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WFW Great Expectations: Copycat (c) vs. Anarky


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA

(Intro written by Paul Miller)

JONATHAN MARX: What more can be said about this feud that hasn’t been said? Both Anarky and Copycat are two of the best of alltime. They both have their share of tricks they can pull out of their sleeve whenever need be. Tonight this issue which started all the way back in 2003 at Christmas Chaos will finally be resolved and one man will walk out of here the World’s Finest Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. I don’t know who it will be, but I can guarantee one thing, it will be a war.

BRANDON JACOBS: Nothing more needs to be said. Lets send this one down to ringside and get this one underway!

(CUEUP: “Sober” by Tool)

RING ANNOUNCER: Introducing first the challenger, a world champion ten times over and former Mr. Vicious title holder, from Hartford, Connecticut… ANARKY!

::Anarky comes down to the ring to the loud boos of the crowd::

RING ANNOUNCER: And now the champion, the former WWL World Heavyweight Champion and current WFW World Heavyweight Champion, from Kalamazoo, Michigan… COPYCAT!

::Copycat comes out to a loud pop from the crowd and enters the ring::

(match written by Angel Castillo)

::bell rings::

JACOBS: Bell rings, and Anarky and Copycat are tentatively circling the ring…

WATERS: Interesting since one would think a match of this caliber would have started with both men slugging away off the bell.

MARX: Well, like Copycat said, Anarky has earned his respect. Copycat believes he is in the ring with someone of his level and will actually try and push the limits of his skills facing him today.

JACOBS: After a bit more circling and eyeballing, these two finally lock up, and Copycat with the obvious strength advantage backs Anarky into the corner and the ref calls for a break…Copycat gives the break before the ref counts 3.

MARX: We’ll see how long such obedience can last in this match.

JACOBS: Both lock up again, and Copycat simply PUSHES Anarky down. Anarky scrambles to get up and looks as if he is definitely aware of the strength disadvantage here.

MARX: You do not want to get into a power play with Copycat, one of the few total packages in professional wrestling, Anarky needs to try something else.

WATERS: Copycat shouldn’t get too proud of his muscles, though, they can only get him so far.

JACOBS: We’ve seen Copycat use his strength to win many matches before, so we’ll see how it comes into play here. Anarky signals that he wants another lockup and they meet, but then Anarky ducks under the arm behind him into a waistlock, and then flattens out Copycat with a double leg trip.

MARX: Ground Copycat, this is Anarky’s key to success. As long as he can’t stand up, he can’t hurt you.

WATERS: This match may result in these two revealing some unexpected finesse here.

JACOBS: Anarky works the waistlock some more as Copycat quickly gets to his knees and hands, Anarky grapevines his leg onto one of Copycat’s knees, grabs the far arm, drapes it behind his head then rolls back into a sort of seated abdominal stretch…

MARX: Actually, this is interesting seeing this from Anarky, it’s an amateur wrestling pinning combination often referred to as the “guillotine.” It does put a lot of pressure on the shoulder and spine, and is almost always a guaranteed pin fall…

JACOBS: The referee checks Copycat’s shoulders, counts ONE, but Copycat gets his arm free and rolls back to his stomach. Copycat then sits out and does a seated switch to reverse the leverage and gets on top of Anarky!
WATERS: Don’t discredit Copycat’s mat game, he studies all sorts of styles, and anything Anarky can do, he can and will do better.

JACOBS: Copycat hops forward and cinches on a grounded headlock. Anarky works to his feet, and after a bit of struggling with Copycat’s impressive forearms reverses the headlock into a hammerlock. Copycat then throws his right arm back, over hooks Anarky’s arm, then throws his right leg into Anarky’s stomach, sending him over. Armlock applied on Anarky. Copycat seems to be throwing a little bit more of his brute force into the technical exchange here.

WATERS: The last thing Copycat wants to do is lose his temper here, an angry Copycat is an unfocused Copycat, and an unfocused Copycat loses to schlubs like Anarky.

MARX: I’d hardly find it fitting to dismiss a wrestler with more than a decade of experience as a mere “schlub” Vic.

WATERS: I find it hard to call a guy who builds a career on bleeding and punching people in the head a “wrestler,” Jonathan.

JACOBS: Anarky seems to be holding his own as far as wrestling goes right now, as he’s already back to his feet, while Copycat still has that arm lock cinched in. Anarky gropes around to see if he can reverse it somehow…and picks Copycat’s ankle out from under him! Anarky applies a standing leg lock.

MARX: Anarky is keeping cool here and keeping to his strategy of grounding Copycat. When you remove the foundation, the whole house collapses, so Anarky goes for the obvious target, Copycat’s knees and legs.

WATERS: You can see Anarky is getting antsy, though, it’s been way too long since he’s covered himself in gore, he’s jonesing for it.

MARX: Oh will you quit?

JACOBS: Anarky gets up and takes the leg with him, then DROPS an elbow right across Copycat’s knee!

WATERS: I think the friendly grappling exchange is about to end right here.

JACOBS: Anarky drops another elbow and a swift kick before wrench the leg again, and Copycat is feeling the pain, definitely.

MARX: Copycat needs to reverse this soon before it messes him up too bad.

JACOBS: Copycat struggles a bit, but manages to get the other leg over Anarky’s face and turn it into a cross arm breaker! Too close to the ropes, though, as Anarky grabs the bottom rope and the ref calls for the break.

WATERS: Look how Copycat is taking a bit longer to break it this time. Not so eager to follow the rules this time.

MARX: It’s only taken a few minutes so far and the emotions are already beginning to show.

JACOBS: Anarky is definitely feeling that arm bar as Copycat snapped the elbow pretty hard. He’s using the ropes to get back up. Copycat is back up again and goes after Anarky, grabbing him from behind, but he gets met with a STIFF elbow shot from Anarky that sends him staggering, and then a CHOP BLOCK to that already weakened knee!

WATERS: Yes, respect has already gone out the window, Anarky is out there to hurt someone.

MARX: Although I disagree with your opinion about him, Vic, it is hard to deny that Anarky is known for violent tendencies within the ring.

JACOBS: We’ll see how violent Copycat will let him get, Anarky grabs the leg again, looking to capitalize, but Copycat gets the other leg off and forces Anarky away with a mighty kick!

MARX: I’ve seen Copycat in the gym squatting 500 pounds easily, when he kicks it knocks the wind out of you.

JACOBS: Anarky is shaken from the force of that foot as he gets back up, only to be met by a vicious clothesline!

WATERS: There we go, no more of this amateur nonsense, Copycat brings the ferocious pounding force!

MARX: This coming from the same person who belittles Anarky as not being a wrestler?

WATERS: There’s more to wrestling than grabbing asses and rolling around, Johnny.

JACOBS: You two calm down. Copycat is not wasting time here as he grabs Anarky, lays in a forearm club to the back and then snaps him over with a suplex! Anarky is grasping at his back as it falls victim to Copycat’s assault. Copycat again lifts him up, hits two elbow strikes right to Anarky’s jaw, sending him to the ropes. Irish whip to the other end, and Copycat connects with a deep Japanese arm drag that sends Anarky flying and crashing to the mat! Copycat turns Anarky to his stomach and locks on a Camel clutch!

MARX: Just as Anarky was targeting his leg, Copycat is targeting Anarky’s back.

WATERS: Here Anarky will get a true lesson in submissions from a superior athlete.

MARX: Since when were you so high on Copycat recently?

WATERS: He’s really impressed me with how he’s stopped pandering to the crowd and really put the screws to his opponents, going in there to win and to compete. His mind is free of all the distracting influences of the fans.

JACOBS: Copycat has definitely taken on a new demeanor since his days of teaming with El Arco Iris, but then again, so has El Arco Iris. Copycat continues to cinch in the Camel Clutch, but Anarky reaches back with his foot...and manages to touch the bottom rope! The ref calls for the break, and Copycat releases again.

MARX: Copycat is clearly frustrated, though, and he’s releasing only so he can drag Anarky away from the ropes.

JACOBS: Copycat drags Anarky back to his feet again, but Anarky begins firing off some jabs to Copycat’s gut to double him over! Copycat’s released his grip, Anarky hits the ropes and then hits a dropkick right on Copycat’s knee! Copycat’s knock down to a kneeling position, but struggles right back up! Anarky sees this and tries another charge off the ropes, but Copycat anticipates this and catches him with a Military Press!

MARX: Anarky’s in trouble right now.

WATERS: Wait, Copycat may be the one in trouble here.

JACOBS: Yes, indeed, as that left knee buckles underneath him and Anarky lands on top of Copycat! Anarky’s attacks seem to have done more damage than we thought.

MARX: When Anarky hits his target, he hits hard.

JACOBS: Anarky smells blood and immediately hooks on an STF! Copycat is groaning in pain as that knee is bent badly!

WATERS: This is looking bad, Copycat needs to work fast and not let himself get torn up anymore or else he’s doomed to tap. And for a wrestler of Copycat’s caliber, that’s a fate worse than death.

MARX: Copycat I think found the easiest solution and just whalloped Anarky in the face with a closed fist! Taking a page out of Anarky’s book with that strike!

WATERS: Turnabout is fair play.

JACOBS: Anarky is knocked off and looks like he may be bleeding from the lip. Copycat is back up and the ref admonishes him about closed fists. Copycat goes again for Anarky, but Anarky responds with an elbow strike right to Copycat’s face! Copycat responds in kind! Anarky and Copycat are just wailing on each other with elbows, and now with punches!

WATERS: The ref would so like to get in their faces about closed fists, but no sane man would get between those two right now.

MARX: But he’s trying anyway! The ref gets BLASTED with a stray fist from Anarky! He’s GONE. They’re throwing haymakers at each other, but adrenaline is keeping them standing!

JACOBS: Copycat doesn’t even acknowledge the ref’s sudden absence and breaks the punch exchange with a SEARING knife-edged chop to Anarky! AND ANOTHER ONE! Anarky may have had the wind knocked out of him! ANOTHER CHOP!

WATERS: The fans in the cheap seats heard that one. TEAR HIM UP COPYCAT!

MARX: Anarky is on Dream Street right now.

JACOBS: Copycat doubles over Anarky with a boot to the gut…HE’S GOING FOR THE LITTERBOMB! HE MAY END IT RIGHT NOW!

MARX: Wait, oh no, not again…

WATERS: Felix Red is on the apron distracting Copycat! And all of the other members of LOVE are out with him!

MARX: they just have to keep ruining everything, don’t they?

JACOBS: Copycat is having none of this, and takes one step towards Felix, who immediately gets down off the apron and jaw-jacks some more at Copycat. Copycat decides to ignore him and get back to Anarky—NO! COPYCAT JUST RAN BACK AND JUMPED OVER THE TOP ROPE, CRASHING ONTO ALL FOUR MEMBERS OF LOVE WITH A MASSIVE PLANCHA!

MARX: There’s one of the repercussions Copycat was talking about right there!

JACOBS: Copycat is immediately laying into all of the members of LOVE with fists and elbows! Anarky has come out of the ring and lays into Copycat himself, and all of LOVE has recuperated and are smother Copycat with numbers! There’s no ref to control this mayhem!

WATERS: Somebody’s can control it, though!

JONATHAN MARX: Wait a second, the crowd just all turned to the back, who is that coming down to ringside?!

VIC WATERS: MANSON! What is Manson doing here?! I thought he was laid up in a hospital bed.

JONATHAN MARX: We haven't seen him since the double steel cage match against Copycat.

JACOBS: MIKE MANSON HAS COME DOWN TO RINGSIDE AND IS HELPING COPYCAT MANAGE LOVE! The brawl has spilled back into the ring and Copycat and Manson are forcing back LOVE with all their might!

MARX: Both have had it with LOVE, and Manson doesn’t want to see them ruining any more matches!

WATERS: Jared Wells just ate a Sweet Dreams!

MARX: Felix Red, too!

JACOBS: But Psycho sends him down with a diving lariat! Manson rolls out of the ring. Psycho goes for Copycat, but COPYCAT NAILS HIM IN THE GUT WITH A KNEE AND HAS HIM IN POSITION FOR THE LITTERBOMB!

WATERS: He’s looking towards the outside, though, what is he thinking?

MARX: This will not be good.



MARX: Copycat better watch his back!

JACOBS: NO! Copycat was distracted with Psycho, and as soon as he turned around ate a CHAOS BREAKER from Anarky!

MARX: Dammit! The numbers always win out in the end! This is horrible.

WATERS: AGH! Come on Copycat!

JACOBS: He’s not moving, and Anarky has his leg hooked. The ref is beginning to stir…he crawls over to him and counts! ONE…TWO…


JACOBS: …THREE! WE HAVE A NEW WFW CHAMPION! By hook and by crook, Anarky has won himself the world title!

MARX: Although Anarky has the credentials to make him deserving of this, he could have tried so by better means.

WATERS: This is a travesty! He was a 4 to 1 favorite with Lloyds of London! I’m 6 K in the hole!

MARX: Well, that explains your sudden favoring of Copycat. You should have known something nefarious was afoot as long as LOVE runs wild in WFW.

(Wink promo written by Paul Miller)

(CUEUP: “One Shot At Glory by Judas Priest)

::An angry Wink walks through the curtain with a microphone::

CHRIS WINK: Well, well, well…. Congratulations are finally in order. LOVE has finally succeeded in winning the WFW World Heavyweight Title and when it comes to hardcore legends, there has never been anyone bigger in this sport than Anarky…. That being said, YOUR BAND OF MISFITS SCREWED COPYCAT AND EVEN USED YOUR ARCH NEMESIS MANSON TO HELP EVEN IF IT WAS INADVERTLY! Anarky, I may not be able to over turn your win here tonight, but there is something that I can do….. ANARKY YOU WILL BE PUTTING UP THE WFW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE BELT ON THE LINE AGAINST COPYCAT, MANSON, AND THE WINNER OF THE ROAD TO GLORY RUMBLE AT THE SUPERBOWL OF WRESTLING!

::Wink throws down the mic and exits back through the curtain::

MARX: Looks like LOVE has a hell of a road to over come.

JACOBS: LOVE has claimed another victim tonight, ladies and gentlemen, and they now control the WFW World Heavyweight title. What will become of it now? We’ll find out at our next show, Road to Glory!

MARX: Good night, and god help the WFW.

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