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WFW Disneyland's Road To Glory: Intro


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA

BRANDON JACOBS: Welcome everyone to Road To Glory, we are at Disneyland for one of our biggest shows of the year, Road to Glory and by the end of the night, one man will have a ticket to face the WFW World Heavyweight Champion Anarky, Copycat, and Manson at the Superbowl of Wrestling.

JONATHAN MARX: There are only five matches tonight, but each match has a lot riding on it.

VIC WATERS: Personally I am looking forward to the Falls Count Anywhere match between the teams of Felix Red & Jared Wells vs. The Original Showstoppers match in the heart of New Orleans Square.

JONATHAN MARX: That match can go anywhere in New Orleans Square, Café New Orleans, The Haunted Mansion, the harbor, and even the Pirates of the Caribbean.

VIC WATERS: Hell, they could even go up to Club 33 and get a few shots.

BRANDON JACOBS: Why do WFW PPVs always have to be filled with drugs and alcohol?

VIC WATERS: Because some of us like to have a good time? Hell, we are going to do it up in the true spirit of New Orleans.

JONATHAN MARX: Amen to that.

BRANDON JACOBS: Our next match will be a Falls Count Anywhere in Fantasyland match between Psycho & Noble Sheik and the team of the Savoy Posse.

VIC WATERS: Psycho & Noble Sheik are always living in some fantasies up in their head so they should be the favorite in this one.

JONATHAN MARX: I don’t know, nobody beats Savoy in that department and Ron Artest being by his side should ground him a bit.

BRANDON JACOBS: There are some rumors of some unrest in the Savoy Posse and we’ll find out if they are true tonight.

JONATHAN MARX: I hope not, they are going to need to function as a unit if they want to win tonight.

BRANDON JACOBS: Our third match of the evening will be taking place in Critter Country with the sixteen time former CSWA World Heavyweight Champion Joey Melton team up with Cameron Cruise…

JONATHAN MARX: My good buddy…

BRANDON JACOBS: Against the team of Dan Ryan and Beast…. In a Country Whippin Match where the use of leather straps to beat each is allowed!

JONATHAN MARX: These guys have been beating each other up verbally, now they are going to do it physically with leather straps and it should be a hell of a battle.

VIC WATERS: I’ve been on the other side of some beatings and those welts don’t go away anytime soon.

BRANDON JACOBS: And last but not least, our semi-main event, live from Main Street USA, Copycat & Manson will team up against Mephisto & Blue Cat and after everything that transpired on the last show, Copycat & Manson are going to be looking for payback.

JONATHAN MARX: Manson is finally back in WFW after his double cage match against Copycat and last time he came to save him, but the question is, can Copycat trust Manson?

VIC WATERS: You can never trust Manson, he always has something up his sleeve.

BRANDON JACOBS: Call me believe, but I think Manson truly came out to help Copycat and he wants these guys who have been making a mockery out of his name as badly as the next guy after all the hell they have raised.

JONATHAN MARX: You may be right, the swerve may be that there is no swerve and Manson is really legitly in Copycat’s corner.

BRANDON JACOBS: And now, the match the Manson won last year in order to get his shot at Wylde at the Superbowl of Wrestling after Copycat was eliminated by LOVE, The So Cal Rumble which will be held live in Tomorrowland…. And anyone who has entered this match has a chance to join Copycat, Anarky, and Manson in the World Title match at the Superbowl of Wrestling.

JONATHAN MARX: I’ve been in other leagues where some guys are never given a shot to show what they worth and with the So Cal Rumble being open to everyone, it is a chance for anyone in the roster to step up and be a part of the biggest main event in all of wrestling. There is nothing like it.

BRANDON JACOBS: Who do you think is going to win?

JONATHAN MARX: Last year I thought Copycat was going all the way only to get my heart broken, so this year even though I have a guy I think will take it all, I am going to keep it to myself. I don’t want to jinx it.

VIC WATERS: If they are going to win, they are going to win, I am picking Felix Red to win it all.

JONATHAN MARX: We will see.

BRANDON JACOBS: Folks, we’ve done enough talking for one night, I am sure these fans are anxious to see things start after our long absence away so we will be right back with our first match from New Orleans Square between the team of Felix Red & Jared Wells and the Original Showstoppers…. STAY TUNED!


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