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World Wide Wrestlecide 11.03.11


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Jul 26, 2011
The Revolution Has Begun!
With the new comes the old…

Things have changed…

The time has come to make a difference…

ACW.COM & Partners Present!​
[FONT=&quot]LIVE FROM Traeger Park, Alice Springs, Australia[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]​
[FONT=&quot]Taping Date: Monday October 31, 2011/Airdate Thursday November 3, 2011 [/FONT]​

Unlike the glitz and glamour associated with COURAGE, World Wide Wrestlcide opened with much more modest beginnings; a simple rock beat, a smaller arena, and the cameras locked upon our beautiful (but knowledgeable) Play By Play Announcer Mandy Devore. In her excited fashion she opened with a, “WELCOME TO WORLD WIDE WRESTLECIDE!” Before running down the evenings card and stating her joy for now being apart of ACW.

She then was interrupted by her veteran Color Commentator that wrestled in the Australian promotion: GALAXY from 2002-2005 when relocated to the country. He interrupted his much younger co-host and said, “Lets not forget the real reason these people are watching this is, “The Great” Donny Akamine..” Before going on a short tirade about how he used to rule Australia during his wrestling days.
The excited crowd continued to cheer as Mandy announced that after the short commercial break they would return with a piece on the veteran, “Hollow Point” Ryan Sully who competes in the main event for the ACW Gateway Championship.

How a Legend Makes Himself
After the break we return showing a man with olive skin sitting in a room with a black backdrop. We only see from his midsection up. He begins by stating, “When (Ryan) Sully came to Greece in 1995 he was very raw, but was extremely eager to learn…” The man talking is one of 4 protégés of the Legendary Mark Theophilus ; Athan Dukas (Known to wrestling fans as Athan Alexander). He continued, “…Yet, he took to the art of Catch wrestling and the Pankration. He was one of the best students I’ve ever worked with.”

Soon after we cut to an Asian looking man; Korean for those in the know, he also sits in the same setting, but has a much taller frame. As he speaks in his native tongue subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen, “Ryan Sully did a great deal for my career, I can thank nobody other than him for my success in Korea. He is the best technician I have ever been around or have saw on tape. Learning from him and being his protégé has been the most rewarding part of my career.” This man is, “The Amazing” Chin Ho who is currently wrestling in South Korea, who spent nearly every day learning from Sully when he was in South Korea.

The next man we saw was, the Swiss Anderson Blok. Who has only a few less years in the sport than Sully, “I wrestled Sully in France, Sweden, England, Switzerland, and Germany. In our thirteen singles matches I was only able to defeat him twice. His technical ability was remarkable, it was difficult to wrestle move for move with him.” He stated with a thick accent, Anderson is no slouch he has won a number of championships throughout Europe and is a hero in his home country.

“I can definitely say he is the most intelligent and most talented grappler I’ve ever been in the ring against. He trained with the best teachers Europe had to offer during his little over four years of living there, it really paid off.” Next we see, “Hollow Point” himself sitting in the chair. A modest look sat on his face before he began to speak; as usual during his appearances he was dressed with a collared shirt.

“I came to the ACW to prove that I could still compete at a high level. There is nobody on the roster that I can’t beat, there’s nobody on the roster I fear, and there’s nobody that can stop me if I am at the top of my game. I welcome all the challenges that will be presented me.”

[FONT=&quot]Tag Team Match[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]​
[FONT=&quot]Beasts of Prey (Wolf & Serpentine) v. Kenny Nguyen & Jake Taylor[/FONT]​
[FONT=&quot]Referee: Leon Hurst[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]​
Once we returned to the arena the local Australian prospects of Kenny Nguyen and Jake Taylor were already in the ring. Nguyen only nineteen years old is already a two year active competitor while Taylor himself is twenty one and has three years of active wrestling. The fans of Australian wrestling in the area were aware of the pretty decent matches the two have had against each other in the past year.
Then their night got a lot worse…

The Beasts of Prey music blasted through the arena and all four members of the newly discovered unit descended from the back to boos from the crowd. Mandy added, “Yeah, these guys deserve this reaction after what they did to Hank Wright!” Akamine responded, “They made a statement and that’s what you have to do in this business.”

Led by Isurus..Wolf and Serpentine entered the ring with Bull leading up the back of the group. Isurus stood at ringside glaring in towards Kenny and Jake as Bull stood beside him. Before Leon Hurst could ask for the bell, Wolf and Serpentine jumped the two youngsters with a barrage of strikes.

Nguyen didn’t know what hit him as the bell rung after being on the receiving end of an onslaught from Wolf. Serpentine dropped Taylor on the back of his head with a vicious Fisherman Buster that rendered him spread eagle and earned groans from the crowd. Hurst ordered him out of the ring, which he surprisingly obliged.
Wolf pulled Nguyen to his feet, violently whipped him into the ropes…


Wolf measured Nguyen who got to his feet on shaky legs, he turned right into the waiting Wolf…


Taylor had rolled to the outside by this point so was of no help to his partner. Nguyen dropped to the mat kicking his legs. Those kicks became slower until he was rendered motionless on the mat. Hurst quickly made the count.




Wolf and Serpentine made their debut in fine fashion dismantling their young opponents. Isurus and Bull entered the ring and starred at the downed Nguyen before ordering his followers to remove him, which they did by grabbing him and tossing him over the top rope. Mandy said, “We have to cut to a commercial break and after Isurus the leader of the Beasts of Prey will make his debut against Carrachio Salfuego.”

Winners: Beasts of Prey

[FONT=&quot]Singles Match[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]​
[FONT=&quot]Referee: Slim J[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]​
After the break Isurus still stood in the ring awaiting his opponent. Salfuego came out to some cheers from the crowd and interacted with the crowd on either side of the ramp, he seemed to not be intimidated by the Beasts of Prey surrounding the ring, he slid into the ring and quickly whipped off his yellow sleeveless jacket while looking over at his opponent. Slim J asked for the bell to begin the match.
They went to lock up, but Isurus gave him a sharp Toe Kick to his abdomen. Isurus quickly picked up and Bodyslammed down his smaller opponent. Instead of a normal follow up he dropped to his knees and began choking Salfuego. He released the illegal grip at four before getting into Slim J’s face allowing Salfuego to try and regroup.
Salfuego was up to a knee as Isurus finally turned his attention back to him, Isurus pulled him back to his feet and Toe Kicked him in the abdomen once more doubling him over. Isurus ran into the ropes…


No..Salfuego was able to dodge it Isurus turned around to take a Step Up Enzuigiri which echoed through the arena and dropped him straight to the mat on his face. Akamine responded with a, “DAMN!” after the impact. Salfuego made his way to the apron (opposing the side where the Beasts of Prey were stationed). He waited for Isurus to get back to his feet.

Springboard Missile Dropkick

Isurus was sent crashing back down to his back, Salfuego went for the lateral press.



Isurus kicked out with authority as the crowd quickly started showing favor towards the Spanish youngster. Salfuego looked a little frustrated as he pulled his bigger opponent to his feet, he attempted an Irish Whip…


But that didn’t stop Salfuego he countered with a Handspring Back Elbow that caused Isurus to stumble backwards, falling into the middle rope. Isurus was able to quickly gather himself, but Salfuego still stood one step ahead and knocked him down with a Dropkick. Salfuego pumped his arms to get the crowd excited as he waited for Isurus to stand.
As he did, Salfuego attempted to charge the leader of the Beasts of Prey, unknown to Slim J…Bull grabbed Salfuego’s leg causing him to stumble straight into a charging Falling Clothesline from Isurus that took Salfuego’s head off. The crowd booed, as Isurus collected himself. He pulled up the downed Salfuego and hooked him up…

Depths of Despair

Isurus hooked Salfuego’s outside leg to get the three count. The other three members of the Beasts of Prey entered the ring and stood maniacally in the ring as the crowd booed them. Salfuego showed that he was game, but the numbers were just too much to overcome. The show then cut to another commercial break.

Winner: Isurus

Courage Rundown
Mandy and Danny then spent a few minutes running down the latest events of the past few weeks, everything from the death of SilverHawk, to Beasts Of Prey attacking Hank Wright on Courage, to the Spike Saunders and Tyson XL ACW Championship match, to the mysterious vignettes that have been playing as of late.
After around five minutes Mandy said, “We’re off to our last commercial break before our main event of Ryan Sully against Dude in Mask for the ACW Gateway Championship.”

[FONT=&quot]Main Event: Gateway Championship Match[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]​
[FONT=&quot]Dude In Mask(C) v. Ryan Sully[/FONT]​
[FONT=&quot]Referee: Evan Anders[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]​
“Hollow Point” Ryan Sully came out with his black robe on and received cheers from the crowd. Coming off of his impressive debut victory against Fight Man on courage he was riding some momentum. He slapped the hands of a few fans as he made his methodical approach to the ring. His face looked as if he was calculating every movement he was going to make in the ring.

After Sully was announced and had taken off his robe, Dude in Mask emerged from the back to his music the ACW Gateway Championship around his waist. He was his usual energetic self as made his way to the ring. Once inside he gave the belt to Referee Evan Anders who presented it to Ryan Sully and then the crowd before calling for the bell.

Sully once again walked to the middle of the ring and presented a handshake for Dude in Mask, who quickly accepted to applause from the crowd. They quickly locked up in a Collar and Elbow, Sully transitioned into a quick Arm Wringer, he brought DIM to his knees with his foot to the back of his knee while he cranked on the hold with his powerful grip.

Sully quickly transitions into a Single Arm Bar Elbow lock, a Pankration locking technique. DIM is in obvious pain as Sully keeps wrenching on the elbow, he begins to scurry towards the ropes after nearly thirty seconds. Upon seeing DIM nearing the ropes, Sully pulled him back to his feet and locked him in a Standing Cravate, “Amazing wrestling from Ryan Sully…” Mandy admired as the match continued.

DIM would show the fight that made him an ACW Champion, he fought back to a standing position. Sully continued to wrench the Cravate until DIM was able to drape himself over the ropes to force a break. Sully immediately obliged as the two started off again, DIM showing the effects of the attack in his neck and elbow.

Sully darted in on DIM as they circled each other, but DIM caught him with a Forearm to his jaw and followed it up with two solid Knife Edge Chops and a Toe Kick that backed Sully into the ropes. After a second Toe Kick, DIM whipped Sully across the ring…


Sully attempted his Greek Lariat, but DIM ducked underneath. DIM stopped on a dime as Sully was slow to turn around…

Sweet-Ass Dropkicks

Two well placed Dropkicks both knocked Sully to the mat. As Sully was getting up, DIM fired off into the ropes and nailed him with a Flying Forearm to his forehead. Instead of making the pinfall DIM looked around and the crowd knew what was coming….

Sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Wwwhaaaatttttttttttttt?!?!

DIM screamed out to the crowd as Hollow Point struggled to his feet. He was being sized up by DIM, as Sully turned around…

Dude, That Hurt!


Sully ducked underneath the Running Pump Kick, Sully immediately grabbed him from behind and hoisted him up for a High Angle Back Suplex, dropping DIM down hard. Sully immediately hooked the outside leg.



DIM was able to keep the match alive and kick out, but Sully wasn’t deterred he immediately locked DIM in a Buffalo Sleeper, working on the right elbow again. DIM again struggled to pull his way towards the ropes as Sully had a firm grip on his arm, after nearly twenty seconds Sully again transitioned into a Standing Arm Bar.
After ten or more seconds DIM made it to his feet, Sully immediately picked him up and Body Slammed him down. Sully bounced off the far ropes and went for a Jumping Elbow Drop that DIM was able to roll out of the way. DIM again measured Sully as he got to his feet…

Dude, That Hurt!

This time DIM nailed Sully directly in the face and immediately feel on him for a lateral press.



Sully kicked out again, DIM was calling to in the match. He pulled Sully to his feet he set him up for the Dude, That Hurt a Lot..Sully reversed out of it with an impressive counter.



DIM was able to slide out of the Reverse DDT, DIM charged Sully right into a Drop Toe Hold..


Sully quickly wrapped up DIM’s right arm and then locked in the torture crab on the left leg in the center of the ring. DIM screamed out, not wanting his title reign to in, but the excruciating pain was just too much and after ten seconds he submitted.

Sully immediately let him go and then was presented with the Gateway Championship by Evan Anders ending the reign of Dude in Mask in a very competitive match between the two. After the match Sully helped DIM to his feet and shook his hand once more.

Winner: Ryan Sully (New ACW Gateway Champion)

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