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What is the Intergalactic Championship?


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Aug 26, 2008
That's a really good question.

The idea of the Intergalactic Championship is to have a no fed's barred open championship title that is open to the public. The only catch here is that you have an active FWrestling account. Pretty simple, right?

How do I challenge for the Intergalactic Championship?
To challenge for the belt you must win at least ONE qualifying match. Once you have successfully achieved a victory to qualify you to challenge for the title (be it vacant or held by someone) then you will be booked at a later date to have your opportunity to win the belt.

How do you judge who wins?
This is really quite simple.

Whoever's piece of writing entertains me more. If it comes down to a tie I will enlist three other people, at my discretion, to help me decide who should win the title. If it comes down to a split decision, well, the chances are the match will come out a draw and a re-match will be booked at a later date.

How many RPs do I have to do?
Each match will have stipulations and rules listed per booking and you should adhere to that. Failure to meet the requirements means that your RP will not qualify. It's that simple. Read the rules and follow them accordingly.

Is this belt recognised by every federation?
Well, that's entirely up to your fedhead as to whether or not he recognises the belt. I would be happy for them to do so but it's up to them so speak with them before hyping your character as the Intergalactic Champion in their fed. I'm not their boss nor do I enforce this. It's entirely up to them if they want to be a part of this or not. Simple really.

How do I sign up?
There will be open calls for challengers and I will do my best to allow everybody the chance to have their shot at becoming the champion. Simply reply to the open calls (and meet any criteria that may be listed in order to have the shot - if any) and you will be booked accordingly.

If there is high demand to qualify I reserve the right to select the participants either on a first come first server basis OR virginal qualifiers (meaning I would prefer to give someone who hasn't had a crack at having a go).

How are results posted?
If any of you have seen Chikara's Podcast-A-Go-Go the format will be similar to that.

Can I submit segments for cards?
Yes. PM them to me and they will be included. The format will be the telecast (is that the word for it?) style which most of the FWrestling feds use. Look at NFW for an example with their results.

Any questions? This FAQ will be updated as questions are raised.

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