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What is #OpenPromo? / Overview

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#OpenPromo is a no-form non-fed. Freedom is the name of the game. We are here at your convenience. Write any character, any time, in any style you choose, within any context , whether for practice or purpose. Settle feuds, book dream matches, shows and tournaments, create storylines, and we’ll facilitate them. There are no requirements to join, because you’re already a member. You just need to write.

I started this project because I believe that e-feds are unsustainable in their current format. So much of this hobby is momentum-based. #OpenPromo will create a free environment for e-fedding to happen at you and your friends’ convenience. Even if you have no friends. As a writing-focused hobby, this is where the game is inevitably headed. Inactive stretches are only a problem if you’re running a fed structure, where consistency is central to a running series of storylines. Lack of handler motivation happens when writers are sacrificing anywhere from a small to a large percentage of their creative interests for the greater good.

That’s not a knock on collaboration - most people in this hobby value working in pairs or teams (hence the popularity of angle feds), and I expect that will be a major part of #OP. But the problem is that you and your partners’ work is still married to the fed’s schedule, and will only be featured within the fed’s larger order of importance. Here, you can do all the same collaboration with no gatekeepers to “putting it over.” You are 100% in charge of spotlighting yourself, and people will decide for themselves how good it is. And that’s just for people who want to tell a story.

Some people just want to write for practice, or want to execute a one-off idea for a narrative or promo. Everything you do here is totally free of restriction.

This is not an anti-fed project, but a way to create a new context for hobby participation. If all goes well, there should be a nice run-off effect for FWC feds, where quality work/characters can migrate into more structured environments.

Who runs the show?

Mostly you. In place of a top-down leadership structure, #OpenPromo will have a revolving panel of long-time FWC members who will occasionally provide input on the direction of the forum, and contribute their ideas on #OpenPromo sponsored content. As for my role, it’s pretty simple - I’m a combination of Moderator and Head Librarian. I sort things, I help provide style and structure to the sponsored content when needed, and I moderate to a very loose degree. Those who know me know that most forms of censorship make me sick, but there are certain obvious things I’ll get rid of: spam, personal threats, unprovoked verbal abuse that goes to the extreme. None of this is ever a problem on FWC anyway, and the worst we get is people going apeshit about tournament results and whatnot. You guys can argue and criticize each other in the Community forum til you’re blue in the face, I don’t give a fuck. The supermods will step in at their own discretion anyway, but as far as my duties go, I’m more interested in promoting a top notch creative environment than in mopping up adult crocodile tears overflow. Police yourselves.

What would we use #OpenPromo for?

Because this is a fairly new concept, it may be difficult to visualize what e-fedding is like without the fed. If my explanation of it has been shitty to this point, let me give you some concrete examples of what you might want to use #OpenPromo for:

One-shot RPs: You’re an old-timer who left the hobby but still lurks FWC, and you get a really cool character or promo idea one day at random. Maybe you’re already an active member somewhere else on the forums. Either way, you don’t have the time or inclination to join a new fed, but you kind of have the urge to bang out a few paragraphs of a cool idea that just came to you. OR you’re new to the forums, apprehensive to commit to a league before you find your footing with a character idea. #OpenPromo can accommodate you. Drop by, get your writing fix, and never look back. Or come back and drop a second, a third, a series of RPs. Write 12 different RPs with all different characters. #OpenPromo exists for you to write, without restriction. There is no league owner here to limit you.

RP Series: You have a narrative or script idea for your character’s backstory, but it wouldn’t really fit a particular league, or would look out of place at the least. Maybe you want to write the series without it impacting a particular storyline/angle that you’re running in your fed. Use #OpenPromo.

Random Bios: You have a cool idea for a character bio, but no RP in mind. You want feedback on the character sketch. Drop it with us, and put out a call for feedback.

Matchwriting Practice: Use #OpenPromo to write a match idea you had, or…

Run a Show: Message some people, book a one-off show featuring matches you want to see, hype it up, and post it all on our forums.

I hope the picture is clear now. There is no limit to what you can use our forums for, except porn and drug sales. Chad doesn’t care if you think he should tax it. It won’t be allowed!

Sponsored Content

Any thread that reads something like “#OpenPromo Presents…” or something similarly “official” is sponsored content. The ultimate goal is 95% community driven content, but realistically, especially during this beginning phase, people will be apprehensive to fully embrace the concept without some prodding. We don’t need to act like a fed, but I’m happy to do whatever I can to provide some “creative stimulus.” Here are some forms of sponsored content you can expect to see, when the mood is right and the planets are aligned:

-Optional writing prompts. The panel puts out a topic or situation, and you respond within that context.
-Micro cards built around one big superfight, similar to boxing.
-Yearly ABSOLUTE Openweight Tournament with crowdfunded prizes.
-Highlights of the #OP Panel’s favorite material for the month/quarter/year.

Once again, the community at large will take care of most of this content, completely on your own terms. But there will be a loose, “anything, anytime” structure where we surprise you with content that will drive people to write without burning them out. And that’s just the Booker’s Channel. I expect that most content will be people writing whatever the F they want in the writer’s channel

The Hashtag

The purpose of the hashtag #OpenPromo is to allow people to participate on any platform. While FWC is our main hub, we encourage you to drop your #OpenPromo writing anywhere you wish. RP on Twitter, in a YouTube comment, a Reddit post, on Google Docs, a random forum - anywhere. The venue doesn’t have to make sense. Write when you want, where you want, and if you feel like finding #OpenPromo work outside of FWC, just search out the hashtag to see what pops up. In the future, we may run Easter Egg-style contests that utilize this type of participation. The scope of #OpenPromo has few limits, if any. Personally, I’m considering making roleplay replies to people on YouTube at random, just to confuse them. The world needs more niche hobby anarchism.

Writer’s Channel Honor System

We want to encourage an open environment, but don’t want it to be out of control in a negative way, so we’ll observe an honor system. The deal is that you post whatever you want, but people can reply in-character with or without your permission. No feedback unless the handler specifically requests it. The idea is that character interactions can happen at any time. Impromptu interaction will hopefully lead to interesting feuds between characters who wouldn’t normally meet, and these can be matches on future shows. Maybe some of these impromptu feuds get so hyped that they attain DREAM MATCH status? :) I will re-post and sticky this info in the Writer’s Channel as a reminder.

I thought you were retired?

I left the hobby as a full-time handler, and I ruled out ever running a fed again (previously I ran NLW). #OpenPromo is an idea I’ve been playing with for a while, seeking advice from others and refining the idea over time. That process will be ongoing, since this is all new territory. #OpenPromo is a way for me to give back to the hobby, by creating a platform that everybody controls and contributes to at their whim.

I’m looking forward to seeing where we take this.
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