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Wait...there was more from the Wales crowd


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
*{Fade In}

*{During the second round of the Countdown Tournament for the number one contender for the GXW Unified World Heavyweight title.}

*{During the Dan Ryan verses HellFighter match}

*{Footage shown in black and white color}

JG: In the end....Ryan used his ever-present veteran know-how to his advantage...and yet it was Hellfighter....who amazed us all....

(CUT TO: Hellfighter fighting Ryan off valiantly. Ryan drops to a knee and drives forward through Hellfighter's knee, crumpling him to the mat. Hellfighter grabs for the knee and Ryan quickly turns him over and locks in a figure four. Hellfighter fights it off and refuses to quit when the ref asks. Ryan cinches in and holds him in place as Hellfighter tries to reach the ropes, but gets pulled back. The ref continues to ask him, but he refuses to quit.)

JG: It was an absolutely amazing display....and then...the shot of the night....

(CUT TO: Ryan still with Hellfighter locked in. The camera zooms in on Hellfighter as he sits up and glares into Ryan's eyes, still refusing to give up. Hellfighter screams out in agony, but holds on...shaking his head hard "No". Finally though, Hellfighter fades. The ref pulls an arm up once, twice....but before the third Hellfighter jerks it up again and screams out "NO". Ryan cinches back again. Finally, after holding onto the move for a five full minutes without Hellfighter being able to fight back.... the ref stops the match and awards the win to Dan Ryan by submission)

GM: And then....something you almost never see in GXW....

{The screen changes back into color where Dan Ryan is shown leaving the ring after winning the match, and HellFighter is shown still in the ring laying on his back still knocked out after passing out from Ryan's figure four. The EMTs run down to the ring to help revive the fallen hero from his unconscious state. While the EMTs are working HellFighter, the crowd is silent as they watch on...then suddenly when it starts with one slowly picks up with two and then three and then all of a sudden the entire arena has picked up in the chant as they yell in unisone hoping that their chant will bring HellFighter back to life.}

(CUT TO: The crowd on their feet chanting "Hell-fight-er, Hell-fight-er")

{The fans rise to their feet in a huge standing ovation.}

JG: A standing ovation....

GM: But along with the respect showed by the fans

{The crowd's chants and ovation does help wake HellFighter from his state...even though he really didn't wanna as the immediate rush of pain from his knee has shot through his body and he has awakened in pain screaming. After a few moments, the EMTs were able to calm HellFighter down enough and then point out to him the chants and ovation from the crowd. Suddenly, this chant is like a calming peace to HellFighter helps him to relax.}

Crowd: "Hell-fight-er, Hell-fight-er, Hell-fight-er, Hell-fight-er!"

{Still HellFighter is absolutely speechless by the huge show of respect from the crowd. He tries to stand up on his own power, but then collapses under the strain on his need, the EMTs help him up to his feet and let him get his barrings. HellFighter is able to get to his feet where he limps to each of the four turnbuckles to soak in and lead in the cheers of the crowd. The chants soon change to cheers as they let out a deafening cry on behalf of HellFighter.}

{HellFighter tries to hold back the tears as he fights choking up as the emotions are running wild in the Millenium Stadium not just from HellFighter but from the English people in the arena. The EMTs are finally able to get HellFighter away from his moment as they tell him he needs to come with them to the back, mainly so that the rest of the tournament can continue. HellFighter reluctantly agrees and follows the EMTs out of the ramp and out of the arena. Just before HellFighter leaves, he turns to address the crowd one more time to a loud cheer before retreating to the back.}

{Cut To: Backstage HellFighter is walking with the EMTs over to the EMT station where they lead him onto a exam table and help him onto it. HellFighter lays on his back still feeling the painful affects of his knee as an EMT stays behind to tend to HellFighter's knee. He has one arm over his eyes and still grinds his teeth whenever the EMT moves his knee back and forth with range of motion exercises are used to get the feeling back and make the pain subside. The camera moves into position, let's listen in.}

HellFighter: {Softly under his breath.} "I never did say, 'I quit'."

EMT: "Pardon Mr. Shutt?"

HellFighter: "I said I never did say, 'I quit'."

EMT: "Yeah but you did pass out from the pain and you know they count that as a TKO."

HellFighter: "But I never really quit...not officially anyway."

EMT: "No...no you didn't man. By the way, awesome match tonight, I actually thougt for a moment that you could of actually pulled it off. Ryan had to knock you out to beat you...I guess that was what you were saying all long."

HellFighter: "Yeah I guess I did."

EMT: "Are you mad that you lost tonight?"

HellFighter: {Pauses for a moment before answering} "At first, but after listening to that crowd really just makes me thankful to be alive."

EMT: "Count your blessings sort of thing HellFighter?"

HellFighter: "And then some."

EMT: "So what's next for you?"

HellFighter: "Whatever God has for me. It's in His hands now."

EMT: "Well in any case, good luck to you no matter where He takes you."

HellFighter: "So how is the knee?"

EMT: "Well it seems like you'll be alright, it's just gonna hurt for a few days, but I don't think there is too much damage done to it."

HellFighter: Thanks."

{HellFighters lays his head back down on the table and looking up at the sky he mumbles something silently as if he were in a quiet prayer like fashion.}

HellFighter: "Thank you. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus."

{As HellFighter lays quietly in contemplation, he hears the sound of the Wales crowd chanting his name over and over again in his head.}

Crowd: "Hell-Fight-er...Hell-Fight-er...Hell-Fight-er."

HellFighter: "I love England fans, they somehow have always made me feel at home. Hogan had his Canada, I have my England. They always give me love and respect here in England, I feel so welcome here. I can't wait until I come back."

{The scene fades out.}

*{Fade Out}
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