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UNLEASHED 2013: Steven Shane v. Rocko Daymon


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Jun 9, 2004
The scene opens to show Steven Shane sitting in an empty room. There is nothing else around him. In fact, the chair and Shane are the ONLY things in the room. An off-screen voice begins to talk as Shane continues to stare off without interruption.

“So Steven Shane has drawn the Rocko Daymon card.”

“Welcome back, Rocko.”

“The unfortunate truth is that Rocko Daymon has the bad luck of drawing the Steven Shane card.”

“Steven Shane is not happy about the way that things transpired at the last Aggression.”

“This injustice has forced Steven Shane to train even harder for this match.”

“It does not matter to Steven Shane if Rocko Daymon is a former world champion or not.”

“Championships can be as empty as the people holding them, Rocko.”

“That’s why you’ve been gone for so long.”

“You understand that you are just a shell of your former self, and that tears the ‘champion’ in you apart.”

“Unfortunately for you, that won’t be the only thing tearing you apart at Unleashed.”

“Steven Shane remains a man with a vendetta.”

“Whether you have something to do with that vendetta or not, you stand in the way of its justice.”

“Steven Shane does not promise you anything for this match, Rocko Daymon.”

“The only thing that is for certain is that you’ll wish this comeback waited just one more week.”


Jan 1, 2000
(Our shot opens up at THE DOJO wrestling academy in Seattle, Washington, where class is in session. ROCKO DAYMON is stoically watching the students run through drills taking bumps on the mat. Noticing the camera, he moves over to a more secluded corner of the gym so that his voice may be heard over the sounds of bodies bouncing off the canvas.)

Rocko Daymon
It was a long wait... but Jason Reeves is finally gone from Empire Pro. Which means I'm back.

So continues my Mission to reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship of Empire Pro... the pinnacle of professional wrestling and sports entertainment. No flourish or fanfare to mark my return... just a long burning desire to get back in the ring and get results.

And come Unleashed, I will do whatever it takes, and push myself to every limit, to ensure that the result ends with yours truly, "THE UNDYING" ROCKO DAYMON, defeating "Sensational" Steven Shane.

(He pauses for a beat to glance again at the ring as one of the trainers gives a brief instruction, then looks back to the camera, completely serious and eyes full of frankness.)

Rocko Daymon
Let me be clear, Steven... I can relate to you when it comes to having a vendetta, and seeking justice. I know the mentality... and if you're honest in what you say, then I know I'm likely in for a hard battle, because you are that determined to make your point.

I just hope you understand that I'm coming from a very similar place. The blind hand of fate has put us our paths on a collision course... and though I don't intend to stand in the way of your mission for justice, Steven, for the sake of my goals, I must stand stronger in that ring. Even if that means having to overcome whatever it is in your mind and your heart that drives your fury.

I encourage you to feed that fire with everything you have, Steven... but don't hold it against me if I am forced to stamp it out. If you truly want to fulfill your vengeance, then go into the ring and prove yourself a better man on equal terms. I don't have any hidden motives or intentions... but if you break that level of trust, then regardless of who comes out on top, I will break YOU for offending my code of honor.

As for me... while it may be true that it's been a long time since I've enjoyed a period of consistent success, I can attest that I've spent a long time in seclusion, meditating on my life choices and learning from my mistakes and subsequent failures. It's no longer about whether or not I'm a shell of my former self, Steven. What stands as you now, whether it be a mere remnant of the past or a champion reborn, is transcendent to whatever my former self may have appeared to you.

This isn't about redemption. I don't intend to make up for my past. I intend to overshadow it with the actions that will come to the future. When all is said and done, few will remember that there was once a time when all saw Rocko Daymon as a tragic victim of opportunity and consequence. By then, my name will be synonymous with TRUE professional wrestling greatness, based on a foundation of the virtues of PATIENCE, PRACTICE, and PERSISTENCE.

But things can only happen one step at a time.

I will take that first step at Unleashed, with you, Steven. And whatever may come after, I wish you luck in your path.

(Daymon leaves the camera to return to observing the students in the ring, and the shot fades out.)

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