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Wisconsin Dells Riptide 06


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: as a human pyramid of waterskiiers is pulled by a jetski across the water at the Water World. The person at the top holds a flag with the GLCW logo as the crowd cheers them from the grandstand. CUT-TO: the announce table.)

TONY ROSS: "The upcoming match will put the team of Dakota Smith and Jean Rabesque against Michael Manson and 'Gentleman' Johnathan Marx."

RICK WISEMAN: "Two men who loathe the other two, and vice versa. Ever since Nevada Smith turned up in GLCW with his son, they have been relentless in pursuing Michael Manson, in particular.'

JAKE SHADES: "I guess Dakota has a death wish. Or maybe Nevada just hates his son that much!"

RW: And on top of this, you have Jean Rabesque and Johnathan Marx, two of GLCWs finest technical wrestlers."

JS: "Yeah, and Marx has been trying to be a gentleman about letting Rabesque know he can never be as good a wrestler as Marx, because he just SUCKS too much!"

TR: "And I'm sure Rabesque would take that remark up with you, personally, Jake. If he cared about your existence."

JS: "Don't mix my status up with yours, Ross."

(CUT-TO: the ring. CUE-UP: "Mechanical Animals" by Marilyn Manson. Michael Manson and Jonathan Marx come out to a load of heat, taking their time as they get into the ring.)

MATT FALEY: "The following TAG TEAM contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, coming to the ring at a combined weight of

(CUE-UP: "Shape of Things" by The Jeff Healy Band. The crowd pops before anyone even come out.)

MF: "And their opponents, entering at a combined weight of 530lbs., The team of DAKOTA SMITH AND JEAN RABESQUE!!"

(Rabesque and Dakota Smith emerge from the back and head down to the ring, accompanied by Nevada Smith.)

TR: "Looks like Nevada is telling Jean last minute strategy, but Dakota Smith doesn't seem to be listening as he gets in the ring and is immediately met with a double team by Manson and Marx. Both men pick up Smith and whip him to the ropes....but Smith comes back with a double Clothesline! Manson is up quickly and ducks another Clothesline from Smith, then starts wailing away at him, cornering him with the help of Marx, who joins in quickly. But Rabesque rushes the ring and he's after Manson right away, pulling him off Dakota and getting in some opening shots. Manson pulls him down to the mat
and starts pounding Rabesque as this one has started off with a BANG!"

RW: "This one will not be easy for referee Al Marinaro."

TR: "Not in the slightest, with these two teams and the built up tension between them. Manson has kicked Rabesque out of the ring, and he follows to hunt Rabesque down as Marx and Dakota Smith will start off in the ring. Marx takes Dakota's arm and pulls him into a knee, then Back Drops Dakota to the mat and immediately lays in a couple hard stomps that Dakota shakes off as he gets back up. The two lock up and Marx gets behind Dakota, but Smith elbows him off to put some distance....and then catches Marx in a Side Slam as he come forward. Dakota keeps on Marx, getting him up and laying big
fists to the face, before whipping him to the opposite corner. Marx hits it back-first but SHOOTS out! Smith reacted well though, and hits a Spinebuster! Cover! ONE! TWO, and that's all as Marx kicks out."

JS: "Meanwhile Manson is pummeling Rabesque!"

RW: "Not quite, as Rabesque just reversed Manson into the barricade."

TR: "Rabesque then lays a knee into Manson, and elbows him over the back. Rabesque leaves it at that as he heads toward his corner...but Manson comes from behind and Clotheslines Rabesque in the back of the neck! Rabesque is down right by us, and they're at it again!"

RW: "Marx is not faring as well, with Dakota Smith keeping him in the corner and working him over with boots."

TR: "Manson drops Rabesque on the barricade! I think he sees Marx not doing so well, and he goes into the ring and grabs Dakota Smith, sending him head-first into the turnbuckle! The referee is admonishing Manson, but he just goes back to his corner and Marx scrambles over to make the tag, allowing Manson in."

JS: "Beautiful work by Manson!"

TR: "Manson enters the match officially, and he goes right after Smith with a knee to the small of the back as Dakota was getting back up. Manson takes hold of the ropes and uses them for leverage as he drives a boot into the back of Dakota Smith, and the referee forces a break after a four count. Manson turns Dakota around in the corner and takes him by the head, looking to run him into the next corner head-first, but no! Dakota stops it from happening as he elbows Manson in the stomach, halting him. Now another elbow...and another, and Dakota Smith breaks free! He nails Manson with a series of punches, then a whip and lifts Manson up in a Military Press! Look at the strength displayed by Dakota!"

RW: "He's every bit the powerful force of his father."

JS: "Come on Manson, stop this young stiff!"

TR: "Manson manages to rake the eyes of Dakota and slips out of the press! He lands in a crouch and immediately CLIPS Dakota's knee! Smith falls to a knee and Manson comes off the ropes with a knee to the face! And now Manson is taunting Jean Rabesque, who has been on the apron reaching for a tag to Dakota."

JS: "HAHA! Look at Manson, holding out Dakota's hand to Rabesque, just out of reach!"

RW: "I'm sure Rabesque is aching to get into the ring with Manson, and make him regret his earlier actions."

TR: "I'm sure he's more than ready to go at it, but Manson won't allow it as he now hammers on Dakota with rabbit punches to the head. He drags Dakota towards his corner and then makes another tag to Johnathan Marx, who comes in and begins stomping Dakota on the back repeatedly. Marx now with a Surfboard Stretch on Dakota Smith, but Dakota is struggling to resist the hold!"

RW: "Not the best hold to use, although it's obvious Marx is targetting the back. He might lose too much in strength here."

TR: "Dakota is trying to gain the strength to break this hold, as the fans are getting behind him here! Dakota is pulling his arms forward...just a bit more...but Manson comes in and nails Dakota in the ribs with a well-placed kick, allowing Marx to regain control over the stretch. Rabesque is in the ring! He comes over and hits a Diving Elbow on Manson, sending him tumbling out of the ring! Marx looks over just in time to see Rabesque come in before he Clotheslines the 'gentleman' down!"

RW: "Rabesque had seen enough of the running in of Manson, and the taunting to boot."

JS: "What a puss! He should know his place and stay on the apron!"

TR: "Oh, and what about Manson? Rabesque is back in his corner as Marx and Smith are down, and Manson is just getting up from the floor. Dakota is crawling back to his corner, and it looks like he's going to get to Rabesque!"

RW: "Marx is trying to get to his corner, but Manson is not there yet, and...wait a minute!"

TR: "Manson has come into the ring and he dives at Dakota as he reaches to make a tag to Rabesque! Dakota....CAN'T make the tag! Manson stopped it with an elbow drop, then quickly drags Dakota by the leg to the center of the ring, but the referee is pushing Manson back! Marx is up and he rushes over to Dakota Smith, and it looks like he's applying a Boston Crab, forcing the referee to turn back to the match as Manson returns to his corner. Rabesque looks frustrated and Manson just smiles at him!"

JS: "Rabesque should know who's the smarter team here, even if he won't admit who is the better wrestling team!"

TR: "Rabesque calls out encouragement to Dakota Smith as Marx has that hold applied, and Dakota will not give in here as the referee asks him if he wants to quit. Dakota is crawling to the ropes...slowly...Manson is entering the ring, and Rabesque is immediately in! Manson goes back onto the apron though, and the referee sees Rabesque in the ring and starts yelling at him! What is this? Oh no!"

RW: "A clever ploy, apparently..."


TR: "Manson is back in and behind the referee's back he's stomping on the back of Dakota Smith, as Marx keeps the Boston Crab locked in! The fans are letting these two hear it as the referee orders Rabesque back onto the apron, but he SHOOTS out of his corner and TACKLES MANSON!! They're at it again and Rabesque is laying in shot after shot to Michael Manson! Johnathan Marx releases the hold on Smith and he's on Rabesque now with a clip to the leg...and then a Belly-to-Back Suplex on Rabesque! Manson and Marx double team Rabesque..."

JS: "Yes! Get him! Get him!"

TR: "Double Atomic Drop on Rabesque by Manson and Marx! Wait, Dakota is up! He's going right after Marx and Manson...double Clothesline! Manson gets up again and Smith floors him with a forearm! Marx is up and Smith whips him and...HITS a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam into a cover...ONE! TWO! THR-- NO! Manson breaks it up and promptly hits a Swinging Neckbreaker on Smith! Rabesque is up again and he Dropkicks Manson into the corner...then follows up with some hard Shoulder Thrusts to the abdomen, and then bringing Manson out of the corner with a Double-Underhook Suplex! What a string of maneuvers by Jean Rabesque!"

RW: "I think these four men have forgotten...this isn't a Tornado match!"

TR: "No it isn't, but the referee is certainly having some trouble keeping order here. Marx and Smith are just starting to recover, and Rabesque retreats to his corner as Dakota looks for a tag....and Manson AGAIN is getting up, along with Marx, and they go for Smith! They nail him....but he MADE the tag! Rabesque comes in and hits a hard forearm smash to Marx! Manson takes a Back Elbow and a Clothesline, sending him out of the ring! Marx comes back in with a rear waistlock, but Rabesque goes behind, only to be elbowed by Marx! He does a go-behind on Rabesque, and tries for a German
Suplex! No! Rabesque blocks it, tying up the leg of Marx, and he drops down with a Jawbreaker on Johnathan Marx! Marx goes staggering back and Rabesque pulls his legs out from under him, Marx hitting the mat on his back and Rabesque starts wrenching the leg!"

RW: "And now we have the two technicians going at it."

JS: "There's only one technician, and that's the old-school King, Johnathan Marx!"

TR: "Rabesque lifts Marx's leg and SMASHes it down on the mat! And AGAIN! Marx manages to kick Rabesque off with his other leg, but Rabesque relentlessly charges back as Marx stands...Marx dodges Rabesque, who hits the ropes and Marx hits a stiff kick to the stomach and grabs him by the head...Facebuster by Marx! He plants Rabesque face-first into the canvas, and now is putting a front facelock on Jean, who squirms around on the mat, looking to make some space, but finding nothing as Marx tightens the facelock."

RW: "Even a simple move such as this can have its effect, when done
properly, and Johnathan Marx prides himself on knowing his wrestling."

TR: "He does, but so does Rabesque, who is fighting his way to a knee...and after a couple shots to the midsection of Marx, both men are standing, although Marx still has the facelock in place...no Rabesque shoves him off! Rabesque quick to the punch as he lays a few forearms to the face of Marx, then sends him to the ropes with a whip and on the return....Marx traps him in a Sleeper submission! Rabesque can't seem to fight his way out...wait a minute...he gets Marx up and drops him with a Belly-to-Back Suplex! Both men are down, taking heaving breaths as the crowd lets their admiration be

RW: "And due credit is in store for these two. Not surprisingly, this wrestling contest has toned the pace, and the wildness, of the match down. Manson and Dakota Smith are waiting in their corners."

JS: "I've seen enough of this garbage, let's get back to the brawling and, with luck, bloodletting of Smith and Rabesque!"

RW: "If it bores you, feel free to take a nap and be silent."

JS: "You know, I might just do that!"

TR: "Marx is rolling over to Rabesque, and drapes an arm over him for a cover, ONE! TWO! And Rabesque kicks out at two."

RW: "Rabesque had time to recover there, before Marx even went for a pin."

TR: "Marx and Rabesque are both getting up...Marx is up first and he lands a chop (Crowd: WHOO!) to Rabesque, who answers back with one of his own! (crowd: WHOO!) Marx then comes back (Crowd: WHOO!) and hits a third (Crowd: WHOO!), but Rabesque hits two of his own (Crowd: WHOO! WHOO!) and staggers Marx back with a forearm! Rabesque then hooks Marx and hits a Vertical Suplex. Marx is up and comes at Rabesque, but Jean hits a nice Hip Toss that may haev surprised Marx, who again gets up and looks for a Clothesline now...but Rabesque ducks under and turns Marx's move into a Flipping Armbar! And suddenly Marx finds himself on the mat, his arm being strained in any
way possible by Jean Rabesque, who pulls back on it after a great counter."

JS: "NO MORE! GET HIM OUT! The fans are falling asleep!"

RW: "On the contrary, they seem pretty supportive of Rabesque, and Marx is in some trouble."

TR: "Marx looks for the ropes but Rabesque uses that Armbar to pull Marx towards mid-ring. Marx goes to the head of Rabesque with his free arm though, hitting a few closed fists and Rabesque tightens the Armbar in response, causing Marx to cringe, and Rabesque then Scissors the Armbar."

RW: "Rabesque did something real smart there. Dropping down with the Armbar puts him out of reach of Marx's punches, while keeping the same amount of pressure on."

JS: "BLAH BLAH BLAH! Marx is still making his way to the ropes, so there!"

TR: "If you're going to act like a child...oh forget it. Marx IS making a slow shift towards the ropes, and his leg looks right near them...but Rabesque now releases the hold and opts to pick up Marx and wrench the arm! He's trying to dislocate it, the way he's pulling on that arm!"

RW: "Not a bad aim, really. Take an arm away, and Marx becomes that much less dangerous."

TR: "Rabesque now goes for the Flipping Armbar again...but Marx turns it into a Small Package! ONE! TWO! NO! Rabesque kicks out far before three, and Marx shakes his arm in pain."

RW: "I don't think he got a real secure pin on Rabesque there. That arm must be a bit worn and Marx might not be able to do such pins now."

TR: "Rabesque keeps on Marx, landing a couple kicks to the stomach and then lifting him onto his shoulder...looks like he wants a SHoulder Breaker on Marx, but the 'gentleman' slips out and grabs Rabesque by the head....Reverse DDT! Marx hit that move from left field, and Rabesque is dazed as he got dropped right on the back of his head!"

RW: "A timely counterattack by Marx, but he still needs to make a tag."

TR: "Both these guys look like they could do with a tag, but it's Marx who gets it! And now Michael Manson enters the ring, eyeing Jean Rabesque with a devious look."

JS: "Now THIS is going to be something GREAT!"

TR: "Manson and Marx zero in on Rabesque, picking him up and assaulting him with punches and kicks. Dakota Smith wants in but the referee demands he stays back, but in the meantime Rabesque takes a Backbreaker from Manson and Marx comes from the TOP ROPE with an Elbow Drop to the head of Rabesque, knocking him down to the mat with force! Rabesque could be out, and Manson goes to take advantage with a pin! The referee drops into position! ONE! TWO! THREE, NO! Not quite! Dakota Smith came in and broke up the pin as the last second passed! Manson looks none too pleased, and Marx goes after Smith in a hurry, attacking him with fists! Dakota battles back though and
these two are slugging it out! Dakota is gaining the advantage and KNOCKS Marx down! Marx back up and Dakota tries for a Shoulder Charge, but Marx dodges and Smith hits the opposite ropes, then comes back with a head of steam...and dual Clotheslines land both men on the mat!"

RW: "Meanwhile Manson looks like he's got something in store for

TR: "Manson is stalking Rabesque, who is groggily regaining a vertical base, after taking that impacting double team maneuver by Manson and Marx. Rabesque slowly gets up and turns into Manson, who lands a kick and...."


RW: "NO IT ISN'T! Rabesque counters!"

TR: "And shoves Manson off into the ropes, then gets Manson in a school boy on the return! ONE! TWO! TH-- NO Manson manages to kick out, and Rabesque looks SAVAGE as he attacks Manson on the mat, laying in another frenzy of forearms and fists, but Manson SPITS in Rabesque's face! Manson just spit blood into the face of Rabesque, blinding him it appears!"

RW: "Manson got busted open by Rabesque, but in the process turned it into a weapon! Unbelievable...and a very crude display."

TR: "Manson has no respect for Rabesque, and that's abundantly clear as he just SLAPPED Rabesque across the face, while Rabesque was clearing his eyes."

JS: "Rabesque will never get that out. Manson's blood must be like
venom...or something semi-lethal...."

RW: "I'd almost consider agreeing with you, but....no."

TR: "Manson slaps Rabesque again! And Rabesque comes back with a stiff chop! (Crowd: WHOO!) Manson looks highly displeased by that, and knees Rabesque, possibly a bit low, but the referee isn't calling it as he was watching Dakota Smith and Marx, who are getting up as well. Manson has a doubled-over Rabesque in hand after that low knee, and he's got him set up for a Piledriver! Manson goes for it but Rabesque refuses to go up, and Back Body Drops Manson OUT OF THE RING!"

RW: "What an impact Manson just made on the floor right in front of us! You could hear that through the whole arena."

JS: "GAH! What's going on?!"

TR: "Rabesque comes out of the ring and he wastes no time in attacking Manson, stomping him back onto the floor as Manson tried to get back up. Rabesque hoists Manson up and WHIPS him into the apron! Rabesque then lands a series of blows to Manson's head and whips him into our announce table! Watch out guys, they're right here...."

RW: "Front row seats for us, though I'm not sure I want to be THIS close to the action."

JS: "You'll have a front row seat to Manson's dominance of Rabesque!"

TR: "Jean looks in control now as Manson staggers back near the barricade. Rabesque isn't going to give him time to do anything, though, as he CHARGES MANSON....WAIT! Manson....Manson just pulled Jake Shades in front of him, and Rabesque PLOWED INTO SHADES!! I can't believe it!"

RW: "That was a nasty collision, too....I wonder if Rabesque is alright."

TR: "I wonder about both of these guys! Neither one is moving, but Manson gets up and looks at the mess he made. The fans are giving Manson HELL about what he just did. And look at this! Manson just pulled a steel plate out from under Shades' shirt! You gotta be kidding me! This was all planned and Shades took one for the team! I can't believe even Manson would go to such a low as to use Shades!!"

RW: "I have no pity for Shades then. EMTs are coming out to look at these two. I mean, Rabesque is out to lunch."

TR: "He's not moved since the collision, nor has Jake Shades, and in the ring Dakota Smith has seen what's going on, and he's shouting at Manson now. Manson is saying something to Smith...but wait! Marx comes in from behind and....GERMAN SUPLEX by Marx! He nailed that release German Suplex, putting Smith in a stupor of his own. Marx goes over to Smith and he's looking for the Marxism! Smith is fighting against him, and he doesn't let Marx get the hold locked in before he tosses Marx off of him. Marx gets Smith in another
rear waistlock, but Smith swings around and hits Marx with a sharp elbow, causing Marx to let go. Smith then grabs Marx in a Cradle and quickly delivers a Cradle Suplex!"

RW: "It looks like Smith is favoring his back though, which is a result of the focus Marx and Manson have put on that back."

TR: "Both these guys are up again, refusing to give the other a moment's advantage. They circle and then lock up, Marx tries to go behind again but Smith POUNDS him with a forearm, sending Marx down to the mat. Smith gets Marx up and lands some hard shots, then whips Marx and hits a Flapjack! Marx comes down on his chest, and looks to have the wind knocked out of him!"

RW: "And Manson has just knocked over some of the EMTs, who were looking at Rabesque, who still isn't moving! Manson is picking up Rabesque and where is he taking him?"

TR: "I have no idea, Rick....Manson looks like he's taking Rabesque to...the ring."

RW: "Rabesque may be the legal man, but...he's incapacitated! Manson should leave him and let that be it!"

TR: "Well Manson has gotten Rabesque onto the apron, as Dakota Smith just dropped Johnathan Marx onto the turnbuckle! Marx staggers around right into the arms of Smith, who lifts him up...Fallaway Slam! Smith is getting back up and spots Manson who...OH NO!"

RW: "Manson would be crazy....I can't believe he's even THINKING of...."


RW: "Rabesque could ALREADY be seriously injured, and if Manson did

TR: "He's got Rabesque setup for it! I can't believe this is....WAIT! Dakota Smith turned and saw Manson, and he charges him and breaks Manson's grip on Rabesque! Thank goodness!"

RW: "Manson is one sick individual, and no matter how low you think he'll go, he always seems to be ready to stoop to even worse depths...."

TR: "Manson was ready to PIledrive Rabesque, and do who knows what kind of damage, but luckily Dakota Smith was there to stop it. Manson is getting up from the apron as Smith waits for him, and now Smith Charges Manson! OH! Manson drops down again and pulls the top rope with him, causing Smith to fly out of the ring and land on the floor!"

RW: "And Manson is left the only one standing...."

TR: "Not quite, Rick! Jean Rabesque is beginning to stir...but Manson, like a vulture, is quick on to him, and smashes his head on the apron! Manson looks down at Smith and he then looks back at Rabesque....oh no, not again!"

RW: "He still wants to Piledrive Rabesque!"

TR: "Manson has Rabesque setup again! But Rabesque won't let him! Rabesque Back Body Drops Manson off the apron to the floor!!"

RW: "The fans are going WILD, and Rabesque just saved himself serious
injury, whether he realizes it this moment or not."

TR: "Rabesque and Jake Shades, who is being taken backstage by EMTs,
collided earlier in the match, and it almost allowed Michael Manson to score some serious damage to Rabesque. But it looks like Jean is alright....NO! NO! Johnathan Marx comes from behind and knocks Rabesque off the apron! Rabesque SLAMS into the announce table head-first!"

RW: "That was hardly an act of a gentleman. Marx was going for the cheap shot ALL THE WAY there!"

TR: "He got it, and look at him gloating over it to the fans, who are booing Marx with a passion!"

RW: "He deserves every bit of it."

TR: "Marx goes outside the ring, and the referee is telling him to bring it back to the ring."

RW: "Bring what? Pardon the cliche, but this is like a train wreck, Tony."

TR: "I can't argue that, as this match has been an absolute war between these two teams. Dakota Smith and Manson are getting up, and Marx goes for Smith immediately. Smith is fighting him off, but Manson comes in and we have a two-on-one now! But Dakota Smith CONTINUES to battle back! Smith is whipped by Marx...but he reverses it and sends Marx into the barricade! Manson attacks...but Smith lifts him up and drops him onto the announce table!"

RW: "But again, Dakota Smith is favoring his back, which Manson and Marx have weakened throughout this match."

TR: "Smith doesn't let it stop him from picking up Manson from the announce table...and RAMMING him head-first into the steel post! Manson is bleeding more heavily from the mouth, as he lays on the floor...HERE COMES MARX! NO! POWER SLAM BY DAKOTA! Amazing!"

RW: "Marx hustled up and came at Dakota, expecting to get the jump on him, but Dakota grabbed him and swung him around and onto the floor for the big-time move."

TR: "Rabesque is stirring around here somewhere, and he's slowly making it up to his feet, as is Manson. Manson quickly dives into the ring, surveying the odds, but Smith follows in right after him. Manson gets to his feet, but Dakota is right on him with a Shoulder Block that knocks Manson back down. Smith runs across the ropes and hops over Manson, who rolls over and then KIPS UP! Smith looks taken off-guard as he comes in, and Manson HITS A MANSON DRIVER! Where did THAT come from?"

RW: "I don't know, Tony! Manson first kipped up, to the shock of Smith, and then lifted him up and planted him down in the 'Driver right in front of him on the mat!"

TR: "Michael Manson is still pulling out surprises, but Rabesque comes in now and he's attacking Manson with a new fervor! Manson and Rabesque are going toe-to-toe exchanging blows...but Rabesque is losing this battle, as Manson backs him up to the ropes and whips Rabesque...Rabesque comes back with a Running Forearm but Manson ducks! Rabesque turns and Manson grabs his leg...Rabesque with the Inziguri! Manson ducks again and Rabesque falls flat to the mat! Manson looks for the Tourniquet! He's GOT the Tourniquet on Jean Rabesque! But Jean quickly finds the ropes, and a fortunate break
for himself as the referee forces Manson off."

RW: "That was the last thing Jean needed right now, after that collision."

TR: "Marx comes in again and all four men are up and brawling again! This match degenerated through the course of itself, and Al Marinaro is trying his best to establish some kind of order, but it seems hopeless as Manson and Rabesque, and Marx and Smith go at it with one another!"

RW: "I think the only reason Al's let it go this far, in such disarray, is
because these four have such a dislike for one another, and it's showing so
clear right now."

TR: "Manson whips Rabesque, but a reversal!"

RW: "Marx whips Dakota!"

TR: "Manson off the ropes...."

RW: "Dakota hitting the opposite ropes...."

TR: "Rabesque with a knee! No Manson evades around!"

RW: "Dakota runs under a Marx Clotheline!"


RW: "ANOTHER collision!"

TR: "Manson and Dakota didn't see each other as they were paying attention to their respective opponents at the time, and their heads collided! Both men are down, and Marx quickly goes after Rabesque, catching him with a Flying Forearm and then a Side Belly-to-Belly Suplex!"

RW: "Both men are stirring on the mat....and Dakota, now, is getting up."

TR: "He might be in Disneyland right now, though, and Marx is watching with great satisfaction as he waits....."

RW: "Not a good time for Dakota to be out of it..."

TR: "Smith stumbles around to face Marx....GOURDBUSTER BY MARX!!
GOURDBUSTER!! Marx hits it perfectly and makes a COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE! Marx pulls out the win!"

RW: "But Tony....wasn't Rabesque the LEGAL man?"

TR: "I....I'm not sure. Was he? Yes...yes, he might have been...."

RW: "I don't think Rabesque tagged out after that collision with Shades, and I know he was the legal man at that time."

TR: "You're right, Rick, and I think Nevada Smith is taking that up with Al Marinaro right this instant, as he is in the ring and shouting his head off!"

RW: "Rabesque is up and giving Marinaro some of the same....but this match was a total disaster zone. It was not easy to keep up with."

TR: "That's the referee's job, though, and it appears he might have let this one...hey! It's GOLDEN HAWK!"

RW: "What's he coming down to the ring for?"

TR: "Golden Hawk has come down to the ring.....and he's going after
Johnathan Marx, who just exited the ring a moment before! Marx is greeted with an ASSAULT by Golden Hawk, who's getting him a good piece of the 'Gentleman!'"

RW: "This must be a result of all the talking that's been brewing in prelude to this match. Hawk certainly had some words for Marx and Manson."

TR: "Speaking of whom, Manson is out of the ring and going after Hawk as well! Golden Hawk has taken up a two-on-one brawl with Johnathan Marx and Michael Manson, and the big man IS HOLDING HIS OWN against the two!"

RW: "He's battling them all the way to the back, it looks like! But in the ring, Rabesque and Nevada Smith are still fuming at Al, and with good reason."

TR: "An off-the-wall match here at Riptide, but we aren't done yet! We've still got Title action on the way, folks, as "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan and Maelsrom put their GLCW Titles on the line...NEXT!"

(Rabesque, Nevada and Dakota Smith -- absolutely incessed -- continue to argue with the referee in the ring, as we cut to a commercial for NFWs Road to the Ultratitle: Week 2 on ESEN! Including: "The Wolf" Chris McMillan vs. Joey Melton! 'Gentleman' Johnathan Marx vs. Donald J. Havok! Jayson Payne vs. 'Apocalypse' Gabriel Poe! Cameron Cruise vs. 'Showtime' Shawn Matthews! Michael Manson vs. 'Phenom' Shawn Hart! Jean Rabesque vs. Steel Viper! King Krusher vs. 'English Gentleman' Lawrence Stanley! AND MORE!!)

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