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All-Purpose TEAM Bios Thread


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Aug 1, 2007
Odyssey Baldwin

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5'9", 205 lbs.
HOMETOWN: Hollywood, California
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "You Know You're Right" - Nirvana
STYLE: High Flyer
FIVE FAVORITE MOVES: Dropsault, Money Shot (Chickenwing facebuster), Left Turn At Beverly Hills (Turning frog splash), Flying forearm, Baldwin Factor (Sitout facebuster; often used as a powerbomb counter)
FINISHER: The Californication (450 Splash), The Baldwinizer (Top Rope Elbow-Drop)

BIO: Odyssey is the younger brother in the Baldwin family. Using the money that his family had earned, he trained to become a wrestler. Using his light frame, and love of the high flyers Baldwin became an accomplished risk taker. But his brothers all banned him from competing on AMERICAN SOIL.

With this stipulation in mind, Baldwin traveled to Canada and signed up with the first federation he could find - NAPW. His brash attitude and cocky personalty combined with awesome air skills make him a worthy opponent.

APPEARANCE: Tanned, blue eyed, and with dyed blond hair, Odyssey is the typical American actor looking type.

He wears plain black tights with "Baldwin" written in gold down the sides. He also wears a shirt with his picture on the front and "I'm A Baldwin and your not!" on the back when walking to the ring.


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Jun 18, 2004
Posted for Platinum-X via his PM...

Character Name
Thomas Anthony Parker

The King of TAP
(Formerly) The Black Scorpion

Birthdate (Age)
5/18/80; 27 years old

Hometown (Optional)
Seattle, WA


230 pounds


Entrance Routine
Music plays, he comes out to jeers and heckling, etc.

Entrance Music
“St. Anger” Metallica


Specialty Match
Ultimate Submission Match

Other Information/Career Highlights

Feels that he is hated by all, that there is no God, and is generally anti-social.

A black coat, taken off during a match to reveal a black T-shirt, black pants, black boots, and black gloves with slits to reveal his fingers, and yeah.

Fairly tall and thin, with sun-tanned skin; brown hair and pale blue eyes.

Fighting Style

Finishing Move
Scorpion Stranglehold- Elevated Sleeper Hold

Trademark/Signature Moves
Primary: The Chokeslam

Secondary: Triple Scorpions- Three Dragon Suplexes

Tertiary: Spinning Headscissors Crossface

Other Moves
Tongan Death Grip
Seated Armbar Choke
Bow and Arrow Hold
Middle Rope Leaping Knee strike (Jumps forward, not as much high)
Springboard Moonsault Reverse DDT
Tiger Feint to Neck Scissors
Mandala Hineri (Basically a Dragon Screw spinning the leg the other way)
Slingshot Northern Lights Suplex w/Hammerlock
Mongolian Chops
Reverse Scissor Kick to the chin (Instead of connecting while bringing the leg down, the shin connects with the chin of a straight standing opponent on the way up)

The Swerve

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Feb 17, 2008
Re: 2008 TEAM Invitational Tournament OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

Name: Bob “The Swerve” Di`Las
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Height: 5 foot 10
Weight: 175
Face or Heel: Tweener
Hometown: LA, California
Wrestling Style: High Flying with some Submission moves
Entrance Music: Harder Better Faster Stronger (Alive Remix) By Daft Punk

Titles Held:
1x LUE Legendary Champion
1x ACW Light Heavy Weight Champion
1x ACW Entertainment Champion
1x ACW Tag Team Champions (w/ Ridley)
16x UCW 24/7 Champion
1st person to be Double Champ with two ACW Single Titles (ACW Lightweight and ACW Entertainment Champ)

History: I flunked History

Primary Submission Finisher: The Oreo Twist
Description: A Springboard Moonsault landed on an opponent facing down, away from the corner/ropes. Bob lands into a front face lock, and pulls it into a guillotine choke. Can be done from a turnbuckle as well

Secondary Submission Finisher: Ain't Goin' Nowhere
Description: Head scissors Camel Clutch, Bob does a high back bridge, while locking in the head scissors.

Impact Finisher: This Party is Over
Description: Inverted Hurricanrana(Bob can pull this out of nowhere, and has done it leaping off the top rope on rare occasions)

Trademark Moves:

1.) Tornado (while opponent is on the ground I do three Head Spins, pushing off my hands into the air and landing a leg drop. This Move is ACW's Equivalent of The People's Elbow. The fans really mark out for this move regardless oh how they feel about Bob at the time. Bob tries to use this move in almost every match)
2.) The People Run (Bob runs up the opponent's chest like they where a wall, back flipping off into a drop kick.)
3.) Cartwheel Heel Kick to 360 Spinning Jump Face Kick
4.) Back flip Handspring Kick to Running Front Dropkick
5.) Swerving Shine (Back Brain Shining Wizard, picked up from his old Orange Darkness tag partner)
6.) Spinning Toe Hold (Bob does a little Shuffle between spins)
7.) The Dancing Camel (He does a front somersault on top of an opponent face down by their feet, and lands right into a camel clutch)
8.) Out of Breath (A running bulldog delivered onto the top rope, as Bob leaps over it)
9.) Bobby Beamer (Diving Back flip Leg Drop)

Normal Moves:

1.) Springboard Drop Kick
2.) Run up Corkscrew Moonsault Kick
3.) Middle Kicks (Delivered with more flare than most)
4.) B-Boy Sweep (Bob falls to the ground, putting his feet inside the opponent's ankles, and rolls back, taking them off their feet
5.) Running Tornado DDT
6.) Figure Four Head scissors
7.) B-Boy Kick (Fancy Break dancing Moves into a Thrusting Uppercut Dropkick)
8.) Corner Back flip (Bob jumps off, landing on his feet, usually as a counter)
9.) Jumping Front Kick
10.) Body Scissors to Bulldog
11.) Side Belly to Belly Suplex
12.) Bulldog Headlock
13.) Flip Axe Kick

Jake Phoenix

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Dec 6, 2007
Jake Phoenix
NICKNAMES: The Career Killer, The Murder City Devil
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6'9", 289 lbs
HOMETOWN: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Surprise! You're Dead" - Faith No More
STYLE: Brawler, powerhouse
FIVE FAVORITE MOVES: Repeated punches in the corner, short-arm clothesline, powerslam, one-handed chokeslam, forearms to the face
FINISHER: Tombstone piledriver

BIO: Jake Phoenix debuted in pro wrestling in the West Coast-based PCCW in 1997 as the protege of the Twin Terrors, but quickly outgrew the boundaries of both the promotion and the law. Except for a brief but dominating period in the Washington-based WSW in 2001, Phoenix was off the map due to several offenses, resorting to bouncing and streetfighting between his sporadic matches, before being banned from competing in the United States altogther.

Forced into Canada due to his actions, Phoenix debuted in NAPW in April 2007, cutting a wide path of destruction from the bottom to the top of NAPW. Phoenix has been nigh-unstoppable, terrorizing anybody and everybody unlucky enough to step into the ring from him. Tag team championship gold has already found its way to Phoenix's waist, but he's hungry for more.

Phoenix's time in NAPW has been decided by his time with his "demon brother" Donovan Astros, whom he has had a rocky relationship with. Phoenix and Astros have already split up once when each man ended up as tag team champion with a different partner, but have gotten back together for one reason - to not only dominate NAPW, but destroy its heroes one by one. Phoenix put an exclamation point on the recent reuniting of the Murder City Devils by defeating and forcing the legendary Ravager from NAPW. "The Career Killer" is now on the lookout for World championship gold, the one thing that has thus eluded him in his career - and will stop at nothing to get it.

APPEARANCE: Dark jeans, usually dirty, steel toed boots, black tanktop or wifebeater shirt. Black fingerless gloves. Phoenix wears Oakley shades to the ring but discards them before he enters. He's a large man but quite muscular, but not the kind of muscles you get in a gym - the kind of muscles you get from years of hard labor and the power you get from years of hitting people really hard.

TITLES HELD: NAPW Tag Team Championship (with Tommy Deathrow); current top contender to both the NAPW and REBEL World championships


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Feb 21, 2008
Johnstown, PA
Name: Mike Dipyatic
AIM: fivetiMesfaster
eMail: mikejdipyatic (at) gmail (dot) com

Real Name: Bryan Dawkins
Nickname(s): "The Flyin' Hawaiian" “The High-Risk Hawaiian”
Hometown: Hilo, Hawaii
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 202 lbs.
Birthdate: March 20th, 1986
Status: Fan Favorite Face
Entrance Music: "Song 2" by Blur

Current Team: N/A
Manager: N/A
Trainer: Kenneth Dawkins
Title History: High Risk Championship (RISK)
Award History: N/A
Other Federations: Hawaii Championship Wrestling, Risk
Other Federation Awards: N/A

Wrestling Style: High Flyer

Finisher: Hawaiian Hangover
Finisher Description: Shooting Star Press.

Setup Move: Wipeout
Setup Description: Set up by a running start, he performs a handspring Moonsault onto his downed opponent.

Grapple/Striking Moves: Arm Drag, Enziguri, Spinning Heel Kick, Super kick, Toe kick, Bicycle kick, DDT, Snapmare, German Suplex, Snap Suplex, Neckbreaker, Hanging Neckbreaker, Sleeper Drop, Hurricanrana.

Running Moves: Lou Thesz Press, Rolling Heel Kick, Swinging DDT, Crucifix Pin, Clothesline.

Ground Moves: Sharpshooter, Figure Four Leglock, Single Leg Boston Crab, Kick to groin, Kick to the back of the knee, Legdrop onto back of the knee, Rolling Thunder, Mexican Surfboard (with facelock, armlock, or shoulder lock.).

Aerial Moves: Moonsault, Split-Legged Moonsault, Frogsplash, 450 Splash, Full-Body Press, Top Rope Guillotine (basically a spinning heel kick from the top rope, aimed specifically for the throat of the opponent), Hurricanrana, Missile Dropkick, Twisting Body Press.

Hardcore/High Risk Moves: Drop Toehold onto a chair (or anything else, really), Suicide dive from ring (or ladder, tron, or any other object) onto the outside, Any kind of kick into a chair, General shots with various weapons.

Basic Body: Bryan has the basic cruiserweight look to him. Small, compacted body, yet still muscular. He's got a very tan skin complexion, an Asian/Polynesian look to him.

Head: Bryan has short black hair (shaved, but still long enough for it to be clearly visible). He has earrings in both ears, and wears a Hawaiian shell necklace. Dawkins usually wears his trademark white sunglasses outside the ring.

Upper Body: Dawkins' upper attire is pretty basic, with black elbow pads with orange/aqua trim, and white tape around his wrists.

Lower Body: Dawkins wears white long tights (ala Jericho), that are detailed with orange, aqua, and white designs (like something you'd see on surfer's shorts). He wears black knee-high boots, with black kneepads and shin pads, all of those having orange/light green trim.

Born March 20th, 1986, into a family rich in wrestling tradition, Bryan Dawkins entered the world at 8:52 am. His father, ex-Hawaii Championship Wrestling Superstar Kenneth Dawkins, was relieved that after having two daughters before Bryan, he would finally have someone who could carry on his legacy as one of the greatest wrestlers ever to come out of Hawaii.

Kenneth was one of the top draws for the small Hawaii-based wrestling company, and was one of the fan favorites. He won every major championship in the company, and is often regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step into a HCW ring.

Now, with the birth of young Bryan, the Dawkins family wrestling legacy could live on. Kenneth was determined that Bryan would become as good as, if not better than, he was. From the age of six, Bryan was being taught every move in the book from his father himself, or by watching old tapes of his father, among other wrestlers from the company, back when they were in their prime. He studied before he went to school, and afterwards.

In school, Bryan was an excellent student, getting all A's and B's on his report cards. He was part of HCW's developmental deal by the time he turned 16, and was soon wrestling "dark matches" before the shows. His father was his manager, and trainer, so he knew that he would soon be at the top of HCW's ranks.

Through his High School years, Bryan's grades stayed about the same, and he had been offered a scholarship for wrestling at the University of Hawaii's main campus. Bryan and his family were thrilled about the scholarship...everyone in his family, except for his father, that is.

Days after his scholarship was offered, Bryan got another offer...this one being from Hawaiian Championship Wrestling, his father's former company, and the company that Bryan had been wrestling dark matches for years.

This brought tension in the Dawkins household. Bryan couldn't decide where he was going to go after High School. He had a chance to go on to the University of Hawaii, where he could both go to school to become something, should his wrestling career fall out, and wrestle competitively for the University. Yet, he also had the chance to begin reviving his father's legacy by joining HCW. His mother and sisters said they supported whatever decision he should make, but his father seemed like it was either HCW, or he didn't want anything to do with Bryan.

So, Bryan joined HCW. He had very little success there, with his father pushing him so much as to take too many, or too little risks during matchups. After 6 months with the company, Bryan's record was a shameful 3-16-1. The worst thing was that his father had been on his back, saying that he wasn't the problem, but that Bryan himself was! Bryan couldn't take it anymore. His scholarship offer had been revoked, as the school year and wrestling season had already begun.

Bryan had to do something. His father was running his life, and matter-of-fact, ruining it. Kenneth was making Bryan do stupid things during matches, most of the time causing him the match. He was getting ridiculed backstage for his actions, often being called "daddy's little boy" by the veteran stars of the company. Bryan was sick of the abuse being dealt upon him by his father, and his co-workers, so he made the only decision he could...

He quit HCW, without the consent of his father. Bryan was now jobless, and fatherless, as his father had abandoned him. He was now living off of the funds he had earned during his tenure in HCW, living in an apartment in his hometown of Hilo, Hawaii. He couldn't go on this way. He needed a job, and needed one fast. His training never stopped, though he was out of wrestling for a few months. In his mind, he still had a chance to make his dreams become a reality. His constant training would soon pay off...

After months of searching, an English-based promotion called for Bryan to compete amoung its ranks. RISK Wrestling, run by Steven Hunt. Along with Carson Nash, Dawkins ran the show, being one of the top talents of the federation, winning the High Risk Championship on his third performance with the company. But, as most things in Bryan's life, RISK took a turn for the worse, shutting down nearly a month after it opened due to going bankrupt.

When he saw the ad for PRIME Wrestling’s Dual Halo Match, he quickly jumped at the opportunity to “audition” for another organization. This was Bryan's ticket to success, so he thought. Now, Bryan has his sights set on getting into PRIME’s Dual Halo Invitational, but more importantly, he has his sights set on the ultimate prize...a contract with PRIME!

Furthermore, Dawkins has been entered into the TEAM Invitational Tournament, hoping to shake off any "ring rust" he may have collected since his last time in the squared circle!


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Feb 26, 2008
This is what I have for now...I may add some more later...

J.J. Nickels

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6'11" 345 lbs

HOMETOWN:Atlanta, Georgia

ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Theme to a Fake Revolution" by Powerman 5000

STYLE: power technician

FIVE FAVORITE MOVES: Civil Disobedience (border toss powerbomb), W.B.M. (World's Biggest Moonsault), Gut Check (fireman’s carry into a knee to the gut), queen angelito stretch, running powerslam

FINISHER: Double Nickels on the Dime (polish hammer, usually with a bit of a running start) / Final Solution (torture wrack)

BIO: Joshua Jeramy Nichols, known to the wrestling world as J.J. Nickels, grew up in the suburbs of Marietta, Georgia. Throughout his childhood, he was always much larger than his peers, causing a fear in them that ultimately lead to alienation. J.J. would spend much of his early years in his home, where he was homeschooled to avoid the taunting and isolation. Reaching adulthood, J.J. believed the world must have changed by now. Venturing to Atlanta, he decided to try his luck at college, but where others had feared him before, now they simply stared in awe at his sighs. To them he was a freak…a monster. Taking the public’s reaction to heart, he decided to take up a career befitting his monstrous size and began wrestling in the small time Georgia circuit where he was ultimately recognized and brought up by now-retired wrestling superstar Nick “Ledge” Ledgerwood.

APPEARANCE: J.J. is a tall, very muscular man, trying to supplement his large frame by keeping it slender and in shape. He has a slightly hunched stance from years of trying to hide within himself. Despite his size, he does not suffer from giantism or the typically associated facial malformations. He is actually quite good looking, with high cheek bones, dark brown eyes, and dark brown, almost black, hair, which he frequently wears slicked back.

TITLES HELD: REBEL Carolinas Championship (current)


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Feb 26, 2008
Full Name: Dean Hobkirk
Nick Name: The Thrillseeker
Alignment: Face
Weight: 175 pounds
Height: 5 foot 5 inches
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Hometown: Seaham, England.
Entrance music: Thrice - Under A Killing Moon
Wrestling Style: High Flying/Brawling
Current Feds: AWA
Years wrestling: 3
Appearence: At 5”5 it’s obvious to say just by looking at him that Dean is a very special and talented wrestler, it takes a lot to be successful in the squared circle and judging by the height of him, he’s been very lucky to have the success which he has. Dean’s spiked up blonde hair in one thing he has always been renowned for, dark brown eyes which to some people look black instead of brown are what he see’s out of when dismantling and opponent.

Gimmick/Personality: Typical Face now, just returned to action in the ring and intends on doing all he can to make the fans proud of him, and to achieve sucess

Wrestling Attire: Dean usually walks to the ring wearing green tight pants along with green boots also accompanied by a green hooded top with “The Assassin” written across the back in gold lettering, whilst in the ring Dean just wrestles in the same attire but without the hooded top.

Background: Went to school in the north east of england and was always bullied for hs love of wrestling, wasnt too successful at school failing most subjects due to the bullying. following school went to college for 2 years and got a few qualifacations in things like acting...once Dean realised he saved up enough money he applied for a wrestling school and pretty much got things rolling from there...Dean childhood was quite shaky and he tends not to talk about it.

Accomplishments: 1x OCW Hard-To-The-Core Champion, 2004 OCW Heel Of the Year, 2004 OCW Most Improved Wrestler, 1x RWF TeleVision-Grappling Champion, 1x RWF North American Champion, Quickest Ever RWF Victory (5 Seconds) 1x AWA Hardcore Champion, 1x AWA Television Champion, 1x AWA Heavyweight Champion, Longest Reigning AWA Hardcore Champion, 1x BSW Heavyweight Champion, 1x JWF TV Champion, 1x JWF Tag Team Champion.

Noteable Feuds: Ryo-Wo (AWA)
Garrison Weston (AWA)

Moves: 1. Drop toe hold
2. Dropsault
3. Wheelbarrow DDT
4. Wheelbarrow bulldog
5. Dropkick
6. Springboard guillotine leg drop
7. Multiple Spine kicks
8. Asai moonsault into inverted DDT
9. Standing shooting star press
10. Enzuigiri kick
11. Swinging seated dropkick (done to an opponent that is sitting in front of turnbuckles)
12. Lightning quick elbow drop
13. Top rope double mule kick (usually used as counter from people charging to the turnbuckle)
14. Spinning heel kick
15. Suicide hilo
16. Running Yakuza kick
17. Rope hanging dragon sleeper
18. Dragon clutch (combination of Dragon sleeper and camel clutch)
19. Bridging Figure Four Clutch (Dean wraps on a figure headlock then bridges back while over the opponent, so it ends up looking like a camel clutch)
20. Head scissors hold

Primary Finisher: The Thrillseeker

Primary Description: Swanton Bomb

Secondary Finisher: The Two Second Kill.

Secondary Description: Superkick.

Set-up Move(s): Swanton is usually set up by a taunt to the crowd.

Superkick can be hit anytime.


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Mar 1, 2008

Vital Statistics
Born: June 1, 1978
Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee
Height: Six foot, Four Inches
Weight: 247 pounds

Ring Information
Entrance Music: “Rockstar Poser” - N.E.R.D.
Alignment: Heel
Fighting Style: Technical/Memphis style

Physical Description

Showtyme is built to be a wrestler. Tall, slim, but powerful, resembles a Randy Orton type of physique, but with age. His short black hair shines in the light. He is always clean shaven and always looks his best. In the ring, Showtyme wears red and black tights similar to a Lance Storm attire. He has the wrestling boots that matches his tights, and also wears white wrist tape.

Finisher(s): End Credits (Similar to a Flatliner or also can be described as a Reverse Rock Bottom.)

Feature Presentation (Showtyme lifts his opponent onto his shoulders, similar to a Brock Lesnar F5. But instead of spinning his victim in front of his own body, ShowTyme, spins them behind himself, landing in a Diamond Cutter/RKO type manuever. This is also referred to as the 'TKO' as Marc Mero used it.)

And Cut! (Basically is the Texas Cloverleaf, perfected by Dean Malenko. His least used finisher out of the three.)

ther Moves

1. European Uppercuts
2. Hangmans Neckbreaker
3. Russian Leg Sweep
4. Overdrive
5. Leg Lariat
6. Snapmare Suplex
7. Fistdrop
8. Backbreaker
9. Spinning Spinebuster
10. Tiger Suplex
11. Chopblock
12. Standing Piledriver
13. The Garvin Stomp (also what Randy Orton does, going around, stomping each area of opponent)
14. Enzeguri
15. Fisherman Suplex

Showtyme made his debut in the spring of 2002 at the young age of 23. Though, he did not accomplish very much in his early days, he worked hard, and worked the proverbial green away. That's when he got his break out deal. In the fall of 2004 Showtyme joined the Xtreme Carnage Wrestling, debuting in high fashion, renewing a rivalry with long time enemy Demon. Shortly after his xCw Debut, Showtyme was sidelined with a pec tear. He bounced back, growing a mean streak and gaining his first peice of gold, when he won the xCw Television Title, a title that was defended on a weekly basis on every TV broadcast. Showtyme held the TV title for an unprecidented six months, lasting from January to July 4th, defending the title over 25 times successfully.

The loss of the TV title, catapulted Showtyme into the main event scene where he won the xCw World Heavyweight Title in September of 2005, defeating El Boriquen and xCw legend The Catalyst. Weeks after Showtyme lost the strap, the xCw closed its doors. Showtyme went on the independant scene, off and on. He won many titles, that were meaningless to him.

Then he jumped back into the spotlight, joining the GWA, where he was a three time World Champ. It was then that the xCw reopened its doors, in the summer of 2007. Showtyme was the King of Violence (one night 16 man tourny full of gimmick matches) Runner up. Showtyme is a constant main eventer, and is now considered a legend in the xCw. His mean streak has caused him to literally have no friends in the locker room, but Showtyme has always said he wasn't wrestling to form friendships and bond with other men.

Now Showtyme looks to step out and expand his popularity to unfamiliar fans and wrestlers. Still only 29 years old, Showtyme is a vet of the sport, and looks to add another accomplishment to his illustrious career.

Titles/Awards/Accomplishments (in no order)
XCW Television Champion (x1)
Longest Reigning XCW TV Champ (156 days)
XCW TV Champ of the Year (2005)
Longest Reigning Champion in XCW History (TV Champ for 156 days)
XCW World Heavyweight Champion (1x)
XCW World Heavyweight Champion of the Year (2005)
XCW King of Violence Runner Up (2008)
USCW North American Champion (2x)
USCW Heavyweight Champion (1x)
CWF Tag Team Champion (1x)
GWA World Champion (3x)
GWA Superstar of the Year (2006)

t r e

New member
Dec 15, 2006
saratoga springs, new york
(reposted from EPW forums)
Name: Ice Tre

Height: 5'10

Weight: tipping the scales at 171 pounds

Hometown: The Mean Streets

Face/Heel: Face (fan support fueled by sympathy and amusement)

Appearance: (Please be as detailed as possible.)

Possibly one of the most unimposing figures in the sport's history, Ice Tre believes he is a pimp still seeking his stable -- and dresses as such. The palest of Caucasians, Tre wears a massive gold chain with an equally massive crucifix along with a bulky, blocky pair of oversized sunglasses. When weather permits, he is usually bare-chested. And for that, I apologize.

History: A cult Wrestler whom has yet to score a professional victory by clean pinfall. Known for his awkwardly unpolished promo "skillz" and his obliviousness to his own glaring in-ring shortcomings, Ice Tre is a diamond in the rough. Or, possibly, a cubic zirconium in the rough. He is, however, on the cusp of all-out super-stardom ... in his own mind, of course.

Titles Held: None

Style: Tre is barely a wrestler. But, dammit, he means well. He likes to TRY to brawl. And TRY to "take flight". He is known to ATTEMPT a submission or three, and spends most of his time between bells ATTEMPTING to get back to his feet still looking "fly".

Move Set: Is this necessary in this wrestler's case?

Description of Finisher: Although rarely given the opportunity to "unleash" on any of his opponents, the move is rumored to be a dagger-like kick aimed at the chin/neck.

Finisher Name: The Ice Pick


"Bad as Can" by BEETLEJUICE suddenly bumps through the PA system, the crowd rises to their feet in anticipation, and the curtain parts. It is Ice Tre ... and DAMN is he a sight!?! Dressed in a bedazzled blue/white ring coat, no shirt, and blue tights, Ice Tre trots down the aisle, brimming with confidence and all-smiles. Tonight is the night.

He slaps the hands of fans along his way to ringside, awkwardly sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. Raising a fist, he snaps his bulky shades from his face and glares into the camera with his version of "menace".


The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT
Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD.



Name: Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD., a.k.a. the Phenom, the Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister, SJH, the Midcard Legend, Muff Daddy, El Hombre Magnifico, Shooter, Sugar, the Softcore Soldier, Mr. XXX, Jam Master Jiggy, Corona Man, and the Man of 1000 Moniquers, etc. etc.

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 217 lbs.

Hails From: Orlando, Florida

Entrance Music: "Look At Me" by Geri Haliwell

Entrance description: SJH makes his way to the ring with a posse in tow that will probably include, but is NOT limited to: his sister Felicia, his "handler" Tiny (a morbidly obese sheep farmer from Mississippi), General Zod - Kryptonian Destroyer, his accountant, a.k.a. the eccentric, orange-masked luchador QUESOMAN, and escorts from event staff/security. The entrance itself is more reminiscent of a boxing entrance than a wrestling entrance, as Hart will make his way to the ring draped in a black robe trimmed with gold and shadowboxing as he goes. He'll also pause occasionally to slap hands, pose for young ladies, destroy a sign that disagrees with him, shake his hips like Elvis, or shout some kind of silliness into the microphone if he has one.

Finisher: Fujiwara Armbar

Alt. Finisher/Setup: Hart On (Diamond Cutter/Ace Crusher)

Style: Mat Technician/Submission Fighter. Hart has a deep background in amatuer wrestling, as well as a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Will cheat to win.

Inverted Atomic Drop
German Suplex
Back Suplex
Fireman's Carry
Arm Drag
Dragon Leg Whip
Discus Punch
Discus Clothesline
Rollup/Small Package
Side Leglock
Figure Four Leglock
Grounded Hammerlock
Crossface Chickenwing
Reverse Chinlock
Sleeper Hold
Ankle Lock
Double Axe Handle
Flying Elbow
Tombstone Piledriver
Implant DDT
Hanging Vertical Suplex
Side Slam
Hip Toss
Fisherman's Suplex
Side Backbreaker
Catapult to Ring Post/Turnbuckle
Sambo Suplex
Monkey Flip
European Uppercut
Spinning Back Kick
Overhand Chop
Rear Naked Choke
"El Codo Explosivo" (Dusty Rhodes style Bionic Elbow)
Ear Boxing
Eye Jab
Purple Nurple
Low Blow
Back Rake
Hair Pulling

Wrestles As: Part-time heel, part-time face... full-time assh#le.

Quotes: "You try to go over, you're gonna go UNDER!" "Call it an OUTRAGE, call it a mockery, I call it the TRUTH!" "SJH is A-OK!" "The PHENOM has left the building!"

Titles held:
NEW World Heavyweight Champion
WFW World Heavyweight Champion
BAD World Heavyweight Champion
eWu World Heavyweight Champion
CWWF World Heavyweight Champion
CWWF US Heavyweight Champion
EPW Television Champion
NFW Television Champion
WWL Television Champion
IWF Eastern Champion
IWF Entertainment Champion
IWF Tag Team Champion
nbW Softcore Champion (Self-Proclaimed)


1998: Shawn Hart debuts as a Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels parody character in Ray Pruit's Fatal Championship Wrestling on the P* Circuit, home to such feds as the CSWA.

1999-2001: After a brief stay in Chris Knipe's NDW promotion in early '99, Hart joins the IWF and its 'Softcore Revolution'. During his time there, he held the Entertainment title, the Eastern title, and the Tag Team titles with the company's franchise, KRoW. Other IWF highlights include wrestling and defeating then IWF champ Jean Rabesque, teaming with KRoW in a long-time feud with another IWF champ, Suicide (S/Ulysis Solian), as well as competing in the company's first, last and only Swimming Pool match. The low point of Hart's IWF career came when his mother revealed during an interview that his middle name is Jessica.

2001: In the weeks leading up to an episode of the World Wrestling League's 'Salvation', Hart steals a pair of silky underwear from the 'Queen of the Ring' Lindsay Troy. On the show that followed, Hart defeats Troy in an Evening Gown match. The great equalizer came when Troy stripped Hart of his attire post-match, revealing a lacy black thong and matching bra underneath and fueling speculation about the Phenom's... erm... orientation. Hart would get the last laugh, however, as he claims to have retained possession of Troy's panties to this very day.

2001-02: In a matter of 3 weeks, the Phenom captures World titles in 2 upstart promotions (eWu and CWWF), as well as the WWL's Television title, defeating such stars as Cross, Rage (Scott Riktor) and Suicide en route and making him a triple champion on FW Central. It was around this time that Hart signed on to be one of the original grapplers in another upstart fed, the Legacy of Champions (LoC).

2003: Hart defeats Doc Silver to become the WFW and BAD Heavyweight champion.

2003-04: As the leader of Black Tom Williams' League of Extraordinary Champions (with Brandon Thomas, Alexander Jerusalem, Jason Fosters, and the Normans) Hart wrestles Legacy champion Scott Riktor to a no-contest. To date, this is the only Legacy title shot Hart has received.

Early 2006: Hart makes it to the final of LoC's 'Or Die Trying' tournament, with Ryan Billows taking the other bracket. The winner of the bout was to be named #1 contender to the Legacy title. However, due to a newly-drawn clause in his contract stating he would never face Billows in a one-on-one wrestling match again, the Phenom refused to compete and demanded he be awarded the title. What he got instead was a spot in a Fatal Four Way match at Revelations with Billows, Ray Chavez, and the newly-crowned champion Sylo. Unfortunately, Hart fell prey to a Grade 3 concussion on Violence 25 and was pulled from the match, inadvertently causing the '6th Man' controversy heading into the No Turning Back PPV.

Fall 2006: SJH appears in nbW. Everything goes to Hell.

Winter 2006: SJH leaves nbW for 'greener pastures' and, in a matter of weeks, captures both the NEW World Heavyweight title and the Empire Pro Television title, marking his first title reigns in over two years and making him a double champion on the FW circuit.

Early 2007: SJH is listed #31 on the ENN 250. Days later, he reemerges in the Legacy of Champions with his sister, Felicia, and defeats Malik Roland and Natalia in a mixed tag team match on the Violence finale.

Mid 2007: Advances to the TEAM Invitational Tournament Semi-Final, but loses to Ulysis Solian. Weeks later, the Phenom captures the New Frontier Television title in a Battle Royale.

Late 2007: Hart falls back into a life of excess and vanishes from the professional wrestling world.

NOW: With the TEAM Invitational Tournament just around the corner once again, SJH has returned to finish what he started last year.
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Eric X

League Member
Feb 21, 2008
Free Agent:

“The Richest SOB on the Planet” Eric Thompson

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’2”, 234 lbs
HOMETOWN: Portland, Oregon
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Flashing Lights " – By Kanye West
STYLE: Dirty Striker
FIVE FAVORITE MOVES: Northern Lights Suplex, The Raven Effect, Standing Insiguri, Brainbuster or Emerald Fusion,Moonsalt
FINISHER: Cash out (RKO)

BIO:The Richest SOB is not his name for nothing.At the age of 17 years old Eric decided he wasn’t goona be like any other teenager around the world he decided he wanted to do big things.And big things he accomplished but opening up the flood gates of the real-state and just Six months later he earned over 234,000 in just six months of time.Now is still to be known what is Eric Net Worth today and if you got lucky you would know……….If you got lucky he is out to prove he is not only the Hottest property in the Realstate business but also in the Wrestling scene too the higest bidder will win.

APPEARANCE:Same as when in a Business meeting,Dress slacks black,Tie,Suit coat ETC…You get the drift.His hair is Spike black slicked back so he can look professional and his eyes are a very light green.

TITLES HELD:Your future World Title.


Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
Name: "The Blue-Eyed Badass" Sean Stevens

Date of Birth: February 19th, 1976

Height: 6ft, 2inches

Weight: 245 give or take a pound.

Hometown: The Happiest Place on Earth – Orlando, Florida

Face/Heel: Neutral.

Sean is the typical pretty boy; he’s very easy on the eyes, which usually generates a great reaction from the female portion of the audience, and the opposite from the male contingent solely because of jealousy. There are times, however… when his reaction rivals some of the biggest in the industry, due to his willingness to put his body on the line, and the fact that he’s known around the business as someone who can really ‘Go’.

Appearance: (Please be as detailed as possible.)

He has fairly long, golden/light brown hair which usually comes down to about his shoulders, that he either lets hang freely or he pony-tails. He often sports an occasional beard, nothing serious, just minor ‘Peach Fuzz’, and sideburns. One of his nicknames, that best describes him, I think, would be ... "the Blue-Eyed Badass". He has angelic baby blue eyes that serve two purposes; they usually get him the attention of females, because of their attraction, and their boyfriends, because of anger.

He has a medium build, 5% body fat, so he's definitely in good physical condition, although he's definitely not the biggest dog in the yard.


Sean has been wrestling since 1996/’97. He got his start in a little independent promotion in Orlando called the Xtreme Wrestling Federation, the XWF for short. Stevens was what you'd call, a hands on trainee, because he never actually went to school to learn the art, he was forced to create an image, a style, and a moveset based solely off of things he's seen(because he was a huge wrestling fan), things he'd like to see, and things he's dreamed of doing.

He attended an XWF house show, and was basically dared, by a friend, to leap over the guardrail. One thing led to another, Sean got a burst of adrenaline, and not only leaped the guardrail, he entered the ring. The audience didn't know what to make of it, they simply assumed he was a part of the show, but the reaction caused the head promoter of the company, Greg Vaughn to bail Sean out of jail, and offer him a contract on the spot. Even though Stevens had zero training, wrestling was his passion, so he took the job ... besides, it had it's advantages ... mainly, freedom.

For the next year and a half, Stevens ripped it up in that promotion becoming the hottest superstar on the roster, not to mention the most popular. He spent the better part of that year under the tutelage of another megastar on his way out of the building, "the American Heartthrob" Chad Hennig. Chad instantly took a liking to Sean, if not only because he reminded him of himself at an early age. He liked him so much, he allowed Sean to accompany him to the ring, as well as training him, and christened him, XXXstasy - Triple X for short. ...needless to say, the name stuck.

Sean always felt an allegiance to the XWF and Greg Vaughn because it gave him his start, and if not for them, he'd probably not be in the business, but there was little room for growth there. A lot of the wrestler's were old school, and didn't take too kindly to a young upstart stealing their spotlight, and let it be known by refusing to grant him a title shot. Therefore, after Sean's contract was up, with Greg's blessings, of course, he signed on to compete in another promotion with more opportunity, the EPWL. Right away, Stevens was labeled the next big thing, and he didn't disappoint, winning that company's World Heavyweight Championship two months into his stint. The looked to be the limit, but what Sean should've done was savored that moment, because it would be a long time before he won another World title.

From there, he entered into a different circuit. He never forgot where he came from, and continued to work for a couple of promotions in Orlando, snatching a couple of titles for his mantle, but for the first time, he'd ventured away from home. He joined a renegade upstart promotion called the Hardcore Extreme Wrestling, the HEW, and it became a promotion that would change his life forever. There, he met Mason Xavier – known to many as "Havoc", "The Blade" Kendall Codine, Lint Douglas – aka "Zero", "Superstar" Vince Jacobs, "Total Elimination" Eli Flair, and Ivy "Poison Ivy" McGinnis, friends that he still has to this day, for the most part. While wrestling under the HEW umbrella, many would agree that he was arguably the most popular wrestler in the promotion, even winning "Most Popular" during the annual HEW award show his first year there. However, his inability to win the world title after numerous opportunities would dog him for the better part of three years.

From there, he wrestled in the TCW, the CWL, and the SCW - where he finally broke through and won their World title, enjoying a long lengthy reign in the process. He also competed in the CSWA, and the fWo.

Titles Held:

EPW World Heavyweight Championship
CSWA Presidential Title
fWo Internet Title,
fWo Tag Team Championship
SCW World Heavyweight Title (2x)
SCW International Title (3x)
TCW Regional Champion
HEW International Champion (2x)
HEW North American Champion (2x)
SCFW Intercontinental Champion (2x)
EPWF World Champion


Enemies would refer to Sean as a "spot monkey" because Sean’s matches are usually defined by one point in the match where he does something truly amazing that the average man wouldn’t dare to do. He will put his body on the line, that’s definitely for sure, but over the past four years, or so… he’s actually become one of the better wrestlers in the business. He can be technical, if he’s angry enough, he will scrap the wrestling and fight, and he can fly with the best of them.

Move Set:

German Suplex
Belly-to-Back Suplex Fisherman's Suplex
Inverted DDT
Spiked Piledriver
Top Rope Frogsplash
Ace Crusher
Flying Forearm
Swinging Neck Breaker
Huracanrana from the top
Missile Dropkick
Swan Dive(usually clearing the top rope and nailing an opponent standing outside.)

Description of Finisher: He has two. The first, he usually uses on smaller opponents, and the second, is for the larger wrestlers that Sean would have a hard time lifting up.

1.) Bulldog, 3/4 Face Lock, Inverted Facelock Suplex – or as the hold is called, The Osaka Street Cutter.

Finisher Name: The X-Terminator

2.) Superkick to the jaw/chin/nose/face.

Finisher Name: The X-Factor

Ring Entrance:

(CUE: "Gossip," by Lil Wayne.

"You don’t have to pick me … to win the title fight
But, I’m gonna wear that Championship Belt so tight"

The dimmed lights send the audience into a frenzy as the curtain parts in separate directions and "Triple X" Sean Stevens steps through pausing at the top of the stage. Then suddenly…

… fireworks.

Bright ones, loud ones, illuminating the entire arena to the delight of all in attendance.

"… and, if I’m wrong, There Is No Right
And, if I’m wrong, There is Snow White."

With his hair soaking wet, clad in a 100% cotton, "Blue-Eyed Badass™" t-shirt, black tights, with neon blue X’s on the legs and rear, Sean stalked down the ramp towards the ring ignoring all of the photos, cat calls, and pleas for attention. Eventually, as he neared the ring, he acknowledged a few of the signs, as he stomped up the ringside stairs and entered the ring, hopping on the nearest turnbuckle, posing for pictures and posters.


League Member
Jan 12, 2007
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Name: Dr. Tittylover
Height & Weight: 6'5 / 258 lbs.
Hometown: Unknown, Possibly Boston
Wrestling Style: Crackhead
Entrance Music: "The Way You Move" by OutKast
Five Favorite Moves: Bootzilla (Boot to the face), Mothership Connection (spinning lariart), Flyin' PIMP (Tope rope clothesline), Rattle Dem Bones (spinebuster), Kill Whitey (Tombstone piledriver)
Finisher: Notorious P.I.M.P (STF)

Bio: Former REBEL Tag Team Champion. Background hidden in shadows. What is known is that his real name is Dr. Henry Thomas, a once respectable Doctor in the Boston area. Spent 1,500 days behind bars for 169 counts of lewd conduct. Worked in REBEL, NAPW and SHWF. Considered highly unstable.

Look: Tall sexy black man. Well built. Platinum Grill in mouth. Black fishnet shirt. Black leather pants. Platform boots. Leapord print ankle length coat.

Notes: All the hoes love him.

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