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Willard v Cruise

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
So It Begins...

VOICE: “And the prophet arrived and started to preach the word. He fulfilled the start of the vision he had, he attacked the tyrant that held the highest of thrones. The prophet shall continue his path to righteousness, and the end result shall be glory.”


We are at a local bar in Elmwood Park, Illinois roughly fifteen miles from downtown Chicago, this bar is called Circle Inn. Freak and Adrian are inside as the cameras begin to roll in, both are regulars here as a plate of loaded fries is on their table, Adrian drinking a Bud Light, Freak drinking a Corona Extra. Screaming for Vengeance by Judas Priest is playing lightly in the background as Adrian puts a few fries in his mouth then dusts his hands clean with a napkin.

WILLARD: “We went out to accomplish a goal, to set the eyes of the world on a new venture, a new ideology, a new…vision. We told every single member of the viewing audience the week before on our vision, on an actually New Era, a time for regime change, and a time for people to wake from this distorted dream of glory.”

FREAK: “It’s a mother f-cking time when I can walk in the crowd and girls panties mother f-cking drop for me, holmes. It’s a time when peeps can cut the f-cking bullsh-t and get to the picture, no more buying drinks, ain’t no more hustling for that number, b-tch, it’s time to show the sign of vicory, b-tches.”

WILLARD: “I, Adrian Willard, I took something from a man, I took a chance, a dream, to be the best away. I engaged Shawn Hart, I took his body and I broke it, not out of jealousy, out of anger, or hate. Rather, I did this out of pity, shame, guilt, I did this all to establish myself as a symbol.”

FREAK: “Just like Jenna Jameson became the whore picture of porn, we are going to become the symbol for New Era, and its starts with your ass Cruise. We gonna mess you up more than you ever thought one could baby!”

WILLARD: “A symbol of wrath, of chaos, I am a prophet of what wrestling is meant to be, what wrestling could be, what it will be. What Shawn Hart is, what Shawn Hart has become is corrupt. It’s not his fault however, it is the fault of the fans, the corporation, the media. Shawn Hart like many others has become something far too strong, and when one person becomes so self glorified there is one to break down that very symbol.”

FREAK: “Same thang as if I f-ck a b-tch for hours, ain’t her fault she can’t walk straight the next day holmes, but you don’t know nothing ‘bout that Cruise you are too busy crying about your title, oh boo hoo hoo, f-ck you.”

WILLARD: “One man has witnessed the effects of regime change, the effects of being self centered and bathed in his own glory. That man is Cameron Cruise, the man, the legend, and will soon be nothing more than a part of history long forgotten. Forgotten like Larry Tact, Jean Rabesque, and others were forgotten. Once at the height of their careers they feel into a pit of demise.”

FREAK: “People gonna forget about you faster than I forgot about who I f-cked last night, holmes.”

WILLARD: “Cruise, Erik Black was the start of your fall, the beginning of your failures. I say this as a professional, as a man that seeks nothing more from wrestling than a tree seeks water. It is its life source, this Cruise, this is my life source, and this is where I wanted to be in my life. You took advantage of this, you polluted this industry with your recklessness.”

FREAK: “As f-cking reckless as not wrapping ya sh-t with a hooker.”

WILLARD: “But it is no fault of your own, sir. It is not your path however to succeed beyond me, you sir are not my true enemy, rather just a man in my way. You are a ditch in my path, and I am going to pave you out of my way. There is no underline message, I will be blunt, Cruise, I am going to defeat you.”

FREAK: “And there ain’t a damn thing ya can do ‘bout it Cruise, it’s gonna happen.”

WILLARD: “I am not a man for threats, I am not a man to say things and not embark on my promises. Unlike you Cruise, your pompous attitude and swagger has made you believe you are better than you truly are. You have traveled the circuit, you have had your legacy, but it was taken from you in one quick motion.”

FREAK: “One quick motion holmes, just like when you thrust in that b-tches p-ssy, one solid damn motion. BANG! B-tch.”

WILLARD: “I will not become the man to allow that to happen again, Cruise. I will teach you a number of lessons in the art of wrestling, what happened to Shawn Hart and Peter File, well, history will repeat itself for Shawn Hart this week, as for you Cruise, I know what to expect, your entire career is an open book of hits and misses. Like Battleship Cameron, C-1..”

FREAK: “Hit b-tch!”


FREAK: “Hit b-tch”

WILLARD: “E-1, F-1,”

FREAK: “Sunk my Battleship…”

WILLARD: “Game over Cruise….it’s been…envisioned…”




I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Re: So It Begins...

"Allow me to get this straight. I just got done partaking on one of the best matches this company has ever seen....TWICE...and incur the attention of two different men who happen to be the World Heavyweight Champion of both leagues, let-a-lone the management in the process....and in response the folks in charge reward me for my troubles with a Dillusional-but-yet-still-fake 'Messiah'-Wannabe, and his "Freak-Flunkie" who's basic verbal support to his 'Master' is essentially "Fuck, Fuck, fuckity-fuck-fuck"??

"Fair enough, New Era. You want it, you got it."

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of a New Era backdrop, dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a white New Era T-shirt, the logo in dark maroon lettering, matching Anarchy-style shades as well as a backwards Utah Utes ballcap.)

CRUISE: Adrian Willard was it?? For some reason the people in charge put you across from me this week on Raucous, why such a thing could occur...(shrugs)...beyond me.

It's fairly apparent that nothing's explainable to certain people anymore but I digress; Let's make this very simple and so abundantly clear, even JOHN DOE would understand what I'm about to say, in the words of Rapper 50 Cent: We ain't buddies, we ain't partners and we damn sure ain't friends.

Don't pretend that you know me because the simple fact is that despite what you MAY THINK you see on Television or backstage, it doesn't give you any proper inclination that you DO.

Sure, you reminded people worse than a nagging Mother-in-Law that won't stay away that you were gonna show up at Destrucity Two, and in doing so...even put Shawn down in the process. But you see Adrien, much like a little game of "Slap The Bull"...you might surprise him once...but now that he's ALERT...I as well as everyone else in the New Era Lockerroom for that matter...wouldn't mind seeing you do it AGAIN.

Personally, I don't think you can do it, but that's just me.

You didn't establish yourself a symbol though, but rather a target for Shawn to focus on now. You have his attention, albeit perhaps not undivided, but nonetheless...you've been taken notice by Shawn and everyone else in the lockerroom.

And believe me when I tell you that despite a hopeless mission like putting out Shawn Hart for good, there's nothing more that he would like to see than to see the first person you take on at Raucous in Utah...yours truly (and I don't mean Adam Benjamin), put you in your place.

And the entire world knows that I can do just that.

See Adrien, you seem to forget that I've been on runs of success before in this business and it's been far after people in the lockerrooms said that I needed to "pack my belongings and leave."

Even defeating or even taking to the limit "Messiahs" or Philosophers and worshippers in the process, no less.

But then again, what do you care?? You've never heard of men like Sebastian Dodd I beat for a title ran out of a company, a former World Champion in "The Wolf" Mike Randall or Xandor Cross and it doesn't make a difference to you either way you look at it....they're only about three times as smarter and athletically-gifted than you, that's all.

But again, I digress.

You can be blunt all you want though, Willard, SAYING you're going to defeat me and actually DOING IT are as different as Night is to Day; at least as of recent times anyway. However, it's quite the contrary to your belief that I can't do anything about it; I can do plenty about it.

It's not "Swagger" or an "Attitude" that points me in the direction of a Victory rather than defeat, but moreso "Confidence".

Confidence isn't a threat, but merely a bridge to many things in life, Willard, and despite what many people take it as, I take it as a trait leading into a match that I know I can win, even if I haven't actually stepped through the ropes yet.

It's true, Erik Black took the New Era Television title away from me, but it wasn't without earning my respect in the process.

You?? You have no such luxery.

But what you DO have coming for you, Adrien, is a REALITY CHECK...and much like the others I've issued to fallacies like you...I know for a fact that you won't like it...you'll hate it.

But it's going to be one you're going to get.


John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Game. Set. Match. Burritto.

VOICE: "And then he arrived, the man that became nothing more than a relic of the past. He was determined to prove he was still worth his prize in life, rather he was worthless. He had failed to follow his path and thus would come into a crash course with fate, and fate had much bigger plans against him, plans that were unavoidable."


Taco Burrito King Belmont and Harlem Ave. Chicago, Illinois, the home of Adrian Willard and where all his promotions take place. Adrian is sitting on a bench outside as a local CTA drives by, people board it, people ext it. This burrito joint is packed, a bright sunny warm Chciago day, the line wraps around the restaurant. However it si only Adrian we see in this camera shot, no Freak in sight.

WILLARD: "This is exactly what I was talking about, Cameron, and excuse me for being so blunt and so very straight forward. I suppose some men can't hack the truth, you being one of these vision lost souls, Cameron. It screams in the very first sentences you utter, Cameron, that attitude that needs adjustment, that swagger I mentioned. You stroke your ego claiming to have had the best matches once again. Yet, you whine and you moan on the concept you will step in that ring with me, for a lesson of violence you won't forget. Now, I am by no means downgrading myself but simple concept of any wrestling business is taking the best and uplifting them. However, Cameron, by your ideology, by your falsehoods, and ego, you are the "best" and are now downgraded? What logical sense does that make, sir?"

The line for the burrito joint runs across the building, we can finally see Freak in the line agitated smoking a cigarette motioning to hurry up.

WILLARD: "No, no, Cameron this is not how wrestling works. You, sir, are in a dream land, a place where you believe you are some kind of superb superstar, you were Cameron, you were. No longer though, and this moment is not about you, all eyes are not set on you. You have become just a simple whisper in the wind. Yet, you fall short on the understanding of this, you lack the vision, you lack the path. You would rather rip words from Fifty Cent, rather state we are not friends, partners, or buddies. You are absolutely correct, Cameron, friends don't set a goal to make a man pay for his transgressions through pain, partners don't seek to destroy a man limb by limb to simply prove a point to Shawn Hart, buddies don't look at each other with disgust. These are all things that ignite the engine in my brain, things you will witness first hand."

FREAK (in the distance): "Come on! Hurry the f-ck up.this sh-t is moving slower than Cameron Cruise trying to chain wrestle! Let's go!"

WILLARD: "No, Cameron, as far as I am concerned, I do know you all too well. I know your methods, your ideas, the very thoughts that click in that repetitive head of yours, and it is no wonder Erik Black claimed checkmate on you, Cameron. You show zero room for improvement, you hit your peak, and this is where the mountain begins to crumble to a hill. That hill is not a simple walk through the park Cameron, but you are no Mount Everest, I will conquer you."

FREAK (in the distance): "I want a burrito god damn it.hey baby.want my burrito, f-cking stuff it in you."

WILLARD: "As for Shawn Hart, I took initiative Cameron, something you haven't done in months, I set a goal, I even told Shawn of that goal, I went out and accomplished it. Is the task over? No, Cameron, it has just begun, that is step one in a long process to strip Hart of that very title around his pitiful waist. In that path I will face people such as yourself, I will go against a man here and a man there, all tasks needed to be completed, but what, as of late, have you done in accomplishing your goals here in New Era? Have a belt stripped from you by a man who smokes pot? Bravo Cameron, you have improved, at least that John Doe fellow was able to come out even with the drug smoking champion and he can't even remember who he is any more. What's next, you going to win the tag team belts by getting carried by Problem Child.oh.wait."

The line moves up just a tad as Freak slams his cigarette butt on the ground, Adrian shakes his head a bit with laughter

WILLARD: "Yes Cameron how the odds have turned against your favor. Now, where does that all turn to, Cameron? Where does it all lead, well other than the fact I am a symbol, you just lack to see it, it leads to you having the same fate as Shawn. You will be another man in the line of a prophecy, of a legend. I have become symbol due to the fact I fulfill the prophecies that I envision. Something others, like yourself, lack to do. Something the fans of New Era, lack to appreciate. Sooner or later they will see the errors of their judgment; sooner or later you will wake from your misguided principles, until then you are the rat and I am the poison, Cameron."

FREAK (in the distance): "Are you kidding me?! How many spics does it take to cook some f-cking burritos?!"

WILLARD: "I am not blind to the fact, Cameron, that you have wrestled many champions in your career, but that is not the issue right now. What is occurring at the moment is that the Cameron Cruise of old is not the Cameron Cruise of now. The Cruise of now would rather lose to a man that is high on mind altering drugs than go that extra mile to secure victory, because of his ego, and when he fails at securing victory suddenly he washes it away. Oh he earned my respect now that he bested me, (sarcastic) ha, ha, ha. Please Cameron, end the little façade. Frankly, Cameron, it is just simply..pathetic. No mission is hopeless, no prophecy I envision will go unfinished, you are just a non-believer, and I am going to radically change that."

Freak finally enters the restaurant to order.

WILLARD: "Maybe you will accept it or maybe you will say it was a fluke, who knows Cameron, but when I do best you in that ring, and I will best you in that ring, remember that it was a prophecy, it was a moment in my path and you are not the final ending. There is a bigger, greater cause than simply Cameron Cruise. But what I say Cameron, I do, unlike you, I keep my word of victory, unlike you, I do have an agenda, and unlike you Cameron, I will succeed in it. Now, you can hold on to what little hope you have Cameron, the idea that saying one thing is different than doing, in your life, that is true. However, in my life I have a history of doing what I say, accomplishing what I choose to accomplish. That's how you become and NCAA national champion, what athletic sport have you bested in Cameron? Professional wrestling? Bravo, champ, you are really shinning, I am faster than you, stronger than you, more mentally prepared than you, Cameron. I will beat you and break you, go back to kicking back a beer and watching some baseball."

WILLARD: "As far as your respect goes, Cameron, I don't want the respect of a hack, of some discarded figure of the past. No, Cameron, your respect means nothing to me, having Cameron Cruise's respect doesn't mean anything in this industry. You are starting to become a figment of every ones imagination. The problem is, you think your respect is earned, that Erik Black had to go beyond to get to your self created level. Wrong Cameron, you dropped your standards, you went from A-Class wrestler to C-Class wrestler, you struggled with John Doe, and you lost to Erik Black, and I am going to open your eyes to that fact."

WILLARD: "You may see me as some crazy street corner messiah screaming that the end of times is near, but sadly it is. Now, what I am saying, Cameron, is it isn't going to be twenty-twelve when I put Hart down, but the end of his time is near as champion. Now, trail off and go back to being a tag team champion, go back to being carried by Problem Child and searching for some small hope of fame. Go dormant even Cameron, take a vacation, lord knows you will need the "R and R" after I instill a Higher Vision in your life."

Freak comes on scene with two burritos and hands one to Adrian, he says thank you as he begins to un wrap his.

FREAK: "F-cking line was longer than a n-ggas d-ck man, here's your burrito brother. Ah sh-t, New Era crew up in this b-tch! F-ck they here for, the ladies probably requested to see my hot ass on the television."

WILLARD: "Cameron, reality, what you perceive as reality, it is about to be redesigned entirely."

FREAK: "Ah, Cameron Cruise again! Yo Cameron, we gonna make you realize what the f-ck this sh-t is all about holmes, you gonna be more f-cked up than that b-tch Mercedes, and trust me she is a good f-ck man."

WILLARD: "Raucous, it is your path to fall victim to me, it is your destiny, Cameron, and you can not escape it."

FREAK: "Can't run, can't hide, hommie, it's gonna happen, it will happen, and there ain't a god damn thing ya can do about it."

WILLARD: "What will happen at Raucous is what I have warned you about, Cameron, do not be like Shawn Hart and not heed my warning, do not be a fool and believe you are going to out wrestle me, that you are greater athlete than I, don't be.stupid..

FREAK: "Don't be like my ex wife, just accept what the f-ck is gonna happen yo."

WILLARD: "Victory is in my favor Cameron.it's been..envisioned."




I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Re: Game. Set. Match. Burritto.

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of a New Era Raucous backdrop, dressed in a black jeans, blue shirt and matching Anarchy-style shades and Utah Ute ball cap on backwards.)

CRUISE: You know something Willard, for someone that's never had any kind of a record in competing in this side of the Wrestling Circuit, I can't help but to think that you're nothing but a blithering idiot.

I told you before, you don't know anything about me other than what you've seen on the tapes and DVDs or On Demand for $3.99 per order or even Netflix (I've got a special deal that has me taking fifteen percent of the profit). But other than anything that you've said at Destrucity Two and what you've made people scratch their heads in bewildermeant these last two days...

Seriously...everytime you leave I've seen videotape of people in the audience at least MOUTHING the words "What the FUCK did he just say???"

Normally, I don't have to explain myself because people seem to get the point, the first time out. But unfortunately for me...you're not exactly a normal person.

You see...it doesn't matter to me that I've lost the New Era Television Championship, not when I know I've given my best to a man that on that particular night, was simply BETTER. Everyone knows that by the fair gesture I gave to Erik after the match. He and I still don't have similar interests, that much is obvious, but fact that he took what I had to give and still came back to defeat me gives everyone a bird's eye view of just how much he's improved his skills than just in a tag team format.

He's got my respect.


Your little Flunkie you call "Freak"??


But yet, I'm still bogged down from facing men like Shawn Hart for the World Title by facing men with fantasies of being "Peter Pan" without the "Lost Boys", but the problem is that like I said before Adrien....

No one cares about what you have to say.


I've performed in front of Emperors and Kings, not to mention Hugh Hefner himself in the Playboy Grotto.

People INSIST on seeing me.

Now that's not because I'm arrogant or egotistical or that I walk with Swagger....it's because of the Confidence I have in my ability that puts me there.

You said yourself that I used to be a "Superb Superstar"...USED to be.

Now, I'm not exactly clear on the psychology of what you're projecting here...but something tells me that at one point....

YOU believed in me as well.

If I'm at the "Peak" of the mountain, as you claim myself to be, then there has to be at least an ample amount of doubt in your ability to get the job done. There's part of you that doesn't think that you can beat me.

But that ample amount of doubt you store deep down in the cockles of your heart is all I need for motivation, incentive.

You claim that I haven't taken the initiative in months, and that what you did was a clear-cut example of how to set a goal and accomplishing it.

You're right....I haven't taken the initiative lately, Adrien, but at the same time...I haven't needed to.

New Era Management suits have done that FOR me, hence my initial title shot against Mister Entertainment after the Merger.

Hence...getting double-booked by Doe and Black.

Sure, Doe took Black to the limit....in a Xmas Tree Lot Battle Royale, albeit....but nonetheless, Doe got the first shot.

(Cruise scratches the back of his head sarcastically)

And if memory serves there Sonny-Boy...

Struggle or not, when the final bell rang it was MY hand that got raised....not Doe's.

Yessir, Harold Melvin was right: If you don't know me by now, you will never never never know me.

You see Adrien, in order for it to be a perceivable prophecy, you have to become a person of worth, a person so note-worthy, that people will stop what they're doing and listen to what you have to say...

(Cruise chuckles abit)

You have to actually do more than blindside the World Heavyweight Champion and run your mouth, because down on this side of the circuit, I'm not a hundred percent certain....but you have to actually back it up and win A match.

As I stated before...in your case it's highly doubtful.

Say what you want though...it's just alittle hard for people to believe that you do what you say when they've never seen you wrestle or compete before in the squared circle, ya know??

(Cruise stops for a second and takes off his shades as the camera pans in for a close-up.)

But if you and your tool of a henchman keep talking about my ex-wife and her cousin the way you both do, then I'm going to simply break your neck.

And that's a REALITY CHECK that you just....won't...like.

(Fadeout as Cruise can be heard mouthing off)

CRUISE: Yo....Beer me....thanks...(Cruise pops the top and raises the bottle)

In the words of the Dice Man himself: Here's to you Willard.....SUCKING MY DICK!!!
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