and Shawn Stevens. I pushed them trough the roof, but it was never good enough for those ungrateful heathens.

Codine: Didn’t you contract the Dark Carnival to personally attach both of them repeatedly and make their tenure in the TCW a living hell?

Lecompte: (taking a long drag from his cigar and placing his feet up on the coffee table) That’s neither here or there kid. The point is, they should have appreciated me.

Codine: (with a bewildered look upon his face due to Lecompte’s logic) Well, I don’t get that feeling with Mr. Ryan. While I feel that he rules with an iron fist, I also feel that it comes with purpose and that’s why this organization has been so successful.

(With that, Lecompte continues to focus on the videos. The camera draws in to an up close view of Codine, with his imposing figure being the only thing that now encompasses the camera’s vision. Now that the attention is focused primarily on him, Codine takes the opportunity to address his opponents personally.)

Codine: Anarky….I’m afraid that you are a bit confused by my words. I understand your vision and respect the effort that you have put behind it. However, I don’t necessarily agree with your vision and I’m here to tell you that I’m the man who is going to put an abrupt end to it.

It also seems that you have mistaken my respect for Mr. Ryan as stroking his ego. As I said before, I have learned humility early in my career. Defeat will do that to a man. I respect those that provide me with opportunities, such as Dan Ryan. I respect those who represent the company as champions, such as you. I respect those that created the chance for me to call the sport of wrestling my profession.

Nonetheless, I do not have respect for a vision of destroying something that has no flaws. That’s why you and I do not see eye-to-eye. On all other fronts, I believe we tend to agree….

We are both growing weary of the verbal diarrhea that spews from Adrian Willard’s mouth.

We are both a bit disappointed by the silence of Larry Tact and Classy Mike C.

We are both a bit weary of the unstable motives of Teddy Alexander.

We both aren’t taking Aaron Jones lightly.

We both covet the EPW Television Championship.

In most worlds outside of this one, we would most likely coexist.

(Codine pauses for a moment, as he ponders that thought of the words that he just uttered.)

This is wrestling, it is an art form, a lost art form if you will. I can easily adapt to my surroundings, but I will always revert back to that which I trust most and that’s wrestling. Bring your chairs, bats, outside of the ring ground and pound….I can adjust and do it well, but when all is said and done, it will be wrestling that guides me in winning the match.

Pure, good old fashioned wrestling.

Anarky, you asked me if I felt my legacy would protect me?

The answer is no….

….it will guide me to accomplishment, advancement, and ultimately victory. The Codine legacy is not one that was built upon fear, as I heard the stories of my father opposing all challengers and I watch as the body that slowly fails him continues to push on through the Ultratitle Tournament and defy all doubters. It’s not the Codine legacy that protects him as he continues to climb the ladder, it’s the Codine pride that helps him in achieving his goals.

I have that pride Anarky and for you, I feel that the biggest flaw in your game.

You don’t care for the reputation that Mr. Ryan has built here in the EPW.

You have no pride the organization that provides you with a paycheck each week.

You negligently claim to throw the EPW World Heavyweight Championship aside as if it has no meaning.

When we get past all of the bells and whistles that make up the psyche of Anarky, the one glaring omission is pride….

That’s the difference between you and me. I am the knight riding in on the white horse that will save the day. I am the man who will silence the Adrian Willard’s of the world. I am the wrestler that will take your vision and redirect it towards a pathway of structure, rather than one of chaos.

I am that man Anarky….

That’s the kind of man I am and at Black Dawn, you will find out the answer to your question….

(With that pause, the screen fades to black before transitioning to a clip from Anarky’s latest promo.)

“[/i]…what kind of men are you then?[/i]”

(The screen gradually fades back to black, with Codine’s voice delivering the departing address.)

I am the new EPW Television Champion….

That’s what kind of man I am….

(Fade Out.)

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Step Down


[Adrian is exiting a restaurant some where in San Fran. Walks down the street a few shops down from where we started and leans against the wall. An Armored Saint shirt on he removes the earphones to his iPhone and stores them in his pocket]

“I love it, I loved every second of it, Kendall. I have made myself so clear the last few days yet you still aren’t getting it. I understand… it’s a lot of info to take in at one time. Maybe you are overwhelmed.

But allow me this chance to be even more clear. I wasn’t all talk, talk, talk, when I planted your face in the canvas and rolled you up for a three count.

I wasn’t all talk when I beat you pillar to post and left your face bruised and busted up.

Hell, you got me figured out, mapped out, you know the works on me. I mean I do have one title reign over you, don’t I?

May it be one month, three days, or five hours, its one title more than you have or will ever have.

Apparently I am just a man who can’t back his words. Just a guy who is jealous.”

[He waves his hand in a circle in tempo with his words]

“Then again, the question arises, jealous of what Codine?

What exactly is there to be jealous of in this cast of characters?

You and your lack of understanding? Lack of skill? Lack of everything?

Anarky and his fall from glory?

Aaron Jones and his attempt to break through but continues to fail?

Teddy Alexander trying to pump himself up as some threat when he is nothing more than overrated?

Yes, Kendall, I am so very jealous. If anything I am more so disappointed. In your thinking, in Anarky’s view of glory, of everything that has transpired.

Disappointed in the simple thought that you are so ignorant to actually believe that your legacy is noteworthy. You have one win and one loss, you have no legacy.”

[He shrugs his shoulders planting one hand against the wall leaning against it]

“The start of your legacy is getting a title shot you aren’t deserving of or ready for. You're a mini-Cameron Cruise.

And that isn’t a good thing.

It’s like you think I care, or the fans care. Or anyone besides you and Lecompte cares. No one cares.

I don’t care about your daddy, I don’t care what fame he built up, you aren’t him...and you don’t amount to what he did in this industry. If he was so great and you are trying to following his path then overall you are doing absolutely terrible.

Now, stop wasting our times with your stupidity. Stop speaking a load of sh-t you can’t back up. Stop asking us to quit the argument and do what we were all contracted to do, wrestle.

Because you can barely even get that number down!”

[Frustrated he runs a hand through his hair]

“It all boils down to one simple thing, Codine.

You aren’t me. You will never be me as badly as you wish you were.

I don’t need a Lecompte to help me in my career. I am not weak like you, Kendall. What I have I gained on my own accord because I wanted it, because I pushed for it.

You really think Dan Ryan gave you this shot at the title because he thinks highly of you? No! He did it because Anarky ran his mouth and Dan wanted to prove a point that he runs the shots here…no one else.

It's something Anarky still has yet to understand. It's something he has no vision to really see. We are talking about the man who doesn't want to destroy the Empire but wants to destroy the hypocrisy?

The very hypocrisy he engages in!”

[Adrian points at the camera]

“It was YOU as World Champion that told us all “I can get into that ring and protect the Empire”. That you would protect us all from First and not allow him to continue this entitlement.

And on that you failed!

Yet we are meant to believe for what it's worth that you will now break through the Empire you wanted to protect only to destroy what it has become and build it how you see fit?

Trust me, I know the Anarky philosophy. Pretend like your failures shouldn't be counted, we should only focus on your future because you are the man that will keep going...yet not push for a rematch clause.

Because you are the man who will keep fighting...but gave up so easily and went right to taking on Larry Tact because First was too much of a challenge for him.

After seeing your talk and your wrestling fifteen years, Anarky, I can say with satisfaction and a smile, that you are full of sh-t.”

[Giant smile for the camera]

“If YOU KNEW Layne Winters was undeserving why didn't you step up then?

When you saw Cameron Cruise wasn't worthy? Why not step up THEN?!

Because you thought you would make something greater with the TV title? That you would build a legacy as the anti-champion?

It's a load of garbage, it's an excuse and one that will be snuffed out when you walk out of the arena title-less.

Just like this garbage you spew about only being able to fight for the title once a month, yet you have three title defenses under your name in ONE YEAR. Two wins...one your loss to First. And who did you wrestle exactly 'Nark?

Michael Bastard? GONE.

Copycat? GONE.

Such highly regarded wrestlers they have yet to show their faces back in the Empire.”

[Adrian shakes his head]

“First has done more in 5 months than you could in one year. So, don't fluff us a line that it was once a month or that you couldn't defend the belt as much as you wanted.

Because history doesn't lie, people do. And I am calling out your bluff. The baddest mother f*cker in the Empire reduced to this. Such a bad ass, we should cower in fear.

Just stop. Stop before you dig a larger hole you won't be able to escape from 'Nark.

This whole Anti-Champion nonsense you're spitting out just came about because Dan Ryan happened to throw you in the ring with Larry Tact, you didn't seek to become an Anti-Champion, Teddy Alexander and Dan Ryan handed it to you.

Yet here you are now telling us how incredible you are and how you're going to become the greatest title holder in this company. If Dan Ryan had booked me against Larry Tact that night I'd be a two time TV Champion and you would be telling folks that all the titles are worthless hunks of tin...your whole agenda changes from match to match, result to result.

In the end you stand for nothing but whatever you can say on that day that'll make you feel better about yourself."

[Adrian grows a smirk on his face]

“As far as you Kendall. Sticking your nose up Dan Ryan's ass isn’t going to win you this match…your little friend, Lecompte isn’t going to get you a title.

Not on MY night. The night I will make the fans stand on their feet chanting my name, embracing my victory.

And you are right, Kendall. I am a savior, I am the man that will save the fans and company the torture of you walking out with the belt or having to listen to Anarky.

That is my sacrifice to them, taking this belt is me stopping you, Anarky, and all the rest of them from getting their hands in the cookie jar.”

[Adrian grins wide]

“I am scratching Dan Ryan’s back so that later when I decide to relinquish this belt I can move up and fight a Greater Man, The First. I can lead this company into a new golden age, one that will become legendary.

It starts now, it starts at Black Dawn, it starts with me beating six other men in that ring.

It’s all been envisioned.”

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Jan 1, 2000
<i>(We fade in on what looks like the corner of a locker room. It looks to be mostly deserted, save for Aaron Jones, who, having just switched on the camera, takes a few steps back and sits down on a convenient bench. His shirt is drenched with sweat, and he holds and ice pack to his left eye)</i>

<b>Aaron Jones:</b> My opponents at Black Dawn have had a lot to say, as one might expect from a field of seven men all pursuing one championship.

But one particular line of reasoning that caught my attention was Kendall Codine’s. As Adrian Willard and Anarky have battled back and forth tooth and nail over which one of them is the greatest, and Teddy Alexander has tried to get a word in edgewise when the opportunity presents itself, Codine has stepped in to warn his opponents that they should not underestimate him.

It piques my interest because it’s been a continuing theme among EPW wrestlers. Codine has, amazingly enough, been the only person to promote that cause within this seven-man match at Black Dawn, but I see it a lot in studying other competitors’ promos.

Of course, that’s only when those competitors are not themselves casually disregarding their opponents. There seems to be a lot of switching back and forth between the two, I notice.

Not that I’m accusing Kendall Codine of doing that – he hasn’t been – but I wonder if it’s only a matter of time.

I’m sure you’re all thinking this is the part where I talk about how I won’t make the mistake of underestimating anyone.

I’m just as human as the next guy, though. You might think I’m not in a position to be underestimating anyone, and I can see why you’d think that, but the truth is, everyone does it.

Case in point.

<i>(Jones removes the ice pack from his eye, which is swollen and ugly-looking)</i>

<b>Jones:</b> I underestimated either the force of the blow coming my way or the strength and speed of the person delivering it.

It wasn’t my intention, but that’s the way it happened. And now I get to sit here in the locker room and ice it so I can see out of it later.

<i>(He puts the ice pack back on his eye)</i>

<b>Jones:</b> So if that isn’t the point I’m getting at, maybe you think I’m trying to say that my opponents at Black Dawn shouldn’t underestimate me either.

But I think it would be kind of silly to make that point. Even the Anarkies and Adrian Willards of the world don’t really think their opponents entirely negligible. Not even when that opponent is me.

Sure, they like to talk about it – makes them feel dominant and superior.

And sure, they take some opponents more seriously than others. I have no doubt that Teddy Alexander, for instance, is more concerned about Anarky than he is about me, and that opinion is not without precedent.

In the end, though, they all know it would be stupid to ignore anyone in a match like this.

No countouts, no DQs, no tags, falls count anywhere – with those stipulations, what’s to stop me from showing up with a baseball bat?

I mean, I know the answer to that question is, “the realization that most of my opponents can probably do more damage with a weapon like that than I can.” But that’s just me; I know my limitations.

Adrian Willard won’t admit that he’s given me more than a fleeting moment of thought, but he has. He doesn’t want to wake up with a Louisville Slugger logo tattooed backwards on his forehead any more than Anarky does, or Teddy Alexander, or Kendall Codine, or Larry Tact, or Classy Mike C.

The thing is, we all underestimate from time to time and occasion to occasion. When the stakes are high, though, we think extra hard about the judgments we’ve made.

When Adrian Willard says nobody matters except him, Anarky and Larry Tact, he’s just trying to look cool. He knows he needs to keep an eye on Kendall Codine, Classy Mike C, Teddy Alexander and even me.

And when Kendall Codine warns his opponents not to underestimate him, he’s not worried that they actually will. He just doesn’t want to be ignored in the build-up to the match.

Well, don’t worry, Adrian. I don’t pose the kind of threat Anarky poses.

And chin up, Kendall. I, of all people, know better than to ignore you.

I’m still not sure just how the hell one goes into a match like this with any hope of exerting control. I don’t know how much underestimation or overestimation really matters in a match like this, and even if I did, honestly, I have no idea how much estimation I deserve from my opponents.

What I do know about this type of match is that it’s chaotic. You throw all the rules out the window and fill the ring with a bunch of disparate personalities and wrestling styles, and things can turn out a lot of different ways.

As I said before, the odds of me winning this thing aren’t high. I know it, you know it, all my opponents know it.

But when you make a match geared entirely toward chaos, anything can happen.

And Aaron Jones, once-misguided disciple and son of a referee, shocking the world by scoring his first-ever victory and capturing the EPW Television Title?

Even the most jaded cynic will tell you that could be “anything.”

<i>(Jones cracks the closest thing to a smile that he can crack before grimacing in pain. Still wincing, he pushes the ice pack harder into his eye and gets up to turn off the camera, cutting things abruptly to black)</i>


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Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to the empty AT&T ballpark, immaculately kept under the bright shining sun. The camera pans over and finds Anarky sitting in the stands, an Anchor Steam in his hand. He’s wearing sunglasses and a black Baroness t-shirt with jeans and black boots.)

ANARKY: “Men of great vision are often misunderstood. It is the nature of going against the grain... of resisting your cultural brainwashing.

“My opponents... they believe what they’ve been told to believe. And they have swallowed it whole like good little children taking their medicine. There, there, kids. It’ll be alright.

“You sell them the idea that the EPW World Heavyweight Title is the only thing that matters and they believe it. And so they believe that FirDist must be the greatest wrestler alive. And I... I must be a failure.

“Or that Dan Ryan’s vision of the Empire is the only one worth having. A one which glorifies men like FirDist, who will probably cry and run home with his ball again as soon as someone dethrones him, or Impulse, who pretends to be a nice guy all while condescending to all who listen that he alone has the endurance to be a great man.

“I understand this is a sport of egos, but perhaps we should expect... more. More from our champions. More from our heroes. More from the Empire.

“Heck, we’re in a 7-way match for the Empire Television Anti-Title and the only two people who haven’t virtually guaranteed victory are me and Aaron f*cking Jones. How much sense does that make?

“I see five men utterly convinced that they can walk into a swirling undercurrent of bedlam and disarray... but you want to pretend that you’ve got what it takes to unseat me? Not a single one of you has even stepped into the ring with me. How much can you really know about me until you fight me?

“You believe the Empire is truly without flaws, Kendall? You believe this place is.. perfect?

“Except of course for ol’ Nark. Nope. Ol’ Nark isn’t proud enough for Kendall. Kendall doesn’t think I represent myself properly. He thinks I should be this way. He’s decided.

“I never threw the EPW World Heavyweight Title aside. I lost it. To a man who disgraced himself in the process. Why should I beg for it back? Why do I even need it?

“I was the EPW World Heavyweight Champion. I carved a path of violence and destruction through this league. I was the King of the Cage. I wrestled.

“Every. F*cking. Week.

“And still people ran their mouths and ran their mouths. About how I didn’t have enough pride. About how I wasn’t wasting enough time taking on the Cameron Cruises of the world on Aggression every week. This and that.

“Well f*ck the Empire. It doesn’t deserve a Champion like me. It deserves FirDist. It deserves cowards and weaklings.

“Me? I will be my own man. My own champion. My own anti-champion. Because if what you people want is what you call a champion, then I have no interest. Not in that vanity and bullsh*t.

“You can leave it to men like you, Kendall. Or Adrian Willard.”

(He smirks and takes a sip of beer, almost chuckling to himself.)

ANARKY: “Oh, Adrian. I have so many things I want to say to you, but you are so incapable of understanding them. I may as well tape your picture to a brick wall for all of the comprehension I’m going to receive.

“Heck, Adrian, I’m starting to think you aren’t really a wrestler here. You’re just a guy who read my bio on a web page somewhere and that’s pretty much how your entire opinion of me was formed. You haven’t a f*cking clue about what I’ve done in the past, what, three years, here?

“No, I didn’t defend the belt every night against Cameron Cruise or Larry Tact. The truth is, Adrian... it wasn’t really my fault.

“Stevens had left to pursue his smile. Winters and First had both tucked their tail between their legs and walked away because they were humbled. Because they couldn’t handle the taste of defeat. Because their egos are so f*cking fragile that even a minor dose of reality was too much.

“I never promised to protect the Empire. And I sure as hell never said I’d protect it from First, because First was gone, bro. He had run far, far away. So this little fantasy world you’ve made up where I made all of these promises and broke them to you and I’m just another big disappointment like Santa Claus, well, man, I don’t know what to f*cking tell you. If you can’t even get a grip on reality, I have no f*cking idea how we’re gonna meet eye to eye.

“It wasn’t enough for you, Adrian? Too f*cking bad. You wanted a shot? Go ask Dan. You sure as hell didn’t earn one as far as I can tell.

“But you wanna act like I’m a failure because I don’t do what you think I should do?

“Wake the f*ck up, man. I am not you. I don’t give a f*ck what you think I should do.

“If Dan wants to drag his World Heavyweight Title through the mud, that’s his business, not mine. I represented myself exactly as I said I would. I fought every week, without fail. In tag matches. In six man matches. In non-title fights.

“But no, it’s my fault. Because I was supposed to tell Dan to make me defend the title every night. It’s my fault because there weren’t enough matches per year. It’s my fault because, well... it just is. Because you want it to be. Because you need it to be.

“Well I’m done with this sh*t. I got enough respect here for one man and one man only, and that’s Aaron f*cking Jones.”

(To this he raises his glass to Aaron, nodding in a bizarre show of respect.)

ANARKY: “See, Aaron. You, I like. You don’t need to spread lies to put yourself up on a pedestal.

“Sure, you dismiss me a little as just another guy who claims to be the greatest, but that’s fine. I won’t hold that one against you.

“And sure, you seem to admire Kendall a bit too much for my tastes, and obviously... worshipping Copycat was a questionable move at best.

“But let’s face it, Aaron. There’s something endearing about you. About your weakness. About your vulnerability. About the way your fearlessly throw yourself into things you have no business doing.

“Your will is greater than your body. It is admirable.

“It is also foolish. But one can succeed as a fool, Aaron. It is easier to do than one might believe.

“How does one exist in such a match, Aaron? I shall tell you.

“You must embrace the pandemonium. You must breathe it in and become one with it. Forget watching your back... it’s not possible.

“But the moment someone else turns theirs, it’s your turn. And you take it for everything it’s worth and you hit them so hard their whole family feels it and the fans gasp in shock and revel in your violence.

“And when someone does the same to you, and you feel you’ve lost it, and the breath is escaping, and the lights seem to blur and everything is lost, you say... not now... not right now... and you breathe, and you f*cking pull yourself together and you listen to that count and you wait for it and you kick out at the last f*cking second. And you savor that moment of frustration where your opponent hasn’t quite figured out how to end it.

“And you just. Keep. Breathing.

“There’s no secrets. No strategies. Only the unrelenting force of seven gladiators attempting nothing more than to survive. To move on. To carve their own legend.

“This is the dawn of a new Empire. A chance to start over. To begin anew.

“Make of it what you will, gentlemen. But expect no mercy from me. You have chosen this.

“You say I am a fraud. A failure. A madman without vision.

“The truth... we will find... together.

“And it will be beautiful.”

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John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Just Ramblings


[Adrian Willard is in his hotel room getting his gear bag prepared and packed. He dawns his own shirt “The Prophecy Is True”. We are at a slight angle, Adrian looking back at the camera as he stops his packing to address us.]

“Trials and tribulations, they are what every man, woman and human experience. It’s what molds us and makes us. Without trials and tribulations we would never grow and develop, the more we have them in our lives the better we become.

Now I can sit here and tell you all that I have went through enough trials and tribulations to justify why I am going to win this match. I can lie to your faces, deceive you, and make you feel as though there is no hope.

Not that there is hope left, only fate, but regardless.

I could and can do that, but I won’t. I won’t’ lead on a misconception that the fans and I know is a lie. I am not that idiotic.”

[He turns back to his back folding up a few t-shirts that he will give to fans on his way into the arena]

“Idiotic enough to make up lies, make up false hope, make up some idea that cannot happen, will not happen, shall not happen. Because I am a man of truth and I have decided to allow you, the fans, the opportunity to really grasp what is being portrayed in front of your eyes.

Let’s start with the most prestigious, admired, and focus of all our jobs the Empire Pro Championship. It is what drives our passions…to someday reach that level where you are called the best wrestler in this company…nothing else can satisfy that thirst.

Now, I understand Anarky, I understand you want to try and rewrite everything but all you are doing is trying, not even near succeeding. You have to get the whole image down before you can try and explain the picture.

The fact is that belt is the pinnacle of this industry. The only reason you don’t care about the belt now ‘Nark is because you don’t have it! So why not be the disgruntle employee who had everything taken away from him, why not degrade the belt?

You wouldn’t be talking in this manner if you were still champion if you won over First you would be proclaiming how you saved the Empire from the coward. But it didn’t end up that way for you did it. Fate had other plans in mind.”

[He tosses in some tape for his hands and wrists before continuing, picking his boots from the floor and wiping them off with a cloth]

“You have no concept of a champion or the idea behind it. You sit there claiming that the Empire doesn’t deserve a champion like you because it deserves weaklings and cowards like First. If First is a weakling, a coward, Anarky…what does that make you?

Think on that. Think really hard…if you fell to this weak man…this weak cowardly man… where does that leave you? The Anti-Champion…the weakest of link in the gold circle, it makes you null. Yes, it makes a perfect reason as to why you would sit and pout in defiance.

But I am just a guy who just read your bio…I am not a real wrestler and you aren’t me.

And you are right you aren’t me and I am not you, because you are beneath me ‘Nark. I wouldn’t fear facing First or make excuses why I don’t want to get in the ring with him. I would fight to prove I am the best this company has to offer, that I will protect it from others sabotage. Much like you said you would protect the Empire, because you called the shots. Hell Nark, YOU CALLED THE BOOKINGS.

You said it to Rich Mahogany no less than a few months ago, so why you keep telling us that you had to go through Dan Ryan to defend your belt is bewildering!”

[He looks at the camera shaking his head as he begins to zip his bag]

“But hell, this isn’t about your lack of knowledge or your attempts to reword what you said, this is about that TV title the one you don’t deserve to wear. It isn’t about you saying you would protect the Empire on January 13 th to First or Dis if you will.

Because you defending that title every night isn’t what I wanted.

What I want is the best fighting the best to prove themselves, I want the EPW World Title to be the most important title in this industry. I want the man to make the title not the other way around, I don't worship First, I don't give a f-ck about him, he's not in this match.

The man who I am fighting who IS in this match is the TV Champion that dominated King of the Cage, who won the EPW World Title and reigned for a year and then he suffered one little setback and it broke him.

You quit after one whole loss Anarky, and you refuse to get back in the ring with the weakling that beat you.

That makes you a coward also. Why should I listen to a quitting coward tell me what does and doesn't matter in this company?”

[Adrian sets the bag on the floor looking at the camera intensely]

“You have no vision.

You have nothing left to offer us until you are able to rise from your slump. Because yes, you were ONCE violent, ONCE destructive, ONCE a force to be reckoned with, now you are just a shadow of some legend.

I have been in the ring with you ‘Nark, not on the other end of your fist but I have stood as your tag team partner, I have seen up close and personal the man you WERE.

And the man you are now is nothing for me to fear.

I have no fears, I have no doubts, and I plan to walk out with a belt. I plan on it because I look at who is against me and count the odds. I know what is in my tank, the fans have seen it, and if you are too blind to admit it then shame on you.

You say this is the dawn to a new Empire, you couldn’t lead an Empire then ‘Nark and you certainly won’t now. So let’s just say, if you walk out of this match without that belt, if I, Kendall, Aaron Jones, whoever squash your Anti-Champion campaign.

What then?

Will you wallow in your tears and try to convince us something else?

Will you give up and hunker down, maybe retire?

Take your shot at Impulse, do whatever you can to prove to us your words aren’t sh-t?

Who knows the answers to those questions, the only one we need to concern ourselves with is who really has it in them to earn that belt.”

[he points to himself]

“It’s been envisioned”



The REAL Funk U. T-shirt
Aug 26, 2008
Time for talk is over - now is the time for proof

(FADE-IN: on TEDDY ALEXANDER standing before a Black Dawn backdrop, complete with the Empire’s logo emblazoned over most of the last quarter of the banner and wearing a Black Dawn t-shirt with the sleeves cut off along with his neckbrace, which has “ANTI-CHAMP” scrawled across it in Sharpie. He stands there, shaking his head.)

“Can someone please tell me if Adrian Willard is done beatin’ his own damn drum yet? Holy shit, Adrian. It has been envisioned dat I’ll cave your face in with da Angerbash just to SHUT YOU UP FOR FIVE DAMN MINUTES!

“Can you do dat, Willard? Shut your fat trap for FIVE whole minutes?”

(He runs his hand down the length of his face.)

“Seven men measurin’ up at Black Dawn. Da supposed anti-Champion versus six guys covetin’ what I let him have. A TV Championship he never would’ve won had I not driven my boot through Larry’s face.

“Anarky can stand before dis camera and tell us all how we’re quakin’ in fear at da new dawn he’s settin’ on da Empire and I can stand here before you and tell you dat what I GAVE him I will take away at Black Dawn.

“I’ll tell you now his sun will never set.

“You want re-birth, Anarky? You want da dawn of a new Empire? I AM da dawn of a new Empire. Kendall Codine is da dawn of a new Empire. Aaron Jones is da dawn of a new Empire.

“You, Larry and Willard are yesterday’s news sittin’ under da kitty litter tray waitin’ for ol’ tom cat to spray his piss all over ya. You’re all headlines dat never were.” (thumbs himself in the chest) “I’m tomorrow’s headline. I’m da 6 o’clock cover story.

“Da FUTURE of da Empire.”

(Subconsciously, he runs a hand over the neck brace.)

“Over da past week or so there has been a lot said. A lot of threats made. Promises even. People talkin’ themselves up but we’re all marchin’ to da same drum to prove dat we can back up what we said. We’re all out there at Black Dawn to show we ain’t just talk and we got da balls to back it up.

“Da unfortunate thing is, for those other six guys, when I walk out to dat ring I’m walkin’ away.

“They won’t.

“Come Hell or high water, I’m goin’ into dat battle with all guns blazin’. It’s every man for himself and I’ll do whatever it takes to walk outta there with dat belt. I’ll do everythin’ my body permits me to do to walk outta Black Dawn as da Champ.

“People runnin’ me down sayin’ my bark is worse than my bite. Talkin’ about how I snuck up on Larry Tact and kicked his stupid face off. All I gotta say to those naysayers is: I do what I gotta do.

“You think dis is all lived out inside dat wrestlin’ ring where we go one-on-one and I tell you dat it’s more than dat.

“Dis **** is as mental as it is physical. What is dat old cliché? 10% physical and 90% mental? Somethin’ like dat. Dat means when I get inside your head and fuck you from da inside out you’ll be quiverin’ and quakin’ coz you’re gettin’ in da ring with me.

“I don’t make threats: I make promises.

“When I stand here and tell you I’ll fold you up like a damn lawn chair with da Ragekill Driver dat’s exactly what I’m gonna do. When I tell you I’ll cave your head in with da Angerbash dat’s exactly what I’m gonna do. When I tell you I’ll walk out of Black Dawn as da Empire Pro TV Champion...”

(Teddy smiles sadistically at the camera.)

“Dat’s exactly... what I’m gonna.... do!”

(He bounces his head from side-to-side like he was warming up for a fight, rolling his arms in their sockets in preparation.)

“Everybody goin’ into dis match got somethin’ to prove.

“Willard tryin’ to show dat his lifeless wrestlin’ career’s got one last breath in it.

“Tact comin’ out to prove his win over Mahogany was no fluke.

“Codine lamentin’ his father’s name and projectin’ his own future.

“Mike C to prove... wait, who da fuck is he again?

“Jones comin’ out to show he ain’t no misguided fool but da real damn deal.

“Anarky to prove to Dan Ryan he is da lifeblood of dis promotion and da re-birth of da Empire.

“Then there’s me. Teddy Alexander. Da fastest, most frightenin’ up-and-comer da Empire has ever seen who is forgin’ a path in its history with violence and brutality. A man whose body will collapse long before his mind ever will.

“Dis is war, gentlemen. We shall see da heavens open up and pay attention to da souls it should lay claim to when da bodies hit da floor.

(raises a finger like he were making a point) “And da bodies will hit da floor.”

(Alexander pulls the neck brace from his neck suddenly, holding it up at the camera.)

“It would be a lie if I told you I weren’t just a little interested in knockin’ Anarky’s teeth down his throat to prove my point. I would be a bold-faced liar if I went ahead and told you he wasn’t high on my hit list goin’ into dis match.

“To prove I’m da best I need to beat da best. To prove it.”

(He throws the neck brace to the floor.)

“I’m done talkin’. I’m done standin’ here flappin’ my gums and makin’ promises. Now is da time to prove myself and when I go out there at Black Dawn I’ll dig deep into my soul and unleash a monster da Empire has never seen.

“A monster unlike any other.

“Da Spinal Smash Monger has come to da Empire and will not be satisfied until he has feasted.

“And I shall feast.”

(Nods his head.)

“Let da bodies hit da floor.”

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