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What you DIDN'T SEE at Revolution...

Mad Dog

Original Gangsta
Jan 1, 2000
(The screen shows a display that reads:

Due to technical difficulties, the following segment did not air on Revolution.


GWE Mgmt.

The display closes out and the segment airs.)

(The lights in the arena go out and the sounds of “Black Superman” by Above The Law pump out of the house speakers. The GlobalTron shows the Boogie Smallz video package and the crowd stands on it’s feet and begins to roar. Boogie Smallz steps out onto the stage in a full-length black mink coat, a white shirt and black jeans.

He has the GWE Unified World title around his waist and the Continental title over his right shoulder. He has a blunt hanging from his mouth and a bandage above his left eye, covering the stitches he received from Hell in the Cell. His hair is “froed” out, but noticeably shorter from some of it being burnt off at Battleground Britain. Boogie makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.

The lights cut on and the music dies down. The crowd begins chanting “BOOGIE! BOOGIE! BOOGIE!”. Smallz stands in the center of the ring and soaks in the cheers. He takes the coat off and lays it on the top turnbuckle. He takes a puff of his blunt and motions for the crowd to quiet down. A stagehand passes a mic to Boogie, from outside the ring. The crowd is still going wild and Boogie begins to speak over the cheers.)

BOOGIE SMALLZ: Wow…I just don’t know what to say. (Puffs his blunt.) It took me a long time to get to this point. I think back to when I first got into this business and tha bull***t I had to go through. Tha greedy promoters, always bein’ on tha road, tha constant doubtin’ of myself and what tha hell I am doin’ in this business. After a while, you start to question if its all worth it. Was missin’ Christmas with Grandma, to get clocked over tha head with a steel chair a few years back, worth it? Or missin’ the birff of my lil’ boy because I was snowed in doin’ a house show in Bumf*ck, Canada…wrestlin’ in a high school gym, not for the money…but for tha exposure? (Shakes his head.) What tha kcuf was I thinkin’!?

(Boogie paces the ring and puffs his blunt.)

I’ll tell you what I was thinkin’…I was thinkin’ about ME! It was about THIS MOMENT. It was about MAKIN’ HISTORY! And after almost ten years of bustin’ my ass for this business…all the hard work, all the sacrifices, all the bullsh*t…it was ALL WORTH IT! I walked into Battleground Britain with what some would say…nothin’ to lose. Well, what about pride? What about respect? What about goin’ down in tha books as tha very FIRST BLACK WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!?

(The crowd cheers at the statement. Boogie nods his head and takes a drag off of his blunt.)

I had somethin’ to prove to tha company, to tha fans, to tha world, and to MYSELF! It goes without sayin’, that this was tha most physical match in my career. I don’t ever give shout outs, but this time I’m gonna make an exception. JOHN MILLER! (Crowd erupts into cheers.) You did exactly what you said you’d do…and you kicked my ass! I didn’t expect it to be easy and I knew that you wouldn’t let go of that title for anything. We damn-near killed each other. And you know what…in a sick, twisted way…that’s what it’s all about. If you aren’t in this business to win tha World title, then why are you herre? Why are you wasting your time? It’s all about being tha World champion. Miller, I know you think along those same lines…because you wouldn’t have fought that hard otherwise. I give you mad props, kid. I’m a man, so don’t worry about havin’ to hunt me down for a rematch. You already know tha suits are schemin’ sumthin’ up and if they ain’t, then to hell with ‘em…and I’ll give you a rematch anyway.

(Crowd cheers at the comment. Boogie nods and puffs his blunt. A stagehand hands Boogie a note and Smallz shakes his head.)

Folks, I guess I didn’t hearr tha news. (Pauses) I just got word that John Miller has retired! (Takes a deep breath and sighs.) That’s some sad ish. Miller. I understand that you gotta do what you gotta do, I can respect that. Just know that at Battleground, you showed me what you were all about and I hope I can mirror that in tha future…and raise this promotions game up a few more notches.

(Boogie crumbles the paper and tosses the wad to the ground. He puffs his blunt and slowly releases the smoke.)

Onto another subject. I can’t help but notice how it is when some folks get rich and famous. People start comin’ out of the woodwork. Family you haven’t seen or heard from in years finally hits you up and tha first thang out of their mouths is:

“Hey, can you hook a brotha’ up with some tickets?”.

Or “Can you loan me some money? Rasheeda just got a weave and tha check bounced. If we don’t get them tha money, they’ll repo her hair.”

And then there was this one. “Ray Ray got put in jail again, I need to bail him out. They say it’s homicide, but he swears he’s innocent. He was just holdin’ tha knife in self-defense and the other guy just fell on it….32 TIMES!”

(Shakes his head.)

Man, if you wasn’t down with me from jump, then forget y’all. Futhamuckin’ leeches! I don’t need that ish in my life. Keep it. (Puffs his blunt.) [/i]

But we go from leeches…to vultures. Peeps see me hurt, all banged up from Battleground Britain, and I guess these vultures figure they can just swoop in on some harmless prey…take advantage of a brotha’ while he’s down. (Shakes his head.) This goes to ANYBODY that feels they deserve a title shot and have been overlooked. I ain’t scurred, I’ll defend this title against anyone and erryone, but seein’ is how this is also a BUSINESS, sometimes my own personal feelin’s get kicked to the curb, in favor of what’s good for Global Wrestling Evolution.

Cruise, Waltz, and whoever else wants to come out and make a name for themselves at my expense. All I can say is…take a number. I’ll let the suits sort it all out.

(Boogie takes the World title from around his waist and hoists it on his left shoulder. He looks at it and the Continental title on the other, then shakes his head in approval.)

It’s one thang to win it…it’s another to keep it. Bein’ tha man that I am, I ain’t half-steppin’. I’m out to show tha world that GWE has a champion it can be proud of and that I’m gonna represent GWE to tha fullest.


(“Black Superman” by Above The Law cranks up and Boogie exit’s the ring to a standing ovation.)



Jan 1, 2000
What the Revolution Didn't Show

(CUT TO: Troy Windham, in the back of his stretch HumVee.)

TROY: Boogie Smalls, I'm going to make this simple for you to understand, since your kind NEEDS simplicity to understand things.

Boogie, being the fact that you're the world champion in a promotion The One Man Army has declared war on has put you in a delicate position. You can either do what John Miller did and quit right now and drop your title... or you can end up in traction just like Marcus Johnson did.

Y'see, Boogie, I don't care that you're the first black world champion. To me, you're nothing more than a caricature of what white America wants a black man to be. The Allen Iverson 1997 afro, the blunts, the black Reeboks-- face it, playa, your tired ass step'n'fetch, shuck'n'jive, can't headbutt because of your think unevolved skull act was stale back when Wrex'n'Effex had a hit single, BOY.

Back in the day, I laid claim to the title of being The Blackest White Man Alive. That title didn't go away because a bunch of run-of-the-mill indie promotions have become succesful through MY efforts. The GWE is going to learn quickly one FACT!

I'm a uniter, not a divider.

And soon, you're all going to be united under one flag. And that's my own, as The One Man Army conquers this promotion and makes everyone understand that The Epitome is on top of the game.

Windham. OUT. (FTB)

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