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Wisconsin Dells Riptide 05


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: Back to the ringside setup, where Ross, Wiseman, and Shades sit back at the announce table.)

TONY ROSS: "As this exciting night of outdoor GLCW action continues, we have TITLE action heading our way next! The GLCW Tag Team Titles, which were stunningly vacated by the Unholy Alliance last Riptide, are only a short time away from being claimed by another of GLCWs fine tag teams!"

JAKE SHADES: "Yeah, yeah, keep shilling, Ross. You know that Kraven and Flatliner would have SQUASHED any of these teams. They were bored...."

RICK WISEMAN: "And I keep telling you, Jake, you don't have to continue to brown nose it...."

JS: "Can it, Wiseman, before I toss you into the water!"

TR: "Giving credit where credit is due, the Unholy Alliance were undefeated Tag Team Champions here."

RW: "Yes, and who knows if we'll see that again. But there are still other hungry teams out there waiting to get their hands on the titles, and either the Dogs of War or The Movement will achieve that pinnacle here, tonight."

JS: "I can tell you right now, NOBODY will match the dominance of the Unholy Alliance!"

TR: "Let's take it to the ring, and find out who will be crowned NEW Tag Team Champions!"

(CUT-TO: the ring, where MATT FALEY stands for the introductions.)

MATT FALEY: "The following match is scheduled for ONE fall, and the winners will be awarded the vacant GLCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!!"

(CUE-UP: "Dogs of War" by Pink Floyd.)

MF: "Introducing first, from Cadillac, Michigan, entering at a combined weight of 423 pounds...Jason Payne and "The Wolf" Chris McMillan, DOGS OF WAR!!"

(Payne and McMillan make their way down to the ring, receiving a mixed reaction from the crowd.)

TR: "Jason Payne and Chris McMillan look confident as they enter the ring, and who can blame them?"

RW: "They've earned their way to the number one contender's spot for these titles, and if the Unholy Alliance hadn't retired, we'd be seeing them face the Dogs of War."

(Once in the ring, Payne and McMillan talk to one another, waiting for their opponents. CUE-UP: “Theme to Quake II” by Rob Zombie.)

MF: "And their opponents, weighing in at a combined 549 pounds! Accompanied to the ring by Britni, they are Rocky Wellington and Shane Rockwell....THE MOVEMENT!!"

(The Movement come down to the ring quickly, with Britni trailing them, sliding in and getting nose-to-nose with Payne and McMillan, causing the crowd to begin getting worked up.)

TR: "The Movement looks all set for this one as well, immediately getting right up to the Dogs of War, but the referee separates the two teams quickly, getting them into their respective corners."

JS: "Why bother? Let them at it! I want to see a beatdown!"

RW: "The crowd is ready, these two teams are ready, and I think everybody watching is ready to see new Tag Team Champions in GLCW tonight!"

TR: "The bell rings, and when it does again, we should have new Tag Team Champions! It's going to be Rocky Wellington and Jason Payne starting things off, and here's the tieup! The two struggle for leverage, and it looks like Rocky is getting an edge, but Payne suddenly shoves him down to the mat! Payne then follows it up with a knee to the head of Wellington as he's getting up, then begins an assault with boots to the back. Rocky manages to battle through and get to his feet, nearly gets taken down by a Clothesline, but ducks under and backs Payne into a corner. Wellington throws punches at Payne, but Payne sneaks a knee in and TACKLES down Rocky Wellington. Payne swinging at Wellington, but now its Rocky on top and he's
taking hacks at Jason Payne! Now Chris McMillan comes in and he knocks Rocky Wellington off of Jason Payne before the referee can stop him!"

JS: "Great move!"

RW: "Emotions are running high, and so far it's been a slugfest."

TR: "Yes, but Jason Payne is up and now taking it to Rocky Wellington with a Belly-to-Back Suplex! Payne has gotten some semblance of control here, as he waits for Rocky Wellington to rise up and then LEVELS him with a huge Clothesline! WOW!"

RW: "And Rocky Wellington is no small fry, either. That must have had a lot of mustard on it."

JS: "It's a warzone in there, and the Dogs of War are the best suited for that type of action! Just look at The Movement, they were probably too busy trying to get some action with Britni to prepare for this match!"

RW: "I think The Movement is plenty prepared for this match."

TR: "With the titles at stake, I think so. Payne has the advantage though, laying some hard hits to Rocky Wellington in the corner, knees and elbows...and now a whip to the opposite corner, followed in with a Running Forearm but no! Rocky hits a boot to the face of Payne, and Jason staggers back! Rocky Wellington comes running out and Jason Payne CATCHES him in a Power Slam! Payne with the cover....ONE! TWO! NO! Rocky Wellington kicks out, and gets some punches to the head for his effort."

RW: "Despite the kickout, that was a heads-up move by Jason Payne. He has some real power."

TR: "Payne gets Wellington up and Body Slams him down near the Dogs of War's corner, before tagging in "The Wolf." Payne is holding Rocky Wellington down as McMillan comes over the ropes with a Splash! Nice tag maneuver there, and Payne taunts Shane Rockwell, who in turn enters the ring but is stopped by the referee!"

JS: "Thanks Shane! Free shot on Rocky!"

TR: "Payne gets Wellington up and holds him, when he SHOULD be out of the ring already! McMillan has time to go back up to the top, and he dives off for a Missile Dropkick and...NO! Rocky Wellington went low on Payne, and McMillan hits him with the Missile Dropkick as Rocky dove out of the way! Payne falls into the referee on his way down, allowing Shane Rockwell to go after McMillan in a fury!"

JS: "DQ! DQ! Rocky Wellington should be disqualified!"

RW: "The referee didn't see it, did he?"

TR: "I don't believe so, and this match has nearly broken down, as Rockwell nailed some solid shots on Chris McMillan before Clotheslining him over the top rope, and then turning to Jason Payne and BODY PRESSING then dropping him to the mat!"

JS: "He isn't the legal man! DQ him! The Dogs of War should have the belts by now!"

TR: "He is not the legal man, which is why the referee is now demanding Shane get back into his corner. Shane is complying...but Chris McMIllan has gotten back into the ring and attacks Shane Rockwell from behind! He knocks Rockwell through the ropes and onto the apron, as the referee now berates "The Wolf." McMillan jaws back at the ref but look out! Here comes Rocky Wellington, grabbing McMillan from behind and McMIllan takes a swing behind him, but misses as Rocky releases him and ducks, then lifts him up and hits
an Inverted Atomic Drop followed up with a Clothesline!"

RW: "The crowd is getting behind Rocky Wellington and now Shane Rockwell looks like he wants in badly!"

JS: "Don't worry Shane, you'll get your turn to be beaten senseless!"

TR: "Doesn't look like Rocky Wellington is faring so badly right now, as he picks Payne up and runs him right into the turnbuckles! And now some FIERCE Shoulder Thrusts to Payne, who is trying to catch a breath and keeps having the air knocked out of him. Rocky Wellington goes for a whip, but it's reversed by Payne who short-arms it and pulls Wellington back in for a Clothesline, but no go as Rocky evades it and hits the ropes, a hot tag being made by Shane Rockwell, and Rocky Wellingotn on the return....misses Payne and gets caught from behind...PAYNE KILLER!!"

JS: "YES! What a move!! If we're going to have new Tag Team Champs, at least let's see it be the Dogs of War. They're the second greatest tag team in GLCW history!"

RW: "I wonder if he knows...."

TR: "Payne is going for a cover, he doesn't realize the hot tag was made, and the referee is informing him of just that. Payne looks irate! And he turns to find Shane Rockwell, who lands a Big Boot to the face of Payne, knocking him down! Shane Rockwell goes right after Payne, hoisting him up and landing CHOPS (Crowd: WHOO!) before picking him up and hitting a Body Slam. Rocky Wellington is recovering and he rolls out onto the apron as Jason Payne gets RIGHT back up and begins slugging it out with Shane Rockwell....."

RW: "Looks like Payne might have found his match, though."

TR: "Shane Rockwell is pushing Payne back blow-by-blow, overwhelming him, but a knee to the stomach by Payne stops Rockwell! No! Rockwell blocks a follow up punch of Payne's and clubs Payne over the back! Payne is bent over and Rockwell goes off the ropes and hits a kick right to the face of Jason Payne! Payne is down and Rockwell drops an elbow to the sternum of Payne before making a pin attempt! ONE! TWO and...NO! Payne kicks out before three, as Shane Rockwell has brought him down and brought control to the side of the Movement here...."

JS: "McMillan get in there! They need a fresh guy in there!"

TR: "They need a tag for that, Jake, or have you forgotten this isn't GLCW Free For All? Shane Rockwell gets Payne up and clubs him over the back a couple more times with those meathooks, then sets Payne up for a Piledriver! He's struggling to get Payne up, as Payne resists with a kick of his legs...OH but Rockwell clubs him down again! Now Payne looks ready to Rockwell...Shane sets him up again...he's got Payne up with a struggle, and opts to PANCAKE Payne down onto the mat!"

RW: "He seemed to still be meeting resistance from Payne, and Payne does have a big frame, so Shane went for the quick drop on Payne. A very effective move."

JS: "Ah that's nothing! Wait until he feels the Payne Killer like Rocky over there did!"

TR: "Shane Rockwell whips Payne into the ropes and this time he hits a Flapjack on Payne, who went up and came crashing back down! Rockwell then rolls over Payne and hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! TH-- NO HE DIDN'T get him! Rockwell couldn't keep Payne down, and now he brings Payne up and over to the corner of The Movement, making a tag to Rocky Wellington."

RW: "The crowd really wanted that one to do it, but Jason Payne wants the Tag Titles more."

JS: "Yeah, and Chris McMillan was already halfway over to them anyway. No way Rockwell was getting that pin."

TR: "Yes, but McMillan got back into his corner afterward, and now it's Rocky Wellington working over Jason Payne. Rocky has a headlock on Payne, but Payne is trying to struggle out of it. Wellington strengthens the grip on the Headlock, but Payne still manages to throw him into the ropes, and both men collide on the return with dual Shoulder Blocks, and NEITHER of them budge! Rocky Wellington comes off the ropes again and he gets caught with a front kick by Payne, who then looks for a Powerbomb on Wellington! He's got him up and it looks like he wants a Crucifix Powerbomb! But NO Rocky slides off Payne's back and now he reapplies the Headlock....and Bulldogs Jason Payne down to the mat!"

RW: "Payne might have ended the match with that one, but not quite as Rocky slipped out of peril."

TR: "Britni is cheering Rocky Wellington on, and he goes back to work on Payne, picking him up and whipping him into the corner, following up with a Splash! Wellington keeps Payne in the corner, as he lifts Payne up to the top rope! Looks like he wants something big here, and maybe big enough to end the match!"

JS: "Fight him off, Payne! Come on!"

TR: "Rocky Wellington climbs up to the second rope and hooks Payne, but Payne hits him in the ribs with a couple fists, and Rocky is going to find a struggle is in store for him!"

JS: "KNOCK him DOWN!!"

TR: "Now Wellington lays a few shots into Payne....but Payne won't give in, and he hits a Headbutt on Wellington!"

RW: "Rocky Wellington is in dangerous waters now....it looks like he's dazed after that shot."

TR: "I don't think he anticipated that from Payne, who looks like he's setting himself for something....HOLY COW WHAT A MOVE!!"

JS: "Payne did it! This Rocky is making NO comebacks!"

TR: "Jason Payne grabbed Rocky Wellington and hit a HUGE SPINEBUSTER! Wellington is down in the center of the ring, and Payne is trying to catch his breath...."

RW: "If Payne could get an arm over Wellington...."

TR: "Wait a minute! Chris McMIllan just came into the ring and dragged Payne over Rocky Wellington! The referee is shouting at "The Wolf," but McMillan gets back into his corner quickly and tells the ref to do his job! I can't believe this!"

RW: "That was....blatant."

JS: "Oh SHUT UP! The referee has a job to do, and "The Wolf" correctly pointed out that he is NOT doing it right now! MAKE THE COUNT!!"

TR: "The referee reluctantly turns back to Payne and Wellington, and Could we have new Tag Team Champions right here? The referee drops down for the count! ONE! TWO! THREE! NO WAIT! Rocky Wellington kicked out! He JUST barely got the shoulder up, and I mean JUST BARELY!"

RW: "He only managed to get it a couple inches, but that counts and it was just in the nick of time."

JS: "That was too close to call! The referee probably BLEW that! AND if he had been paying attention sooner, and started the count when Payne initially covered Rockwell, this match would be OVER!"

RW: "First of all...Payne was covering Rocky WELLINGTON, NOT Shane Rockwell. And second, When Payne 'initially covered' him, it was not even under his own power!"

JS: "Oh please, stop trying to cover up for the referee's blunder!"

RW: "Yeah, right...."

TR: "Jason Payne is livid, and he grabs Wellington's head and begins
HAMMERING it with punches, then starts CHOKING Wellington! Jason Payne has SNAPPED! The referee is making a count, and Jason Payne stops at the count of four, then hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! THR-- NO! Shane Rockwell came in and broke up the count!"


RW: "...turnabout is fair play."

TR: "Shane Rockwell returns to his corner and Payne starts arguing with the ref, telling him to DQ Rockwell, but the referee isn't going to do it!"

JS: "He should! Then again, why would he? He hasn't done anything else right in this match!"

TR: "I think you're being a bit harsh. Payne gets his last few words in before anrgily picking up Rocky Wellington, and it looks like he's going to try for the Payne Killer again! But Rocky is struggling against it and hits a Jawbreaker on Payne! Wellington breaks free of the Full Nelson hold and dives toward his corner and Shane Rockwell....MAKES THE TAG! Payne is all over Wellington a second too late, and he turns his attention to Shane Rockwell but gets caught in a two-handed choke and tosses into the corner! Rockwell goes to work on Payne and Chris McMillan comes into the ring, rushing Rockwell from behind! Rockwell turns and finds himself in a two-on-one....and STILL Shane Rockwell manages to battle back! He's unconscious here as he sends the Dogs of War staggering back, and McMillan goes down from a hard punch! Payne with a whip but he gets a Shoulder Block
from Rockwell, sending HIM down! Now the Dogs of War get up and find
themselves against the ropes....and Rockwell comes in with a double
Clothesline that sends both men to the outside!"

RW: "This is the surge that The Movement needed....but it'll take a little more to finish off the Dogs of War."

JS: "A little more that they don't have! These guys are on empty. Rockwell had a rush, but that's gone now for sure!"

TR: "Rocky Wellington has gone to the outside to battle Jason Payne, but Payne reverses a whip and Wellington SMASHES into the steps with some big-time impact! The Dogs of War are on either side of the ring now, and they both come in to attack Shane Rockwell! But Rockwell sidesteps out of the way just in time, causing McMillan and Payne to collide before they can stop themselves! The crowd is cheering madly for The Movement as Shane Rockwell grabs Jason Payne and looks to capitalize....and he....HITS the Final Approach!"

JS: "Oh crap...."

RW: "That is one ENORMOUS move. An airplane spin into a Death Valley
Driver! That might just do it...."

TR: "We're about to find out as Shane Rockwell covers Jason Payne and hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! THREE! The Movement has done it!"

RW: "McMillan still isn't moving. i think he took the worst of that
collision. But Shane Rockwell made sure Jason Payne took enough not to kickout. Congratulations to The Movement!"

JS: "DAMN IT ALL!! Where are Kraven and Flatliner!!"


TR: "Shane Rockwell and Rocky Wellington, in what was truly a TEAM effort, have managed to topple the Dogs of War and win the GLCW Tag Team Titles!"

RW: "I think they certainly can say they earned those titles."

JS: "WHOA! Britni is jumping up and down so much, she almost fell out of her top! WOO HOO! Maybe The Movement as Champions isn't a TOTAL travesty!"

TR: "All three members of The Movement celebrate in the ring, and yes Britni is giving quite a show for the fans, herself as she is ecstatic for her team! I am liking this and....WAIT JUST A MINUTE! It's Major Impact coming into the ring and attacking The Movement!"

RW: "The General bringing up the rear....this is outrageous! Shane and Rocky just finished a hard-fought match for the titles, and now Major Impact is swooping in and attacking what has to be an exhausted Movement!"

JS: "The General knows EXACTLY when the right time is to strike, and he's caught The Movement COMPLETELY off guard! What perfect strategy! This is the team that should be at the top!"

TR: "Rocky Wellington and Shane Rockwell are trying to fight back, but they've got to be spent and Major Impact is pummeling them in the
corners....NO! Major Impact just hit dual Spinebusters on The Movement, ROCKING them to the mat! They are out of it! Britni looks terrified and...oh come on! Look at the General...chasing her out of the ring, and it looked like he might have wanted to let his team attack her, too!"

RW: "I think they've got something to say, too...."

JS: "That's right, so SHUT that useless flap of yours! Let the General do the talking...."

(The General snatches a mic from a ring attendant, and gets back into the ring, standing with Major Impact over The Movement.)

The General: "This was only the FIRST shot of many that you boys are gonna be taking from us, unless you listen up and listen good. Now those are real nice Tag Team Titles you've got, but there's just one problem. You see...they're OURS! Property of Major Impact!! So you can either give us our match to take those titles, proper-like....or you can keep getting laid out! The choice is yours, boys. I suggest you make the right one."

(The General drops the mic on the mat next to The Movement, as Major Impact stand over them and pose to a large amount of heat from the crowd. After talking down to Rocky and Shane, Major Impact leave the ring along with The General, allowing Britni to get back in and check on her team.)

TR: "I can't believe Major Impact! That was certainly uncalled for."

RW: "The audacity of those three to come out here and attack the new
Champions, right after they won those Tag Team Titles...just despicable."

JS: "Why don't you two just get with the program! Major Impact wanted to do just that...make an impact on the new Champions, and they did EXACTLY that! I think The General is a genius! He laid the challenge out, and now those sissies can either put up or shut up, and hand those Tag Titles over to the REAL GLCW Tag Team Champions, Major Impact."

TR: "I highly doubt The Movement are going down without a fight, Shades! They earned the belts tonight and I have to think they'll be ready to get back in the ring and defend those titles."

RW: "And after this, Major Impact might want to watch their backs a little closer. I wouldn't be surprised if Shane Rockwell and Rocky Wellington have payback on their minds, now."

TR: "The end result, though, is that Major Impact has laid down a challenge to the NEW GLCW Tag Team Champions, The Movement! After this break, we will return with plenty more GLCW action!"

(CUT-TO: a commercial for Fantasy Wrestling Illustrated, located at:

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