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We Found These Fields


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: The cleared out fields of the former WINDHAM RANCH property. A crackling bonfire burns of giant flames and white smoke. Two tree logs are placed on each side of the father. On each side sits PESTILENCE and FAMINE -- the two men who have silently sat during the preaching of RAPTURE, formerly known as Bobby Jack Windham. Both are identical twins with scraggly, dirty black hair (with semi-frequent bits of white dust or god knows what) down to their shoulders and black beards that have never once been trimmed of shaven. Both are also shirtless, showing off their giant frames -- 6'8" and roughly 300 pounds each, with bodies that show the strength of men used to manual labor as opposed to specified gym training routines. Each one also has a matching cross tattoo on their chest, but designed as if they were done with a heated boxcutter blade as opposed to anything at a sanitary parlor. From the back, behind the fire, we hear the voice of RAPTURE. 'ARISE PESTILENCE! ARISE FAMINE! AND ISSUE THE DECLARATION!'

Both men slowly rise. Pestilence has his fists balled and stares at the earth below. Famine slowly steers his head upwards and his arms out and looks up into the sky with wide-eyed delusional wonder before staring at the camera.)

FAMINE: "Do you want to hear a story? Do you want to hear A TALE? Well, WE have one. Two twin brothers who were LEFT ABANDONED after their birth. Two twin brothers who were PLACED into a room with all the other little boys and girls who were left alllll alone. Orphans. Left behinds. Abandoned. We were taught from the beginning about SURVIVAL of the fittest. The big ones took. The small ones gave. And then... then we were told we had a home of our own. Placed in the care of an oh-so loving family. We were told we would have toys and birthday parties and allllllll the other things YOU have had your entire lives. But we weren't there to be loved. We were there to SATISFY THEIR PERVERTED NEEDS. We weren't GIVEN anything. Instead they... they took HIS innocence."

(Pestilence stares down and shakes his head in disgust before spitting into the ground.)

FAMINE: "There's only SO MUCH a boy can take. And one day... well... we didn't have a home anymore. And the people who said they cared for us? THEY WEREN'T BREATHING ANYMORE. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. THEY CALLED MY BROTHER DERANGED. THEY CALLED MY BROTHER ILL. THEY CALLED MY BROTHER SICK. They said the PESTILENCE that POISONED HIS MIND made him UNFIT to live in your society. To live in YOUR system. So they took my brother and placed him in an institution and locked away the key, hoping he'd just rot away and die."

(Pestilence starts to punch his right fist into his left hand.)

FAMINE: "And me? Well, I made sure they weren't going to put ME anywhere. I fended on my own. I sat on YOUR streets waiting for just a morsel of food. Wanting the crumbs that fell from YOUR lips. BEGGING FOR YOUR SCRAPS. And allllll you did was look at me with pity and disdain. You called me garbage. You called me trash. You'd rather I eat from your dumpsters than look at me in the eye. And... well... there's only SO MUCH a boy can take. Especially a HUNGRY AND GROWING boy. I learned that I don't mind stealing bread... from the MOUTHS OF YOUR DECADENCE. You eat your steaks and you eat your lobsters and you wear your pearls and you drive your cars. And this time, YOU did the begging. It filled my heart with joy and glee to see YOU whimper and ask for mercy as I no longer ASKED... I took. But it wasn't too long. I lived in YOUR system and under YOUR authority. And here comes a policeman with a pair of handcuffs and a gun, and here comes a white-haired judge with a college degree pounding a gavel. And here I was, now locked behind bars with the others you label as miscreants and criminals because it's easier than admitting YOU ARE THE CAUSE.)

(Famine now looks down and spits.)

FAMINE: "They finally LET me out. And my brother? They didn't LET him out. He GOT out. And we found each other and we wandered and ran because it was only a matter of time before they locked us in their cages once again. But then we... we found ourselves HERE. We FOUND THESE FIELDS! AND WE FOUND HIM!"

(Pestilence points to the fire as we hear Rapture's cackle behind the smoke.)

FAMINE: "He told us that we now HAD A HOME. He told us that we could live here FREE. We can breath the air and we can drink the water. We can hear the hawks soar and we can hear the wolves bay. HERE WE CAN LIVE AS HIS FATHER INTENDED. There are no signs telling us to stop or not to enter. There are no POLICE MEN with their guns and their badges. There is no person called 'president' or 'boss' here to tell us what to do. We do not OBEY you here. YOUR SYSTEM STOPS WHERE THESE FIELDS START. We do not answer to you... because HE HAS THE ANSWERS."

(Famine spits.)

FAMINE: "But these fields and your ASPHALT PLAINS are adjoined. And that cannot... WILL NOT... continue. Our worlds CANNOT CO-EXIST. And HE KNOWS THE WAR THAT AWAITS. And you can do as we have done. You can sip from HIS chalice and you can EAT from his plate. You can kneel BEFORE YOUR JUST KING and join us as HIS SOLDIERS. Or... or we will MARK YOU AS A BEAST. And then when his father commands, the fire that crackles behind us will BURN YOUR WORLD AND YOUR SYSTEM TO THE GROUND. And we will stand as HE sits in his throne in this heavenly ground. WE SHALL INHERIT THIS EARTH. THOSE YOU SPAT ON AND THOSE YOU LOCKED AWAY AND THOSE YOU ABUSED--" (Pestilence's eyes dart up.) "WILL BE THE ONES WHO WILL REIGN. And you? You shall be the ones who will beg for eternity. DO NOT DENY THE TASTE OF HIS APPLE. Because if you do... then THE SERPENTS WILL STRIKE YOU DOWN. WE HAVE RISEN."

(Rapture cackles before he emerges maybe somehow through the flames? Pestilence and Famine both stand on the side of Rapture and kneel, their hands out as if making an offering.)



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