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WNW: 'Phenomenal' Frankie Scott v. Mac Forrest

Yori Yakamo jr

League Member
Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
IT'S ALIVE!!!!! (sort of)

BIFF: I'm Biff Bentley here with Mac Forrest of the Sheffield Wednesday Lot...

MAC: Nate's here too.

BIFF: In body at least.

MAC: And Juen's here in spirit. But he had to bugger off to South Korea for more luge training.

BIFF: Actual luge training, or luge training where he shows up at WNW and brains your opponent with an ice sled, training.

MAC: I don't much care for the tone of your jib there.

BIFF: Well, anyway, first off, how is Nate doing?

MAC: Well, he's doing better, I think. He was definitey moaning and groaning more this week, but that might just be on account of the awful cheating bastards of Ipswich Town sullying the debut of our Fair Wednesday's 2007 season. I'm sure he'll be back to his old gregarious self in no time.

BIFF: We can only hope. Now, as to your match this week with 'Phenomenal' Frankie Scott.

MAC: What a bunch of bologna. Scott probably thinks we wronged him last week. It's not like that at all.

BIFF: You did jump him in the back after he offered you good luck.

MAC: Well, I was about to offer him a fair bargain for staying his debut for a week on account of Juen and his but of a headache.

BIFF: Which he got after you brained him with a beer bottle.

MAC: We don't need the editorializing, Biffy. As I was saying. We were ABOUT to give him a fair offer, but you know how Juen is, he's like a little squirrel that one. You get him the headlights and he just gets all agressive.

BIFF: I think you mean deer. And they freeze. Squirrels attacked when cornered.

MAC: Well whatever little furry sod you want to use in this metaphor here I am trying to construct is fine. The point is, Biffy, no harm no foul.

BIFF: Well, Mr. Scott did have to be treated by medics afterwards.

MAC: Okay, so there was a MINIMAL amount of harm. Barely a scratch. There is no need to get all in a twist about it. I was just going to mind my own business, but a member of the Lot never backs down from a row. Ain't that right, Nate.

NATE: ....

MAC: Hmm, not even a mrrrrrgh. Things must be getting worse.


(Frankie Scott, still bandaged up from last week, stands in front of a MBE banner giving a usual video promo.)

"You know, I'm not in the mood for the usual sweet as sugar promo where I am going to "butter" up the crowd and get them on my side and then tell you, Mac Forrest, that I am going to beat you from pillar to post in our match."

"It's true. I did come over to wish you the best in our tag match. In hopes that there would be something special to show the fans. But, instead I get slugged with a metal chair for my troubles."

"You and Juen were going to offer me a way out, huh? Well, Mac. I'm not going to be so cordial. I'm not offering you a way out at all. I want you to show up ready for this match. You keep thinking that I am some kind of pushover and you will be the one riding around in that Radio Flyer for awhile."

"When I am done with you, Mac. If you would be so kind to let Juen know that I'll be looking to corner and then cage his squirrly butt. Then, when 'm through there. I'll bring the toast and jam for Nate."

Fade Out...

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