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Zero Hour


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
This one was about twice as long as the normal cards and took a lot of work. I'm hoping that everyone enjoys what Adam, Chris, Karl, and I threw together.

Special thanks to all three for really helping me out.


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Dark Matches and Pay-Per-View related events.

The entire weekend leading up to Sunday’s Zero Hour was like nothing else Major Championship Wrestling has experienced. Jalen Latham broke out all of the big guns in a full-fledged promotional blitz. While no A-list celebrities were in attendance as a promotional stunt, as some other wrestling organizations attempt, there was a special reunion concert in which Zach De La Rocha brought back together Rage Against The Machine! Fans were ecstatic over the reunion concert.

On Saturday afternoon both Chris McMillan and Bryan Storms showed up for a press conference/autograph signing with a select group of wrestling fans... mostly children and their parents. Both McMillan and Storms signed autographs for the children and posed for many pictures in which the fan attempted to break up a brawl between the two.

One fan commented that the whole experience at the press conference/autograph signing was a “dream come true”.

Before Zero Hour officially took off, MCW held a few special dark matches that helped give new competitors the experience they needed to continue on to television. The crowd was very appreciative for their efforts. Here is a rundown of the dark matches just prior to Zero Hour:

Reno Kidd wrestled Pietske to a double countout that eventually was separated by security.

“The Dark Phenom” Nakita Dahaka defeated Julio Delgado (a local promotion’s wrestling favorite)

“Ice Cold” Sanket Desai pinned “The Brooklyn Brawler” Steve Lombardi in a quick match.

Look for these wrestlers to take it to the next level at the next Center Stage!


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO

(Fade into a capacity crowd at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California... In the middle of the Staple Center is the MCW wrestling ring complete with MCW Zero Hour logo... A walkway leads from an entrance area for the wrestlers and right next to that entrance is a larger version of MCW Arena’s MCWtron...)

(Pyrotechnics erupt at the entrance and immediately after that a montage plays on the MCWtron to the tune of Far East Movement’s “On The Road Again”...)

(On the MCWtron, cue up:)

(John Doe executing a suicide dive from inside the ring, over the ropes, to the outside...)

(Drunken Tiger being hit repeatedly by Kenny Hardwood with a steal chair before finally going down for the count...)

(Adam Benjamin destroying the midget that called himself “Little Dragon”...)

(Chris McMillan and Bryan Storms battling Blitz in an all out brawl...)

(The montage ends and the music fades out... Fade in to the broadcast booth at ringside... At the table are Simon Van Helder and Creek Winneberg...)

SVH: Hello everyone and welcome to this jam packed Staples Center in Los Angeles, just a few short miles from our very own MCW Arena! I’m Simon Van Helder and this is Creek Winneberg right here next to me and we are proud to be your broadcasting team for the new and improved Major Championship Wrestling’s ZERO HOUR!

We’ve got a ton of hard hitting action ahead of us, culminating in the crowning of the new MCW’s first World Heavyweight Champion!

CW: I still can’t believe that we have two goodie-two-shoe baby faces competing for MCW’s most prestigious title. It makes me sick to my stomach. The only saving grace in my eyes is the fact that some of my favorite competitors are still in the hunt to crown a North American Champion!

SVH: I don’t know who your favorites are, but I know that Joseph Justice, Insurgent, Dakota Smith, and Justin Sane are still in the hunt and have all made it to the tournament semifinals.

CW: I do believe you named four of my most favorite wrestlers, Simon.

(Van Helder rolls his eyes at Creek...)

SVH: Both matches from the semifinals and the North American tournament final match will all take place tonight.

CW: MCW is doing big things tonight with this pay-per-view. We are showing the world that we are World Class.

SVH: True... so true! On top of the previously mentioned matches, we have a three-way elimination match that pits three people that have a lot to prove against each other. Blade is trying to show that he is more consistent than he has been showing in his on again off again win-loss record. Steve Marlay is trying to pick up his first win after some very disappointing showings since his debut in MCW...

CW: Don’t forget that he got thrashed last week by Dakota Smith for being in the wrong place at the wrong time running his mouth about the wrong things.

SVH: Both of them will be facing a newcomer who definitely has a swagger in Rob Franklin. Nobody knows if he can back up all of the junk he’s been talking. It’ll be Blade, Steve Marlay, and Rob Franklin for respect and a chance to move up the card.

CW: We’ll also see if this guy... this “Phenomenal” Frankie Scott can actually show up to an MCW event. We have him scheduled to face John Doe in a one-on-one matchup.

SVH: Major Championship Wrestling presents ZERO HOUR.

ZERO HOUR starts... NOW!



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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Blade vs Steve Marlay vs Rob Franklin

(The bell sounds for the opening match for Zero Hour and the fans respond with a thunderous cheer...)

SVH: MCW may be considered small time because of our relative newness, but fans are clearly behind us as an upstart wrestling organization.

CW: You see, I predict that a year from now we are going to be the talk of the wrestling world! First things first, we need to get this pay-per-view event over with so we can get the World Title on somebody that deserves it.

SVH: You’ve got to be kidding me...

(Il Nino’s “How Can I Live” plays over the MCW stereo system to a mild pop from the crowd... Blade stands at the entranceway and holds his hands high above his head before making his way to the ring... Once in the ring, the crowd mildly pops again...)

SVH: Blade is now in the ring. The crowd is a little lukewarm to him these days because of his inconsistencies.

CW: This MCW crowd is more of a “what have you done for me lately” type of crowd.

("My Sacrifice" by Creed hits throughout the arena as Steve Marlay strolls through the curtain... The fans greet him with the expected chorus of boos, which he doesn't really seem to bother him in the slightest... He raises both arms above his head setting off gold pyro all over the place, as the pyro dies down he makes his way to the ring with a confident, maybe even cocky expression on his face... He slides under the bottom rope and stretches ready for combat...)

SVH: There is Steve Marlay. He has been consistent, but unfortunately for him it has been with losing matches and being beaten within an inch of his life.

CW: He has my boy Dakota Smith to thank for that, but I look for him to turn it around in this match.

(Metallica’s “Fuel” plays over the MCW stereo system as Rob Franklin comes out with the enormous Pietske at his side... A few hand gestures in sync with pyrotechnics, all to the tune of a massive chorus of boos, and Rob Franklin and Pietske make their way to the ring...)

SVH: Here is the true wildcard of the match. Rob Franklin is an unknown here in Major Championship Wrestling and he’s got this big man that he calls Pietske in tow. We know what to expect from Blade and Marlay... not so much with Franklin.

CW: I like the guys cockiness, but that Pietske guy reminds me of a pedophile or something. Look at this guy... ever seen the comic shop owner from The Simpsons?

(Simon Van Helder has a hearty laugh...)

SVH: The ring introductions are over with so lets take it down to the ring for the opening bell and the start of this match.

(Bell rings...)

SVH: Rob Franklin is right out of the gate with a vicious attack on Steve Marlay.

CW: Blade is just biding his time... if I know this shady, underhanded wrestler then he’s just looking for a chance to lock in a submission hold.

SVH: How right you are about what he’s doing... but I’ve never witnessed Blade being shady or underhanded in any fashion.

(While Marlay is being stomped in the corner by Rob Franklin, Blade attempts to lock in a full nelson from behind... Franklin escapes and immediately sends Blade to the outside, only to continue the attack on Marlay...)

SVH: Franklin continuing to show that he is for real.

CW: I don’t know much about him, but from what I see here he has a lot of potential. I like him.

(Marlay has a brief moment of offense with a couple of lefts and rights out of the corner...)

SVH: I think this is the first offense that Steve Marlay has had in about two months. It’s been almost ridiculous watching him go from his first match to where he is right now.

CW: You know, I hate to admit it but you are absolutely right.

SVH: His offense doesn’t last long! Rob Franklin with a nicely executed DDT!

CW: That might be it for Marlay... Blade is stirring on the outside, though.

(Blade is slow to his feet on the outside of the ring...)

SVH: Rob Franklin with the cover...



(Blade slowly slides into the ring to attempt the breakup...)


Steve Marlay is pinned by Rob Franklin and is first to be eliminated!!!!!

CW: Blade was way too slow to achieve anything there.

SVH: But he’s on the attack right now. He floors Franklin with a clothesline! You rarely see impact moves like that from Blade. Usually he is all about the submissions.

CW: I don’t think it really matters what his style is Simon... in the end I think Rob Franklin is going to take it to him and finish with a win.

SVH: You’ve jumped on the Rob Franklin bandwagon early, huh?

CW: If I like what I see, then I like what I see!

(Meanwhile, back in the ring Rob Franklin has turned things around and has Blade on the ropes... He kicks and stomps on Blade before kicking him in the stomach and hitting a slingshot suplex...)

SVH: You don’t see the good ol’ slingshot suplex everyday anymore. Franklin is continuing his dominance of this match. It’s actually unheard of to have a three-way elimination that is so one-sided. We’ll see if he can continue this trend.

CW: It’s just as I was saying earlier... this guy has got a lot going for him. Rob Franklin to win this match, and easily!

(Blade up to his feet...)

SVH: Look at this... Rob Franklin with a snap suplex! He’s motioning to the crowd... we still don’t know what his finisher is...

CW: Whatever it is, the crowd doesn’t like it... and he is headed to the top turnbuckle to do it. The suspense is killing me!

(Franklin jumps from the top turnbuckle...)

SVH: Diving headbutt! I think he calls it the Icebreaker!

CW: I love it! I just abso-friggin-lutely love it. Pin the man, Rob. Make the cover and pin this man for the three count!

(As if hearing Creek, Rob Franklin goes for the cover on Blade...)

SVH: The cover...




Blade is pinned by Rob Franklin and thus is the last to be eliminated!

The winner of this match... ROB FRANKLIN!!!!!

SVH: Rob Franklin just basically dominated a three-way elimination match. What an amazing debut for the rookie... even if I don’t approve of his cockiness.

CW: Nobody cares what you do or don’t approve of Van Helder. The fact of the matter is that Rob Franklin was too much for either of his two opponents to handle.

SVH: I do look forward to seeing him over the next few weeks!



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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
“The Dark Phenom” Nakita Dahaka

(The scene opens inside a boiler room... You can hear the dripping of a leaky pipe incessantly drop onto the lukewarm hard concrete floor. Numerous light sources are either burned out or they flicker eerily in some strange haunting like fashion setting the atmosphere into motion thus only giving sporatic amounts of illumination throughout the boiler room... The heat of the furnace still burns strongly in full force in the background making this room incredibly hot and unbearable... The smell of the room has almost an humid but musky moldy like smell that makes it not the most pleasant place to be...)

(Sitting down underneath one of the only few working lights in this boiling room on a stool is "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka... She sits quietly almost in a quiet like meditative like pose in some sort of silent contemplation... The sweat pours from her pores profusely but still she remains peaceful as she sits... Her manager Delilah Demonik quietly walks up to Nakita from within the shadows... She puts a hand on Nakita's shoulder as she glances up at the camera and smiles slightly into the camera...)

Delilah Demonik: "The faded hour is slowly nearing closer and closer upon us. We get closer and closer to the aptly named 'ZERO HOUR'. Its so fitting that this pay-per-view is has been given its namesake because it also marks the emminant debut of 'The Dark Phenom' Nakita Dahaka. She is where every path comes to. She is the final destination. She is fate incarnate. All paths end with her. She is THE ENDING, and all who face her will meet the same."

"You all are probably wondering what my role is. Its simple really. I am the gatekeeper and the keymaster all roled into one. I am the one who opens and closes the Dahaka Box at will. Not familer with the Dahaka Box? Very well I will enlighten you. The Dahaka Box at one time was once better known as 'The Pandora's Box' but enlight of my pupil's recent entry into the MCW, I felt it was long due for a name change. Case in point all I have to do is...

(Delilah pantomimes like she took out a key from her pocket and places it in front of Nakita like she is sticking the key in a keyhole.

...stick the key into the keyhole and turn it to the right, then at my descretion I open it up as the full force of The Dark Phenom's power and wrath is unleashed, and the best part is I have no desire to close the box once it is opened.

Everything that you've ever had MCW...

All of your dreams...

your ambitions and inhabitions...

your goals...

your desires...

your hopes...

will be taken from you in a swift beating heartbeat. That is what Nakita Dahaka will do to each and every one of you."

(Delilah pauses as she looks down at Nakita and smiles taking pride in what she is saying about her chosen pupil before continuing on with her little monologue

"Before you all think that she's just another Lindsey Troy hopping on some bandwagon of women's equality in professional wrestling, allow me to bring to you a little moment in history. Before the so-called great Lindsey Troy, and her propoganda of B**** patroling. There was one that came way before her. Her name was Nakita DuBov. That was before I found her. She was like a untamed and uncontrolled wildfire. No one could control her. She was without focus but had unspeakable and undenyable talent and power. But it was going to waste before she met me. She was like a lost soul wondering in the wilderness and then when it appeared that she was about to break she called my name out and I answered her. I came to her in her own little darkest hour. I did what needed to be done. I killed Nakita DuBov and layed her down to rest in peace and harmony. But then she rose from the dead like a phoenix from the ashes and I renamed Nakita Dahaka, the dark phenom and harbenger of fate and death."

"Why this little history lesson because I want you to know what I am capable of as well as knowing where Nakita came from. You need to know the human she used to be and the demon that you see before you under all the light. You need to understand that once I unlock and open the box I will NEVER close it and she will come to all of you. She will own your soul. Nakita is...

beyond uncanny...

beyond ungodly...

beyond natural...

beyond supernatural...

She is like a new evolution of life and I breathed life into her so when she is standing over your rotting corpses you will know that who made it possible, and her name was Delilah Demonik. We will do what no other human has ever done. Hear this MCW. You are all on borrowed time...

At Zero Hour...

(Delilah steps behind Nakita and leans down closely next to her ear closely
... Her sensual blue eyes glimmer in the light suductively. Nakita's eyes open for the first time to look directly into the camera... Nakita's firey red hair hands down over her green eyes but you can see through the wet strands as Nakita emotes a casual smile of her own as she utters the following words directed at the camera...)

Nakita: "Time's up."

Delilah: "So let it be know...

Nakita: "So it is said...

Delilah: "So it WILL come to pass...

Nakita: "And become GOSPEL."

(The scene slowly fades out.


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Insurgent vs “The Judge” Joseph Justice

SVH: Wow... I can’t believe it. Nakita Dahaka will be competing right here in Major Championship Wrestling!

CW: Yeah... you know we’ve hit the big time in professional wrestling when we have a famle competitor in our ranks. Whoopdee friggin’ doo!

SVH: You should watch yourself... some of the best wrestlers around right now are female. They have really proven to be male competitor equal over the past few years.

CW: Male equal? What? There are a handful of female wrestlers that compete in a man’s world... scratch that, there are five that are CAPABLE of competing in a man’s world. I would hardly call that equal, Simon. Equal would be if it was split right down the middle.

SVH: In the future it might just be that way due to some of the trailblazing females we have in wrestling, but that is neither here nor there. Next up we get to watch one of the semifinal matches in the MCW North American Title Tournament. This one pits the anti-Bush Insurgent against a man who calls himself “The Judge”.

CW: “The Judge” Joseph Justice might just find that his name makes him guilty by association... Insurgent is looking to destroy everybody in the name of his little Crusade against our great President.

SVH: We ARE talking about the same President, right? As in... President George W. Bush?

CW: The one and only. He’s a man of the common people. Insurgent has no right to bash him in every promo that he conducts.

(The announcing team is interrupted byGodsmack’s song “Speak”... The arena goes completely black for a split second and and a hush envelopes the crowd...)

SVH: This should be the Joseph Justice. The guy made a name for himself at this past Center Stage when he advanced to this round. He’s up against a man who really has an issue, in my opinion.

(A minute has passed and there is still no Joseph Justice... His theme music fades out and the crowd begins buzzing again...)

CW: Insurgent may have an issue, but it looks like he’s not the only one. Justice still hasn’t made his way to ringside yet. Honestly, I think he’s afraid of what he is most surely going to receive at the hands of this lunatic.

(The MCWtron comes to life and in focus is a man laying prone on the cement floor somewhere in the backstage area... There is a baseball bat laying near him... The camera moves to get a better angle and the man’s face comes into view... It’s a very bloody Joseph Justice...)

(Cue up “Imagine” by John Lennon... Insurgent makes his way through the curtains wearing full on V for Venfetta gear...)

SVH: What the hell is going on? Why is Joseph Justice laid out in the backstage area? I wonder if Insurgent had something to do with this...

CW: Of course Insurgent had something to do with this. We need security out hear right this instant! Somebody needs to have this guy arrested! Secret Service... if you are listening, we need you here at the arena.

(The crowd loves it... The State of California seems to be a big supporter of Insurgent because of his political beliefs...)

SVH: Listen to this crowd! I know some of it is because they aren’t a huge fan of Joseph Justice, but a lot of these cheers are because these people support Insurgent!

CW: Bunch’a tree huggin’ wood hippies if you ask me...

SVH: I didn’t... but I’m sure the government is listening to what you have to say. Bush loves a good wiretap if he can find the time!

(Insurgent is now in the ring and removes his mask... He has a smirk on his face but says absolutely nothing... The crowd is still into this whole scenario... After a few moments and a look of uncertainty from the referee, he finally calls for the bell to ring and start the match when nobody tells him he should do otherwise... The bell rings and the match begins...)

SVH: What a bizarre turn of events. Insurgent is just standing in the middle of the ring with that smirk on his face.

Referee: 1... 2... 3... 4... 5...

(The crowd counts along with the ref...)

All together: 6... 7... 8... 9...


The winner as a result of a countout... INSURGENT!!!!!

(The crowd erupts as Insurgent mildly plays to the crowd...)

SVH: Tonight has got off to a strange start. It looks like this was The Judge’s zero hour...

CW: You are so clever, Simon. I seriously mean what I just said. Truly, you are a comedic genius that not a single comedian can rival.

SVH: Insurgent advances and will face the winner of the Dakota Smith and Justin Sane match! We’ve got more on the way folks.

(A promotional video showing the build up for Dakota Smith and Justin Sane’s North American Title Tournament plays...)


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Dakota Smith vs Justin Sane

(Back to the broadcast team...)

SVH: The promotional video shows it all... and here we are, getting ready to watch Dakota Smith and Justin Sane, one-on-one.

CW: Yeah, with the winner getting the pleasure of stomping Insurgent for the North American Title later on tonight.

SVH: A lot of bad blood between these two bad boys. Both have completely different styles. Dakota Smith prefers to work his opponents with technical skill and resort to brawling when it gives him the advantage. Justin Sane is more of a high flyer, but won’t hesitate to pick an opponent up and suplex them in many variations of the move.

CW: You’re right on top of it. Truth be told, I am torn in this match. Dakota is such a monster in the ring, while Justin has so much skill as well... and can help me out with the ladies.

SVH: I thought you didn’t need any help with women...

CW: Um... I don’t... I was just sayin...

(“For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica plays over the MCW sound system... The lights go completely out and the fans start going crazy with boos... Two search lights make their way around the arena, appearing to be looking for a criminal of some sort... Both search lights join together and focus on the entranceway, where Dakota Smith is standing with Rico directly behind him... He slowly makes his way to the ring...)

SVH: It’s almost like Rico is the Smith family personal paparazzi.

CW: Well, when you are as important to wrestling as Dakota Smith is, you tend to have that kind of following.

SVH: Only time will tell which one of these two will continue on to the finals.

(With Dakota Smith set up and ready in the ring, “Nann” by Trick Daddy blasts over the MCW sound system... The fans react with even louder boos than they did for Dakota Smith...)

SVH: Seems that when the fans have to choose between these two, they decide that Dakota Smith is the lesser of two evils. Literally.

CW: Shut the hell up, Simon. How many times do I have to tell you that it doesn’t really matter what the fans think?

(Justin Sane appears through the curtain with his valet, Shawnna... Before they walk down the ramp he grabs her by the hair and gives her a tongue kiss...)

SVH: This is just disgusting.

CW: This is just beautiful.

(Once he makes it to the ring, Justin jumps in with a roll over the top rope... Shawnna slides through his legs and into the ring... She stands up slowly, arching her back and pushing it against Justin’s groin as he strikes his trademark pose at the same moment... Pyrotechnics explode behind him... Finally, he takes off his sunglasses, shirt, and jewelry...)

SVH: One of the most flamboyant entrances in Major Championship Wrestling.

CW: Dakota really doesn’t look all that impressed with the entrance. He looks ready to destroy Justin Sane.

SVH: Well, remember what Dakota did to Steve Marlay last week. He is not in a very good mood at all.

(The bell rings...)

SVH: The referee calls for the bell and that signals that this match is now underway. Both people sizing each other up... and Justin Sane strikes a pose for the crowd.

(Chorus of boos...)

SVH: Dakota Smith looks to strike a pose of his own, but fakes out Justin Sane and then hits him with a haymaker! Smith tackles Sane to the mat and starts beating him within an inch of his life!

(Crowd erupts into cheers...)

CW: Justin is going to have to leave all of his class and style outside of the ring for now. Dakota means business and he is not going to lay down in this fight. I really don’t know which guy that I should be cheering for.

SVH: You shouldn’t really be cheering for anybody. You’re supposed to be impartial as a member of this broadcasting team, remember?

CW: Oh yeah.

(Justin Sane manages to break free of the beat down and roll to the outside...)

SVH: It doesn’t look like Dakota is going to let Sane get too far... he’s right behind him.

(As soon as Dakota hits the outside, Justin Sane calmly slides back into the ring... When Dakota follows him, he gets stomped on for his efforts...)

CW: Justin Sane is so cool and calm. This was a calculated move if I’ve ever seen one. Dakota’s tenacity will be tested with some of the clever plans that are put together by Justin Sane.

SVH: Let’s not forget that Shawnna is around to make sure things stay in Justin’s favor.

CW: Dakota Smith has Rico around, so don’t go playing the holier-than-thou card. You know that if Shawnna gets involved that so will Rico.

SVH: I guess the only difference is that Rico is not here because Dakota wants him to be. Dakota had nothing to do with that.

(Justin continues his assault...)

SVH: Rolling splash by Sane! The crowd didn’t like that move coming from Justin Sane, but they most definitely respect it...

CW: Sane has this tendency to go all kamikaze in a match. It’s a very exciting wrestling style, in my opinion.

(Dakota looks worse for wear, but Rico is encouraging him on the outside... Sane gets Dakota up onto his feet, but Dakota swings free of him and takes him to the mat...)

SVH: Crossface! Dakota has the crossface locked in and tight!

CW: Look at this... Shawnna is so concerned that she is getting on the ring apron to lend some serious encouragement!

SVH: Give me a break!

(Dakota Smith gets up, releasing the hold, and moves over toward Shawnna’s side of the ring to confront her... She immediately drops off of the apron and holds her hands up as if to say that she has done nothing wrong... Dakota stares menacingly at her for a brief moment before turning around and catching a roundhouse kick from Justin Sane...)

SVH: Oh my! Dakota was just on the receiving end of a devastating kick!

CW: Like I said before... clever, calm, collected, and very calculating.

SVH: You forgot the word shady and the word underhanded.

CW: Neither one of those starts with the letter “C”.

(Sane runs the ropes and on the rebound baseball slides into Dakota, sending him outside the ring... The crowd gives a loud “Ooooooh”...)

SVH: Justin seems very content to play the inside versus outside game with Dakota.

CW: It’s worked like a charm so far. Why would he want to change anything about his game plan?

SVH: Good point.

(The referee has his hands full with Justin Sane in the ring... Justin is complaining about something... On the outside, Shawnna kicks at Dakota Smith before stepping away when Rico moves around the corner of the ring to confront her... Rico helps Dakota up to his feet but Dakota pushes him away and gets back into the ring...)

SVH: Once again, Justin Sane with an immediate attack on Dakota Smith. I wonder how long Dakota will take this before getting really nasty?

(Sane attempts a spinning heel kick but Dakota ducks it... On the turnaround, Dakota catches him totally off guard...)

SVH: Spinebuster! That was one hell of a spine buster!

CW: I guess you just got your answer. Dakota is starting to get nasty.

SVH: Dakota’s taking the boots to Justin Sane and the fans are really enjoying it. He doesn’t really know how to handle the fans reaction...

(A few offensive moves later, Dakota still has Justin Sane with his back on the mat... He takes Sane’s left leg and pulls hard on it a few times...)

SVH: It looks like Dakota’s trying to hyperextend the leg of Sane. He maintains control of it while Sane rolls on his back in pain.

CW: He looks like he’s going for a figure four leg lock...

SVH: ... but he just wrenches the leg and falls flat on his back to the mat. That’s an effective way to cause knee and joint damage.

(Shawnna is on the outside, slamming her hands down on the mat and screaming words of encouragement for her man...)

SVH: I wish somebody would remove her and Rico from the ringside area. I don’t think they add anything to this match.

CW: Shawnna adds a lot more warm fuzzy feelings for me...

SVH: I’m sure Rico does that for you as well.

CW: Yeah... wait!? What!?

SVH: Dakota continues his assault on Justin Sane. He has him up to his feet only to scoop him up... POWERSLAM! That one got the whole crowd on their feet!

CW: This is the first we’ve really seen either of these two tested in the ring since their MCW debut. To me, this should be the main event!

(Dakota helps Sane up once again and attempts another powerslam but it is reversed and Sane executes a beautiful hurricanrana...)

SVH: HURRICANRANA! Justin Sane with the cover...




CW: He’ll have to inflict a whole lot more damage to this ferocious man named Dakota Smith.

SVH: I think we all know what the man’s name is, Creek. Thanks for nothing.

(Sane drops a few elbows on his fallen opponent before going to the well one too many times...)

SVH: Dakota was ready for that last elbow as he moves out of the ay and tries to recover.

CW: Sane isn’t staying on the ground for long... he’s up as well.

(Both men are to their feet and headed in each other’s direction...)

SVH: Justin Sane with a nice dropkick that sends Dakota to the mat. Now Justin is down on the mat trying to mix it up with Dakota.

CW: He’s playing to Dakota’s strengths and not focusing enough time on his weaknesses.

(After a little rolling on the mat, Dakota gets the upper hand with an armbar...)

SVH: Justin Sane escapes but is quickly put down by a DDT.

CW: That was one hell of a trip for his efforts!

SVH: Dakota Smith with the cover...




CW: Dakota’s feet were on the ropes for leverage! He just cheated to get this match over with!

SVH: There is no doubt in my mind that he’s just trying to save his energy for a match with Insurgent!

CW: As much as I like Justin Sane... I love Dakota’s tactics!

Your winner by pinfall and continuing to the North American Title Finals... DAKOTA SMITH!!!!!


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Jalen Latham

(Scene opens to Jalen Latham in his makeshift office at the Staples Center... He’s looking over some papers at his desk and smiling... A man knocks on the door and walks in...)

Man: You wanted to see me?

Jalen: I’ve been going over the numbers for this Pay-Per-View, and we’ve really caught on to something here. The talent we have and the way we’re conducting business is leading us to some pretty big numbers for a startup company.

Man: I’ve been really impressed so far, sir. What are you thinking about in the future?

Jalen: I’m thinking that we can really get some momentum built if I take a more “off-screen” role and let the “on-screen” guys do their job. I’m also looking to make MCW a bigger entity than it already is.

Man: Is their anything I should be doing to help out?

Jalen: I’m getting ready to make a few phone calls... just go out there and make sure the rest of Zero Hour runs smoothly and I’ll let you know more soon.

(The man makes his exit and Jalen dials a number on the phone... The scene fades...)


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Sep 24, 2005
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North American Title Finals

(Fade in on Creek Wineberg and Simon Van Helder at the announcer’s table)

VAN HELDER: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to ZERO HOUR! Folks, in case you’re just tuning in, we’ve had an incredible night so far with our inaugural Pay-Per-View. I’m Simon Van Helder alongside Creek Wineberg, and what a match we’ve got lined up next.

WINEBERG: And for those of you who are just joining us … WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? Don’t you people realize that you’re watching the NEW standard in professional wrestling? What’s wrong with you freaks?

SVH: We’re trying to garner an audience, Creek, not drive them away with your bad attitude. Could we get talk about the match that’s about to take place for a minute? Our next bout will decide the first EVER Major Championship Wrestling North American Champion, so how’s about showing just a modicum of respect?

CW: Yeah, yeah. First NA champion, history in the making, blah blah blah.

SVH: I wish someone would just fire you already.

CW: Latham wouldn’t dare. I appeal so vastly to the female demographic.

SVH: The only thing vast about you, Creek, is your waistband.

CW: Ohhhh, ouch. Nice to see that you’re finally showing a little life, Van Helder.

SVH: What can I say? We’re about to crown our inaugural MCW North American Champion. I don’t know about you, but the fans here in attendance and myself are all on pins and needles.

CW: What is there to get excited about? Dakota Smith has been my favorite to win this thing all along, and I’m fully confidant he’ll have a resounding victory tonight. As a matter of fact, if he’d have signed his contract a few weeks earlier, it’d be Dakota Smith versus McMillan or Storms for the World Title later tonight.

SVH: What are you, Smith’s cheering section? Where are your pom-poms?

CW: I left them at your mom’s house. I must admit that I like Dakota Smith’s attitude. I like his style, his flair, his panache, whatever. But more than that, I believe he has a goal. His eyes are set on the NA strap. Sure, the Insurgent has looked good in the ring over the last couple of weeks, but he’s more interested in a televised soapbox for his political rhetoric than competing for championship gold in an MCW ring.

SVH: It’s true that the Insurgent has been very vocal in disseminating his political agenda during his time here in Major Championship Wrestling. He’s even gone so far as to say that he’s SOLELY interested in making his opinions known to the public. Nonetheless, he is a skilled mat technician and a dangerous competitor no matter which way you slice it. It would be a huge mistake to think that his interest in politics would keep him from putting that championship belt around his waist tonight in the Staples Center. Both men have already wrestled one match a piece earlier tonight, so they should be on fairly equal footing.

CW: I suppose only time will tell. Speaking of time, could we get on with it already? At the rate this is going I’ll be drawing Social Security before anybody wins that freakin’ belt.

SVH: I thought you were ALREADY collecting a welfare check for a “work-related back injury”, or something.

CW: SHHHHHHHHH! (agitated) What if the State Department’s watching?

SVH: Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take it to George Lear at ringside for the introductions.

(Cut to Lear, center of the ring with mic in hand)

LEAR: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, and it is for the EMMMM- CEEEE-DUBBAYOUUUU NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP!

(Big pop from the crowd – this is the finals, after all.)

GL: Introducing first, from Cambridge, Massachusetts … (“Imagine” by John Lennon cues up over the MCW sound system) … weighing in at TWO hundred FORTY pounds, THIS … IS … INSURRRRRRRRRRRRRRGENNNNNNNNNNNNT!

(The Insurgent appears at the top of the ramp to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He’s clad in the whole “V” getup, and makes his way straight to the ring. He largely ignores the crowd as he steps through the ropes, stripping down to his wrestling tights as Lear gets set for the next intro)

GL: And his opponent, hailing from the South Bronx and being accompanied to the ring by Rico Suave… (The house lights go down as “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica thrashes its way over the PA. The crowd immediately begins booing and jeering. Two bright spots lance out from the overhead rigging and begin to swing wildly over the crowd) … he stands SIX foot SIX inches tall, and weighs in at TWO hundred SEVENTY-FIVE pounds, he is DAAAAAAKOOOOOOTAAAAAA SSSSSMIIIIIITH!

(Smith makes his way slowly down the ramp, with Rico Suave a few steps behind. Suave is vocal with the ringside fans, hurling insults at the men and throwing winks to the ladies. Dakota, on the other hand, glares down at the ring and the waiting Insurgent)

SVH: Ladies and gentlemen, Dakota Smith has been described as a locker room cancer. There are some who believe that he, along with his father Nevada, had a hand in the closing of the popular Great Lakes Championship Wrestling promotion a few years back. They say he’s uncooperative. They say he’s hard to work with. Only time will tell if these things are true or not, but the fact remains that tonight Smith has a shot at capturing the North American title.

CW: We are crowning two champions here tonight, Simon. McMillan and Storms will meet one-on-one for the “big gold” later tonight in our main event. But no matter which of those putzes walk away with the title, neither can claim to be the FIRST champion. The standard-bearer. Whoever wins this match, however, WILL have that right.

SVH: Very true, Creek. As we all know, the first MCW world champion was Adam Benjamin …

(Wineberg, sounding a bit agitated, abruptly cuts off Simon Van Helder)

CW: Don’t you mention that name! Adam Benjamin broke my heart when he walked out on this promotion! He didn’t get his way, so he quit.

SVH: Funny, that sounds just like something YOU would do.

(Cut to Dakota Smith and Insurgent in the ring. The referee has managed to keep them in separate corners, and they seem to be waiting for something. The camera cots to the ramp as gold spots shoot down from overhead. The curtain parts, and two ring girls chock full of silicon and botox appear at the top of the ramp. Carried between them is the brand-new North American Title Belt. The crowd pops huge, though whether it is over the belt or the boobies is unclear.)

SVH: Wow! Take a look at that belt, Creek! What a fantastic looking prize for the winner of this historic match.

CW: Forget the belt, get an eyeful of them jubblies!

SVH: Those breasts contain more synthetic material than the belt itself. Could we please stay focused on the task at hand?

(The four boobies make their way to the ring, followed closely by their accompanying women and, of course, the championship strap. They make their way into the ring, hand the belt over to the referee, and give the crowd a Barbie wave’n’smile on their way out. The ref raises the belt high overhead to another big pop from those in attendance. He hands the belt out to a tech as he calls for the bell. SFX: DING DING DING!)

SVH: Here we go! It’s Insurgent versus Dakota Smith with Rico Suave at ringside! Tonight they fight for the right to be called the FIRST EVER MCW North American Champion. The bell has sounded, and this one is underway! Insurgent and Smith are circling, pacing the ring. Each man looking for an opening in their opponent’s defense …

CW: It’s a smart tactical move on Dakota’s part, feeling out the opponent. It’s probably cowardice on the part of the Insurgent. He just doesn’t want to lock up with the next … first … MCW NA champ.

SVH: I highly doubt that, Creek. Both of these men are powerfully built. Both are skilled competitors. Insurgent is an astute mat technician who doesn’t miss a trick. Dakota Smith has a martial arts background, and no small technical skill of his own. Smith has the size advantage, but I believe that this match could truly go either way.

(Wineberg scoffs at Van Helder as the two men lock up in the center of the ring)

SVH: A classic start to this match with the collar-and-elbow tie-up. Both men jockeying for position, but Smith gets the upper hand, as he pops the hips for a shoulder throw! Nice judo takedown by Dakota Smith, but the Insurgent hooks a heel and Dakota Smith quickly joins him on the mat. Both men quickly back to their feet, and OHHHH! Bad form by Dakota Smith, who just SLAPPED the masked wrestler across the mouth! (SFX: Crowd buzzing)

CW: THAT’S the attitude I was talking about. That’s what’s going to carry Dakota on to victory.

SVH: Could we please have just a little unbiased commentary from you?

CW: Hey, I resent that. I’m not biased, I love black people.

SVH: You are truly an idiot.

(Cut to the ring, where Insurgent has recovered from the nasty slap of Dakota Smith. Rico parades around at ringside, looking mighty pleased with himself. Insurgent heaves himself at Smith, spearing the hell out of him before laying in the heavy right hands)

CW: Maybe I was a bit too hasty. That spear looked like enough to force a load into Dakota’s tights, and now he’s straight up laying the SMACKDOWN on Dakota!

SVH: Please don’t plug the competition. Those hard right hands are a departure from Insurgent’s usual technical style, but you can’t blame him after that blatant show of disrespect by Dakota Smith. Smith is trying to roll away from the fists of the Insurgent, but Insurgent quickly slaps on a key lock and begins working the arm of Dakota Smith. That’s known as a Kimura lock in MMA circles, a highly effective joint lock, but LOOK AT THIS!

(Cut to ringside, where Dakota Smith is being punished by the painful hold. Rico reaches into the ring to place Smith’s foot on the ropes)

SVH: Rico with the assist, but the ref didn’t see it, and now he’s forcing Insurgent to break the hold! (Crowd boos, of course)

CW: I knew there was some reason that Dakota kept him around!

SVH: The ref backs Insurgent off, and Smith heads to the outside to regroup. Insurgent tries to follow him out, but the ref is admonishing him to keep it in the ring and the crowd doesn’t like it one bit.

(The referee begins the 10-count … ONE!)

CW: Whether the fans like it or not, it’s smart wrestling by Dakota Smith. A time honored tactic.


SVH: Smith is taking a moment to confer with Rico Suave … I’m not even sure that man should be allowed at ringside.


SVH: Dakota Smith rolls back into the ring, and here comes Insurgent to meet him! Smith fires off a right hand, blocked by Insurgent, who answers with a BLISTERING knife-edge chop! (SFX: WOOOOOOOOOO!) Front facelock by the Insurgent, who brings Dakota Smith crashing down to the mat with a crisp snap suplex! Floatover into the cover, he hooks the leg … one, two, and a kickout by Smith.

CW: There’s no sense in going for the cover now, Simon. It’s way to early to think you can put away a competitor like Dakota Smith.

SVH: A smart wrestler will go for the cover at any opportunity, as you should well know. Insurgent now, bringing Smith back to his feet … front facelock applied by Insurgent ... and now he’s got the near arm chickenwinged?!? What are we going to see here? (SFX: Crowd pops) HAMMERLOCK DDT BY THE INSURGENT! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that particular move before. Smith’s head was drilled into the mat, and the Insurgent has maintained that hammerlock! That left arm of Dakota Smith was already worked over by that key lock earlier on, and now Insurgent is bridging over the back of Smith to REALLY put some pressure behind that hold.

CW: Innovative wrestling by the Insurgent. I guess there really is more to him than just a big Al Franken complex.

(Cut to the center of the ring. Smith is face first on the mat, his arm twisted behind him in a hammerlock. Insurgent is bridged backwards over the body of Smith, wrenching the hold. Dakota reaches blindly for the ropes, but he’s a good foot-and-a-half short.)

SVH: Smith needs to escape that hold, but there’s no way he can move to the ropes from that position! He’s looking desperately for an out … and he found it! He hooked the heel of Insurgent and pulled his foot out from under him … Insurgent lost his grip on that hammerlock, and now the tables have turned! Inside cradle by Smith, the ref powerslides, ONE, TWO, and a kickout by Insurgent!

(Both men quickly make it to their feet and lock up in the center of the ring. Insurgent takes a knee and brings Smith down with a fireman’s carry takedown)

SVH: Insurgent brings Dakota Smith down to the mat, and quickly applies a short arm scissor to that left arm of Smith!

CW: You know, I suppose I’ve got to hand it to Insurgent. He’s picked his target, and so far he’s been relentless in perusing it.

SVH: Another painful submission hold applied to Dakota Smith, but … OH NO! (SFX: Crowd jeering) Smith broke that hold with a thumb to the THROAT of the Insurgent. What a dirty trick!

CW: But you can’t argue with it’s effectiveness! The second it looked like Smith might be in trouble he took things to the extreme. This is a man who will do ANYTHING to secure a win!

SVH: That’s what he claims, but the Insurgent might just have something to say about that!

CW: Insurgent is too busy having his throat crushed to say much of anything!

SVH: Insurgent is staggered from that thumb to the larynx, and here comes Smith! Hard Irish whip forces Insurgent into the ropes, Smith off the far side, and (crowd pops) SMITH TAKES A KNEE AND DRIVES HIS FIST STRAIGHT INTO THE HEART OF INSURGENT! An old-school heart punch by Smith, and I thought that move was outlawed back in the 80’s.

CW: Hey, this is MCW. We’re progressive. Besides, wasn’t the piledriver outlawed? Closed fists? Throwing a wrestler over the top rope? Times change, you crazy Dutch bastard.

SVH: Be that as it may, Smith used his Flatliner heart punch with devastating effect. He SHOULD be looking for the cover, but I guess he’s decided there are more important things to do.

(Cut to Insurgent on the mat, clutching at his chest. Dakota Smith stands over him, looking down at the Insurgent with disdain. Smith plugs one nostril with his finger and exhales hard, shooting a wad of snot at the prone figure of Insurgent)

SVH: Now that’s just reprehensible. Not to mention unsanitary.

CW: Hey, now. Weren’t you just complaining a little while ago about unbiased commentary?

SVH: Creek, this match should be one for the books. It should be a contest of skill and willpower to determine our inaugural North American champion. What Dakota Smith just did to the Insurgent wasn’t wrestling, it’s just plain mean-spiritedness. So yeah, I suppose I might be a little biased. I’d hate to see this company represented by a man like Dakota Smith, who without a doubt would use his influence as the NA champion to undermine both the staff and talent of this company.

CW: So you’d rather see the title go to a man who treats our very government with the same lack of respect?

SVH: Yes, the Insurgent has been very politically outspoken. I don’t necessarily share his views. I don’t always approve of anything he has to say. But at least he has conviction. At least he stands for something. At least he wouldn’t actively work to bring this company down!

CW: And what proof do you have that Dakota Smith would do something like that? All you’ve got to go on is locker room scuttlebutt.

SVH: I suppose you’ve got a fair point this time, oh rotund one.

(Cut to the ring. Suave is downright ecstatic, jumping up and down and cheering for Dakota, spittle flying in all directions. Smith brings Insurgent back to his feet and measures him carefully before driving a fist into the temple of Insurgent. Insurgent goes down, but to the delight of the fans quickly rebounds to his feet. SFX: Big pop)

SVH: OH MY! It looks like the Insurgent just got his second wind! Smith with another hard right, and he quickly locks in an inverted facelock! A foot to the back of the Insurgent’s knee drops Insurgent to a kneeling position, and Smith has applied that patented modified dragon sleeper!

CW: He calls that the Protraction. Isn’t that what we used to figure out angles and stuff in math class?

SVH: That would be a protractor, Mr. Dictionary. Call it a dragon sleeper, call it Protraction, you could call it Jim Bob the Wonder Hold for all I care. No matter what you call it, it’s a devastating hold that will sap a man’s will to fight very quickly, but the Insurgent is not ready to give up yet!

(Insurgent is held fast by the submission attempt. He reaches up and quickly pulls the knot on the laces of his mask. Smith takes a second to adjust his grip on Insurgent’s head. Almost like an optical illusion, Insurgent suddenly spins himself around, snatches a waistlock, and delivers a stiff bridging Northern Lights suplex to a HUGE reaction from the crowd! The referee slides in for the count, but Rico drags the ref out of the ring by his feet)

SVH: What in the WORLD just happened? Somehow Insurgent escaped that hold and countered with a vicious suplex … let’s take a look at that again …

(Cut to the instant replay. Insurgent pulls the laces on his mask. The second that Smith tries to adjust his position, Insurgent makes his move. The loosened mask allows him to spin himself around from an inverted facelock to a front facelock and deliver the Northern Lights, but now his mask is on backwards!)

SVH: That’s certainly a unique counter to that hold, but now Insurgent can’t see! Rico interrupted the count, but I don’t think Insurgent knows that. He’s holding that bridge for all he’s worth, waiting for a bell that isn’t going to ring!

CW: HAH! I knew Smith kept that Rico dude around for a reason.

SVH: Rico is supposed to be a “journalist”, but I don’t see him writing a damn thing. He may have just cost the Insurgent the NA title, however.

(Insurgent finally realizes something is amiss and releases the pin. Smith rolls slowly out of the ring as Insurgent tries desperately to turn his mask back around.)

SVH: Insurgent has finally gotten that mask back around, and NOW he sees Rico on the outside arguing with the referee! I think the Insurgent knows exactly what just happened!

CW: Run, Rico!

SVH: He’d better run! He may have just screwed the Insurgent out of the win! Insurgent to the outside, and he’s got RICO HOOKED UUUUUP … (SFX: POP!) INVERTED DOUBLE-ARM DDT! INSURGENT JUST MURDERED RICO ON THE OUTSIDE!

CW: They call that the Unprettier in the fed-that-must-not-be-named, but I don’t think Rico cares much what it’s called right now! Insurgent just made an omelette out of Rico’s brains!

(Having taken a breather on the opposite side of the ring, Dakota Smith slides back in and quietly slips over to the near side. The Insurgent is busy giving a vicious dressing-down to the unconscious carcass of Rico Suave, and doesn’t see Smith. Insurgent rolls back into the ring and rises, coming right into the waiting arms of Dakota Smith!)

SVH: Insurgent just got caught with his pants down! Smith hoists him up onto his shoulders aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd DOWNNNNNNN! OH MY GOD! SITOUT CRADLE BODYSLAM DRIVER! (SFX: Crowd “Oooooooohs”) I’ve heard that referred to as the Cradle Shock. It looks to be a modified Towerhacker bomb, and that has GOT to be the end of this match!

CW: Insurgent took his eyes off the prize, and now he’s paying the price! Dakota just delivered the Megadeth!

SVH: The ref goes quickly into the count, ONE, TWOOOOOOO, THREEEENOOOOO! NO! NO! THAT DODN’T GET IT DONE! Somehow Insurgent was able to kick out!

CW: He can’t have anything left, though! It’s like when a coma patient opens their eyes for a minute – pure reflex! The last few firings of scrambled synapses!

(Smith has a look of absolute shock on his face, along with everyone in the crowd. Insurgent is still down, lying motionless in the center of the ring. Smith stares down at Insurgent, his face going red)

SVH: Dakota Smith has got to be wondering what it’s going to take to put away the Insurgent. He’s unloaded some devastating moves, but the Insurgent is still able to kick out!

(Smith stands in the center of the ring, glaring daggers at Insurgent. He abruptly rolls out of the ring, flings up the apron, and roots around under the ring)

SVH: What is he doing now? I don’t like the looks of this one bit!

(Smith comes back up with … a BALL PEEN HAMMER and rolls back into the ring)

SVH: Oh no! OH NO! If Dakota Smith has any ounce of decency, and ounce of HUMANITY, he will NOT use that hammer!

CW: This is gonna be great!

(The referee is admonishing Dakota Smith, clearly telling him that he’ll be disqualified if he doesn’t get rid of the hemmer. Smith responds by blasting the ref with the hammer. The crowd is freaking out!)

SVH: OH MY GOD! Smith just dropped the ref like a pole axed steer, and now he’s advancing toward the prone body of the Insurgent, and you can bet he’s got EVIL intentions on his mind … (SFX: ULTRA MEGA SUPER TILT-A-WHIRL INVERTED FLAMING JAPANESE DEATH POP!!!!!) THE INSURGENT WAS PLAYING OPPOSSUM! SMITH WAS ABOUT TO STRIKE WITH THAT HAMMER, BUT INSURGENT COUNTERED WITH A DROP TOEHOLD ONTO THAT BALL PEEN HAMMER!

CW: Nobody expected that, Dutch boy! Smith is busted wide open … and would you please stop screaming now?

SVH: Sorry, but can you blame me? The level of excitement in this arena is tremendous.

CW: Yeah, now that we just saw Dakota’s chance at winning the title slip away!

SVH: Like the song says, when playing with fire you’re bound to get burned! Smith introduced that hammer into the match, and he paid for it! Blood is flowing freely from the head of Smith, and Insurgent is making it back to his feet!

(Cut to the ref, also bleeding, lying motionless in the corner of the ring)

SVH: The referee has been taken out of this matchup for the time being by a vicious hammer blow by Dakota Smith. Smith himself doesn’t look to be getting up any time soon, but the Insurgent is! Insurgent struggling back to his feet, and he’s slowly making his way over to Dakota Smith! Insurgent is battered! Insurgent is weary! Insurgent is also the only man on his feet, and that North American title is now within his grasp! He’s got Dakota by the hair, bringing him back to his vertical base … Insurgent with an Irish whip into the ropes, Smith off the far side, go-behind by Insurgent … COBRA CLUTCH! COBRA CLUTCH! Insurgent has applied to Cobra Clutch in the center of the ring, and Smith is in a WORLD of trouble now!

(SFX: Crowd is LOUD!)

CW: I hate to say it, but it looks like this is the swan song for Dakota Smith’s NA title hopes! He’s busted wide open, and it looks like Insurgent has him set up for his finishing maneuver!

SVH: He does indeed! Smith is fading under the pressure of that Cobra Clutch, and now Insurgent has snaked the leg in …. PATRIOT ACT! COBRA CLUTCH RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! Smith just came crashing to the mat! Insurgent makes the cover, but the ref is still out!

CW: HAH! There might just be hope yet!

(Insurgent breaks the cover, leaving a bloodied and motionless Dakota in the center of the ring. Insurgent crawls over to the ref and begin to prod, poke, fold, spindle, and manipulate the referee in an attempt to wake him up, but the ref just flops lifelessly. Suddenly the crowd EXPLODES as someone comes flying through the curtain and down the ramp!)

SVH: That’s … that’s … JUSTIN SANE! Justin Sane was eliminated from this tournament earlier tonight by Dakota Smith, and now he’s looking for some payback!

CW: Leave Dakota alone! Hasn’t he been through enough already?

SVH: Wait! I don’t think Justin Sane has Smith in his sights after all! He’s hit the ring, and it looks like he’s heading for the Insurgent! What the hell is going on?

(Justin Sane grabs Insurgent by the shoulder and spins him around. They stand face-to-face for a moment before sane flips Insurgent the double bird!)

SVH: Justin Sane was knocked out of the running for the NA title earlier tonight by Dakota Smith, but for some reason he seems to have Insurgent in his sights now! Irish whip by Sane, Insurgent off the far side now … springboard by Justin Sane into a FLYING NECKBREAKER! MY GOD!

(The crowd is PISSED! Lots of cheering, lots of jeering, lots of noise)

SVH: For whatever reason, Justin Sane just laid out the Insurgent! What a foul act by Justin Sane!

CW: Who cares what the reason is? Sane just saved Dakota’s bacon!

(SFX: Loud, LOUD boos from the crowd as Sane rolls Dakota Smith onto the prone body of the Insurgent. Sane rolls out of the ring just in time for a replacement referee to hit the ring. The replacement ref sees the cover and drops for the count)




SVH: DAMMIT! What a damn, dirty finish! What a way to tarnish what should have been a proud moment in the annals of MCW history! What a crock of BULL!

CW: I love it! I LOVE IT! Dakota Smith said he would win at all costs, and that’s exactly what he did!

(Cut to the center of the ring, where a bloodied and disoriented Dakota Smith is just now rising to his feet. EMT’s hit the ring to remove and care for Insurgent as Dakota Smith slumps in the corner, catching his breath. A groggy but grinning Rico enters the ring, and presents the North American title to Smith.)

SVH: Like it or not, folks, Dakota Smith is the first ever MCW North American Titleholder, and it makes me SICK.

(SFX: Feedback as Justin Sane snatches the mic from the ring announcer)

JUSTIN SANE: Hey, cut the music. I said CUT THE DAMN MUSIC! (The music fades out slowly as Rico and Dakota Smith stare down from inside the ring) Listen up, Dakota. You might have beat me tonight and knocked me out of the tournament, but you better recognize that if it wasn’t for ME, that belt would be around Cap’n America’s waist right now instead of yours.

(The crowd doesn’t like any of this one bit, and they make sure that everyone knows it. Smith and Rico talk a little trash back at Sane, but we can’t quite make it out without a mic)

JS: So seeing as how you won that belt because of ME, I think it’s only fair that you’re first title defense should be against ME. I am the new number one contender whether anybody likes it or not! I DEMAND a shot at that belt, and I expect an answer next week on Center Stage!

SVH: Or what, Sane? You gonna sic Hugh Hefner on him?

(Sane throws down the mic and saunters away from ringside. Smith and Rico both look a little shell-shocked, staring after him as he walks away. Cut to Simon Van Helder and Creek Wineberg at the announcer’s table)

SVH: Ladies and gentlemen … well, I just don’t know what to say after what we’ve witnessed here.

CW: I do! We have a new … a FIRST North American Champion!

SVH: (with a sigh and a shake of his head) We’ve got to take a short break, folks. Stay with us, we’ll be right back.

(Fade to a promotional video for the Zero Hour Main Event...)



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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Main Event for the MCW World Title:

“The Wolf” Chris McMillan vs Bryan Storms

SVH: Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has come down to this. All the hype, all the buildup, it all boils down to one match. Bryan Storms, Chris McMillan, the MCW World Heavyweight Championship. It’s been a long and exciting road to this, but finally, tonight, one of these two men will be crowned Major Championship Wrestling’s newest World Champion. Let’s waste no more time and head to George Lear in the ring for the introductions.

GL: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match will be contested for ONE FALL and will decide the NEW MCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!

Introducing first…

(The house lights drop, and small, rapid fire white pyro explodes on the stage, creating a machine-gun effect. Over the PA, you hear the sounds of marching, and orders being barked over small-arms fire. The sounds become muddled, until only a single voice can be heard)


(SFX: A wolf howling)

(CUE UP: “Dogs of War” Pink Floyd, huge crowd pop)

GL: He stands five feet, eight inches tall and weighs in at 230 pounds. Hailing from Cadillac, Michigan, he is … “THE WOLF” CHRRRRIIIIIIIISSSS MCMILLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAANNNNN!!!!!!!!

(The lights come back up with a BANG, and McMillan stands at the top of the ramp, bouncing on the balls of his feet for a second before flinging an arm in the air and HOOOOOWWWWWLING at the fans. McMillan charges the ring, mounts the turnbuckle, and talks some sh*t.)

GL: And his opponent…

(CUE UP: “Pressure Point” The Zutons, crowd pops)

GL: Standing six feet, two inches and weighing in at 230 pounds, from Orlando, Florida, he is BRYYYYAAAAAAANNNNN STOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRMMMSSSS!!!!

(Red strobe lights flash throughout the dimmed arena as Storms methodically makes his way to the ring, pausing at in front of the ring apron for a moment before sliding into the ring. He bounces on the balls of his feet, eyes locked firmly on his opponent.)

SVH: Alright, Creek, it comes down to this…HERE WE GO!

CW: Gee, dutch-boy, excited much?

SVH: It’s a pretty big moment, Creek.

CW: Not as big as if my boy Chandler was here, as he rightfully should have been.

SVH: Quit living in the past, pal, it’s time to get the main event under way!

(SFX: Bell rings)

CW: It’s on now!

SVH: Here we go with our main event at Zero Hour! McMillan and Storms are circling each other inside the ring, inching closer and closer to each other with every single step. Both men showing infinite patience, seeing who will strike first…


SVH: Step by step they come closer, neither man giving anything away. Who will be the first to bite…

CW: It’s the Wolf!

SVH: Chris McMillan absolutely EXPLODES like a freight train towards Storms, clothesline attempt…Storms ducks and McMillan has to put on the brakes or risk ramming into the ringpost. McMillan charges again, duck under by Storms who flows through with a hammerlock.

CW: Easy fellas, let’s not **yawn** expend too much energy to quickly *yawwwwwwwnnnnnnn**.

SVH: Ass.

CW: You know it.

SVH: Bryan Storms tightens that hammerlock, but McMillan counters and swiftly locks in one of his own. Storms slips an arm free…snap-mare takedown! Off the ropes comes Bryan Storms, and he tags the rising Wolf with a dropkick!

CW: Okay, finally, one of them decided to DO SOMETHING!

SVH: Off the ropes comes Storms again…straight into a drop toe hold from McMillan! He bounces off the ropes…baseball slide dropkick right to Bryan Storms’ left shoulder! Storms attempts to rise, but McMillan stops him with an axehandle to the back and he locks in a sitting armbar on the shoulder he just violently drove his boots into.

CW: McMillan indicated he would take Storms apart piece-by-piece if necessary, and it looks like the piece he’s starting with is that left shoulder. Plus, if he can damage the shoulder enough, it may take away Storms’ biggest weapon, the psycho flippy belly flop of DOOM.

SVH: I assume you mean his Red Tide Rising finisher.

CW: Call it what you want. I names ‘em how I sees ‘em.

SVH: Eloquent indeed, Creek. Storms is in a lot of pain in the early going, and McMillan has him isolated in the middle of the ring. Right now, Bryan Storms can not break this armbar!

CW: Wolfie’s a great strategist. He knows he probably won’t win the match with this hold, but he’ll inflict some damage to that shoulder socket.

SVH: McMillan wrenching back, putting more torque on that shoulder and…Storms used The Wolf’s weight against him!!! Roll-through cradle…



NO!!!!! That heady counter almost put the championship around Bryan Storms’ waist in the blink of an eye, and McMillan is STEAMING!!! He regains his focus and walks straight at Storms…straight into a left hook! Jab by McMillan, counterpunch by Storms, and AWAY THEY GO!!!!

CW: Melee, donnybrook, random brawl analogy!!!

SVH: Kicks, punches flying between these two men. Storms shoves McMillan away! Storms going for the haymaker…


SVH: NOBODY HOME!!! McMillan ducked the right hand! He slips in from behind…NECKBREAKER!!! Quick pin…



And Storms gets the shoulder up! Storms rises, and the 24 year old from Orlando catches a knee to the gut. Irish Whip by McMillan…BIG TIME CLOTHESLINE!!! Storms to his feet again…STANDING DROPKICK BY MCMILLAN!!! Up comes Storms again, and McMillan gives him a violent CHOP to the sternum!

CW: That’ll leave a mark.

SVH: Bryan Storms is staggering right now, staggering right into a boot to the abdomen from the Wolf! Front facelock applied…VERTICAL SUPLEX…NOOOOO!!!! STORMS SLIPPED OUT IN MIDAIR!!!

CW: He’s a damn hippie, but that’s some athleticism right there!

SVH: McMillan turns around…STRAIGHT INTO A SPINNING LEG LARIAT!!! Now it’s Bryan Storms on the offensive! McMillan up…DIVING FOREARM from Storms sends Chris McMillan rolling through the middle rope and to the floor!

CW: Woohoo, outside the ring! Bloodshed time!

SVH: McMillan staggering on the outside…Storms looks to take advantage … SLINGSHOT PLANCHAAAAAAANOOOOOOOO!!!! THE WOLF MOVED JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME!!!!

CW: And the hippie landed on that left shoulder AGAIN! Looks like the veteran’s strategy may be beginning to pay off.

SVH: And McMillan’s wasting no time going back to work on the outside, he rams that shoulder straight into the steel ringpost and rolls Storms into the ring to break the 10 count. Storms is beginning to clutch that left shoulder, and McMillan grabs it and applies an arm wringer! Bryan Storms is in a good deal of pain right now…BUT HE FLIPS OUT OF THE HOLD…STRAIGHT INTO A DRAGON SCREW!!!

CW: Fantastic counter right there!

SVH: McMillan tries to regain his base, but Storms is there first…and he drops his leg across McMillan’s neck! He brings him up…DDT!!! He planted him! The pin…

AND A QUICK KICKOUT!!! Plenty of fight left in Chris McMillan!

CW: You thought that would end it? Tool.

SVH: Both men back up, Storms heads on the attack again. Whip into the corner…RUNNING BACK ELBOW SMASH BY BRYAN STORMS!!!! His elbow just violently impacted the side of Chris McMillan’s skull! McMillan’s groggy…and Storms takes advantage! Hooks the arm…SNAP SUPLEX!!!! Transitioned right into a full nelson surfboard! Now it’s Bryan Storms playing the focus on a body part game, he’s putting a lot of strain of McMillan’s neck and back.

CW: Bryyyyyaaaaaaan Storms, you’re the next contestant on…

SVH: Shut up, Creek.

CW: You ruin all my fun.

SVH: I try.

CW: …

SVH: Bryan Storms has that full nelson locked in, and he’s planted his left knee on the small of McMillan’s back and is just WRENCHING backwards. McMillan is grasping ever closer to the near ropes with his left arm. He’s closer, closer, closer still…and Storms pulls back on the hold! Back to the center of the ring they go! McMillan continues to grope for the ropes to break this surfboard…Storms wrenches back AGAIN…


SVH: McMillan just used Storms’ weight against him, and Bryan Storms goes tumbling to the floor. He used the same strategy as his opponent did earlier!

CW: Can’t doubt McMillan as one of the top ring masters in this business right now.

SVH: McMillan has come out to meet Storms on the outside…KICK TO THE GUT…AND A FACEBUSTER ON THE MAT!!!! Bryan Storms’ face just collided roughly with that thin mat that only JUST covers the hard concrete floor of the Staples Center.

CW: That’s mildly painful.

CUTTO: Split-screen, slow motion replay of Storms’ face spiking off the black ringside mat.

SVH: McMillan rolls Storms back in…the cover…



THRRRRRNOOOOO!!!! We were THISCLOSE to crowning a world champion, but Bryan Storms kicks out! Right back to work goes The Wolf with a VIOLENT kick to Storms’ midsection, then a knee drop right to the small of his back.

CW: This is where Wolfie is at his best. Stalking over his opponent, attacking with absolute precision.

SVH: McMillan brings Storms up…Irish whip…duck under by Storms…SPINNING BICYCLE KICK CAUGHT STORMS ON THE REBOUND!!!! Tremendous athleticism from McMillan with that kick to the side of the neck! He brings Storms up, hooks the head…FISHERMAN’S BUSTER!!!! Bryan Storms is in big trouble right now!

CW: McMillan’s been patient, but he’s ready to put the hippie away. He is hacking away at Storms body with no remorse here tonight.

SVH: McMillan brings a groggy Storms to his feet. The Wolf signals to the capacity crowd…SUPERKICK HITS THE REFEREE!!!! STORMS ROLLED AWAY AND THE WOLF NAILED MCW’S SENIOR REFEREE!!!!!! McMillan turns around…SUPERKICK FROM STORMS!!!!!! He’s got his second wind!!!!!

CW: He’s been beaten to a pulp through a good deal of this one, how the hell did he manage to get out of the way of that kick?

SVH: Storms goes up top…he’s calling for it…EYE OF THE STORM!!!!! SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!!! He’s got this in the middle of the ring, and the referee is out!!! Bryan Storms has this match won, right here, right now, but there’s nobody to count the pin!

CW: Will somebody wake the f***ing ref up? Get him some coffee, dammit!

SVH: Bryan Storms is trying to revive the official to count this pin…

CW: Bad idea…

SVH: He is OH SO CLOSE to the World Championship, if he can just get our referee awake…

CW: I’m tellin’ ya, Dutchman, this is a bad idea…

SVH: He’s trying to shake the referee into consciousness and…

CW: He’s not paying attention to the fact that McMillan is—


CW: And he WON’T try and wake up the referee!

SVH: McMillan’s going to take advantage and inflict some more damage. He’s gone to the outside, and he’s picked up a spare steel chair at the timekeeper’s table. Bryan Storms is down face first in the ring, and McMillan is, OH NO, don’t do this, Chris!!!

CW: Yes, do it…DO IT!!!!

SVH: McMillan raises the chair high above…and slams it straight into Bryan Storms injured shoulder!!!! AND AGAIN!!!! OH NO…ONE MORE TIME!!!!

CW: That shoulder’s gotta be damn near separated right now.

SVH: Bryan Storms is screaming out in pain, and there is no one who can stop this. Look at the look on McMillan’s face, he is absolutely RELISHING this! He knows he’s just minutes away from paying of a decade’s worth of sacrifice with a world championship.

CW: Chris McMillan’s been through a lot in this business to get to this night, and, by doing what he’s done to Bryan Storms shoulder, he can’t be far away from getting to the very top.

SVH: McMillan, just waiting for Storms to get up…

CW: Still no sign of movement from our zebra buddy.

SVH: Storms to his feet finally, pulls on the top rope for support…turns around … CHAIRSHOT FROM MCMILLAN!!!! STRAIGHT INTO THE FACE OF BRYAN STORMS!!! And that looks like it’s opened up a cut on Storms forehead!

CW: I don’t think there’s much more of this he can withstand. Seriously.

SVH: McMillan may be going to end it right now. He’s ascending the turnbuckles, chair in hand. Bryan Storms is prone in the middle of the ring right now. If he’s gonna do what it looks like, that cut on Storms’ forehead may turn into the full-on crimson mask. Off the top he comes…FLIPPING ARABIAN FACEBUSTER…


CUTTO: Crowd echoing with “HOLY SH*T” chants throughout the arena.

CUTTO: Replay of Storms rolling away in the nick of time. The back of McMillan’s knee and the chair collide awkwardly and he rolls away in obvious pain.

SVH: Major gamble by McMillan does not pay off! Bryan Storms is up and favoring that shoulder, but McMillan is down!

CW: And up comes the referee!

SVH: Storms grabs McMillan’s injured left leg, steps through…into a Figure Four! He’s got it applied in the middle of the ring!

CW: With how badly McMillan may have damaged his knee on that Arabian Facebuster attempt, this has to put an end to this. We’ve got our world champ.

SVH: McMillan is SCREAMING in pain, but he is REFUSING to submit! Bryan Storms continues to wrench back on that hold, putting even MORE stress on that already butchered shoulder.

CW: These two men said leading up to this that they’d endure inhuman pain to walk out of here with the strap, and they’re living up to that billing tonight.

SVH: McMillan straining for the ropes, trying to get out of the Figure Four, but I don’t know if he’ll be able to hold out much longer. If he doesn’t break this hold or submit VERY soon, Chris McMillan may be looking at some serious knee problems down the road.

CW: Honestly, I don’t think he cares right about now. The only thing on the minds of either of these men is that pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

SVH: Both men struggling…STORMS BREAKS THE HOLD!!!! The shoulder couldn’t hold out any longer and he had to let McMillan go. McMillan rolls to the outside…

CW: Smart move. Take a breather right here, walk out some of the pain in that knee.

SVH: McMillan pacing…NO TIME FOR THAT!!!! Storms with a baseball slide dropkick right to McMillan’s jaw!!!

CUTTO: Slo-mo replay of McMillan’s neck snapping back on impact.

SVH: Storms going up top…WALKING THE TIGHTROPE…SPRINGBOARD FLIPPING NECKBREAKER!!!!!! He just laid Chris McMillan OUT on the outside!

CW: How the hell did he do that and freaking SURVIVE?

CUTTO: Split-screen replay of Storms balancing on the ropes and flipping to ringside, catching McMillan with a devastating neckbreaker.

SVH: Storms manages to pull himself up…clutches his shoulder as he rolls McMillan into the ring. The cover, this has to be it, it just has to…



THHHHRRRRRRTWOANDNINETENTHS!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! McMillan managed to kick out just before the count of three!

CW: After that move, I’m not even sure how Storms was able to make the cover, let alone McMillan being able to kick out.

SVH: Both men in obvious pain right now, Storms continuing to favor that shoulder, which is probably separated by now, McMillan is having a tough time with that knee, but both men are persevering in what has become an absolutely brutal bout tonight in downtown Los Angeles.

CW: This has exceeded any expectations.

SVH: I’ll second that, partner. McMillan tries to make a charge…drop toe hold by Storms! Still thinking quick at this point in the battle! He brings him up…kick to the gut…SIDE SADDLE POWERBOMB!!!! Swinging powerbomb from Storms, and he’s going to try and go up top!

CW: If he hits another Shooting Star, this crowd will mark out big time and we’ll have our champion.

SVH: Storms struggling to the ropes, and McMillan is beginning to stir! Storms up top…McMillan dives to the ropes and pulls them down!!! He crotched Storms on the top rope!!!

CW: Heads-up move right there, buys himself some time.

SVH: McMillan wasting none, hooks Storms up top…RELEASE NORTHERN LIGHTS FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!! He tossed Storms way across the ring!!!! Now he finishes the climb to the top…MOONSAULT!!!! He pushed off with one leg and still hit a spectacular moonsault!

CW: Could this do it?

SVH: Lateral press…





SVH: The Wolf doesn’t believe it either! He brings Storms back up…IMPLANT DDT! Hooks the leg…



THREEEENOOOOO!!!!! KICKOUT IN THE NICK OF TIME ONCE AGAIN!!!! Chris McMillan is throwing absolutely everything he has at Bryan Storms and this kid is showing absolutely UNBELIEVABLE resilience here tonight.

CW: Dammit kid, just stop this. You’re not gonna walk out of here with the title. Leave without a broken neck, at least.

SVH: McMillan is FURIOUS! He can’t believe Storms won’t stay down!

CUTTO: Close-up of McMillan, signaling to the crowd with the banned throat-slash gesture.

SFX: HUGE crowd pop.

SVH: McMillan waits for Storms to get to his feet…HOOKS IN THE KATAHAJIME…NOOOOO!!!!! INSIDE CRADLE BY STORMS!!!! HE’S GOT HIM HOOKED!!!!



THRRRRRRNOOOOO!!! OH SO CLOSE FOR BRYAN STORMS!!!!! And Chris McMillan is stunned!! He thought he’d finally put his opponent away!

CW: I can’t believe these two are doing this to each other.

SVH: McMillan charges…LARIAT from Storms with his good arm! Up comes McMillan…SPINNING HEEL KICK FROM STORMS!!!! Holy hell, Bryan Storms is back!

CW: That’s weird. We both thought he was gonna die five minutes ago.

SVH: Storms picking up energy…he hooks McMillan from behind…GERMAN SUPLEX…rolls through…AND ANOTHER…rolls through again…HOW ABOUT THREE IN A ROW!!!!!!! Trio of German suplexes from Bryan Storms, and the momentum is back in his favor!

CW: This is the best sustained offense Storms has had all night, McMillan’s been the one taking it to him, until now.

SVH: Storms has McMillan right in the middle of the ring…kick to the gut…double underhook…CHICKEN WING FACEBUSTER!!!! He planted him face first into the mat…pinning predicament…



NOT ENOUGH!!!! McMillan gets the shoulder up, but for the first time in this one, it is Bryan Storms in charge!

CUTTO: Split-screen replay of McMillan raising his shoulder just before the count of three.

SVH: Storms softens up McMillan with some forearms to the chest, and a BIG chop right to his sternum! Irish whip…McMillan rams into the far turnbuckles…rebounds…SUPERKICK FROM STORMS!!!! Planted him square in the jaw with that one!

CW: And it looks like Bryan Storms wants to put this one away!

SVH: Storms hooks in a fireman’s carry…off the ropes…RED TIDE RISING ON THE WAY…NO!!!! The shoulder gave out and Bryan Storms collapses to the mat! McMillan rolls on top of him…




CW: The Wolf may be in just as bad a state as Storms right now, but it looks like his early strategy of focusing on that shoulder has paid off.

SVH: McMillan trying to regain his advantage. They lock up…knee strike and a HARD snap suplex by McMillan! He pulls Storms to his feet…scoops him up…SHOULDERBREAKER!!!! Drops that injured shoulder right onto the bone of Chris McMillan’s kneecap!

CW: He’s softened it up all match, this might be time for him to go for the final knockout on that shoulder.

SVH: Irish Whip by McMillan…FLOWS INTO A CROSSFACE SUBMISSION!!! He’s got it locked on and he is wrenching away at Bryan Storms’ badly injured shoulder! How much of this can Bryan Storms possibly sustain?

CW: I don’t think very much at all. He’s gotta tap.

SVH: Storms is writhing with his free arm for the ropes…

CW: There’s no way he’ll make it.

SVH: Our referee asks Storms if he wants to give…

STORMS: (Barely audible) F*CK NO!!!!!

CW: Apparently not.

SVH: He is turning himself slowly towards the ropes…

CW: No way.

SVH: Almost there…

CW: No freaking way. He has to tap before his damn arm falls off.

SVH: Inches away now…AND…HE…MAKES IT TO THE ROPES!!!!!! The hold is broken, but at what cost? Chris McMillan held that crossface in for nearly four minutes before Bryan Storms finally caused a break.

CW: That shoulder’s pretty much completely useless now.

SVH: McMillan’s frustrated that didn’t end it, but he’s heading right back on the attack. He grabs Storms from behind…RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX…FIRED HIM WELL ACROSS THE RING!!!!

CW: McMillan’s exhausted at this point too, but he’s obviously got the advantage with what he did to Bryan Storms’ arm.

SVH: McMillan stalks over his fallen opponent…DROPS THE POINT OF HIS KNEE RIGHT ONTO THAT DAMAGED SHOULDER!!!! Yanks Storms up…DAMMIT NO!!!! HE JUST THREW BRYAN STORMS DIRECTLY INTO THAT STEEL RINGPOST!!!! He’s probably just broken the man’s arm! Just get this over with, Chris!

CW: I think he’s got the same idea.

SVH: He pulls Storms out from between the ropes…signals to the ROARING crowd here at Staples Center that he wants to put an end to this one…

CW: Here it comes…

SVH: Scoop up…cradles the legs…THE KILL!!!!! This is how he beat Storms on our second edition of Center Stage!!! He connected perfectly with that one! Do we have a world champion at last? He hooks the leg…




CW: The fact that he’s even moving right now is one of the more unbelievable things I’ve ever seen, so I’ve got no clue either.

SVH: Chris McMillan can’t believe this either! He’s thought he’s had the world title in the bag several times now, and Bryan Storms keeps escaping in the nick of time!

CW: Maybe it was a bad idea to make Wolfie this angry. Bryan Storms might’ve been able to leave here with just a bad shoulder. Now McMillan might not let him leave under his own power.

SVH: McMillan pulls the still downed Storms to his feet…KATAHAJIME!!!! Choke out submission applied…BUT TOO CLOSE TO THE ROPES!!! STORMS GRABS THEM AND FORCES A BREAK!!!!

CW: Still just aware enough to avoid getting killed.

SVH: Speaking of killed, McMillan’s calling for The Kill again! Storms turns around…McMillan scoops him up…STORMS SLIPS OUT!!!! He shoves McMillan off the ropes…off the rebound…Fireman’s Carry…SPRINGBOARD…RED TIDE RISING!!!!!!!! RED TIDE RISING!!!! He hit him with it! I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS!!!

CW: Damn. That’s all I can say.

SVH: Bryan Storms hit his Red Tide Rising corkscrew Death Valley Driver, and he’s crawling towards the prone McMillan! Can he make it?

CW: Nothing would shock me anymore.

SVH: Storms pulls himself closer…drapes the arm across McMillan…




(SFX: Bell rings)

(CUE UP: “Baba O’Riley” The Who. Crowd explodes in cheers for the new world champion.)


CW: That is absolutely stunning. He may be a soft, flower power little hippie, but he proved something tonight.

SVH: Hippie snark notwithstanding, Bryan Storms did prove himself a worthy champion tonight, as did Chris McMillan. What a performance from both these men to top of Major Championship Wrestling’s return to Pay Per View.

CW: What’s going on?

SVH: Our referee is hoping to present Bryan Storms with the World Championship belt, but he can’t seem to find it and…

(CUE UP: “Lose Yourself” Eminem. HUGE crowd reaction as “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin walks through the curtain to the ring, holding the MCW World Title over his shoulder. He has a microphone in hand.)

SVH: What the hell is Adam Benjamin doing here? We were told he’d quit!

CW: Whatever he’s here for, I’m happy! This place needs some attitude, and that’s what he’s going to give Bryan Storms.

SVH: Our FORMER World Champion has something to say to the new champ, let’s hear it.

BENJAMIN: Mate, when Sands opened this place back up earlier this year, I said that, because I never lost this thing, it should still be mine. For a while, I believed that to be true.

Until tonight.


BENJAMIN: This is yours now, Bryan. You earned it. Congratulations.

(Benjamin hands the title to Bryan Storms, who musters up what strength he has left to hold the title up in the air with his uninjured arm before collapsing to his knees in ecstasy.)


SVH: What a moment, folks, the torch has been passed from Adam Benjamin to our new world champion, Bryan Storms! What a night it’s been tonight at Zero Hour, we’ll see you on our next edition of Center Stage. For Creek Wineberg, I am Simon Van Helder, saying goodnight from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. We leave you with Bryan Storms, our new World Champion. Goodnight, everyone!!!



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