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"Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
Handler's Name: Jeff Kane

Email: jakanes@msn.com

AIM handle: kane 0828

Wrestler's name: Adam Benjamin

Benjamin is a stiff tech style wrestler. Strong Style Tech

brain buster
Choke slam into a back breaker
power bomb into a sit out pildriver
Running boot scrap
double stomps
knife edge chops
fierce elbows
Reverse DVD
reverse ddt
standing shooting star press
rare naked choke
thumb to the eye
standing suplex for 60 seconds
tree of woe set up and then a running boot to the face


Shinning wizard
final count down (power bomb position into a sun set flip, into a Piledriver) For better idea see Petty Williams from TNA

Adam can perform the Final countdown from either the tope rope or standing in the ring.

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