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You'd Never Guess it, but I'm Back!

King Bear

League Member
Jan 19, 2006
Buffalo, USA
hey friends,

I don't know if anybody remembers the Austrailian giant from v1.0, but that was me (Gaige Caldwell =P). Anywho, I'm following all of my new friends(Obinna, Kris, Hunchblack) and old(KVC, Lindz, Katz) to NFW-land once again, this time as a character that should be a lot of fun: David Tui. You'll learn more about him later. (Pssst...he's from Fiji)

Anywho, I handle Munson Monsoon in PRIME and TEAM, and a tag in EPW(Class Act). I'll see you guys around. Can't wait for v3.0!

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