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Wilson vs. Easter


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Jan 1, 2000
Raton, NM
(Fade in: "Lady Lightning" Lori Wilson is sitting in front of a television set, watching highlights from the last Revolution. She comes to the part at which her former tag team partner "The Blonde Bomber" Jennifer Rowe is revealed as the newest member of Team Phenom. Lori just shakes her head as she watches the footage.)

Lori: I recall a few months ago that Jenn was complaining about how a man helped out an opponent of hers and that's why she lost the match. Now we come to this... yes, my ex-friend did win the match on her own, but then she turns around and has not one, not two, but three men come out and try to end Mary Jane Ashcroft's career and now has these three men for her backup. Doesn't really say a lot about her now, does it?

Jenn, you keep this in mind... I'm not interested in titles or about winning matches when it comes to you. The only thing I'm interested in doing is righting all the wrongs you've been committing as of late. And sooner or later, I will catch up with you, that's a promise.

(She leans back in her chair.)

Lori: But for now, I have to concentrate on my upcoming match, and it's been too long since I've had the chance to wrestle. I know Julia Easter has been more active in recent months than I have been, so some may expect me to be a bit rusty. But I'm not worried...I'm confident I'll get back into the swing of things here in GWE and continue to help make this women's division the best thing going.

Julia Easter, you certainly have a lot of talent and I won't take you lightly. I know, unlike my ex-friend and partner, that I have to go out and earn every victory and not look for the easy way out. Just keep one thing in mind...I'm aiming for nothing less than a victory, so prepare well...because if you don't, Lightning will strike you.

(Fade out.)


Jan 1, 2000
Lap Dances

(CUT TO: Troy Windham, in the back of his HumVee, holding a wad of money.)

TROY: Hey, girls... I have some loose change and I know you dumb whores know how to rub your crotches against table legs. Come and get me after the show, you'll have enough money to get off public assistance. (FTB)


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Jan 1, 2000
Late last words

As a constant contrary to her partner Easter was less then deep in study for her coming match. But was instead up to her pockets in other peoples money. But then when one of the first people that breaks you into wrestling is a old fashioned scrapper and cowboy you grow up just a little at one end of a pool table. Easters ability to hustle probably didn’t exactly go without some help and credit to her fighting form and touch of blonde in her fire colored hair. This was just a weird second half of her preparation. The first part had been flying over to the UK to catch some of the best rock ever made (Motorhead and Skew Siskin just in case your wonndering) Lining up a shot she could feel the eyes of the boys at the bar on her which only caused her to laugh, squint just a little to perfect thes hot and let fly. Within a couple hours she was back at the hotel slightly buzzed and a couple bucks up then when she started the beer run. It wasn’t the healthiest way to spend the night before a fight. But much like how she fought she wasn’t splitting that many hairs.

Stretching out on the couch with a cold rag over her four head she slipped a wallet out of the pocket of her faded blue jeans. She wasn’t the purse type. Growing up around more boys then girls she learned a simpler way of doing things. Next to the wallet she set a pocket watch and a box cutter. Knives got a girl in too much trouble. Sides working as a stocker before a wrestler she had gotten used to being out after dark so her one time work tool was something of a comfort and protector. Getting ready to slip out of the spaghetti string Motorhead tank top. She heard a knock at the door. Laughing at how predictable it was for her to have someone or something come up just as she was gonna get comfortable. Well she had been out of the ole camera eye for longer then she liked so why not? Outside the door almost as if he had been summed was a GXW camera man.

Camera man “Sorry to bother you at this hour miss Easter. But the GXW fans and executives were concerned once they realized how soon Experience was and how little you or Miss Garza had aided in your matches promotion. Beside that Miss Wilson and a Mister Windham have made some commentary hers match based. His well..... Less then pleasant."

Easter laughed and opened the door allowing the camera man in and made a bee line again for the couch.

Easter “Hell kid no bother. Grab a drink I think they got a mini bar in here somewhere. Shame about Lori’s partner. Granted I’ve had some backstabbing partners and some deadweight partners. Oddly enough in my case they were all boys. Angel. She is another story and you gotta be patient with her. She kinda looks on the whole war of words as a necessary evil but an unwanted distraction. But then she also keeps denying that between us she has the legs. But what can you do?”

Easter laughs a little to herself and bubsa little frustration out of her neck while the camera man served himself up a drink and began setting up his camera. easter went onas if he were ready or at least having a quick little pre promotional fun.

Easter “I’ll tell you. I can send a little word exchange back to Lori. Have one last pow wow with Angel and have the Nighthawk score a double at Experience. That’s what I can do. But grab one of them over priced watered down half ass bottles for me and we’ll talk to and about Experience a little more with your electric eye.”

The camera man hands her a mini bottle of Jack Daniels and sets up while waiting for Easter to suggest being ready to start the match talk. Easter whipped her hair grabbed a quick spot of perfume and sprayed it near here and popped open the bottle to start talking.

Easter “Hey Lori forgive my not looking like I’m taking you serious. But before I turn into a real wild ring ***** I like to unwind, have a little fun, and god forbid play boys for fools by shooting a little bull a little pool. But come Experience..... Well that’s another story. See I saw your little word play. Cute. The kinda thng Angel likes to hear from an opponent. But forgive me if it didn’t..... I don’t know come off maybe a little textbook, a little soft. Some thing one might hear out of a Sesame Street or Minnie Mouse promotions star. Not a place as rough or as rough trade as I’ve already seen this place get. But since I ain’t the type to live in Angels near forgotten fantasy land where everyone plays fair and the only win is a clean win.”

Easter stops to take a shot off the bottle then sets it down and starts up again.

Easter “Me. Naw I ain’t that particular. Do I prefer them? Yeah. Do I split hairs? Not too often mainly because I like to get reckless and wild when it comes to a fight. I like a real fight where anything goes and the chance of either let alone both fighters walkout as half good as they go in. Guess maybe if lightning does strike this time it’ll strike us both honey. Cause I don’t act or fight like a girl and I don’t walk out of a serious match without maybe one or both bleeding just a little. No blood fetish or anything but I’ve wrestled more boys then girls so toning things down for a fight with girl is out of the question. So Lori get ready for some rough trade tom boy antics when it comes to that ring and our fight. Oh and spare me that “Don’t have my partner at ringside” stuff. Angel prefers to fight her own battles and have me fight mine. Hell she won’t even cut me loose to rip up those rag dolls round Cruise jealous at how dangerous a ***** Angel is.”

Easter finished the little mini bar bottle and shook her head a little letting the drink burn its way down. smiling once at the camera she comes up with a little last match talk to drum up.

Easter “Ok since you were nice and kind when talking to me let me see if i can top this off with a little of the same. Lori Wilson. I know you have been around here a lot longer, have face more, and already got past that awkward newness stage, and are sure fire near the top of the division. So you got a hell of a lot of status that suggest some serious skill. But in a couple circles so do I. So lets just see what **** hits the fan when Lady Lightning has to face the Wild child of the Nighthawks. But LL Wilson make no mistake about it. You and I are looking for the same thing. I just ain’t gonna split as many hairs as as you do to get there. Till then whatever happens, happens. "

“But just cause I know about cheating partners you wanna little help roughing up Rowe for gutting you in the back you know where to find me.”

Done with Wilson for the moment Easters eyes and voice shifted from her usual playful semi casual to a hint agitated and fire filled.

Easter “Now there sounds like one of the boys in the back got a stick up his ass about girls scrapping in the same ring as him. Troy Windham instead of the usual dime a dozen cheap whore two bit commentary how about you lace them up and try a gal. Wait....Fu*k that Bull****. You bring your machismo down to the ring at Revolution and I’ll re educate your ass and leave the rest for the other gals who I’m sure would love to make you eat your words or jack boot heel *****!”

"Now scram kid now the real book tape and gym work starts so that i can finish with a mess of wwilsonand troy under my nails.”

Easter smiled sent the camera kid out and after revisiting Troy Windham’s work tossed a small bottle against the wall.


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
(Fadein, Mercedes' office, in Jacksonville, NC. Typical office setting only Mercedes is instead seated off to the side in a dark red loveseat.)

MD: Well aren't we the one's with the Huggies' pull up diapers, eh Easter? I mean, for quite awhile until recently, you sat at home sucking your thumb like the little baby you are, and let Garza come out all by her lonesome and get beat up by yours truly and Karla Starr, as well as every other tramp in the women's lockerroom.

But then all of a sudden Garza got herself a shot at the title and MOMMY WOW!!! Julia's a big kid now!! Not only that, but she's as high as the Women's Champion and even SPEAKS for the rest of the lockerroom!!

I can't even stomach the fact that you seem to think that you speak for me Easter, hell Easter, you don't even know my LANGUAGE!! I mean did you even bother to visit Garza in the hospital or did you just let her leave by herself?

Gimmie a break Easter, and just admit it.

You don't belong in the ring and never have. Because of it, Lori Wilson's going to have the time of her life with you in the ring, and then the results of it's REALLY going to why alcohol's going to be involved.


I'll be drinking from Champagne glasses, and you....

You'll drink just to escape the pain.

All the bad luck in the world to you in your match, ya dirty tramp.

(Mercedes waves, with a wicked smile.)



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