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You screwed me, I screwed you...


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Sep 16, 2004
(Camera pans in to see Eric McRae walking down a city street, with passersby giving no recognition to the man, cars honking in the streets, with traffic backed along the side of the camera shot...McRae looks up as if surprised by the camera and begins to speak...)

You know I'm walking down the streets here in God-knows-where City in Japan, and I see something like this, and it really makes me think...(pauses to rip a poster off a glass window of a shop on the street, the camera zooms in to see an EUWC advertisement for last week's main frame)

I see the advertisement here and I read through it, "International Title Match, Sean Taylor vs. AOD, Four Way Match to Determine #1 Contender for US Title, etc." and I realize something is missing. No where on this paper is "Eric McRae vs. Stephon Kardell" listed. Once again, "All Business" is being screwed over by the EUWC higher-ups, like I said when I came back, this is a long-standing vendetta and I don't think its going to end soon. That's why I did what I did to Steve Kardigan, or whatever his name was last Main Frame. This guy has no place in the ring against me, and it wasn't even worth my time. If you ask the guys in the back, they'll tell you that "the script" called for a longer match, and I was supposed to make it look close, but I couldn't do that. This guy sucked. Period. And I don't have the time to deal with that bull****.

So I used the old Donny Collins-special, two feet on the ropes for a good ole' victory.

Hey Donny, by the way, I told ya' you screwed with the wrong guy. You know the old saying goes "Don't Mess with Texas" but for you, you may want to play it safe and don't mess with the Texas boy either. So now we are even...you screwed me, and I've screwed you.

You know if you listen to the previews for this week's Main Frame you'll hear that I screwed you out of jealousy...but that ain't it bucko. What do you have that I should be jealous of. Nothing that I can see, you ride around on the coattails of your much more talented brother. You pretend to be part of the "Team" but you know you don't deserve a part. But yet...you look good in print, 'cause your last name is Collins, so the EUWC management team gives you billing. Here's the thing Collins, you don't deserve that print because you didn't earn it.

I have earned it, I should be a star here but I'm not, and I'm sure you'll have some sort of limey-BS to throw my way about that but screw it. I'm a realist, and I know that to be a star here I'm gonna have to earn it, I'm gonna have to continue beating the Stephon Kardell's of the world until I get a challenge. And until I get a challenge I'm just going to keep beating these no-names without breaking a sweat, because I'm just...that....good.

(He breaks into a wicked smile, looks at the poster in his hand, crinkles it into a ball and then throws it at a small Japanese person walking by, who falls down in shock, then yells "Boo!" directly in the person's face, he then makes an abrupt turn into a bar as the camera fades to black.)
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