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Updated GLCW Roster


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jun-09-03 AT 11:04 PM (EST)]All members,

Here is the updated GLCW roster as of June 9th, 2003:

Singles Wrestlers

Maelstrom- Joe Lebron
Jean Rabesque- Steve Aylward
Jarod Poe- Scott Strout
Dakota Smith- JC
Nemesis- David Zander
Jared Justice- Eddie McCann
"Rage o' Fire" Jared Wells- Barry Clark Jr.
Cameron Cruise- Tom Siegel
Michael Manson- Mike McNichols
Anarky- Joshua Levinson
The Jobber- Chris Horowitz
Nikolai Ash- Chris Cornell
The Cannonball Kidd- Garth Bishop
Larry Tact- Jeff Pena
"Stupendous" Stephen Morgan- Jason Martin
Minion- David McRae
M.W. Grossard- Barry Thompson
Jonathan Marx- Paul Miller
Golden Hawk- Jon Katz
Scotty Sanders- Tony Sanders
Billy Matthews- Ryan Peelman (hiatus)
Sean Edmunds- Sean Edmunds (hiatus)

Tag Teams

The Dogs of War- Chris McMillan and Jason Payne
"Showtime" Steven James and Lincoln Jones
Major Impact- John Mayhew
Krymson Dragons- CB Sommers
The Movement- Stan Vick
Oak Street Beach Patrol- Gregg Gethard (hiatus)

If you were a recent member of GLCW and you are not on this list, you need to talk to me in email or IMs about rejoining, since I have taken you off the roster for various reasons, mostly for not RPing.

Pres. Scott

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