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Why would you record it?


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Dec 28, 2014
Knoxville, TN
[At around 9 in the morning, inside of the Stastias's well-maintained apartment, so clean it looks like it wasn't lived in at all, Emevlas was doing one-armed pull-ups alternating between arms on an aluminum bar she had set up in the hallway. Ironically, when exercising here, she was in the way of everything and everyone. Equinox (Emevlas's brother, originally named Armando X. Coheed) was looking through the mail until he noticed a letter. He got his phone ready to record his sister's reaction to send to the company that sent the letter in question.]

Equinox (hereafter "Eq"): "Hey, sis! You got a let-- Why in the name of all things holy do you pull up with one arm? It's inconsistent."

Emevlas (hereafter "Em"): "Why do you question my workout regiment? I alternate arms so that it IS consistent. Anyway, you were saying something about a letter?"

Eq: "You got another letter from that Red Line place you applied for."

Em: "...great." She wasn't too thrilled about this, expecting to be denied. She skimmed through and eventually saw in bold letters "Approved."
"Neat. Now, I'm in the indies. Can't wait to cut my first promo." 'Mevy was playing it completely cool, though she wanted to burst with joy on the inside.

Eq: "Only took you twice."

Em: "Noxy, you're the biggest smart-alec I know, and with the people I was around last time, that's saying a lot."

Eq: "Yes, I'm aware. When do you actually start?"

Em: "Not sure, it doesn't say. I guess when I want. Hell, I could probably start now if I wanted to. I've seen the program enough to know who's who, and I can tell you who I like and don't like. For instance, I don't really like that Go-Go Spectacular girl. I feel like I could outwrestle her in my sleep with one arm tied around my back, or any other boring metaphor you could think of for this situation."

Eq: "I don't know, she seems to be quite the athlete in her own right."

Em: "I'm not discrediting her as an athlete, I'm just saying I think I'm a better athlete than her, what with me having at least a decade-worth more experience in the ring, more general knowledge, and the fact that I don't think her body could handle going through a glass of raspberry schnapps much less a wooden table."

Eq: "I don't doubt it. Though, really? You're comparing raspberry schnapps to tables?"

Em: "Anything to get the point across, Equinox. Now, as for that 2C person..."

Eq: "You mean The Second Coming?"

Em: "Gee, look at the big brain on 'Noxy. It's the same case as Go-Go, in that 2C plus a tables equals a mangled splintered back. The same can go for The House of Hill, the German Dragon, Suicidal Skylar, even that Last Titan guy. Every person on that roster at one point or another WILL be driven through a table or my name isn't Emevlas Stastias-Coheed."

Eq: "*applauds slowly* Congrats, you just cut your first promo, and you need a bit of help if you're going to be a face."

Em: "Screw being a face! I was pushed so much as a face at the last company I worked at, I got sick of it. The creative team would never ever let me turn because I wanted it, no matter how many times I faced the TOP face and WON! (slight girlish inflection on "WON!") This is a fresh start, where I can be what I wanted to be since 2005: a table-obsessed heel who kicks ass and takes no prisoners, and Go-Go is the perfect person I can demonstrate that heel on."

Eq: "Good to know, I'm going back to bed. Good luck in your little quest...don't make the same mistakes I made."

Em: "So, basically keep on what I've been doing since 1999?"
Equinox nodded approvingly "You have the idea. Now, go off in your little Dodge and don't ever job."
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